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  1. I get your points but at the same time I wouldn't go as far as saying 0 pressure. We've never won a playoff series prior to this and we traded away all of our picks for rentals. I'd say there was a little
  2. Not that you guys care but I'm no longer ofer at playoff games. 1-3!
  3. Yo, if kucherov isnt suspended then its obvious who the league wants to win this series.
  4. I know this is for the canes and all but I think us coming back from being down 3 0 and beating the bolts is kind of a big deal
  5. Yeah, for sure. I'll be at game 3 Sunday. Were winning that series.
  6. Thats not true, if you guys lose in ot and we win we will jump up to 7th.
  7. Dzingel from THE ohio state university
  8. My man I expect the worst every year haha. Its gonna come down to Ottawa eliminating us with Duclair scoring the gwg
  9. Good job, boys but go flyers now
  10. I'd love to see us, canes and habs make it with pens being the team that doesnt
  11. If we can re sign dzingel and duchene it was worth it I think. Draft picks arent a for sure thing
  12. Can you show me on this doll where Stinger touched you?
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