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  1. It takes a special kind of stupid coach to fug up Luke Kuechly's game
  2. Saints don't give a damn about bad character. Beat your wife, kids, animals.. whatever for all they care. I mean look at their pos coach
  3. He was one of the ones that agreed to Cams challenge to not cum for the entire season. Hopefully the lady will understand. This ones for the boys
  4. I think he's been wearing that crown for a while
  5. Most good owners try not to meddle in coaching affairs. Rivera shouldn't have needed any help deciding to do that. I'm sure it was driving Tepper crazy to the point he had to intervene
  6. Not even worth stressing over. We know this team is ran worse than a band of hobo clowns so you have to expect only moronic things by them
  7. Yeah fug Denver for getting to decide uniforms for the Super Bowl
  8. While that is true only a retarded person wouldn't have them in their top 10 players
  9. Wouldn't be smart to go after Westbrook. Cant get along with teammates and couldn't win with superstars around him. Keep those future first round picks. We'll need them.. even though we cant draft
  10. I personally have better things to do than argue with an IHOP waiter in New Orleans
  11. Prediction: Hornets finish with far worse record, Cavs get number 1 pick.
  12. Give me all the Boris Diaw/Nic Batum players
  13. Hornets front office don't even have a clue as to what the hell they are doing. I made the tough decision to stop supporting the team a few seasons back and haven't watched a game since. If everyone else did the seem then maybe real change will occur. But people keep supporting the poo show
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