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  1. I get it. I couldn't have that job. I'd want to drink all the samples
  2. would you say Thomas Davis when he retires?
  3. Daddy_Uncle

    Sean Payton is unhappy

    I have something for his tears
  4. Daddy_Uncle

    Would You Rather...?

    It's not every year you are in the position to get a stud LT that can be a perennial pro bowler. No matter where you pick in the first round you can get a good pass rusher. Also pass rushers are much easier to come by than premier left tackles
  5. Daddy_Uncle

    Would You Rather...?

    I know everyone keeps talking about pass rushers, but I have been saying since before the offseason started that our #1 priority has to be making the offensive line the best it can be and actually start protecting Cam. He has been beat up his entire career and won't last many more years at that rate. Get a good young offensive line and give Cam time to make accurate passes or scramble if need be. Also open up holes for CMC. Offensive line is the most important position group on a football team and our goal should be to have a top 5 line every year. and quit settling and throwing scrubs out there
  6. Daddy_Uncle

    Gronk retires

    Wish he would take his boyfriend with him
  7. Daddy_Uncle

    So when we line up in the 3-4...

    DL: Addison, Poe, KK LB: Irvin, Luke, Shaq, Haynes or Irvin, Luke, Carter, Shaq Of course the draft will have a lot to say about it
  8. If we got Jonah Williams and Garrett Bradbury in the same draft I would be ecstatic. Not happening though. Would not be mad over getting a stud on the oline in round 1. Would be very happy in fact
  9. Daddy_Uncle

    Are we done making moves in FA?

    I expect a veteran offensive lineman to sign for dirt cheap and same with the secondary
  10. duh I said that was the case before the season ending. You win and lose in the trenches and our lines were in major needs of upgrades
  11. lol really? Pep at 31 was still in his prime. Big age difference. 31 is not old
  12. Daddy_Uncle

    NFL: Bengals cut Vontaze Burfict

    Saints will sign him to injure Cam then release him
  13. Daddy_Uncle

    Is Paradis better than R Kalil?

    Simply yes he is.
  14. I'm feeling pretty good. I have said for months that fixing the offensive line has to be the top priority this offseason and I'm am glad the front office agreed with me. Still worried about depth at certain positions but we still have a long offseason to go. Not to mention the draft
  15. Daddy_Uncle

    Patriots release DE Adrian Clayborn

    Having young players is great but having affordable veterans is important to locker rooms. I wouldn't consider him old anyways.