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  1. Signing him to take a cheap shot at Cam and then cutting him
  2. I tried "will punt for Jerry Richardson foot rubs" it didn't work. Hopefully this guy has better luck
  3. He's reliable and probably more valuable in practice and off the field than the others. Nobody is going to play with CMC on the roster. We have clearly seen that
  4. I'm surprised Mixon still has a job. Tepper acts like he can't stand him. Along with the rest of us
  5. Why would they do that when they need to use that #4 to move up to #1
  6. Wish Tepper would buy them team from MJ so we can have a successfully ran organization where people actually answer for their fug ups
  7. He's about to go off this season. I just feel it.
  8. Okay so like 1 out of every like 500 pans out
  9. Putting the right guy at LG will help him a lot
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