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  1. if we have a top 5 pick we are going to be in a very good position. Top of the draft will be loaded with guys who in most years would go #1.
  2. Please, let us all overreact after the first game with a new regime, half of the roster being new, most of the defense rookies or 2nd year guys, no preseason and barely an off-season. That would be smart management. Im not expecting big things from us this season anyways so just ride it out and make roster adjustments in the offseason
  3. people don't understand how DTs work apparently. Pretty embarrassing for someone who supposedly follows football.
  4. they arent going deep into the playbook in game 1 after barely an off-season and no preseason
  5. This is a rare season that I'm not going to care all that much about final scores.
  6. I have a feeling Luke will rise through the organization pretty fast and probably be in hot demand from other teams
  7. I think our offense should be pretty solid. Our young defense will probably struggle more this season but get better as it goes
  8. I hope they enjoy their little window of bought success if they have any. Not convinced they won't be a major dissapointment
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