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  1. Daddy_Uncle

    Eric Reid knew the difference...

    I think that has been the biggest difference for him looking off this year. Terrible coaching and play calls by Washington
  2. hes taken repeated helmet shots directly into that shoulder for years now. NFL defenses are no dummies
  3. I dreamed that I was posting up on baseball's Ozzie Albies and I shoved my wife off the bed
  4. Cam is more than value on the field. He is marketing and brings a ton of value off the field and on the business side
  5. It would take at least 3 1sts and a couple seconds and maybe more.
  6. Ron Rivera doesnt have to prove himself as a defensive coordinator. Everyone knows he is one of the best
  7. apparently you have never heard of coach speak. If he really thought that he wouldnt have taken over his duties. Use your brain
  8. Tepper will bring in someone more exciting t GB an that
  9. The quality of the man can't be questioned. He's a top notch guy. I hate how mean some people are about him on here. His time is likely up and it's time to move on. I appreciate him serving the Carolinas on and off the field though. Just didn't work out, like it doesn't for most coaches. It's a tough gig
  10. Daddy_Uncle

    Are better days ahead?

    We need more than that
  11. Larry Fedora is available. He's all about running up as many points as possible.
  12. Daddy_Uncle

    Opinions: put Cam on IR now

    I see that going well. Cam will ask to be traded immediately
  13. Need to play Heineke the rest of the season. No reason for Cam to be playing