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  1. I don't think at 7 we will be looking at a sure fire franchise QB. The guys that might be there are question marks. You don't want to take a chance a miss on a pick at 7. A franchise QB is nothing without decent lines. Ask our last one
  2. Had at least 3 on the team at once and couldn't even have a winning season. That's what's really absurd
  3. Had a huge rusty nail go through the bottom of my foot and out the top of my foot just before this game. Was pissed I had to go to urgent care
  4. Gonna be hilarious when the Bucs have a sub .500 season
  5. Most people on here watch YouTube and think they are experts
  6. The fact that they got Robby Anderson and another WR already makes it seems very believable to me
  7. He's great but I'm not gonna act like he is the only option. There are quite a few guys that I'd be thrilled about adding.
  8. If there is someone you want, you stay where you are and you draft them. Don't get cute about it
  9. Wouldn't be a fan of this knowing the top end talent this year. If we could trade into the mid first and add another 1st round pick next year then I'd be okay with it
  10. Marty Hurney is probably just dying to pick Simmons. Honestly after thinking it over this might be the most exciting player we could draft. All I know is the top of this draft is loaded.
  11. Would be excited for a pick but doubt he makes it to us.
  12. Can we use names and not lazy ass initials. God what a pet peeve. When I read TB, I read Tampa Bay.
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