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  1. Greg will retire and we will pick up some random vet to fill the void
  2. So disrespectful to a good man and one of the most respected men in the league. Just because you are unhappy with his coaching and ready to move on (as am I) I don't support this. This is shameful
  3. I don't think Tepper went from dirt poor to self made billionaire with a mentality like that. Also I am positive he would like to get his staff in place and start fresh. He was right to stick with Hurney and Rivera for the time he did. This offseason will bring a lot of changes
  4. Don't kid yourself about what is going on. Coaches have lost the locker room. Players don't care. For so many years Cam was able to keep us in games and mask our flaws. Without him we cant overcome poor coaching and bad defense. We are done. Didn't watch yesterday and won't watch anymore this season. Tired of watching garbage football
  5. Don't think the team cares anymore. Looks to me like coaching has lost the locker room. Once that happens you might as well start looking forward to the offseason
  6. Decided not to watch the game against the Falcons. First time I have ever done that. Spent the afternoon watching Disney+ with my wife. I had a feeling of how the game would go and I was right. Probably won't watch any more games this season. This poo is getting really old and I'm tired of watching garbage football. Cam has carried us and hidden our flaws for years. Without him we can't overcome anything like we could with him
  7. But derp he's a black man that disrespected our flag derp derp
  8. Yeah how dare he try to provide the best, most fun and comfortable environment for his players and coaches. After nearly 30 years of practicing in poo conditions and conference rooms. How dare he not just give them a plain old Cookie cutter practice facility. Apparently some of you know nothing about Tepper or how he rolls. He's going to have to best. He's going to out do Dallas and Minnesota. Hopefully it will help with landing free agents
  9. People saying we will get one second round pick for Cam seriously make me laugh.
  10. Peoples thoughts on race need to stay in their own heads
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