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  1. Rhule is going to bring life back to this organization and get his players excited to play
  2. I wish it were that simple. You cant do that every play. Defenses will adjust quickly. You still have to have a great offensive line in the NFL to win no matter what scheme you run. This isn't a Madden fantasy land
  3. Completely ignoring offensive line. Sounds right for a Rivera lead team but Rhule and Brady are going to fix the offensive line. I feel like first round will definitely be an OT
  4. He'd be better than a lot of the terrible broadcasters out there right now
  5. I dont think Rhule believes in having a set system. We'll probably see a lot of 3-4 and 4-3 with some 3-3-5 mixed in.
  6. No theres no point in a stop gap when you are trying to rebuild
  7. You got shitted on but it's true. It's very disrespectful to all the other beliefs that are in attendance.
  8. I don't think he takes anymore wear and tear than Steve Smith did and look how long his career was. Especially now that we dont have Ron, Shula, or the Turners around anymore he may not be used every single play. I think Brady and Rhule will be much more wise in how they use him
  9. One of the best wide receivers of all time.. seems obvious to me. Not like WRs wear jerseys in the 80s anymore anyways
  10. Does anyone think Luke may take a few years off to get right, and then come out of retirement to play again? I mean I doubt it but the thought just occurred to me.
  11. Just so sad his prime years only lasted 3 to 4 seasons because of injuries. What could have been
  12. This match up reminds me of 2015 us vs. Denver. 49ers being Denver
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