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  1. Trade Luke for 3 first round picks. Trade all other assets that have been around 3 years or longer and start rebuilding now. Before you poop on me I'm not 100% serious. Maybe like 45%
  2. Come to a football message board to talk football but instead get a bunch of project runway fashion experts and judges on here
  3. This dude is gay for Will Grier and will trash Cam any way he can while his boner gets harder for Greir
  4. I think his touch and timing are just off right now from not playing in so long. You can practice all you want but game speed is totally different. If I am wrong then it's time to start the younger guys and trade Cam. We all saw how hard he worked in the offseason to get back to where he should be. He definitely cares a lot about being the best QB he can be. I don't question his heart or motivation. He's just off right now
  5. I'll let the self made billionaire make the decisions but I think now we have to make changes. I have always supported Ron and Cam but it's clear more than ever that now is the time for a fresh start. I would trade any valuable assets while they still have value. Cam, Luke and others. Keep the young guys that were drafted last year or this year. Everyone else is on the table. It's so clearly time for an overhaul and new energy in the building. As sad as that is to say
  6. Good lord. No blocking and pocket completely breaks down and you are mad at Cam. Give me a break. Sometimes taking a sack is the smartest play
  7. Cam this, Cam that. It's amazing he can do anything with this garbage ass blocking
  8. Can you really blame him. I'd love to see your body language if you were getting killed on every play for the 9th season in a row
  9. His arm strength is there. Dude has barely played in almost a year. His touch and timing is just off right now and that should have been expected. Everyone is making the Cam thing into something it isn't
  10. Just do your job and don't let the refs beat you. Every fan base thinks they are being screwed by the refs
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