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  1. ProFootballDoc said this about Mahomes injury: That just fuggin sucks man. Please don't let another franchise ruin another generational talent by bringing him back too fast.
  2. No way. Patriots BY FAR have the easiest schedule in history this year.
  3. Anything under 3 1st rounders and it's a hell no from me
  4. Holy sh*t Matt Moore is still in the league?!
  5. You see how quick they are to blame his ankle for his performance but quick to dismiss Cam's shoulder and foot injury for his performance?
  6. LOL Chiefs thinking they going to win a superbowl with this defense
  7. Looks like refs going to ruin another game. This is why it's so hard to watch other games not the Panthers.
  8. Also, seems like Jets fans really liked him and sad he got poached by us BTW, Human Dortch is one of the best nicknames I think I've seen
  9. Seems like a natural returner too. Honestly, if he just calls fair catch and don't let it bounce into our redzone, he's instantly an upgrade.
  10. And people told me teams wouldn't give up two 1st rounders for Cam. Y'all really underestimate just how dumb and desperate franchises are. And you can bet there is a team out there desperate enough to give us 3 1st rounders and a 3rd for Cam (not that I want Cam gone, I'm just saying, if that kind of offer came up it would be tempting). Rams really fugged themselves on this one tbh. That is WAY too much draft capital for a corner (albeit, a shutdown corner).
  11. I hope not. Hell, just somebody who can call a fair catch and cleanly catch it is an upgrade at this point. Seeing him continually let the ball bounce inside our own 10 is annoying in itself. Add in his fumbling issues and I can't believe he made it out of London. You can EASILY find a replacement better than Ray Ray over the BYE.
  12. There are three teams that come to mind that would give up a pretty big haul for Cam. They all contain a great defense that a legit QB would put them over the top: Bears, Titans, and Bills. Cam Newton (even at 80%) would no doubt have each of those teams as playoff contenders. If one of those teams offer up a ransom for Cam (I'm talking multiple 1st round draft picks + some 2nd or 3rd rounders or players) then I would be tempted. And that's not even counting middle tier teams that could use the marketability to up business. This is such a dicey situation. Do you go back to your former MVP that has longevity concerns in hope he can dish out a few more prime years, or do you trade him for draft capital and hope Allen is our next franchise QB (or risk going back into that dreaded QB carousal for many years). Panthers have the hardest decision in franchise history to make, just glad I'm not the one that has to make it.
  13. Honestly. are are where I thought we would be before the season (and that was assuming a healthy Cam to start the season). I had the Rams and Texans as losses. So we took a different route to 4-2. With this defense, we can beat anybody on any given Sunday. I honestly think we beat GB in their stadium and beat the Seahawks at home. But I also think Falcons steal one from us and we split with Saints.
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