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  1. Having the best blocking TE and FB with Shanahan's scheme is just cheating. Not to mention their o-line is damn good too. Won't be surprised if they put up 200+ rushing yards against KC's defense in the superbowl.
  2. Go all in with the offense and hope Cam comes close to 100% next year. Build the o-line, get one more dynamic WR, and try to field a serviceable defense.
  3. Absolute travesty. If only JR could have sexually assaulted women earlier.
  4. If Tepper wants anybody, he is going to have to demote or get rid of Hurney (which seems unlikely considering Tepper's hard on for him). This will be the norm as every team will decline all of our requests (since it's a lateral move) unless we have a gm position open.
  5. Bingo. Andy Reid is a QB whisperer and has one of the most QB friendly schemes. Meanwhile Cam had to deal with the dipsh*t Shula and Ron tandem, while also throwing to absolute nobodies for his prime. Mahomes is a beast, but I highly doubt he would be having the same success had he been in Cam's situation. Watson and Cam however? Yeah, almost identical situation, only at least Watson has Hopkins. Watson will be wasted in Houston just like Cam was here.
  6. Especially when you already have a 1st round bye on top of that. That's a two week layoff having to play against a team that's been rolling since week 17 through the wildcard.
  7. Vrabel legit pulling a Ron right now
  8. He did, Vrabel just went full retard that day and only rushed him 2 times in the 1st half. He started gashing us in the 2nd half.
  9. Yep. A LOT of people on here wanted Henry in the 1st (I personally wanted Michael Thomas). Oh well, I guess silver lining is we most likely wouldn't have drafted CMC the next year had we drafted Henry.
  10. No doubt, and whoever their FB is, but the way Henry finishes runs on every play is something to watch. He's literally a walking 6 yards.
  11. Derrick Henry is just insane. How TF does a heisman winner who is 6'4 and can run a 4.5 fall to the middle of the 2nd round? I was vouching for us to take either him or Michael Thomas in the 1st round, let alone the 2nd round. So glad we ended up with Vernon Butler
  12. They started believing their own hype, especially Lamar. His inexperience is really showing right now. Although, his WRs sure as hell aren't doing him any favors.
  13. Yeah, I'm going to miss 3 out of 9 winning seasons that consistently got trounced in the division.
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