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  1. For now, just be competitive within the division. We've been the doormat of the division for the last 5 years.
  2. And we're trying to emulate the Saints. So maybe we didn't have any interest in this dude at all, just wanted to nab him so Washington couldn't get him. Sounds like something the Saints would do.
  3. Godamn, PLEASE let their be football this year man. Seeing CMC and DJ continue to grow is just too much fun.
  4. I mean, we are literally sitting on a rock floating without support in the middle of an abyss. Anything is possible.
  5. I wouldn't mind extending him to stay within our organization at some capacity, but as GM? No. Obviously we needed Hurney for this draft, because he already did all the scouting throughout the season and we would have been behind had we fired him last season. But we need to get our new GM in within this next year, or else our rebuilding process will take even longer, and extending Hurney as the main dog (no matter how short of duration) will hinder the process. The main reason is because even though Hurney might not be calling the full shots anymore, he still has that GM title and that doesn't sit well with potential future candidates (that's why Philly was able to deny our request for Andrew Berry).
  6. So you would extend him after this draft then?
  7. Fug Ron. I will forever loathe that man for wasting not one, BUT TWO hall of fame generational talents. Two guys THE best at their position on each side of the ball for about 4 years, and you can't win a superbowl because you and your fuggin idiotic sidekick Shula were so stuck in your own asses. So many wasted years of Ron and Shula ball, only to run down your franchises' best QB ever at the young age of only 29. FUG HIM!
  8. Extend him after ONE good complete draft? That would be such a Panthers thing to do. History speaks for itself, Hurney has failed to put together a complete team for a LONG time now.
  9. Absolutely loved what he said about CMC and his workload.
  10. 100%. What Cam brought to this franchise and city can't be measured. He single handily put us back on the map and created a buzz in Charlotte that I don't think will ever be created again. That man took 8 years of beating for this team and franchise. Yes, I'm still not over it.
  11. Can't fix the whole defense in one draft they said....
  12. You really can sense a different vibe with this draft. We're actually drafting high upside, high percentile known athletes this time around. I mean, we finally drafted a safety for god sake. Rhule definitely has his touch on this draft.
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