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  1. Was? It STILL is. Just download current team rosters and import them into the game. I still play the hell outta this game with updated rosters! Still 4x better than anything EA will throw out.
  2. We are always a contender as long as Cam is healthy.
  3. Man, I love the chemistry of this team, and it all starts with Cam. His bubbly and hype personality makes players around him feel comfortable and have fun. That's probably why Cam and a lot of the team actually still hangs outside of football.
  4. And I gotta give credit, Hurney has absolutely KILLED it this offseason. Yeah, of course it may not work out, but goddamit at least he is trying to make this team better and all his transactions has made sense, and he hasn't handed out any insane contracts. Maybe he really has learned from his mistakes, along with JR not meddling anymore.
  5. Naw fam. There won't be anymore pie for anybody else lmfao
  6. I think this deserves a celebration. PIE FOR EVERYBODY!!!
  7. The suspense is killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I swear if we miss out on McCoy because Ron wanted to keep Torrey at his current salary......
  9. Just wait until Cam has a bad game during the regular season....
  10. I like the philosophy, and I wonder if our new analytics department had anything to do with the new approach, or was it just coincidence? I've never been a fan of draft picks from small schools, ESPECIALLY in the first 3 rounds of the draft. I just like players that consistently played against the best competition in college, which is why I was excited about Andrew Norwell when we got him as an UDFA.
  11. I guess we'll see, but that's what I was thinking about these picks. It does seem like analytics was an integral part for us in this draft.
  12. Thank God we took a backup QB with our 3rd pick eh?
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