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  1. Sounds about right. After Harbaugh's success with the 49ers, it took them exactly 5 years to get back to being the top dog. However, all it takes is 1-2 great drafts and your window is back open just like that because of rookie deals and such. However, if Hurney is doing that rebuild, we are screwed.
  2. Ok, then demote him to scout team and hire a competent GM who can build a complete team that can win. It takes more than being a good college talent evaluator to be a good GM.
  3. Fug him. He wasted away two generational players primes on both sides of the ball and consistently got outcoached. Not to mention he mismanaged and drove our star franchise QB into the ground because he couldn't gameplan to save his life. Good riddance.
  4. Unfortunately, I think so too. Until Tepper actually makes some moves, I will remain skeptical. I thought 2017 would be it for them after losing to the Saints 3 times. Then I thought last year for sure would be the final straw after that meltdown, and yet here we are yet again.
  5. No, fire the guy that's employed him for 2 straight years.
  6. I can't believe people actually fell for the 3-4 hype and the "Rivera taking over defensive playcalling" BS. The fact this fanbase wasn't outraged that Rivera and Hurney were both retained after the meltdown to end last year proves we have been conditioned for mediocrity. Rivera's ONLY reason here was to field a consistent top 10 defense. He's only done that twice..............................TWICE IN 9 YEARS! And you're right, I can't even be happy that Rivera and Hurney might finally be gone after this year, because we were too busy wasting away not one, BUT TWO generational players in their primes. This franchise has always been 3 years too late. Rivera should have been canned when he got dicked down by the Saints THREE times in 2017. We could have gone on a run like the Warriors with Steve Kerr, instead we kept Mark Jackson. So depressing man.
  7. That's what I'm saying. We can talk about all the positives now, but if we retain Rivera and Hurney yet again next year, all of it's for nothing because we will go through the same sh*t next year.
  8. Hopefully a big one so Tepper has no other option but to fire Rivera. I don't care what anybody says, I don't want to string together some fluke wins to end the year, barely miss the playoffs, and then we are stuck with Rivera for another 1-3 years. So for our sake, I hope we get absolutely destroyed, I'm talking our biggest loss of the year (yes even bigger than 49ers).
  9. Ron said the same sh*t last year, only to proceed to lose 7 straight games when he couldn't gameplan a win to save his life. Seems we're going to follow same course this year.
  10. Kyle Allen is who we thought he was.............another Case Keenum. People gotta stop falling in love with backup QBs who come in and play well. There's a reason they play well, because there's no film on them. He has done his job this year, which is come in for a hurt Cam and manage us to a 4-0 record while Cam heals. It's just unfortunate that Cam wasn't able to go after that timeframe and teams started gaining film on him. Kyle Allen is still a decent backup QB. I hope this open's people eyes on how much Cam has carried this bum ass franchise for 9 years now. We've been trying to tell you. Rivera would be NOTHING with Cam, as he is showing you right now when he actually has to put together a gameplan. All of his coach of the year awards should be on Cam's mantle, because that man literally has been superman carrying this sorry ass coaching staff for so long now. Rivera doesn't have "save my ass Cam" in his back pocket anymore. What you are seeing with the Ravens with Lamar is how we should have been with Cam FROM THE START. I've said this MANY times already, we would have no less than 2 superbowls right now if we had a competent coaching staff from the start. We wasted TWO hall of famers on BOTH sides of the ball. Do you know how fuggin hard it is to get two generational players on both sides of the ball both in their prime? I never liked the Rivera hire from the start, always thought it was just another John Fox clone. I absolutely loathe that man. Could never stand him, and if it wasn't for that fluky 2013 turnaround, he would have been gone 6 years ago. If we somehow manage to win 8 games this year and Tepper retains this same coaching staff for next year, that literally might be the final straw for me (after being a Panthers fan since I was in 5th grade). That would show me Tepper is just JR 2.0. Last thought, Rivera is the most overrated defensive coach I've ever seen. The league has past him by long ago and he's never adapted. He has only fielded a top 5 defense here ONCE, and only a top 10 defense twice............in 9 fuggin years. And he's supposed to be a defensive "genius"?. I've seen enough of his bend but don't break, play corners 10 yards off the ball pussy zone defense. Please can we get rid of these old heads and start with a fresh young coaching staff with new ideas. We still potentially have a healthy Cam next year along with an even better CMC (is that even possible?). Don't fug it up by keeping this same limp dick coaching staff. That is all. My rant is over. I love you Cam, this franchise is in dire need of your presence again, because this life without Cam is so fuggin dull and boring.
  11. If he gets another concussion, he will be in Jordan Reed territory. Hopefully this is his last one the rest of his career.
  12. Absolutely. If we lost Sunday, that would mean we are 2-7 against the Falcons since 2015, and it would make us 12-16 in our division since 2015. That's not a sign of a good coach. Good coaches compete in their division, not be the doormat.
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