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  1. This defense hasn't been able to stop anybody on 3rd down all fuggin year, and somehow this fanbase still finds a way to bash our future hall of fame QB. God we do not deserve Cam. If our defense could stop ANYBODY, we would legit be 9-3 right now. After all the sh*t this man has done for us, carrying this stupid ass franchise on his shoulders for 8 years now, making a dipsh*t coach a two time coach of the year, smashing the NFL and winning MVP (with Ted fuggin Ginn as his #1 receiver) only to have his coaches come out with the dumbest gameplan EVER in a superbowl, while also having to deal with practice squad level WR talent almost his whole career, you would think this fanbase would be more appreciative, but I guess they yearn for the Clausen and Matt Moore days.
  2. Castavar

    Stopping Brees

    Agreed. It's just too short of rest to actually get a quality game in. Not to mention you literally don't have enough time to gameplan (especially if you are the away team). I would be all for doing away with them.
  3. Castavar

    Stopping Brees

    Sadly this is correct. Away teams are at such a disadvantage on Thursday night, you can pretty much chalk it up as an automatic L. If this game was on Sunday, the Saints mop the floor with the Cowboys. Nothing to see here.
  4. Saints are an automatic two losses. They're going to shred our defense worse than the Steelers.
  5. We got the first part, now it's time for the 2nd part
  6. I think defensive head coaches still have a place in this league if they: 1) Aren't a pussy 2) Hire a proven high quality OC to run that side of the ball 3) Also knows a lot about special teams 4) Is willing to adapt It's those defensive head coaches that still think defense can single handily win them games that are getting left behind (and there's still a lot of them out there).
  7. At this point, yeah. I don't want anymore Rivera consolation wins to end seasons, just hope we lose out to ensure a HC change. We peaked with Rivera in 2015 and he still couldn't get the job done. It's time to move on.
  8. Castavar

    Rivera Presser

    I will never forgive JR, Ron, and Shula for ruining our best chance at a dynasty with TWO hall of famers on both sides of the ball because they still thought it was 1985. We cannot get rid of Ron fast enough. And if Tepper retains Rivera after this season, then fug him too.
  9. When we had a chance last year to win the division in the end (even after getting swept by the Saints) and then, in typical Rivera fashion, he didn't have his team ready and we went into ATL and laid the biggest egg of the year? This caused the Saints to win the division and get that home game against us (you know the rest). Last year was also the year where there wasn't any standout NFC team. I honestly think we go to another superbowl last year if we didn't fold in that last regular season game. Can't wait until this man is finally out of Charlotte. Good riddance.
  10. Castavar

    So the Bucs, how much do we lose by?

    We get beat by 4 after Ron settles for a FG late and the Bucs drive down the field with 50 seconds and scores the game winning TD. Then we can hear more about "missed opportunities". Rinse, repeat every week.
  11. You won't have to worry about that, we're most likely losing every game left regardless.
  12. EXACTLY this. I even said in the game thread, it didn't matter if we made the FG or not, Wilson would have just waltz down the field and scored a TD against this trash defense. The fact Ron played for a long ass FG after Cam was lighting them up all game, and while it doesn't even guarantee you the win is why his ass needs to be gone by tomorrow. Terrible fuggin game knowledge, which has been typical of him his whole tenure here.
  13. Castavar


    Who cares, we lost. Season over. Sh*t happens, good teams overcome injuries (Hell, Eagles won a superbowl with their backup QB). I honestly think we lose this game either way. Ron gets outcoached by Carroll pretty regularly.