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  1. First ice hockey I have ever watched. I don't know what icing is, what the lines in the rink are, and I had to Google how many periods in a game and rules for ties. I only watched because of the excitement in this thread, to see what it is all about. All that said, I was just as excited during overtime periods as I am watching the Panthers drive for a game winning score in the 4th quarter. I might need to read up on the rules so I can understand what is going on.
  2. This team reminds me of the NC state team than won the national championship with the late great Jimmy V. Heart attack every game.
  3. As sloppy as the field looks, I will not hold that miss against him.
  4. Did the rain stop? Tems is looking a hell of a lot better this half.
  5. Is it just me or is cam looking a little tentative tonight?
  6. Man, gruden can get oldd, this is when I usually turn on mute.
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