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  1. This is going to get me pooped on, but I do not care. I don't think it is too far off. All I would do is flip Cam and Jimmy G. from San Fran. Cam did not play well the second half of the season, yes because of injury, but still didn't play well. There are still questions on his shoulder health and there have been several examples of QBs performance falling off a cliff after injury, remember Jake. Until Cam starts throwing, takes a few hits on that shoulder, and keeps the same velocity on his throws for a season there will be too many questions to rate him higher, which I think is totally fair. I hope he has recovered and has a nother MVP year, just too many unknowns right now to rate him higher.
  2. I do not know how you can not include Kasey. Yes, he had a bad kick off in the super bowl, but how many games did he win for the team? He was the longest original Panther and when he lined up for a kick everyone knew it was going to be good. T. Davis should be inducted the second he signs with the team to retire, and his statue should go up the next year. Davis is the perfect example of keep pounding and I think the heart and soul of the defense. I hope Luke can fill the massive leadership void left by his departure. I own 2 jerseys, Davis and Luke. Imho, they are the example the other players should emulate. But I also tend to lean more towards the defense side of the ball.
  3. And this is why I don't post and I am close to not coming here anymore. Too many stupid pissing matches going on. You have to go threw pages of, usually 3 or 4 people acting like third graders to actually read meaningful conversations.
  4. This line is getting old. It was a well known rule, it is a requirement to wear a tie, Cam didn't follow the rule, he didn't start the game. That is how a TEAM is built, no one player is above the team. Instead of bashing the head coach, why not ask why Cam chose to send his other stuff out and not just keep one of the ties he had packed, or wear one many of his teammates offered to lend him.
  5. It seems like a remember an interview with Tepper where he said something along the lines of we can not go into next year without a back up plan for Cam. At the bottom of the third can anyone really be that certain about any future pro bowlers. This is where you take a risk on a backup QB and hope he can develop.
  6. First ice hockey I have ever watched. I don't know what icing is, what the lines in the rink are, and I had to Google how many periods in a game and rules for ties. I only watched because of the excitement in this thread, to see what it is all about. All that said, I was just as excited during overtime periods as I am watching the Panthers drive for a game winning score in the 4th quarter. I might need to read up on the rules so I can understand what is going on.
  7. I'm not a nutrition expert or anything. In my uneducated opinion formed from personal experiences a diet of quality, unprocessed food from all 4 food groups is the healthiest diet. My grandmother and mother cook with lard, bacon grease, and butter. They also grew 90% of their vegetables and raised most of the meet products they ate, pork, chickens, turkeys, eggs. All vegetables were canned and frozen for winter months. My grandfather even had several honey bee hives and canned his own honey. I can still taste the fresh warm buttermilk biscuits with fresh honey. All lived well into there 90s, my mother is still with us and with the exception of her lungs from smoking is very healthy. The majority of today's store bought food has been genetically modified and meats pumped so full of crap and fish has been contaminated from all the junk we have polluted the oceans with. I think that and our fear of germs is what is killing us now.
  8. This team reminds me of the NC state team than won the national championship with the late great Jimmy V. Heart attack every game.
  9. As sloppy as the field looks, I will not hold that miss against him.
  10. Did the rain stop? Tems is looking a hell of a lot better this half.
  11. Is it just me or is cam looking a little tentative tonight?
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