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  1. Eh the failcons are due to sail again. We depend on cams health and we will know early before throwing grier out there. However, with the uproar, the saints will probably win the super bowl. Then again, brady.
  2. shaq, unless bradberry pulls a norman. he's been average at best with occasional flashes no matter what you fanboys say
  3. Basically we arent signing a safety u less this is a smokescreen one of the two
  4. Hurneys obsession with local talent is too much. Having those two ahead of grier was sad if true. Hopefully he just geta burns right at this point but grier should eventually be good
  5. Im pretty sure the checkers are more relevant. Jordan has done an awful job and he cheaps his way to simply fielding a team with no aspirations to win. The canes are the only professional team in the carolinas with a championship and they may make it two this year. These arent the hornets i grew up with.
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