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  1. Cam is currently the top meme in the meme market. Post em if u got em
  2. And you went out of your way to create yet another thread like this. Acceptance will set in and then rinse and repeat until we 0-16.
  3. Said this sunday. We are no threat deep. 8 in the box bring the house. We might beat the cards but not before murray goes off. Be our 1 in 1-15
  4. Rustiness doesn't mean looking like a rookie after eight years
  5. There's also a reason no one else signed him to be a gm for years.
  6. Hurney 2.0 is just not overpaying but his talent evaluation is still poo. You see the product on the field. Hogan isnt being used. Hes not on the same page with Ron. Little is the latest waste pick.
  7. Dude got paid and did nothing. Sounds like a hurney guy
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