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  1. this publicity stunt is the best free PR this lawyer can get.
  2. lol @ addison as OLB. If we do this, we further regress, and it seems ron and hurney are all about regression. However, b/c Tepper wants to be the Steelers (constantly choking and never winning anything but hey they travel well), that's probably what the talks were about in Jersey. This is a terrible move if we do this. We just need to be more aggressive, but not a complete overhaul aggressive.
  3. RumHam

    Hate to say this but...

    Davis will be a Buffalo Bill. Change my mind.
  4. lol ten years? he might be done for all we know
  5. RumHam

    Here for my lumps...

    2019 is the new orleans pity lombardi tho
  6. RumHam

    Here for my lumps...

    so many calls/noncalls went the saints way the first three quarters. You blew a lead when you should have blown them out. It's proof that you can't capitalize on opportunities with field goals.
  7. i think it could use an overhaul in terms of visuals. Feels dated.
  8. lol and who did we waste on that third?
  9. Everyone does realize the narrative is there and the Taints will be gifted the Super Bowl next year. After two heartbreakers and one of them an IOWEYOU expect them to run the table next year. They already get all the calls at home and the one time they don't, the entitled fanbase goes apeshit. It's Katrina 2.0 and another pity card. To casual football fans, the Saints are a story and they don't see how shitty Payton is, they forgot about bounty gate.
  10. i was saying this last night. If Peyton wasn't gifted a super bowl, we would have gone down as one of the greatest teams of all time.
  11. pro bowl is a popularity contest. he's a name people know.