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  1. The Huddle Article 1: We absolutely will make the playoffs! The Huddle Article 2: Why we should trade all of our best players for 4th round draft picks
  2. Brady can hit the door. His play calling is still inept and we are ten games in
  3. Burns is the best end in football. Stick with PJ. Everyone has teddy figured out. Cut whitehead
  4. Tepper and hurney. Nothing can be done about tepper, this might just be the norm going forward. But something can be done about hurney. And needs to quickly. Maybe we stumble on a franchise qb today, but doubtful. No film on him, much like allen last year. We all know why this roster is the way it is.
  5. I took marvin jones and their te today on draft kings so yeah, huge
  6. can't stop anyone on third down b/c we only rush 3. offense goes into full checkdown mode. same as running the clock out. so modernized shula ball.
  7. Does no know one realize our schedule has been brutal? We will beat the lions
  8. Things get conservative quick. Why the refs fuged us before halftime, why would you call those plays? A deep int is the same as a punt. We dump off. Continuously. Can't view the whole field. So is it teddy or designed plays by brady?
  9. We need pressure up the middle and we can do that. Brown is better than the first go around. Don't let brady step up in pocket. run the same offense we just did and force turnovers on defense. Easier to pressure brady than to pressure mahomes.
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