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  1. This division will crumble. Neither have proven they can build a team
  2. Our oline would be the best of all time if this was 2016
  3. lol nope, this defense will be stout in 3-4 years with the youth movement now. control the clock methodically, keeps our defense off the field and the opponents defense on the field.
  4. and do you believe that this actually benefited the working class
  5. Hes possibly a stop gap. If he can get that locker room together then the future will be better. There's no high powered offenses in that division.
  6. yeah and you'll be paying for one seat for the price of four.
  7. Teddy played in the same offense that Cam did the last two seasons. We rarely saw deep throws. Now in the red zone, we may see some balls get chocked up this year, but the Saints offense is the dink and dunk timing poo.
  8. New stadium might start in five years but i hate to break it to ya, IT AIN'T GONNA BE IN CHARLOTTE. It'll be in SC where they can get land for next to nothing if not nothing.
  9. Anywhere from 2-14 to 5-11. That or we start out 4-0 and finish 7-9 until people get film on us. I do think raiders and chargers are winable.
  10. Ask Oklahoma twice if it worked. This defense will be historically bad. Gonna have nba scores
  11. Um Thursday night os chiefs bucs bc how is it not? Pretty obvious. League hates us. We will open in LA.
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