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  1. Wagner sucks and is overrated. fug the seachickens. Why does everyone kiss that team's ass?
  2. Personally, short leash and Will Grier needs the majority of snaps in the preseason. He needs to be ready to go.
  3. People want to pinpoint this game that hurt him but i'm sorry, he was hurt before that. Tomlin and company are the only ones that realized Cam couldn't throw deep so they didn't hold back. He couldn't throw deep balls worth the poo at all all year. He went into the season i guarantee 50% on that arm and the system was designed for efficiency and i think the staff knew but the new offense would accommodate the shoulder issue. teams aren't stupid, they'll pick up on poo.
  4. Also, everyone here thinks a second round LT is the immediate plug-in answer for LT. Cam better sit out the preseason altogether or he'll be forced to. Let me repeat myself. A SECOND ROUND LEFT TACKLE THAT ONLY HURNEY PLUGGED AS A FIRST ROUND GRADE OUT OF ALL OTHER GM'S THAT HE TRADED UP FOR IS OUR FRANCHISE ANSWER AT LEFT TACKLE TO PROTECT OUR ALREADY FRAGILE QB AND NEXT ROOKIE QB. They better move Moton over, this is the correct solution and leave van roten at LG.
  5. It's PFF. This just shows how awful their metric is. Did we look like the 2nd best offensive line in the super bowl? Why does PFF continue to come up. I just wish ESPN would buy them out and take over their system or just abolish altogether. Our line can't open holes for poo, and left tackle protection has been mostly non-existent.
  6. It wasnt shula it purely falls on rivera and gettleman. Poor gameplan and going into the season with those tackles was awful. Cam called a lot of audibles that year bc shula was poo so they made him stop. Having said all that, the game was rigged hence the cotchery non catch
  7. oh they definitely care. EA has been threatened to be sued by players if they dont change stuff.
  9. Honestly he can say that, but you know damn well it's b/c we play tampa twice a year. if he was a steeler, he would have chosen cleveland.
  10. a 2nd rounder starting at left tackle b/c he's left handed. While Taylor Moton is perfect to play LT. not sold on him being put into the starting line up. plus him being a 2nd rounder and our track record, wasn't a good pick. Hope i'm wrong, but this rodeo has been done plenty of times.
  11. i'm 6'4 and a fly a couple of times a year. It's not great, it's gotten a LOT better with newer planes. I also don't want to get spoiled by first class.
  12. I played it at E3. It's no different. Superstar X Factors don't have an impact. Couldn't run with CMC. Cam seemed better at being mobile. Defense still a non-factor. Wait until its at least $40. Don't buy at launch and definitely DO NOT PRE-ORDER
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