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  1. we better stay away from him. i dont think he cuts it in nfl. that's besides the injury. Hurney needs to do what he does best and take the best prospect no one else needs like LB.
  2. Here's the problem. Tepper wants the quick turn around and he wants to reinvent how its done. If we hit year 3 and there's no playoffs, tepper could care less about going into the hole financially and the new browns will be born. Or, we win the south this year b/c it's unexpected and we become the new model. That's what tepper hopes happens. Maybe we can beat Arkansas this year.
  3. Here's the problem. Tepper's ego wants to issue in a new wave of doing things in the NFL. He wants to be responsible for it. Tepper wants nothing from Ron's teams outside of McCaffrey. Now if some reason we dump McCaffrey, i'm done as a fan. I doubt that'll happen though. But seriously, let the contracts run out and FFS KEEP HURNEY AWAY FROM BRADBERRY. Also, cut Jackson he sucks.
  4. If burrow has cmc and doesn't turn the ball over, hes already better than allen and can throw the ball deep. If we go this route, defense may just need to go on the backburner and we should focus on outscoring opponents and clock management and let the D come next year. A new oline coach may help shore up turner, but that left side is atrocious and little and daley arent the answer. However, we may finally see moton moved to LT and move little over to right. Technically we have a sufficient LT but Ron was an idiot with his left handed approach
  5. Go Canes, the most successful franchise in the carolinas. You know what sucks is that the Canes went ten years of futility. Same fuging thing is going to happen with the Panthers. See y'all 2030 lolololololol
  6. The best thing hurney is good at is first round linebackers
  7. If luke dips to rivera, fug hurney and tepper and this franchise officially
  8. That's why you pocket it and wait
  9. Does anyone wonder if we were going to trade him or he wasn't part of the plans and he didn't want to start over? This is ridiculous and if we are smart, we tank and don't spend money
  10. Only time will tell. Could all gonreally bad but most here chug the koolaid until the slightest inconvenience. Seems like we are building a national championship team rather than a nfl contender
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