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  1. Oh btw you forgot palaris and williams.
  2. you just contradicted your own argument if this team is that talented it shouldn't have to depend on an elite level quarterback to win.
  3. Or how much faith they have in hurney?
  4. Lol everyone here thinks all our picks were steals
  5. Rivera is going nowhere. Changes won't be made. They weren't when we lost out last year and we are technically in a playoff run but with the shitbirds again, taints twice and the seachickens the blunt force of losing out has started.
  6. Hes an UDFA. What did anyone expect? You get film and figure out his tendencies
  7. Hurney fed you fools candy like he knows how tonevaluate player talent. Hits on one pick one out of five years and all his bargain free agent signings suck
  8. People are in denial that these players are overrated. Jackson for one bradberry another
  9. Where the fug was burns and did you see how often little got beat? Were you even watching? Are you Hurney?
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