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  1. this is the efe effect. I'm not sure what Greg Little you were watching.
  2. Well number 1 is don't commit stupid ass penalties. Number 2 is to help the pass rush and run game. I SEE JACK poo FOR SACKS, CAN'T STOP THE RUN, AND ANOTHER HURNEY BUST
  3. If we tank for Dewayne Haskins 2.0, since none of those QB's at Ohio State have literally NEVER worked out in the pros, then i'm officially gone. The player treatment and personnel decisions here for the past 20 years under a GM that has literally no idea what he's doing and an egotistical owner that will be stubborn in his decision making. It's just awful. Hurney is gotta go. Tepper should go with him. Win now mode with this product? It's a rebuild but admit it's a rebuild and don't stupidly spend money. If CMC's sprain turns into the same poo Olsen had and we're in the whole for years, might at well put move to st. louis. Jesus I hope Cam wins the Super Bowl and he takes on Olsen. Kuechley was smart to get out after staring at this dumpster fire. Snow is that F rated defensive coordinator you sign for cheap in a franchise mode b/c you blew too much money on the highest rated coach. Too bad this coach has no experience. This offense can be fine if dumbass doesn't make stupid throws or decisions. More tape equals more exposure. Point is you go after Trevor unless you are 100% sure you're competing for the division and that ain't happenin capn. Falcons will blow us out again and the saints will sweep us. Not sure why Boston was held on to and not Reid. Why do people think he's good, his Madden rating? Why does Madden think he's good? #tankfortrevor
  4. ifthis is the last year of hurney's contract, he better be let go if we're 0-8.
  5. per usual. sorry, i don't see burns doing squat so far.
  6. Efe has one good game two years ago and people complain why he isn't cut and why we can't get pressure.
  7. If we go 1-15 with teppers ego think he cand rhule? Money is nothing to him
  8. Not to mention brown leads in penalties. Hes's Jason Peter 2.0.
  9. Who was shitting on cam for not throwing 400 yards? He did tonight. This organization is a joke.
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