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  1. RumHam

    Panthers’ Top 30 Visit

    stop posting
  2. RumHam

    Panthers’ Top 30 Visit

    Jesus we have a new shitposter here.
  3. I don't know, but if the best WR in the draft is sitting there at 16 i'd say roll the dice for BPA. We still need a veteran CB and we need to truly replace Davis. Hurney will probably eye LB at 16 b/c he loves them.
  4. Dude had one good game. Should not be penciled as a starter.
  5. Little bit worried on this but if he plays for a contract and we don't get the poe treatment, should work out. But i do think we are looking at bpa at 16 now and the rushers are so deep that we can nab someone in the 2nd. If greedy is sitting there we better take him even tho i want a veteran corner
  6. Problem is, Hurney has already had a boner for players with injury problems.
  7. Lol wur. How bout we just draft players with no issues
  8. RumHam

    Post FA mock

    Sorry we need a veteran fs. Member drafting a safety in third last year? Why make the same mistake. Frankly i think we end up with greedy
  9. RumHam

    Whatz our cap space now?

    The thing is is that can be allocated later. Like it's going to happen. Maybe we sign someone and don't give the tender until after june 1. Or that will be for the draft picks, as originally planned.
  10. Lost kalil but torrey is dead weight still here. Some will argue shaq too.
  11. RumHam

    Adrian Phillips

    you sign him now and designate retard for june 1 cut.
  12. RumHam

    Damiere Byrd

    thank god. stop making fuging posts about him.
  13. RumHam

    So, is Moton LT now?

    this is exactly what i wanted was shoring up the oline. i think we draft a guard in third van roten not a given