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  1. I’m for keeping Rivera. Hes not the reason our Oline is makeshift and gives up sacks and pressure at the worst times. He didnt tip the ball for an interception or 4. I don’t believe Rivera has much to do with what personnel is on the team, just has to make do with what he has. I see a team that has strong talent in some areas but weak in other areas and the result is a 6-6 team. I don’t think it all falls on the head coach. And, I think the fire Rivera crowd will likely be sitting there privately wishing he was back after seeing our team make playoffs what 5/7 years? We may fire him and see the bottom of the league for a couple years and fire that one too. What if it’s not just the head coach? There’s been a ton of turnover at positional coaching positions, our coordinators keep getting poached and then the new ownership / jerry Richardson stuff likely had some effect. my take? Bad season, could be much worse, but give him another season. maybe fire or demote Eric Washington/ get better position coaches.
  2. Na that’s called being a biddy. I think what OP is saying is don’t be a butch. Just watch and enjoy the game, not having expectations one way or another. Don’t be part of the batchfest that happens after every loss..
  3. Asurfaholic

    Call me crazy...

    I agree with you NAS. I hope for that as well. I think we could put together a drive into Super Bowl territory and would be such a nice thing to see winning adjustments propel us into post season. life is better lived in the positive with a healthy sense of accepting whatever outcome occurs when things are beyond your personal control.
  4. Asurfaholic

    We're going to win BIG

    How much did she cost?
  5. I don’t see much point in comparing teams from years past to get an idea of where the panthers will end up this year. Every game game is tough and I really believe it’s a 50/50 chance every game. Any team in the league can be beaten, and any team can pull a “unexpected” win. I’ve come to expect the unexpected and just enjoy the ride. Reading stories like what Cam did for thanksgiving is the stuff that really matters because at the end of the day football is just a game and real life is what the players do outside of football.
  6. Seahawks are always tough. That said I think that we get it together and play up to them and confuse the league even more.
  7. If funchess doesn’t have dropsies we probably win the game easy. If our defense wrapped up and made the tackle at the first point of contact it’s a blow out.
  8. I prefer to forget last week. It’s not like there’s anything I can do to improve the panthers... onwards
  9. Asurfaholic

    Greg Olsen is awesome

    The girl is a fighter. Some people suck
  10. Asurfaholic

    Greg Olsen is awesome

    What a heart wrenching story, thanks for sharing and praise god for the recovery so far
  11. Finally... something good happened this week! it’s always nice when pats lose no matter how sucky the week has been
  12. Asurfaholic

    To those claiming the NFL is rigged...

    “We” got beat? you gotta mouse in your pocket? i didn’t get beat. The Panthers got beat. Defense got torched. Cam newton threw touchdown passes to both teams. Coaches were beat. Norv Turner /Shula no difference when you are playing from 30 points behind you lose 100% of the time.
  13. Asurfaholic

    Red Cam Redemption

    Love it new desktop
  14. Asurfaholic

    Win Tonight - Playoffs Guaranteed?

    I think there is a little confusion about what “guaranteed” means