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  1. Good, this helps our tank. Hope we don't end up the sucker franchise left holding the bag after shelling out for Bridgewater
  2. I bet Tepper has visions of CMC and Trevor Lawrence in that same backfield and I can't blame him.
  3. There will never be another year this good for a while to tank for a franchise qb star and I think Tepper knows this. Look across the league; there's basically no other team positioned to completely bottom out that doesn't have even a potential future QB on their roster. Only exception might be the Lions and that's if they move Stafford. With a coach on such a long contract, this is a golden opportunity.
  4. Haven't seen this much attacking the press for doing its job since a certain high ranking politician's twitter account.
  5. I'll take back everything bad I said about Tepper ever, if he swindles San Diego, oops I mean "LA", into giving up a 1st for Cam and then directs a tank for Lawrence.
  6. If this whole Baylor cronyism experiment doesn't work, which seems likely, Tepper might become known as the new Jimmy Haslam.
  7. I'm nervous, a staff this young with virtually no pro experience between them screams disaster at the nfl level, imo. How are they going to get the respect of vets in the lockerroom? There's a reason coaches making the transition from college usually go with a seasoned pro coach for a coordinator role.
  8. And what would you call Rhule dragging along that DC of his everywhere he goes?
  9. There's no reason to trade for Mitch unless Tepper is desperate to appeal to the obnoxious UNC walmart fans that live in the region. Unless we're tanking?
  10. Bingo. Look what the Cardinals did. They didn't get caught up on Rosen being a bust, they just drafted a franchise qb in Murray one year later. As long as the front office doesn't move next year's #1 to get him, there is no downside to drafting Tua. Either he's a success without injury or he isn't healthy and we can just draft Lawrence next year. Win win.
  11. I've been saying this for weeks. Tua is Russell Wilson 2.0 We wouldn't be rebuilding, we'd be reloading an in contention for the division on day 1.
  12. This is what happens when you fire a players coached beloved by the team leaders and bring in three guys who have earned zero respect from proffessional athletes. It was coming though, so might as well just happen now. Tepper should be doing everything in his power to draft Sunshine next year.
  13. The seven year deal makes me excited because I think it signals that Rhule/Tepper want to bottom out next year and draft Trevor Lawrence.
  14. Russel Wilson is about to send the Saints to the superbowl
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