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  1. I was afraid that this would happen. Love Cam, but I refuse to root for the Patriots.
  2. Commercial right before our pick....shocker.
  3. I think he basically knew what was coming hence the lack of surprise/enthusiasm.
  4. God-dammit, I've been a fan since the team was created but this one hurts. Loved watching this dude for the past 9-10 years. I will miss him but I'm also looking forward to what the future might hold. Keep Pounding.
  5. It would still taste like ass....perform like ass
  6. The tanking for Trevor Lawrence is real.
  7. I hope not. Then i would be forced to root against Cam.
  8. Denver's run game is just non-existent at this point. With an aging Peyton having to run a one-dimensional offense, it just leaves them open to the possibility of to many mistakes happening against our opportunistic defense, especially if we get constant pressure on him. I just can't see this one being close. 27-13 Panthers.
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