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  1. Divisional game so all bets are off, regardless how bad the Falcons have played recently.
  2. I really want people to think how good this guy would actually be, for those who think we should bring him in. I mean take a loooong, hard, realistic look at it. He has not played in several years. Is more than likely no where near any kind of football shape. How good do you think he would actually be???
  3. The only positive about not making the playoffs is that Rivera SHOULD definitely be gone.
  4. Yeah, I was wondering this as well. Unless it flared up more after the adrenaline from the game wore off?
  5. Tannehill was making some damn good throws though. I just think their offensive play calling was the real culprit for them being so inept.
  6. Well this game is pleasantly unexpected.....annnnd Ravens just muffed a punt.
  7. Never seen a team with a bigger horse shoe shoved up their ass than Seattle.
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