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  1. The Link

    Destiny 2

    Does anyone here play on PS4? I just got into it, rushed my way to level 50, and am looking to form a fire team.
  2. I agree with the inital roster, except I would say that Byrd or Garrett will make the roster over Hill.
  3. The Link

    About those corners...

    Gettleman isn't infallible. Only time will tell if this draft is proof of that.
  4. The Link

    A Josh Norman holdout looming?

    I'd love to have Josh here, but he's out of his mind if he thinks he's deserving of QB money after 1.5 good years. Hell, the fact that he thinks he is one of the top 5 CB's of all time shows how over-inflated his ego is.
  5. Sweet. Sounds like you're one of the "Good Ol' Boys".
  6. Does it come with a bunch of horses?
  7. The Link

    What Are You Listening To Right Now....

    Great album by a great band...
  8. The Link

    Eagles - Falcons MNF game thread?

    I have Demarco Murray and The Eagles defense in fantasy....so yes. Also anytime Atlanta loses it's a good day tater.
  9. The Link

    Final Panthers Cuts

    We spent a pick on Mayo. I think that helps his case.
  10. The Link

    Final Panthers Cuts

    I hope we can stash Lucas on the practice squad. I'm shocked that they cut Bersin, but that just disproves the perception that Rivera and Gettleman are loyal to a fault.
  11. This whole situation is sickening. My thoughts go out to the families and friends of those involved. I hope there will come a time when both sides of the political spectrum cease spewing their inane rhetoric, and actually engage in a meaningful dialogue in order to come up with a solution to help prevent meaningless violence in the future.
  12. The Link

    Tell me about your idiosyncrasies.

    Volume in the car has to be a multiple of 5. I have to run scalding hot water on my toothbrush for at least 30 seconds prior to brushing my teeth. Honestly I have too many to list.
  13. To go against the grain. They're The Huddle's version of hipsters.
  14. He'll realize his mistake once we destroy them in their own house on Thanksgiving.
  15. The Link

    La'el Collins has begun visits

    I'm thinking he's going to choose Miami.