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  1. I hope everyone is doing well!! I had been having trouble finding essential items but I went to Publix and they had tissue, detergent, hand soap, and food you can try there if you have run out of items GOD Bless Everyone
  2. I am rooting for him I hope he does well!!
  3. I really hope he lands a starting job somewhere he deserves a chance to redeem himself
  4. This is sad and I don't think this is going to go well
  5. Happy for him but we are screwed at CB it's going to be ugly out there
  6. What in the world happened here? What kind of drugs was he taking? Are they going to let him come back?
  7. CMC looks good!! He says he want to win Defensive Player of the year one year lol
  8. This makes me soo sad may He his Daughter and the other passengers RIP
  9. Wow I think Tom would have been off leaving the team to his Kids and Grandkids this is a disaster yikes
  10. I want the Chiefs to win but I think the 49ers will win it all
  11. I just randomly saw a story about this on MSN news it's very upsetting just to run across something like that
  12. I believe I heard someone ask Jimmy if he needed his inhaler I hope he is okay
  13. Awww it's sweet that Jimmy will also get to go to the HOF
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