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  1. Butterflyj30

    Cam sucks

    Can we merge all of these Cam sucks threads this makes no sense
  2. I think those are waving hands!! He is telling him hey look over here
  3. What position will we draft? I am thinking DE
  4. I think it's time for him to go!! I cannot and will not sit thru another year of this mess
  5. They are going to crown Baker as the new King all week
  6. Next Monday is going to be brutal they should just play Taylor
  7. Wow the game is over the season is over
  8. Just like we were in Super Bowl 50
  9. I wonder who will get fired tomorrow probably no one
  10. Wow this is unreal!! I can't believe it
  11. Where is CMC or let CAP try to run it
  12. Why are we still throwing the Funchess whyyyyyyy