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  1. iBBB

    Sooo.... How was your day?

    At least you didn't come visit Charlotte from the west coast and drop +$300 on an amazing 13th row seat only to see your Panthers drop an embarrassing L at home =\
  2. Love the enthusiasm and the content you provide... BUT EASE OFF THE CAPS IN YOUR THREAD TITLES PLZ. THNX
  3. iBBB

    Panther W-L stats

    /thread https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/car/ This type of thread surfaced numerous times at the end of last season and at the beginning of this one. Update While I was on that side, I noticed that Ron needs 4 more wins to tie the number of wins under John Fox....
  4. yeah i saw that play too. crazy to think how delusional we all were while he was here. I feel so good that we traded him... good move
  5. gawd you guys are f annoying with yalls negativity. yall make this place so fuging miserable.
  6. iBBB


    You do know that you can delete your own theads, right?
  7. Some of you are way to fuggin sensitive this evening. Wtf
  8. Bigger than your future. Lol, I kid. Calm down.
  9. Don't look for big moves you say? DG thinks otherwise.
  10. I'll take them, plus I represent Moldova. If I win, I will make sure to have a "Moldova supports the Panthers" flag while on the field.
  11. Ron upset at Harper for calling TO?
  12. If we stop them and make it 31 - 3, we resting starters and it's wegher time.
  13. So what's new count for Cams' pass & rush td in one same game?