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  1. i emailed the tickets to the address you provided. let me know if you got them ok.

  2. dont forget GB playing for wild card as well as the loser in the cardinals/49ers div battle. i don't think anyone gets in as 9-7 and think there will be a 10-6 team sitting home as well which means we can barely afford to lose 2 more games.

  3. sweet win against the hokies

  4. funny, you said you did, and then my points happened to go down at the same time.... hummmnnnnn.....

  5. i didn't dig it up. it was on the front page this morning. just thought it was an amusing prediction.

  6. still thinking 10-6 and winning the division?

  7. still thinking 13-3?

  8. still thinking 12-4?

  9. 9+ wins and wild card?

  10. still thinking 11-5?