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  1. Well, guess I was right after all
  2. Just from your opinion, do you think it’ll be a totally difficult system for TB to learn, given that Brady may be bringing some similar nuances from his time with the Saints? Or will it be a more simplified college spread offense?
  3. I think the only positive thing is, first game of the year, every team should be on an even playing field with the lack of practice and all this other stuff that’s going around
  4. I’ll tell you what though, Arrowhead is as advertised....Loud and a great football atmosphere. Was one of the best football venues I’ve ever attended
  5. I stand corrected, we still had Sauerbrun, picked up Rouen after that
  6. I went to the one in Arrowhead 2004, we won that game, I remember Foster had an awesome game. That’s when Smitty got hurt in the opener that year. My wife’s family is from Lawrence KS, so we made that game that year while we were visiting
  7. Even if we come out and are competitive, losing by 7 or fewer, would still make a statement, in my opinion. Just don’t poo the bed on prime time again, is all I’m asking
  8. Gut feeling was probably the wrong wording lol. But I was told this last night. I’m not gonna sit here and pat myself on the back of its true, I’m 99% sure it’s a go, but if not, then oh well too. I really don’t post a lot on here because of my job, but have been a member for years. So whenever I do post, it’s got some good traction behind it
  9. I’ve been told this by a person on the Chiefs side whom I’ve known for years and is very reliable. He told me I could take this news to the bank with interest, he was that sure. If this doesn’t happen, I will gladly ban myself from the huddle for all of eternity
  10. I have this gut feeling we are going to open up the season against the Chiefs on Thursday night on NBC
  11. Am I the only one that feels we are still thin at TE? I feel with the lack of quality O line depth, Rhule may use multiple TE sets as blockers. Newton thrived when we used 2 TE sets with Shock and Olsen
  12. What's the rule with xfl players and NFL tryouts?
  13. Final voting is open... vote for me!

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