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  1. He'll be best remembered here for having a narrow ass. Byrd probably shouldn't be remembered as a bust. He made contributions, just not as much as everyone was hoping for. Nothing against him, but he was never going to be as good as we all hoped he could be. Every team has guys like that.
  2. Drafting "athletes" and then only later deciding what position to play them in was a staple of the Redskins draft philosophy for a while. I don't remember if Hurney or Bobby Beathard was there during that period or not. I think not, but I could be wrong about that.
  3. Mr. Scot

    Around the league FA moves

    Which translates to "more than we can offer".
  4. The annual rite of "this will be his breakout year" is officially ended. I wish him well, but not against us.
  5. Mr. Scot

    Around the league FA moves

    It's what I do If it makes you feel any better, it could just as easily be the Falcons.
  6. Mr. Scot

    Sean Payton is unhappy

    Full time refs...agree. Ditch the "all star" crews...agree. Use technology to analyze the living sh-t out of every play...not so much.
  7. Mr. Scot

    Around the league FA moves

    I'm sure he would. Probably the Saints
  8. Mr. Scot

    Sean Payton is unhappy

    I think that particular point gets lost a lot. I'm sure if you looked hard enough, you could find penalties on most of the big offensive plays, big defensive stops, great special teams plays etc etc.
  9. I'd sum up my thinking thusly... I'm okay with trying to find ways to fix mistakes. What I'd really prefer to see though are fewer mistakes. Rather than needing to make a move to try and salvage a bad pick, wouldn't you prefer we just get it right the first time?
  10. Mr. Scot

    Sean Payton is unhappy

    Payton also said he thinks the use of "all star" officiating crews should stop. I stand with him on that one. That bullsh-t needs to go.
  11. Mr. Scot

    Around the league FA moves

    Being reported that Jared Cook will likely finalize his deal with the Saints today.
  12. I think that's more of a Marty thing than a Ron thing, but Ron clearly goes along with it. Hurney was doing that before Rivera got here, most famously with Charles Godfrey and Sherrod Martin.
  13. No we don't. Bad calls happen. They always have and they always will. We don't need to change a rule every time something like this occurs.
  14. Which brings up another point... Ron and Marty really need to stop with the whole "draft a cornerback to play safety" and vice versa thing. It hasn't exactly produced stellar results.
  15. Don't misunderstand. I'm not necessarily against it. It would, however, be accurate to say I don't put a lot of faith in it. We're not talking about a case of "this guy is good here, but I think he'd be even better here". Like most of the past position switches we've seen, it's being considered because the guy isn't very good at his current spot and we're hoping that maybe he'll be better somewhere else. By all means, give it a shot, but I'm gonna be realistic when it comes to how much of a chance this has of working.