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  1. Mr. Scot

    What Detroit Lions fans are saying

    Stafford's not that great in clutch situations though. On defense, I question whether Patricia can defend against Cam Newton. He certainly never showed any signs of that when he was running the defense in New England.
  2. When it comes to the playoffs, the team with the better record is not automatically the better team. Also worth noting that the team currently leading the NFC East is also the one team from that division that beat us.
  3. Mr. Scot

    WVU vs Oklahoma St.

    This game's an exciting one, for sure. Can't believe Holgorsen went for it on 4th twice rather than going for a field goal, but it worked.
  4. My worst case is us being one and done in the playoffs. If I'm being completely honest, that's probably also my best case, though I could see a possibility of us winning a Wild Card game, I suppose (would depend a lot on who the opponent is).
  5. Mr. Scot

    WVU vs Oklahoma St.

    Squirrel is another one, and thebigcat is from up there too. Me? I think I'd love for the Panthers to have the opportunity to groom Will Grier behind Cam Newton as his eventual successor, but the chances of that actually happening are somewhere between "in your dreams" and "no way, no how"
  6. Your disapproval is a plus, and a good sign
  7. Didn't stop Andy Reid from being good. Neither did being an OC stop several others from being bad. He has the "assistant head coach" title for a reason.
  8. We've had this question a couple of times this season. My choice would be Dan Campbell, the assistant head coach for the Saints.
  9. I get the sentiment and all, but to me this is kind of like getting blown out by Clemson one week but then declaring that you're a National Championship contender again the following week because you beat Eastern Illinois.
  10. Watching the Seahawks-Packers game right now. Aaron Rodgers is just unreal.
  11. People will point to Tyler Larsen but I still think he's best suited to be depth rather than a starter.
  12. I'm... not at all sure what that picture is supposed to be telling us
  13. We're going to need to find a successor to Greh Olsen soon. Ian Thomas might be that guy but he hasn't proven it yet.
  14. Mr. Scot

    Torrey Smith is at practice today.

    There are three receivers right now that I definitely feel are more valuable to the offense than Torrey Smith. Devin Funchess, Curtis Samuel and Jarius Wright. if Smith is taking reps away from any one of those three, I'm not a fan of it. DJ Moore is still somewhat raw, but he's getting there. Even if most of his best plays are gadget plays, he still has more potential than Smith to make a big play.