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  1. That's one of those things that hurts you twice. It hurts you when you hear it, then it hurts you again a few seconds later when you realize you can't argue with it.
  2. It's not that hard to understand when you remember who our general manager is. Marty always thinks we're a player or two away from the Super Bowl, though p these days it might be as much about self-preservation is anything. He might need us to be competitive so that he can keep full power as a GM.
  3. I should add my favorite pre-2015 take was when Gregg Rosenthal said on NFL.com that the Panthers were "a lousy organization" that was going to have a "lousy season".
  4. Paolantonio also said prior to the NFC championship game against the Eagles that it was a "stone cold lead pipe lock" the Eagles were going to the Super Bowl. He's a homer for all things Philly. Rhule's time at Temple therefore qualifies him.
  5. Depends on your rationale. If we're talking about trading down to acquire more picks for the rebuild, I can go along on with that. If, as I think the premise of the OP lends to, it's just because the person you wanted at number seven isn't there, that's one I don't see it as realistic this draft. There are too many good options.
  6. Can't entirely agree. Everyday people still have things happen like water pipes breaking, etc. Basically, stuff that needs to be fixed right now.
  7. George is a prime example of the kind of player people watch and ask "Why is he not a star?" There are athletes out there who can do a lot of things really well, yet somehow they just can't put it all together. They should be great, and generally more than one team will give them plenty of chances to be great, yet somehow they just never do it. I always think of Apollo Creed's line in Rocky III. "You fight great, but I'm a great fighter." There genuinely is a difference between those two things, even if you have to think about it a little bit to understand.
  8. If Joe Brady is even half as good as his reputation, having a player like McCaffrey will allow him to design some amazing plays.
  9. When you're listening to someone in the NFL talk - especially at this time of year - it's a good idea to read carefully and not substitute what you think you heard for what they actually said. The Chargers might look into Cam (my take is that they probably will) but to think that Anthony Lynn committed himself to anything here is a mistake. NFL coaches and GM's use extremely flexible language. If you want to get what they're really saying, it's wise to run it through that filter.
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