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  1. Mr. Scot

    For the Fire Rivera Group

    I'm starting to think we already did.
  2. Mr. Scot

    Give me a reason we win today

    It's definitely possible. If we lose, I won't feel that bad because I think they were better team than us. But if we win, I'll feel fantastic about it (provided we don't suffer major injury or look like refried s--t and somehow just get lucky).
  3. One can lead to the other, but it's way too soon to say.
  4. Mr. Scot

    Prayers for Saint's Bushrod

    Ugh. That's horrible. Have a friend whose first pregnancy ended in a stillborn. Second ended in a miscarriage. As you can imagine, any future pregnancy was stressful, but she's since given birth to a set of healthy kids. @bigpoppa, no words can capture or console those feelings, but I offer my deepest sympathies.
  5. Gotta wonder if Reggie McKenzie is feeling a little screwed over. (or maybe more than a little)
  6. Mr. Scot

    For the Fire Rivera Group

    If you're looking for a coach in the mold of McVay, I'd probably go with DeFilippo. I like Campbell better myself but I could see DeFilippo being a popular option.
  7. Mr. Scot

    Eagles' plan for Cam

    Checked out the article. Boy, that's deep stuff. This is the kind of innovative thinking that I'd like to believe our coaches are doing, or are at least capable of doing. (I hope)
  8. Mr. Scot

    Eagles' plan for Cam

    Ya gotta account for McCaffrey. The Eagles D is used to practicing against Darren Sproles (though not lately).
  9. Mr. Scot

    Eagles' plan for Cam

    That's why Tampa always used pressure to flush Vick to the opposite side. Worked pretty well too. I was actually thinking of taking a look at Jim Schwartz versus the Panthers offense. Didn't really have time. Looks like somebody did it for me though.
  10. Mr. Scot

    For the Fire Rivera Group

    I've spent a lot more time over the past few years looking at combos. Some folks look at Cam Newton 2017 and Cam Newton 2018 and assume they're the same player. They're really not. Cam 2017 was coached by Mike Shula and Ken Dorsey. Cam 2018 is coached by Norv and Scott Turner. Mostly the same? Maybe, but there are also definite differences between the two. For my part, I think "Turner Cam" it's still something of a work in process. We haven't really seen what he's going to be yet. I would add though that I'm concerned about that shoulder.
  11. Mr. Scot

    For the Fire Rivera Group

    Agreed. That's why I often post questions without giving my opinion up front.
  12. Mr. Scot

    For the Fire Rivera Group

    That's what I find funny. I'm not pushing to fire Rivera, but to hear some of the responses I get you'd think I was leading the charge I guess you can't discuss options without people assuming one way or the other.
  13. Mr. Scot

    For the Fire Rivera Group

    Definitely not. It's just an example. It absolutely is a huge risk. So is the status quo if things don't change. Whatever we do, we've gotta be wise.
  14. Mr. Scot

    For the Fire Rivera Group

    Like I said, I'm not on the firing bandwagon. If we have a lousy rest of the season, ask me again. Reality: We've got people who wouldn't want to fire anybody even if we had multiple years of losing seasons (Hurney still had defenders in 2012) and people who'll scream for everybody's head if we give up a field goal. Ya gotta find a way to be reasonable.
  15. Mr. Scot

    For the Fire Rivera Group

    Hoping so as well. Agree on the defense...sadly. To your earlier point, I definitely think Turner is an upgrade. We have issues, but OC isn't one of them.