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  1. By all accounts, he's very likable. Mind you, I'd like him a lot better if he were good at his job.
  2. Dave Ziegler, but no way the Patriots are letting them both go.
  3. Tepper is looking for someone with a pro scouting background.
  4. Wouldn't take a lot to be an improvement from Hurney, but yeah. He's been part of a successful, well organized, well run football operation for quite a while. I've listened to some interviews and such that he's given. He talks fast, and he knows of what he speaks.
  5. I've seen pretty good stuff from them so far. Mind you, I certainly wouldn't mind a front office change. I just have a hard time seeing it.
  6. It would make sense given his knowledge of the system. In fact, one of the Saints beat writers already speculated about this as a possibility. With that said, the price has to be right, and I question whether it would be.
  7. This additional post... ...is what makes me question it being anything front office related. It seems unlikely he'd get direct word from anybody involved with a front office move.
  8. The Texans were previously interested in Caserio. Then they said they weren't gonna hire a GM. Then they said they might. Then Bill O'Brien said "no need to change anything, everything is fine". Perhaps once the draft is over, Marty heads to DC and Caserio takes over here.
  9. Posted elsewhere, Caserio is being speculated as a possible front office hire down the road by Albert Breer. Breer added that Tepper has been seen speaking to Caserio at a lot of league events.
  10. I read a little further, and he described his source as being someone "directly involved". Also seems to be framing it as good news. Based on those two things, I can't imagine it's anything to do with Marty.
  11. Haven't seen enough to definitively say he's a reliable source, but he does at least seem to know what he's talking about. I guess there's something big does happen in the next few days, he'll look a lot more credible.
  12. Having read his Twitter, if I were making a guess I'd say it has something to do with Luke. That's purely a guess, though.
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