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  1. I'm going to need to see better play from Donte Jackson, among others, before I'm ready to go that far.
  2. Yes, people make mistakes. But if you're, say, a heart surgeon, a police officer or an airline pilot, people get upset. An NFL referee isn't as important as any of those things, but millions of dollars are involved in any given NFL game. That's why people get upset when mistakes are made, especially blatant ones.
  3. I don't want that. There'd be penalties on every damn play.
  4. Back in the 2003 playoff game against Dallas, Brentson Buckner noticed that Quincy Carter wiggled his fingers right before calling for the snap. He told the rest of his defensive line mates, and that was what allowed Kris Jenkins to anticipate the snap count and basically eat their lunch all game. It could potentially be nothing, but if somebody does pick on up on it and start using it against us, it could make a difference.
  5. I think it's Option C. They're just not that good.
  6. I don't really give a damn about how Newton dresses, but the folks at NFL Memes have gotten hold of this and I have to admit it's kinda funny
  7. There's a "wall" for veterans too. It's that point where your body isn't what it used to be. You start getting more susceptible to injuries and such. Has Cam hit that wall? I don't know. Ask me again in about 15 weeks. I hope to not have an answer until then, because if the answer does come earlier than that, then it's going to be "yes".
  8. I'm also taking part in @UpstatePanther's "pick em" contest, and so is one of my parrots. Yes... a parrot For each game, I give him a choice between two treats, one representing the favorite and the other representing the underdog. His pick is determined by which one he chooses. Laugh if you want to, but at the moment, he's winning He's the only one who picked the Bucs to win this past Thursday night.
  9. It was discussed pretty extensively in the gameday thread. As obviously biased as all of us were, even we couldn't believe it.
  10. SI mentioned it in an article as well (link) and I've seen one or two other comments about it around the internet. It probably would have been a lot bigger deal if the Bucs had ended up losing, but either way I feel like this was really bad.
  11. I've always watched multiple games every weekend, not just the Panthers. It's a lot easier to enjoy a football game when you don't have anything invested.
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