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  1. No, but this is what I was expect. Thanks for dragging the conversation down to your level, kid.
  2. Not even close, kid. if you're not smart enough to debate without resorting to this kind of stuff, don't try.
  3. Riiiight. Again, you can't argue the issue, so you go to this... Pathetic.
  4. In other words, trying to paint me as a racist because you have nothing else to argue with. No shock.
  5. So yeah... You've got nothing else. Thought so.
  6. No you brought that up because you're losing and that's what you resort to when that happens. People can actually see through that, you know.
  7. It's earlier in this thread. And you pulling out the race stuff tells me the reality is that you're actually frightened that Grier might be good because then he could be seen as a threat to Newton. Apparently frightened to the point that you're going off the rails about it. CRA has you pegged.
  8. I mean, it's not like there are guys that were picked in the third round who have won Super Bowls, right? And sure as hell nobody picked even lower than the third round has ever won one, much less a bunch of them. Guys like that would never be up to that task. There'd be a 0% chance of that occurring.
  9. Per Joe Person, Jake Delhomme is the Panthers top choice to take over as radio color analyst from Eugene Robinson. The hitch, apparently, is that Delhomme may not want to commit to a full season schedule. If Jake only takes a part-time gig (8 to 12 games) the others might be handled by a committee of guys like Jordan Gross, Mike Rucker and Jonathan Stewart.
  10. Said it earlier: I'm pretty convinced that we would have used the #77 pick on him had we not traded it away.
  11. It's actually not. Backup at the most important position on the field is something I have no trouble using a 3rd round pick for, or higher. And if the pinnacle of his career is being a solid backup, where's the problem with that? As mentioned, the path of least resistance to a winning season is Cam Newton being healthy. I'm not sure that's going to happen though. More to the point, the Panthers aren't certain it's going to happen. They are, in fact, uncertain enough that they decided to use a third round pick on a quarterback just in case. How good is Grier going to be? as someone who watched a lot of his college career oh, I think he's going to be pretty good. But regardless of what I think, two guys with way better credentials for evaluating quarterbacks than I have also think he's going to be pretty good. Those guys are the reason he's a Panther. When Cam Newton was picked, I hoped i was wrong about him. Happy to say I was. We'll all be better off if you and others are wrong about Grier as well.
  12. I remember Na'il Diggs. I remember Hannibal Navies. Oddly enough though, the first guy I thought of when I saw 53 was Greg Favors. I think Eagle fans probably still curse his existence.
  13. Grier elicits a lot of different opinions. I've seen people who don't even think he's capable of starting and others who think he was as high as the second best quarterback in this year's draft. For my part, I watched almost every game Grier played last year. I came away thinking "this kid's going to be good". Obviously, I hope I'm right. More to the point, I hope Norv and Scott Turner are right. We absolutely need for them to be.
  14. I agree a lot more with the quarterback evaluations now that Norv Turner is on board than I would have otherwise. Ditto other offensive skill positions. Gantt has confirmed that Grier was their top target, so here's hoping Norv is right. The pick I liked the least was Eric Little, and trading up for him when it didn't look like anybody else was interested in taking him didn't improve my outlook. I hope he succeeds, but that one scares me. Truth be told though, it's the methodology that worries me more than the players. I'm not a big fan of drafting for need because it's too easy to reach. Again, we'll see how it works out.
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