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  1. Not that it actually means anything, but the fact that they have injured players and quarterbacks reporting on the same day makes me wince a little.
  2. I don't really care if he jerks it eight hours a day, honestly. At least his hand doesn't have to be forced.
  3. As to the topic, I have no idea whether Newton is a good father or not. If we're being real, neither does anybody else on here. Speaking for myself though, I'd be lying if I said I cared.
  4. Unless one of his kids aggravated his foot or shoulder injuries, I don't buy that his family life had anything to to do with his release.
  5. Solid rationale. I'd throw in that Smith absolutely had a better team around him, especially looking at the offensive line, the defense and the quarterback spots. No question the 2005 squad was the better team by a mile. Also no question that 2005 season was a hell of a lot more fun to watch. Last season made people want to scratch their eyes out.
  6. If it did, then you could tune in to watch a couple have analysis. (maybe even bandage)
  7. Depends a lot on what type of poetry they're known for. I don't trust people who write in blank verse. That just shows poor character.
  8. Not even vast and trunkless legs of stone...
  9. Except I'm not "pushing" the theory. I'm acknowledging that it exists, and that it's possible. Reading Comprehension Tip: The sentence "there's a theory that the Panthers could be moved to South Carolina" denotes the existence of a belief. It does not say that belief is true. As to the contract, it's not available to the public. Everything we have on it is from sources. So who knows? Frankly, who cares?
  10. I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that most of these were probably Richardson holdovers.
  11. I've seen Fowler, Jones and others talk about it, but none of them actually claims to have seen the language in the contract. What they have comes from sources. Sources can tell you pretty much anything they want.
  12. Plausible as something that could happen, sure. You could say that about a lot of things, though. I think the ultimate answer is that Tepper wanted the statue down (he certainly removed a bunch of other stuff that was Richardson related long ago) and he found a rationale to make it happen.
  13. Oh, I'll grant that it's a possibility, albeit a remote one. That said, I think we both agree it makes a convenient excuse to do something they wanted to do anyway.
  14. The whole "public safety" angle is kind of a reach to me. But if they can make it stick...
  15. Pretty sure it was both Fowler and Darin Gantt who first advanced the idea. It's a theory. Is it valid? Don't know. Probably not, but the theory exists.
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