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  1. I don't do hot takes. When I watch him, I see a guy who's a great college quarterback but who I'm not sure will be a great pro quarterback. We'll see.
  2. I've mentioned before that I'm not the world's biggest Trevor Lawrence fan. Generally when I say that, people back away from me like I've got an infections disease
  3. Now back to Wednesday afternoon football, which hopefully will never be a thing again. For those who haven't seen, RG3 is currently playing quarterback for the Ravens.
  4. At 6:30pm, NFL Network will be showing what the listings describe as "a retrospective of the legendary career of Luke Kuechly" featuring comments from Barry Sanders and Thurman Thomas. That's some pretty amazing company to be in.
  5. Hell, there are whole news stories dedicated just to what somebody posted on Twitter and how people reacted to it. Personally, I find that equally as interesting as what celebrity showed up at which restaurant with whom and who designed somebody's gown for an awards show I didn't watch. But hey, that's today...
  6. I read it. I'm not taking it that seriously. With that said, other coaches and officials have been found to do similar things, so it wouldn't surprise me much.
  7. Hate to tell you but I get the feeling that another sh-tty season is a very real possibility regardless of who we take. We may or may not be better than this year, but I think there are enough issues that getting us competitive is not just a one year project (especially if Marty is still the guy running that project).
  8. If you had to choose between Howell and Lawrence...
  9. So apparently Matt Patricia had a burner Twitter account that he was using to prop himself up and blame GM Bob Quinn for the team's issues. Fansided: Lions think they found Matt Patricia's burner account Sooooo...How do I know you guys are who you say you are? More to the point though, this is kinda silly. I've seen this from a couple of different coaches and even executives. I guess they think it helps.
  10. Mahomes also benefited a great deal from going to a team coached by Andy Reid. Imagine if he'd gone to a team led by Ron Rivera.
  11. I get why he would do it, but watching that film from the 2015 playoffs of him going around the sidelines continuously repeating "gonna be the greatest comeback ever" just made him seem extremely punchable.
  12. We don't really know where we'll be though. You also have to factor in that if we don't draft a quarterback this year, and maybe even if we do, you're quite possibly looking at another year of Teddy Bridgewater as the starter.
  13. I said a while back when there was talk about Lawrence possibly staying in school that watching Lawrence vs Howell arguments on this board could be as entertaining as anything I've ever seen.
  14. I had forgotten about that, but yeah there were some alleged behind the scenes issues surrounding Wilson. I think Richard Sherman was one of the guys involved, if I remember correctly.
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