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  1. Lol anyone see that creepy blonde headed kid chilling behind the cheerleaders.
  2. That's also my final four for my paid league. If Michigan State and Arizona win then I've got it wrapped up unless Duke wins the Natty. If one of those teams lose then I'm out.
  3. - He'll turn into a good player here - We won't be able to re-sign him - Some team will give him a big contract - He'll suck again - Then we'll sign him back the following year
  4. That's gonna leave a bad taste in the mouths of everybody. Should have won that game Wisconsin only had two runs of significance the entire game and unfortunately one was with 6 minutes left and our coach refused to call a timeout. Pathetic
  5. Roy cost this team the game. Tried to let an experienced team play through a position that they've never been in.
  6. I love that we are attacking but we have to start getting some stops again.
  7. That's the same thing that white kid did to Tokoto... Call it both ways.
  8. Everything is there. Defense, offense, smart play, and intensity. Now we just have to do the hardest thing for this team, finish the game.
  9. Meeks has been a liability tonight. Johnson is the only one you need to worry about.
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