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  1. Haven’t seen this discussed yet and just wondering what everyone’s reaction is to this. Last season we had the option to use our paper tickets or go to our PSL Account and download the bar code to our phones for entry into the stadium. This year it doesn’t look like we are given that option. The Panthers are even offering tutorial classes on this next week.
  2. So NObody from Buffalo moved to New Jersey for a job and would relocate yet again when they move here?
  3. It still has to get through the House https://www.heraldonline.com/latest-news/article230080214.html
  4. Seriously looking at the Green Bay game. I’ve been twice and stayed in Appleton both times.
  5. Sweet.....that means the regular season schedule isn't far behind As someone who has to work on certain Sundays, I look forward to the schedule coming out so I can map and plan for those dates by using and splitting up a vacation into individual days off!
  6. Ok....I'm up on a Saturday morning drinking coffee.....where's the little prick Tarheels? I love being entertained from butt hurt fans that try to sound intelligent :)
  7. Glad to see that this isn't just my computers; my laptop and desktop freeze up on this site but it's where I get most of my Panther-related news from. Hopefully it's just traffic-related.
  8. Any chance that this game would get flexed to the 4:25 slot or is it too late for that?
  9. Oh man...so true. There is no other team in the NFL with more bandwagon fans as the Pats. I remember the week before the Super Bowl seeing the 'shiny new' Patriot car magnets and 'brand new' New England car tags on peoples trucks and cars with SC and NC license plates....sickening.
  10. Excellent advice....but I will still have my # 59 jersey on, my Panther flag displayed proudly on my front porch and the fridge stocked with cold ones
  11. Chip Kelly is either going to be the most amazing Head Coach of this century or......damn I hate the offseason On a lighter note we don't have to listen and watch ESPN for the rest of the spring/summer suck the Cowboy and Patriot cockalot
  12. I try to stay off the net on April 1st at least until later in the afternoon because of this.
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