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  1. Kyle82

    Lighten Up....

    I apologize for being rude to all of the Giants fans after that last play on Sunday. I was drunk and pissed off at our PSL owners for selling their tix to the thousands of Giant fans that showed up and getting prepped for walking down that ramp to the exits hearing exclamations of joy from all of them. Nothing personal. Just knowing the Ravens fans that will show up in a couple of weeks will probably double them. Thank you fellow PSL owners. Go Panthers!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I as well. From the email the Panthers sent out; To access the Club Level for the “5th Quarter,” fans seated in the 100 or 200 levels can proceed up the stairs located across from sections 104/105. Patrons seated in the 500 level, may access the “5th Quarter” using the ramp located across from section 512. Fans will need to remain in the stadium and present a valid game ticket for entry into the Club Level at the end of the game. Once fans exit the stadium, there will be no reentry.
  3. Kyle82

    Browns just cut Josh Gordon

    Dude has way too much baggage
  4. Kyle82

    Tepper's take on Trump-Anthem-Perspective

    As long as the team remains in Charlotte, I don’t give a fug about anyone’s political stance.
  5. Kyle82

    Official Fug the Falcons Thread

    Taste like chicken
  6. Kyle82


    I think the battle of the backup QB will be the most interesting in these next two preseason games!
  7. Kyle82


    If the media would just ignore the kneeler’s this would just go away like any other fad but now that Trump and his tweets are involved this is going to turn into a media circus each and every Sunday. I just want to watch football; I live for this time of year. I will worry about politics on Monday.
  8. Kyle82

    Letters from Tepper

    Never noticed until I saw this topic ....here’s mine.
  9. Kyle82

    What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    Ok....I'm up on a Saturday morning drinking coffee.....where's the little prick Tarheels? I love being entertained from butt hurt fans that try to sound intelligent :)
  10. Glad to see that this isn't just my computers; my laptop and desktop freeze up on this site but it's where I get most of my Panther-related news from. Hopefully it's just traffic-related.
  11. Any chance that this game would get flexed to the 4:25 slot or is it too late for that?
  12. Oh man...so true. There is no other team in the NFL with more bandwagon fans as the Pats. I remember the week before the Super Bowl seeing the 'shiny new' Patriot car magnets and 'brand new' New England car tags on peoples trucks and cars with SC and NC license plates....sickening.
  13. Kyle82

    Watching a NFL Preseason Game

    Excellent advice....but I will still have my # 59 jersey on, my Panther flag displayed proudly on my front porch and the fridge stocked with cold ones
  14. Kyle82

    The chosen one is returning to the NFL

    Chip Kelly is either going to be the most amazing Head Coach of this century or......damn I hate the offseason On a lighter note we don't have to listen and watch ESPN for the rest of the spring/summer suck the Cowboy and Patriot cockalot