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  1. No one forces anyone to read every (or any) thread...freedom of choice. If you do not like something, leave it. No one is going to change anyone's mind on these board or social media. Back when you had to speak face to face...actually conversions were had and you could actually change someone's prospective...not now-a-days...sadly.
  2. Lords0fPain

    Question for people blaming Cam

    you realize NO put their money and drafts, in offense and their defense sucked for years? We try to go defense and at best balance offense and defense in draft and FA market...lets take in the WHOLE picture...same with ATL. Bucs were def orientated and where are they now? As long as you can score, you ALWAYS have a chance to win. Hoping your defense holds up in critical games...guess you like hope over scoring...
  3. Lords0fPain

    Eric Reid

    yet, the refs handed us the giants game...which is it...I would think the PR would, be we get MORE calls going OUR way...after all that helps the NFL's case...right?
  4. Lords0fPain

    Question for people blaming Cam

    he does not having 2 players advocating to bring in cuppercake. forget cam having NO TIME...he is not looking over his shoulder for sorry owner trying to give the middle finger to middle America and trump...just saying snyder fought against a name change for the pc groups of America....team chemistry and feeling secure...makes the feeling making big plays less important...just a another way of looking at things
  5. Lords0fPain

    Are the last three plays on Cam?

    no one cares about facts when it goes against what they believe and their bias...lol....
  6. Lords0fPain

    Eric Reid

    lol, yea expect this from a RR led team...but, now we have more drama. Again, a border line team that can excel or fall face first just got an average player with baggage...and we look like crap in the 1st half, coming off a game the refs help us win...but, in this boards logic we won that game and were "in" this game, so all good. The other half sees the weakness (even in a give me win) and are questioned about loyalty, and who are racist based on who they criticized for the short comings win or lose...as it always helps to ADRRESS the weakness with acknowledging the strengths.
  7. Lords0fPain

    Eric Reid

    lol, tepper has been vocal about trump BEFORE he had a team...this IS a statement and to be honest...I would not be surprised if tepper does not bring in cuppercake, as well. Again, we have pentagram turn in ownership... the maverick (bet he back john mccain all the way), but I don't give a crap. more important to stick it to trump... :roll eyes You are right torrey smith was signed before tepper and it took 4 /1/2 games before he stepped up, as he was to worried about cuppercake and reid top concentrate on helping this team win... btw I have gave you pie, a lot..or avoided it as you are a mod and can shut speech down...as I have seen mine shut down WITHOUT attacking anyone personally. Keep your pie (or lack of) for mods in that realm of realities..lol.
  8. Lords0fPain

    Eric Reid

    Most of what he did.. had help, yea, luke only caught a foot on AP, but he slowed him down...seen a 1st down caught right in front of reid...please look at the team effort and his lack of play...this owner choose to bring a distraction in...expectations are higher...even when these boards try to shut down free expression or the dominate group think calls everyone names for disagreeing..
  9. Moore made some rookie mistakes...he is a good player give him time...tepper bring a distraction does not help the rookies or the team..
  10. Lords0fPain

    Eric Reid

    same as above pie, but the libs decide to take the 1st amendment as toilet paper...cause too much poo was given to other than a football decision and how it affected the team over all...a borderline team...that is..
  11. Lords0fPain

    Eric Reid

    would pie, but have an artificial limit I guess....gave poo for other than football decisions...for social justice...now expressing my dislike has limited my ability to make reactions. That is why, these peeps can not figure out why peeps they do not think should be winning.... Win. Shut down our free speech all you does not change where the SILENT MAJORITY is...they just choose not to be shut down, or called racist. I have defended Cam, I have defended Moore, Peppers (way back when he left), called out John Fox, Delhomme, Shula, have praised RIVERBOAT Ron and called John Fox Jr (Ron Rivera, play to win not lose), back JNO and Smitty over Gettleman...yet, I disagree over capperdick and reid (really smith, as well...who got us reid)...a racist. That is why people do not respond on these boards. Group think, that likes to shut down a differing opinion and call names... can not be no differing opinions...lol
  12. they mainly played like crap since the bye week...hmm
  13. Lords0fPain

    Eric Reid

    beside, we have another situation where players left (due to john fox) and could not say it publicly until they left.. (Peppers was one of them). he was not the only one that alluded to it, but peeps here defended fox. What are the players going to say, they do not agree.. and white become racist and black are uncle....toms. either way, they have NO CHOICE but to say they support the idiocy...
  14. Lords0fPain

    Eric Reid

    you mean we were GIVEN a game and lost this one? Prior we were a 2-1 team and could have won ATL...with what we had?
  15. Lords0fPain

    Eric Reid

    you mean a game given to us by refs and loss....didn't notice...lol but tepper will "clean house" being the maverick he is...we just went from one extreme to the other...lol we gambled on rea Carruth and lost for a 1st, we traded for gilbert and lost...can kinda understand why JR and hurney where trigger shy...however, the boards spoke against both...but, we are not owner or gms...we know jack sheet...lol