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  1. Phil Snow and that defense disagrees. They may put up points but won’t stop anyone.
  2. I know Mills and the other two (not as much as Mills) were against it. Do I think Ron values their opinions and wouldn’t cause friction? Yes but if Ron really wanted him I think he would have pushed for it. Maybe the owner didn’t want anyone threatening Haskins development.
  3. Ron and the offensive coaches like Turner and Wharton and Masko wanted Cam. The coaches on the defensive side didn’t like him as a person and were adamant about not bringing in Cam....Sam Mills, Richard Rodgers, and Chris Harris. It was a personality fit issue not Cam the player.
  4. Edit: you guys are douches and deserve the next 5-7 years of mediocrity without Cam and with Tepper running the show with everyone from Baylor and Temple.
  5. You said if we keep Cam it will push the process back a year. And I said that’s fine if Cam shows not to be healthy after a season and we miss out on the TL Fields draft then we can wait til the following draft and get Howell. So read and understand I said getting Howell in 2022 draft will be better than TL or Fields in 2021. Howell will be a lot better than TL....Howell will be a better smarter version of Brees. Lawrence is Gabbert and Fields is Tyrod Taylor.
  6. And that’s fine. Sam Howell will be better than Fields or Lawrence.
  7. Redskins go to SB if Haskins makes a jump or if Skins trade for someone Ike Cam. They are loaded with talent on defensive side and have Del Rio.
  8. Red wine hangovers I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. So bad.
  9. https://amp.tmz.com/2020/01/31/cam-newton-greg-olsen-panthers-christian-mccaffrey-olivia-culpo/?__twitter_impression=true I’m about to get drunk all weekend too. Have a bar near the stadium and from the panthers employees that come in for drinks seems like kicking out Cam is happening really soon. We also had a theory over beers that Chris McLain from WFNZ who has done a 360 on Cam and leading the charge to get him out has been paid by the Tepper camp to push the narrative of starting over without Cam is the best way. Still don’t get why not let him play out this year and see if he’s healthy. If he is you extend him or trade him for lot of picks if the coach wants his own QB. If he’s not then you tank this season with him on bench and start Grier and go for Lawrence or Fields in draft. That 19 million won’t be used anyways this year in rebuilding year.
  10. If Luke coaches it will be 100% with Rivera and the skins and not for Tepper.
  11. Would you trade Cam CMC and the 7 pick for 2nd pick (Tua). Most of y’all throwing Cam away anyways for whatever reason. You get Tua on a rookie contract and lot of extra cap space to rebuild.
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