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  1. slumdogmillionaire

    Panthers bar in uptown Charlotte?

    My place Graham St Pub & Patio is.....next to stadium.
  2. slumdogmillionaire

    Players’ reactions

    IG reactions on the Panthers post....
  3. slumdogmillionaire

    Players’ reactions

    Can someone post any reactions from our players or other teams? Would love to see the reactions.
  4. Last couple days big mural on the Duke Energy deck has been going up across from my bar....reminds me of the old school mural on the First Union building for Muggsy, LJ, and Alonzo. It will be completed tomorrow but who’s your guess on the 3 to the right of Cam? My guess is Luke, McCaffrey, and either KK or Funchess? Bunch of the players came by today and took pics by it...
  5. Rae Carruth aside of course but the 3 top punks/cowards/poison that have ever wore a Panthers uniform are DeAngelo Williams, Charles Johnson, and Kelvin Benjamin in that order. DeAngelo we know is bitter AF and was a hidden malcontent his whole time here....posed as a good guy to public but was an ass to the team. Then once he was gone he’s been the biggest dick ever. Charles Johnson got to stay his whole career with Panthers and he’s still in back circles always talking crap about certain players. Yes maybe some of our key guys were a little immature in the beginning but C.J. has never let it go. He’s caused rifts and splits among the team. And he started partying way too much at certain clubs during his last 3-4 years (Stache/Vault) and took Tolbert, Hardy, and others down that same path....that made their on the field play go down. Last year he got Captain to start hanging out in that nightclub scene and changed his attitude 360. CJ has influenced even non Panthers like Lance Stephenson in his short tenure in Charlotte as well as plenty of young Panthers. KB we found out earlier in the week he’s a bitch and it was confirmed before the game tonight so not much more to say than that. Greg Hardy def had or has issues and if he did physically assault a female he’s in that Carruth category but at least he doesn’t try to act holier than now like DeAngelo and CJ. The worst two panthers ever.
  6. slumdogmillionaire

    Graham St Pub & Patio

    Shouldn’t be crowded not too many people working today uptown....AC is cold inside lol.
  7. slumdogmillionaire

    Graham St Pub & Patio

    Hey guys finally got my rooftop bar opened by Panthers and Knights stadium on Graham/MLK. Bunch of delays with city and other issues that caused us not to open by last football season. It’s been great so far big crowds.....have a bar downstairs patio, bar on the rooftop, and bar inside. For game days we are in talks with beer distributors and ALE on adding more mobile bars, stage for live music, etc on our side street. If you stop by come say hi.....name is Amit. It’s been good crowds of next door condos and offices and big weekend crowds.