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  1. My god you guys are the worst. You thought our D was underwhelming? Meet the Bucs. You'll see Cam's best shot Sunday which will be good enough to win. Will our D give up 300 and 2 to Jameis? Probably, mostly in garbage time. Panthers 38 Bucs 27
  2. ClawOn

    Saints got Dez

    An odd, unnecessary move by the Saints. Nothing to gain here. A very good day for the Panthers.
  3. Yep. I have family that live in Philadelphia. After a single generation they have become horrible people. Oddly, less attractive as well. Seriously not sure how that works.
  4. So true op. Like my wise older brother once said, nothing ruins a weekend like a f'ing wedding.
  5. Reddit is the best option
  6. ClawOn

    Breaking Panthers News

    They aren't rushing him back. This is Greg's call.
  7. 95% of Cowboy fans have never set foot in the state of Texas. That's really all I need to know.
  8. ClawOn

    5 years, 95 Million for OBJ

    Very talented guy. I suspect he will have his effort questioned in coming years.
  9. ClawOn

    Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    That makes no sense but I'm pleased you can spell. Keep on keeping on.
  10. ClawOn

    Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    Well you are. Maybe consider the possibility you're a pussy.
  11. ClawOn

    Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    Don't worry pal. You'll never stand alongside me. My friends are men. Men don't beat women or apologize for those that do. Thus ends the lesson.
  12. ClawOn

    Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    Actually it does make me better. Bruh. And we now know which side of the decent human being line you stand on. Bruh.
  13. ClawOn

    Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    One more post from me so I can quote it in the next 2 months to 2 years. At some point Hardy will be permanently suspended from the league. At some point later he will go to jail. Then he will be broke. That's when you terrific dudes somehow still finding excuses for him are free to help get him a job right alongside you, making magic with french fries.
  14. ClawOn

    Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    Congrats on being a crap person. You own it at least. I guess.