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  1. Newton has 14 4th Q Come from behind wins. Only four of those time did we actually head into the 4th Q behind... Sad. And most if not all of them was from 2013 or before. Rivera....
  2. Its not black and white. I will say it like this. Cam did not lose us the game, but he did not win it either. If you want to be one of the best QB in the league you have to do better than those last plays. But the L is on ST,D, Moore and by far that numbnut Rivera.
  3. klumme

    Rivera "It's a 4 quarter game"

    A punt is a good play... 17 years of this BS
  4. klumme

    We need a safety

    Norwell could not beat out Amini......
  5. klumme

    Christian McCaffrey

    Double Trouble was great. D-Will was great.. But man he got a whole other O-line than what we got today. Gross, Otah, Kalil, Wharton, Vincent. CMac would have 2000 yds begind that.
  6. After battling cancer twice and beat the living poo out of it both times - Yes i believe Keep pounding!
  7. But he is our asshole and should go into Canton as such
  8. As I see it there are three step that had to be done for this to be reality 1) Get Newton a great OC, which he has not had almost his entire NFL life 2) Get people around him, so he dont have to carry the entire O 3) Make Newton trust the people from number 2. Lets be honest, that has some times been a problem. As I see it. Number 2 is done. This is the best supporting Newton have had while here. Number 1 might be done, Norv is or was a mastermind. I am optimistic about number 1. This leave number 3... For this to happen Newton will have to work on him self and the supporting cast need to get the job done.
  9. If we cut a former MVP age 29 then Tepper should just sell to another racist creepy old dude, and let him kill of this franchise.
  10. klumme

    What Titans Fans Are Saying

    They signed him to play G but he is actually playing RT
  11. Per @ESPNStatsInfo, the Seahawks had not allowed four scoring drives of 80 yards at home in the last 15 years before today.
  12. klumme

    Hardy's Intent

    Next time.. More juice and less gin dude.
  13. klumme

    Greg Hardy Arrested

    Rambo, you should get some help.
  14. You have a QB playing like poo and an O-line ding the same... Maybe 7 step drops is not the way to gou Shula... Help the O-line and QB you moron.