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  1. ras977

    The other lineup question

    Because it's not logical--enjoy the fricking moment--we're 5-2..
  2. ras977

    The other lineup question

    How many times is this : like Rivera the person. He's a great guy. Rivera the coach makes enough bad decisions to make me uncomfortable" Give it a rest.
  3. The only difference now is there one less crazy lunatic on the streets. One more to go.
  4. Agree 100%-takes cam 10 minutes to get to the huddle
  5. Thats why it makes logical sense to go for it on 4th & 1--we don't have a dominating defense to hold them after we punt--good god --Rivera WTF up.
  6. ras977

    For the Fire Rivera Group

    WAS a Rivera supporter-enuf said.
  7. Take it as an insult, whatever, wasn't meant to be. I think "you're done" because you have no rational thought s to back up your ideas on RR.
  8. OK- RR has faults, but he's gotten us there--I have to "keep the faith". PS-I I believe it was Henning ,not Foxy, who changed SB 38 or whatever ?