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  1. Take it as an insult, whatever, wasn't meant to be. I think "you're done" because you have no rational thought s to back up your ideas on RR.
  2. OK- RR has faults, but he's gotten us there--I have to "keep the faith". PS-I I believe it was Henning ,not Foxy, who changed SB 38 or whatever ?
  3. OK-want either Gruden ? How about Hue Jackson ? Dan Quinn? etc. Point is, he lost, so did Cam, and Luke--does not mean that they , including RR, can't win the big one.
  4. Scot brings much more to this forum than anyone Saying that, he has an illogical , almost irrational. view on Rivera--Scot wants him gone. We're 3-1--lets see how this plays out.
  5. ras977

    Ron on the Hot Seat

    Thanks for the insight-- Ron better step up his game.Lets see 3-1, step up to 4-0. OK "Marty is toast." Dumb comment.
  6. ras977

    Its time to fire Rivera

  7. ras977

    Its time to fire Rivera

    why did cam throw 2 picks ? Why does th fucinkg clock run out on eveyy plat ?