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  1. ras977

    Should Ace Aladdin be banned?

    Agree-stay but no thread making.
  2. Thanks. What i have learned is that success/great management, whatever you want to call,it is transferable, That's why I believe Tepper will succeed with the Panthers.
  3. Be patient-I've heard it's a virtue.
  4. That's exactly why I do not post often. Everyone has opinions, but its become a shitstorm here-less discussion about football and more about other posters.
  5. And so may have Cam's bum shoulder.
  6. Let alone the drafting of the immortal Zeke Sanchez.
  7. Agree to a point, We also lost an "attitude' when we lost Norman--we still haven't regained it. Thanks Gettleman-the greatest GM in the history of any sport.
  8. OK will let you know-can't believe the BS on this board,
  9. tell the Panthers players to take a dive--good god, what nonsense.
  10. WTF- coaches see the players every day--do you? Point is not that he should have started 6 games ago. Point is that perhaps there is a talent in Allen , not recognized. Wouldn't be the 1st time under this regime.
  11. Because, we, as fans, had no idea what his talents are--thats up to the coaches.
  12. Yep now & hopefully in the future.
  13. One can observe--Allen has a stronger arm than H. his pocket awareness seems legit-jury is out.