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  1. ras977

    Best Left Tackle ever?

  2. "The way he handled the Josh Norman contract situation was just awful and seemed to sap the electricity out of our super bowl team." End of discussion.
  3. ras977

    Shots Fired - #gettlemagic

    A lot of people wanted Gettleman gone.
  4. Trend yes, correlation unproven.
  5. Not incorrect, but misleading--there are too many variables to suggest that there is a 100% correlation between coach/GM success--in the same year. Granted over a longer period your argument is valid, but not for one year here or there.
  6. Here we go again with the Gettlemagic BS.
  7. ras977

    Should Ace Aladdin be banned?

    Agree-stay but no thread making.
  8. Thanks. What i have learned is that success/great management, whatever you want to call,it is transferable, That's why I believe Tepper will succeed with the Panthers.
  9. Be patient-I've heard it's a virtue.
  10. That's exactly why I do not post often. Everyone has opinions, but its become a shitstorm here-less discussion about football and more about other posters.
  11. And so may have Cam's bum shoulder.
  12. Let alone the drafting of the immortal Zeke Sanchez.
  13. Agree to a point, We also lost an "attitude' when we lost Norman--we still haven't regained it. Thanks Gettleman-the greatest GM in the history of any sport.
  14. OK will let you know-can't believe the BS on this board,