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  1. I think this set is who I also think have the most opportunity/ most to prove. Paradis signed as the big get for the future. Has he healed enough to perform as before or higher? Is Williams able to compete at a level that makes re-signing him a no brainer? Can he even earn a starting spot on the O-line for opening day? Has he healed and kept his conditioning up? And while we are on O-line, both Moton and van Roten finished up the season in the starting lineup. Can they take the next step and solidify spots? Was Moton a one and done guy or a long-term force to be reckoned with? Can van Roten step up his game a notch to actually be the best choice for a starter there or even earn a back-up position on a group that looks stronger than it has in the past six or seven years? Ian Thomas has a huge test ahead of him. Can he fill Olsen's shoes after this season or will we be looking high in the draft for one? There were flashes of promise, but we're quickly running out of runway for him to take off. Can anyone step up and be that #2 RB? In this case it isn't a change of pace guy (CMC can handle all the paces out there), but an actual guy who can take over in case of injury, exhaustion or just needing the kill the clock in a game already won. There's a lot of guys there who just stood around last season and didn't have much to offer. And Dontari Poe. Big guy has to make an impact this season. He'll either make it in there at NT or we'll be looking for a replacement pretty quick. That was a big, big contract he signed and I think he still owes us quite a bit from his end of it. If he shines out, though, he's in perfect position to lock something down that could carry him out for the rest of his career.
  2. Why not pick the easy one in the NFCS and go with the Saints? For all the competitiveness in the division and the highlight reel stuff, we're not big reads. Journalists in this can spend their time fretting over the NFC and AFC East divisions with their big audiences or the NFC and AFC West divisions for the same reasons. Then pick the Packers to take their division with a slight nod to the Bears, pick the Steelers to take theirs with a nod to dream team Browns, and then throw a dart at the who really cares AFC South division. We can sit back and laugh at the end of the season.
  3. It's best to be ranked badly in the pre-season. I love when they underestimate us. I love it even more when they forget about us. That's when we have our best seasons.
  4. Ayup. Right on the money. And the Bucs are getting a big boost in the ratings because of the perceived Arians effect. I'm not buying into it right now. That's Jameis Winston, not Kurt Warner. Heck, he isn't even Carson Palmer (who was always overrated).
  5. Is it too early to sign that kid to a futures contract? And can he play FS?
  6. This 100%. When dealing with defensive tackles in most schemes, the stats don't tell the tale of the tape. Star was never a big sacks and fumbles guy... he took on double teams and tied up the interior allowing KK to be the "star" player. KK hasn't been the same without him, but he has been effective as a traditional DT, especially if you look at Dontari Poe as not being as good of a tag team partner as Star had been. KK also had faster, younger DEs working beside him back in the day, and last year those guys were moving slow with Father Time riding their backs. KK's contract is pretty good value, but more performance would be cheered around here. As to Star, I'd take him back at 85% of that contract price.
  7. Josh is a nut, but he's a big-hearted, brave one. I hope he can come back to us some day, but we might need a rider in the contract to cover things like this. Pretty impressive jumps there and he's done one of the four things that Hemingway said every man should do at least once in his life.
  8. The guy does not get enough credit for going up against some of the best receivers and QBs in the league in the NFCS. Sure INTS are the big measuring stick, but the whole story should include passes defensed and how good coverage keeps QBs from throwing against him. He's a big, physical DB, but he's a mighty smart one, too, and very much in the Chris Gamble mould. And Chris Gamble is the most underrated DB of all time.
  9. Dude is catching the rebounds in the offseason. Major baller.
  10. We're never the favorites and that's the way we like it.
  11. I was going to talk about how good the write up was in the OP, but this is a much better take on the real situation. Even with Cam not at 100% Turner was able to create an offense and keep it going. We moved the ball and we scored. What we didn't do was stop the other team. In some games we weren't even a speed bump defensively. Things started looking better defensively once Ron took over the reigns, but that was a season lost not because of Cam's injury or even our patchwork O-line (who performed wayyyy better than anyone had a reason to imagine), but that our defense just sucked. Our DC was completely out of his element and had been promoted quickly from within faster than his skillset had grown. I can't fault the guy too much because it is a rare thing for a team to lose their DC to a head coaching position two years in a row. You just don't have a line of succession that far ahead. Our guys on defense weren't well coached, well schemed or even well positioned, all three of which are vitally important when you have a unit that is almost exactly 50/50 young guys and grey beards. Still, it is Cam we'll be worrying about. He's Cam.
  12. Just keep growing and learning the pro game. Worry about gold jackets later, much later. He does have promise, though!
  13. Great piece! Pound for pound he may be the fiercest competitor ever in the NFL. And there is a very, very good side of the man that doesn't get enough press.
  14. Pretty good read, except we all know Cam was hurt earlier in the season than they are saying and honestly was probably suffering from shoulder problems from the very beginning. If his shoulder is at 100% and he can match that up with the smart play he showed in the first half of the year, it could be very, very good for us, perhaps the best in his career.
  15. We looked like naked Smurfs. Terrible unis. Color Rush was a terrible idea across the board.
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