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  1. Sometimes a bust isn't on the GM. Little got hurt early on and seemed to be, what's the right word, easily pained on the field as he went on. Some guys just aren't tough enough and sometimes all it takes is to get a reputation for being soft and a DE or DT or even a DC will make sure you take some hard hits early on. It's the "make them my bitch" methodology. A guy might not have had that in the college ranks, but here it's not just the best of the best, but guys looking at you as an obstacle between them and a few million bucks. He's not the first, he won't be the last in this league.
  2. Sounds like it as a healthy scratch with injuries in front of him in the lineup.
  3. Battle of Stamford Bridge(water). One loan Viking attempts to make a stand, crafty guy spears him from below and the rout is on. Panthers 28 Vikings 14
  4. They can bleed. Four and five man rushes all day long. Blitz often. Let the runner run, just make turnovers and force punts. Teddy will show them they should have kept him rather than overpay for Kirk Cousins. Robby will shine and Davis will grind out the tough yardage.
  5. It's a group that certainly has its strengths and allows us to compete. Brown is going to be a monster in the league and you can't help but love how Kerr does out there. Roy is going to be a solid rotational piece and I actually like Obada working from the inside more than the outside (I've always thought his strength way outweighed his agility and knowledge of the game). Personally, I wouldn't have the least bit of a problem if this group went untouched into next season. KK Short, well, perhaps it's time for him to shuffle off to Buffalo and get a restart up there.
  6. So sorry to hear that he passed. Rest in Peace and may God be with the family during their time of loss.
  7. I've been big on Shaq since he got here and I've defended him through a lot of undeserved criticism. I think Shaq took leadership of that defense the previous Sunday when he went in after the game and read them the riot act for how soft they were playing. Apparently the defense and coaching took note. He's going to the keep getting better and better. Glad to see him coming out of that shell.
  8. I think in the rush to have hot takes and Twitter material, sports writers sometimes jump based not on actual verifiable knowledge but just off of a source that they trust. No matter how much you trust a source, though, you always have to check. But what do I know?
  9. Folks, they are reporting there was an error and he has not died, but is still fighting through this. Prayers for him and those providing care to him.
  10. I was completely underwhelmed by Gerald McCoy's on field performance, disappointed in fact after all of the swooning done over him being picked up by the team and his training camp activities. He was soft, as advertised by his previous team. Sorry to disagree, but I've gotta call 'em like I see 'em.
  11. Sorry, but after watching Whitehead be out of position many times this season and a constant effort that looks like he is playing to avoid injury rather than to make initial contact and tackle (which is the job of linebackers), I just can't get behind him being either our starting MLB or a team captain. In all honesty, I've watched Whitehead play with the same style that we saw out of Gerald McCoy and Bruce Irvin last season -- lackluster effort as they coasted on reputations, soaked down some paychecks and jumped on tackling piles to give them some stats for their next team (suckers) to employ them. Maybe Whitehead will rededicate himself to the art and aggression of being a MLB at the pro level after being benched, but he really needs to show something out there. God bless him, but if he's going to be a player, he better start playing.
  12. I wonder if Christian Miller coming back next year will mean we have Thompson, Carter and Miller back there. It could be pretty good like that. Chinn has been outstanding, but keep him listed as a safety and let him play exactly as he has so far.
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