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  1. Any contract he gets next year has to be balanced out against the $14.5 million he basically passed up on this year. For career earnings, that's a big zero in a short career lifespan (even for a top notch player -- running backs rarely go past 32). I understand the injury ramifications, but I'd just find it hard to pass up on the nearly $15 he would have made this year, not to mention the yardage and touchdowns he would have racked up for his career stats and Canton credentials. I used to think that in the NFL, someone would be out there to overpay for a player and all would be made right. Now, I'm not sure I'd take that gamble.
  2. Khyber53

    Two Backs vs One

    Good points, but I think we have seen Armah used in goal line situations a couple of times now and he may be filling that role better than they saw CJ doing. And in the case of Double Trouble, we did have two first round draft pick running backs at work there. That's not always the case with other two back situations. I think a lot of this also boils down to the idea that we just can't take CMC off the field for a play because, well, he is either the primary target or the pressure valve, plus his backfield blocking skills are on point. He may just be too good for his own good.
  3. Khyber53

    Panthers WAIVE CJ Anderson

    Honestly, if CJ had been lighting it up in practices and had the confidence of the coaching staff, we'd have seen him out there more. In the end, for some reason, he wasn't fitting into the game plan and he wasn't able to make a case for getting onto the field. I hope we don't regret it, but it isn't like we just chucked a starter on the trash heap. And the Cadet signing has everything to do with New Orleans.
  4. To crush our enemies, to see them driven before us, to hear the lamentations of their women... Or:
  5. Khyber53

    which player does this forum overrate the most?

    Any free agent that can fog up a mirror. Any questionable, injury-riddled name dangled out there as trade bait. Greg Hardy and Josh Norman.
  6. You never want a rookie playing the slot.
  7. Nothing that has happened this season puts any validity to this set of ideas you've had. With the exception of the Pittsburgh game, we have been every one until the bitter end. In Pittsburgh, we took a world-class butt whooping and no one gave up there, they just had us dead to rights. If anything, this team is as gritty as the 2003 Cardiac Cats.
  8. Khyber53

    Kyle Love fell asleep during the game

    Kyle is the man, best effort guy on the D-line. The man was praying or deep in thought.
  9. Khyber53

    The Remaining Schedule...

    We win five out of six, splitting with NO. 12-4 record.
  10. Khyber53

    Life is Good

    Blah blah blah. Yes, you did.
  11. Khyber53

    Dez Bryant tears achilles in practice

    Hate to hear of that injury. Hope he can recover some day.
  12. Khyber53

    Life is Good

    I'm sorry, you must have fumbled this. Here's your Fisher-Price microphone back. In 2003 we went out and grabbed a few guys, Stephen Davis, Jake Delhomme and a few others to put together a team that came within a kick of the Lombardi trophy. Two years later, we were challenging again. Three years after that, we were as well, but had a very bad day on Jake Delhomme's birthday. After a decline and a coaching change, we headed back into the playoffs, where we've been moderately regular residents, even posting a 15-1 regular season record which led to a collision with the Denver Broncos in a Superb Owl where we, regrettably, were beaten. There have been trades over the years, but you've conveniently left out folks like the above mentioned players along with let see, off the current roster how about Greg Olsen? What you may not have noticed is that we've had a policy of building through the draft. We've had some amazing talents there, such as Cam Newton, Luke Kuechly and Julius Peppers -- each of which will go down as legendary players. With the exception of one year in our history, we've also been pushing around 91- 95% of our salary cap annually, which means that we ARE putting money into this. What all this means is that your mike drop really is nothing more than some bed-wetting 'tweenager stomping his foot over how Daddy can't buy him a championship or that all those other teams pway so unfairly. Besides us there are 30 other professional football teams in this league and the Cleveland Browns. Please feel free to choose one of them. There are some real quality organizations out there, last night we faced one. Let me remind you, though, that each of them had long periods of futility before they found pay dirt and will have dry spells again. Buckle up, put the loss behind you or hop off the damn wagon.
  13. Khyber53

    Life is Good

    This is not, nor has it ever been, a franchise that wasn't interested in winning championships. Sorry it doesn't fit your self-imposed narrative, but that is just some first class BS right there and you know it.
  14. Khyber53

    Life is Good

    Nah, there were those who were bitchin' and moanin' then, too, but they are the hardcore pessimists who are going to miserable until we get a fifth ring. And then there's some of us who don't give up until that last game is played. Bad losses hurt, but we move on to the next. Then there are a bunch of fans who run from one bandwagon to the next, their hearts all aflutter, praising the stars one moment, calling for the coaches' heads the next. High strung, noisy, but there they are, what can you do about them?
  15. Last night was actually a very good thing for this team. We took a loss, an embarrassing one on national TV and we had every single weakness of our team exposed. Here's why that is a good thing: Every single weakness was exposed. Offense, defense, special teams. Good coaches will look at what happened, understand how we got beat each time and fix those problems. They will then call players on their effort, re-educate them on what their jobs are and also tune their own game plans. On offense, a good coach and good players showed us exactly where our line breaks down and how vulnerable it is to a 3-4 defense (and we have always been vulnerable to that since around 1995). We also were shown how misdirection doesn't work as well against a 3-4 as it does against a 4-3 (notice Norv's success in the NFC vs AFC throughout his career). And notice how the Steelers used that reverse play against us early? They'd been practicing it on offense so their defense would be ready for us. That's next level coaching and Tomlin has been terribly underappreciated in the last couple of years. Defensively, they had studied our team and knew exactly which matchups would work and how to exploit each weakness for each of our defenders. They even figured out that if Luke stayed in pursuit mode all game, he could not be at the point of attack. They bogged down our DEs knowing they would put little effort in, which allowed them to roll back the edges in the run game or chip away at our DEs and keep them out of Ben's way. And our vertical defense was terrible. That's a lot to digest and get fixed, but we have 10 days, not to reinvent, but to tune up, refresh and re-dedicate. We'll know a lot more about this team by the third quarter in Detroit next week. I think we'll see a team that wants to fight back.