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  1. Khyber53

    who is ur top choice @ sixteen?

    Haven't we done this about 20 times already on this site?
  2. Kicker, Punter, Long Snapper, RB. Now if it comes in with a QB, my eyebrows will shoot up in surprise and then wait to hear how bad Cam's shoulder really is.
  3. I really, really hope he can make the team and become a solid contributor. In a 3-4 would he still be a DE or move to OLB? Just such a great guy and an amazing story on how he got here. Keeping a guy like that on the team and training him up is worth the investment, paying off on the field and in karma.
  4. Khyber53

    Gronk retires

    Three other AFC East fanbases just cheered. The guy was a monster on the field and had a ball off the field, too. Good luck to him. And yeah, HoF is where he'll be. Nine years is a pretty long career for a pro football player, and his game tape, stats and rings will seal the deal.
  5. Khyber53

    Kalil Household..

    Just let it go. No use chasing dead money or old girlfriends. Move on, look ahead.
  6. Khyber53

    Most impressive rookie season?

    KB's ligament tear in training camp just invalidates everything. He was never the same after that and we were all swooning with the promise he embodied back then. Injuries like that aren't just physical and I think it took a lot of his competitiveness away and made him more contact averse. KB was a good guy, then he came back and wasn't the same. Folks treated him like crap, especially in the fanbase, and he got pretty salty, especially after the trade. I hope Moore's trajectory goes differently and he can avoid a major injury. If it happens, I hope we can treat him with more respect, especially while he's still wearing the Carolina blue and black. I prefer Moore over Benjamin as a lead receiver, but I had hoped for KB to turn into Moose Pt. 2, but alas, injuries.
  7. Friends, this is why you really, really need to work on your interview skills!
  8. Hurney is quietly taking care of business in the off season so far. I think I'm going to trust who he picks in the first round (he has a darned good track record there). Right now, I've even got confidence in him for second, third and beyond rounds. I think there's actually a plan in place and we're moving methodically through it. Can't wait to see who we get.
  9. Khyber53

    Around the league FA moves

    Good! Let them spend all they have and mortgage their future. Julio is great, but players have a way of not living up to those big contracts. WRs are like hamburgers, there's a certain dollar amount that after which you are just throwing away money. Some high roller fool, though, will always plunk down $100 for the privilege.
  10. The most important factor in the success or failure of any team in the NFL is injuries.
  11. Rams, Browns, Chargers, Packers, Cards, Cards and Panthers. Two of those were in banner playoff years, the Packers are perennial favorites, the Browns are everyone's wunderkind. Those weren't chump teams he was getting sacks against (including that strip sack to open up with). If he could just turn out that kind of performance again, he's worth the spot.
  12. Cam's great! His eccentricities are generally positive ones and he genuinely seems to be having fun. Sure, there's a goofy hat now and then, but compared to how some folks who achieve that much fame and money early in life flame out, I think he's a mighty grounded guy. Also, and it doesn't get much coverage, but he's pretty darned smart and very well spoken. We've watched him grow up here basically and he's turned into a great guy, a great part of the community and a good role model. He's a competitor, he's become a leader and he gives back to his community time and time again. I hope his shoulder heals completely and he continues on this career arc. I know he's just a football player to some, but darn if he isn't also just a really good guy.
  13. We're really in BPA territory. We've shored up a lot of stuff this offseason (at least on paper, reality is a bit less predictable) and there are holes, but there are holes in every team. The best player available will always help your team and is a lower risk than targeting a specific player/position and hoping that they are the answer. As to a backup QB, I've said it before but it bears repeating, if Cam's shoulder is shot then we're better off doing the ride or die with who we have now than dropping big bucks on a FA backup QB. Of course, if the team already knows that Cam's shoulder is shot, sneaking in a 1st round QB is not the worst idea. I'm hoping that it doesn't come to that, though, and that Cam will be up for comeback player of the year at the end of this season.
  14. Just keep an eye on that Cap level... we were close before and this isn't going to be a cheap signing. We very well may see another cut coming because of this. Still, I think it's a solid pick-up. The guy's a Panther now, let's hope he tears up the NFC South this coming season.
  15. He's what we need as a FS, both in skills and in price. He had some difficulties here early in his career, but from everything I've seen, he's learned and developed quite a bit. I love a good redemption story, so I'm pulling for him to be back with the Panthers.