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  1. I agree, but I had to throw that in there to round out the possibilities.
  2. Khyber53

    Should Ace Aladdin be banned?

    It wasn't me, but he isn't wrong.
  3. Anyone remember when tattoos were cool and unique? You could sit down with some old guy and ask him about his tattoos and there'd be stories about a Navy leave in Hong Kong, half a bottle of Scotch and waking up in the back of a parked taxi cab with a hooker the next morning. Nowadays, the stories are about as interesting and unique as why they chose a particular cover for their iPhone.
  4. Khyber53

    Colts fire O-Line coach

    Matsko has done an amazing job for us here. He's been tasked with turning some pretty shabby personnel groupings into a working line and he's managed to do it very well. This year, the team finished the season with only one guy from the starting OL at the beginning of training camp, and that one guy just retired. Somehow we managed to be statistically good and with a top ranked rushing attack. If you could get him another Gross or Ryan Kalil (not just any Kalil as we've learned), it would be amazing. The guy knows how to coach a line and bring them together as a group.
  5. I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable discussing anyone's medical situation outside my own, for both medical and legal reasons. HIPAA, ethics and a whole host of other things in today's suit-happy society and in a time when big name stars have started red-shirting themselves for preservation and new contracts. We probably won't know anything until either Cam comes out with the information, training camp and official injury reports come around or, and I hope this won't be, we hear that he's hanging up the cleats. Can't blame Tepper for not saying anything substantive.
  6. Khyber53

    Should Ace Aladdin be banned?

    Okay, that Cam and the PR one takes the cake.
  7. Nah. Get the man you need. 31 other teams have a shot at him before you get a second chance.
  8. Clicks are all that count anymore. Sad, but true.
  9. Why take a second round guy at 16? Simple. We aren't the only team in need of a center immediately. If we get cute and try to finesse it, we'll miss our chance.
  10. All 1st round picks are a gamble, some more so than others, and some sure things end up being busts. If there's a first or second round talent at Center available when our pick comes up, we'd better take it. Unless you honestly think Larsen can do the job at Kalil the Greater's level. Maybe he can. It would be nice.
  11. You can go back and watch the first games of the season and see that Cam's shoulder wasn't right from the get go. The passes were shorter, didn't have the zip, he ran less and less aggressively. He played through a lot and we schemed well to cover for it and make the most of what he could give. The wear and tear hit hard as the season went on and the TJ Watt hit took it from something manageable to something that got progressively worse. Yes, there were some big yardage games but they came from short passes and good YAC efforts. And by the Tampa game, the writing was on the wall for everyone to see. We still could have won quite a few games, even with Cam's arm basically shot, if we had just gotten our defense straightened out. RR should have taken over the defensive play calling much sooner as it became apparent that our DC just wasn't able to choose the right coverages or get the right people on the field and in place based on down and distance, much less offensive package that our opponents were putting on the field. You could literally watch Luke regularly trying to rearrange the defense before the snap, not to confuse a QB but just to straighten out the mess we had. But sh!t fellas, we're just constantly rewatching someone kick our favorite dog over and over again. It's done, done and done.
  12. One starting quality center in the whole league potentially available as a free agent and he broke his leg a few weeks back. And Denver may drop a big paycheck to keep him. Let that sink in. There are basically NO good free agent centers out there. Draft one in the first round or... well... you thought our line protection has been shaky in the past.
  13. If you whiff on picking a center, you're screwed. If the best one in the draft is available when it comes to your first round pick, you take him rather than risk waiting for the 47th pick. D-linemen are all over the draft and all over free agency. There's one starter-quality center potentially in free agency this year... and he'll probably not hit the market.
  14. If we can stabilize the LT and RT situation, it will give us a big step up into the 2019 season. Moton and Williams could be excellent, but if they are just decent we can be viable. Center, though... that's going to take a draft pick, probably a first rounder. And it's just time to send one Kalil sailing out the door his other just left by. Wouldn't it have been wonderful if both had been as great as Ryan? I'm sure that's what they were thinking at the initial signing.