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  1. If you think Romo can predict what play is about to happen... then Luke is going to be amazing. Good luck to him in whatever endeavor he takes on. Luke deserves nothing but our admiration, respect and continued cheers.
  2. I'm pulling for the Chiefs, but that San Fran defense is a tough one.
  3. Look man, we've got to stop with these puns, that slope becomes slippery when wet, yanno?
  4. Better to let his contract set the top of the market than to let another RB set that top and then have to hop over it. Pay the man, pay him well and by all means pay him now!
  5. I will never make a Bon Jovi reference. A man has to have standards.
  6. Wow, in what world would we want Lameass Jameis Winston? Let's eat a W? Seems his diet is mainly INTs.
  7. Who is going to be foolish enough to ask for the number? The shoes are just too big to fill. And he deserves it. Doing so would set the tone that we are here to compete and fight it out, no matter how small or unknown we were when we began.
  8. He's our guy now, so let's get behind him and hope he excels here as he did there. If he's a good coach, he's being given good material to work with, the results should be good.
  9. Would be the best news out of Carolina in quite some time if they inked him to a coaching deal. I would literally be very comfortable seeing him jump all the early stations and starting out as DC right off the bat. The man can lead, can teach and he knows the game as well as anyone who has set foot on the field.
  10. Might not get the Walter Payton Man of the Year award now, but he could be in the running for the Antonio Cromartie Award.
  11. We're running the single wing. Welcome to the '20s! The 1920s!
  12. Yep. Pretty much in last place already thanks to a missed week (and soooo many bad picks). So, go against the grain and bet big. Honestly, I do think Tennessee picks up another win. I think KC shot their wad last week with the major comeback and the Titans are built to play solid, steady football. Green Bay, maybe... but it is all on Rodgers isn't it? Tough spot to be in.
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