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  1. He'll find a home after the draft. The sad truth, though, is that the rest of the league doesn't see him as an elite QB after the last three seasons of injuries and losing efforts. It just is a matter of what's on tape and in the win-loss column. Cam also has a big personality and a bit of a diva complex (perceived more than real) and that can be daunting for a new coach or one who may be on the hot seat. Best of luck to him. Wish he'd have just worked with the deal here that he already had, but it appears both he and the Panthers were both wanting things the other could not guarantee at this time. Life just works out that way sometimes.
  2. Good luck to him, gets mighty cold up there. And, we move on.
  3. Honestly, the 2003 team had to fight and claw for every single victory they had. There was a lot of character and a lot of magic there. The 2015 team just clicked perfectly and ran roughshod all over their opponents, to the point where they started celebrating early and drinking their own Kool-Aid. In 2003, Carolina went into the Superb Owl and took on an incredibly tough, well-coached team and got down by a considerable margin and were completely handled in the first half. They came back out and made one helluva a game of it only to lose it in the last moments, having broken through one of the great defenses and against probably the GOAT of QBs in his best form. In 2015, Carolina went into the Superb Owl as the favorites and treated it like they had already won the game in the week leading up to it. On the field, they got out toughed, out coached and out gritted from the get go and never even looked like they had a chance. Denver's defense punished not just Cam but anyone who got the ball. And somehow, our vaunted defense couldn't stop a crippled Peyton Manning on his last ride. Yeah, in the end the 2015 Panthers would just tear into the 2003 Panthers for three quarters. The celebrating would commence, they'd get lax and lazy, Morgan would concuss Cam, Jake would start winging it wildly to Smitty and Moose would knock the holy hell out of a DB or two. Somehow 2003 would win by a field goal at the end. It'd be a great game. A winning machine against the Bad News Bears. The annointed versus the forsaken. It'd be a helluva story.
  4. Nah. No chance we're taking a WR in the first three or four rounds. This is a huge class of quality WRs and hopefully many teams will dip into that pool and the deep QB one as well, leaving more quality defensive players available to us.
  5. Curtco could easily be moved to a halfback position to spell CMC just as simply as you could move CMC wide out as WR1, or as a slot receiver. He won't be traded or lost in the shuffle, but will really be used in many ways. And the Kirkwood signing, pure genius. As a second line receiver in NO, guess who he has been working with in practices over the last season? Good ol' Teddy Bridgewater. That relationship should add some stability and familiarity there. Smart move guys, smart move.
  6. I like what Rhule says. I like what he has done with Temple and Baylor as he climbed the ladder to get here. He took a big eraser to the chalkboard here, and that hurt some. It is what needs to be done, though. If he has had to build teams based around finding tough players who had to earn their spots, the forgotten and the high motor guys, then that's what we'll have here. In a star-studded NFC South, it might just take the Dirty Dozen to win. We may be more like the 2003 Panthers than the 2015 ones... It might not be as spectacular, but darn that was an exciting time and no game was ever boring. Let's just hope there's a season, because it should be a fun one.
  7. Bring Cockrell back and forget about this guy. His agent does a good job of selling him, but man, 33 passes defensed and three interceptions in five years? The only way he could make it to Thieves Alley is as an embezzler taking funds from his employers with nothing in return.
  8. Yeah, I've got to disagree here. Beyond basic repairs, there are a lot of folks, our family included, that are taking the time to start container gardening vegetables and herbs. Grabbing a couple of bags of potting soil and some pots is for the good and could add to our supplies as the season wears on. Basically, here's the deal: what is an essential thing to one person may not be to another and vice versa. I don't see a reason to go golfing, but there they are zipping up and down the fairways today, one to a cart, but clustering at the holes. But it's not my place to get my panties in a wad. Those might be doctors who are getting a few moments off or something like that. We're going to be alright, eventually. Just be cool.
  9. You know the Wild Card team is supposed to be a miracle chance at best, right? In the end, it doesn't dilute the game nearly as much as having two teams with bye weeks for each conference especially if those spots were locked in before the week 17 games.
  10. Suddenly that bye week in the playoffs just got more precious and more teams have a shot at the prize. If they can work out some equitable pay for the players, then hooray for everyone!
  11. In the end, we're benefiting from their being here, to be honest. We'd like to be done with the project, too. And looking at it from the contractor's perspective, it is easy to see why continuing work on this right now is the best deal going. He has other things lined up afterwards (I hope -- he's a good guy and does quality work) and he needs to finish this, get paid and get to the next (for people who are also waiting). He also is at the mercy of subcontractors like electricians, plumbers and installers, so the more he can keep things moving, the less vulnerable he is to work stoppages for one of those. Just going to have to hope they stay well, we stay well, everything gets done and happiness abounds on both sides. Besides, do you know how good it is to find a general contractor that really knows what they are doing and are fair and trustworthy? You just can't let one of those go when you find them. And all of those folks have families to feed and bills to pay.
  12. There's a lot of self-determined essentials going on. We have contractors and electricians working in our house today ... our project isn't essential, but they want to be here. We'd send them home but have already been told that if they leave today then we have to wait to get back on their schedule and that could be months out, and they'll want payment for the project now. I mean, what do you do? Luckily they are working in the bottom half of the house and my family has sequestered itself in the top half, so we're good and there's little contact, but dang man, really?
  13. He will be the pick (unless Rivera takes him first) and he'll be a star here. A Defensive Tackle is involved directly in every play of the game. It's just the most bang for the buck and a guy like Brown is so head and shoulders above everyone else, it's a no-brainer. He's also the kind of guy you pick for your team just so you don't have him going after your QB and RBs. Think about that... we do NOT want TB, ATL or NO grabbing this guy. Grab him and use him as the foundation of the new defense. He's a guy that will make it easier on other defensive players and give some of them a chance to shine. Just remember that last year, our terrible interior defensive line play screwed the entire team so badly that Luke frikkin' Kuechly looked bad, got hurt and then retired because of it.
  14. Our receivers will shine out this season. DJ will hit his stride and we will see Samuel live up to his promise as both a WR and a RB. And CMC, oh, now that is really going to be something special to watch. Just wait.
  15. Too much rum, not enough ham.
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