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  1. He paid them no more mind that morning than an eight-year old would toys left on the floor after playing. Maybe he got a lesson that even throwaway hotties are people, too (and some that are pretty larcenous). And that much in jewelry just lying around? The guy understands neither people nor money. I hope wisdom finds him before he runs out of road.
  2. Must have been a last minute ticket purchase if Cam didn't grab a first class seat.
  3. Khyber53

    Phish Concert

    They did, but that last jam song just keeps going and going. Should be finished four years from now, in an arena just outside of Sedona, NM in a cloud of skunkweed smoke and Volvo exhaust.
  4. 12... four on offense, eight on defense. The day has been too long, the names just keep swirling around.
  5. Actually, I think rather how hard it is to find a good coach in the NFL, more specifically it's mighty damned hard to find even a fair to middling head coach in the NFL. The turnover rate is incredible and it is such an incredibly complex job that almost all who attempt it fail, not even counting those who can never rise that high. I think Ron is in the fair to good level, and with a solid defense and a good QB, and limited injuries he can get the wins. I mean, he has the best active coaching streak versus Bill Belichick. That says something. A lot of coaches are 0 and bunches versus NE over the last two decades. Keeping Ron isn't betting everything on single good hand of poker, when it comes to the ownership's perspective. It's playing for the long game, trying to make it through the night's hands with more money than you started with. And once in a while, old Riverboat Ron gives you a shot to play for a really big take and an epic win. He gives you a shot. Statistically, that's better than the average. I think we're right now at a changing of the guard thing with head coaching in the NFL. We're all waiting for the next big thing to hit, someone to come in and revolutionize the game. Lombardi held court until Madden and Shula came along to reset the league, Madden held until Bill Walsh revolutionized things, who held serve until Jimmy Johnson shook things up, and that generation gave way to Bill B up in New England. New England has ruled the roost for two decades now and it is time for the next generation/evolution of the game. Some think the new wrinkle is happening already in Philly and with the Rams. I'm not sure, though. It's hard to tell what is really revolutionary and what is just a temporary adjustment. Before 2000, Bill B was just one of the many head coaches that had been fired by the Browns, a distinction that is just as dubious today as it was then. And that is why Ron is still good value for the money. He can competitively coach in this day, this environment. He's not revolutionary (unless this new hybrid defense rocks the world like Buddy Ryan's 46 did in its day), but he's a fighter. And I just like the guy.
  6. He's not really under pressure at all. He has one of the more stable coaching positions in the league. Why? It's pretty straightforward. He does get the team into the playoffs at least 50 % of the time. Compare that to teams like the Cowboys, Raiders, Dolphins, Redskins, Giants, Ravens, Vikings, Bears, Falcons, Texans, Cardinals, Titans and Colts. Those teams always get a lot of airtime, but they are either in coaching carousels or have coaches that always underperform, even below our 50 percent playoff rate. Heck, just look at the perennial "they're loaded and ready to roll" Cowboys for an example of a long-tenured coach that has managed the spin the wheels of his team over the years gaining no traction. How about those Redskins? Heck, how about that NFC East all together? Sure the Eagles are on a bit of a hot streak, but their recipe of losing their franchise QB just in the nick of the time to save the season thing can't go on forever. Regularly imploding Giants anyone? Let's not even get to the eternally losing teams that don't get a lot of coverage like the Jags (boy that one season really was a fluke), the Browns, the Bengals, the Lions, the Bills, the Bucs. Man, Rivera at least gives the team a shot and a level of respectability. Heck, even the Chargers are in worse straights, always the bridesmaids and never the bride, even with a supposedly superstar QB. Man, those fans really have a reason to shout about underperforming coaches. Also, Rivera is a player's coach. That's good for a franchise and good for PR. Lastly, and this gets said again and again: You can't just go out and get a decent head coach nowadays. The pool is too shallow as there are only about four coaching trees in the pros that turn out guys who can even do the job badly. And while new branches sprout on those trees each year, the leaves are thinning and the products are showing signs of idea fatigue. College? It's pretty much a completely different game down there in Pro League B. A lot of great college coaches just couldn't compete without 105 players on the roster, no salary cap, booster club "donations", super spread offenses and easier reception rules. Heck, they can even keep all the players on campus, never have to hear at practice "the player's union says we don't have to wear pads today" or worry about some dude wrapping his Bentley around a lightpost (maybe a booster club member's but not technically the actual players). Ron is secure because he's a good coach, he produces competitive teams even in injury plagued years (sadly, competitive doesn't mean winning seasons, though), hits the playoffs fairly regularly and even managed to get what should have been an injury-bitten team to an almost undefeated season and the Super Bowl. Among current NFL HCs, there are 12 Superb Owl wins and six of those are by Bill Belichick. Nine losses in the Superb Owl are also represented among the current HCs, with three of those being Belichick's as well. One win and one loss in the big dance are held by Mike Tomlin in Pittsburgh. The remaining five wins and losses are scattered throughout the league. In short, of the 21 Superb Owl appearances as HCs by current HCs that's only 10 to share among the 30 teams that aren't NE or Pittsburgh. And two of those, by Gruden and Reid were done well over a decade ago with teams they haven't served in a looong time. The other eight coaches are all steady in their jobs and would be hot candidates if they ever got out there. Well, what about head coaches in the league who made it to the Superb Owl as coordinators and are now HCs? Only four HCs in the league served as OCs or DCs for Superb Owl winning teams for five total wins (Matt Patricia of Detroit has two wins with the Patriots). Patricia was also a losing coordinator for two Superb Owls with NE. Nine others have served as losing coordinators on championship teams. (Rivera is one of those from his time as Chicago's DC). Buffalo's HC was Ron Rivera's DC during our 2015 Superb Owl run. That's a lot of numbers, but it shows how thin the pool of championship level candidates there are for head coaching jobs in this league. And the transition from college HC to NFL HC directly isn't very appealing based on recent histories. Ron isn't on the hot seat right now and would probably require three, maybe four bad seasons in a row before he was severely in trouble. In the end, no matter the gut feeling, Rivera's record isn't Belichickian, but no one else's is either. In that environment, you try and keep the coach you have as he is a better value than any replacements on the horizon. But hey, what do I know?
  7. Football Gollum says we're not his Preciousssss. I'm okay with that.
  8. Any one of those three may be available before the start of the season for less cost and effort. Something tells me that patience will pay off here.
  9. Me, I always end up looking like one of those fashion don'ts posters.
  10. Cam's fashion always makes me feel like I've heard a joke that I'm not hep enough to get. Really, I don't understand it at all, but he and his seem to be enjoying the heck out of it. Have fun, man, can't wait until we get back to football.
  11. No, this doesn't bother me the most, but the punch in the face seemed to fit the crime a bit better than some of what players have done over the years. Still not sure why Adrian Peterson is allowed to play the game...
  12. The guy might not have had a HoF career, but he sure did have a long and probably fun one. Good for him and best wishes, always seemed like a class act.
  13. Antonio Brown, if for nothing else his speeding incident of going 100+ mph in a 45 zone in Pittsburgh before that Carolina game last year. The incident was brushed under the carpet and he was fined $316 for reckless driving. You or I would have lost our license and probably cooled our heels in a jail cell for a few hours. Had he hit a kid or something, I guess he'd have thrown a few bucks out the window like some Dickensian villain. The guy can play football but he's a total ass when it comes to the rest of life.
  14. Hate to say it, but it really all rests on Cam's recovery. I'm not going to say that Cam must put the entire team on his back and carry them through the season. I know that's a common refrain for some folks here, but that's not the real picture. The real picture is that every other phase of our game is good enough to be competitive in every game against just about every opponent. We have: 1) a transcendent running game based around CMC and Cam, that can also provide immense pass game assistance. 2) one of the best linebacker groups in the league, and one of the best middle LBs to ever play the game. 3) A potential HoF TE and decent guys behind him. 4) A mystery men bag of WRs who are poised for a break out season (and two guys who are YAC generators on the level of Steve Smith, Sr.) 5) One of our sounder O-lines in recent memory. 6) A d-line that is literally chock full of Pro-Bowlers. 7) Both experienced and rookie top end edge rushers who have tons of motivation and flexibility as we shuffle back and forth between 4-3 and 3-4 defenses. 8) Solid special teams. What we have beyond that is Cam Newton. If uninjured, you have the most game changing QB of this era, an honest-to-God dual run/pass threat that can turn an entire game around in a single play. However, Superman references aside, he is human after all. His shoulder killed our season last year, plain and simple. Good teams are strewn all across the NFL, and even the worst of them feature the best football players in the world. An injury to such a pivotal player put us behind the eight ball and out of contention... the margin for error is just that slim. That's not a slight on Cam in the least. Teams, with the recent exceptions of the Patriots and Eagles, don't win with an injured QB or a back-up QB. The league's parity is too fine to make up for that kind of loss. In the end, this whole season, realistically, rides on the recovery of Cam's shoulder and little, if anything, else.
  15. Oh gosh, I sure hope it is a different identity than what Josh was doing in his last season here. I mean, I was actually worried for the young man's mental health. Great guy, but Josh went too far into his own hype and just got weird by the end of the season, not to mention that whole contract thing. McCoy seems to be fitting in with the whole great player, great guy, great teammate thing while maintaining a down to Earth, generous and professional demeanor. That's going to be a class addition anywhere, and here he is surrounded by those kind of guys.
  16. Me, I am waiting for that Alex Armah big season. I think he has a lot more potential than we have seen.
  17. Salary is pretty well set and it's not like they're going anywhere.
  18. At this point, all three Cox, Obada and Haynes better really, really want to be Panthers or they'll have no shot of making it through to the first game of the season. There are a lot of moving parts to this defense (and the offense, too) and suddenly there are more name players than in previous years. These guys aren't just fighting for a spot to be rotational guys, but to even have a jersey and a locker space. Perhaps even an NFL career at this point. If that doesn't motivate at least one of them to perform way over and beyond previous years, then we simply don't have room for them. Right now they should be living in the weight room, watching film, getting speed training and learning special teams just to have a shot.
  19. Khyber53


    As a side note on this: After my grandparents divorced (yeah, the horses had a lot to do with that), my grandmother was left with two giant manure piles behind one of the barns. She put an ad in the paper offering free horse manure to whoever would come and get it. No takers for a month. On a lark, she advertised it for $10 a load the next week. The piles were gone within 24 hours of the newspaper hitting the stands. Some people just won't take sh!t off of you, but they'll happily buy it from you.
  20. Khyber53


    Same here. I also happened to be terribly allergic to horse dander. Yeah, that made my childhood a lot of fun.
  21. Hard Knocks is like a Madden cover for a whole team. Lots of coverage, lots of disaster follows. 5-11 for the Raiders this year is my bet.
  22. Khyber53


    When I was a kid, my family ran an Arabian horse farm in the NC mountains. Nothing too big, just 25-30 horses, going to shows most weekends through the summer and auctions during the autumn (some really over the top ones at Sitting Rock Farms, a place that you should look up the story of ... ). Eventually my Grandfather decided to get out of the business (my Grandmother was sick of the whole lifestyle). Horses require constant attention -- you can't take vacations without having someone come feed, water and pasture them. Fast forward 20 years or so and I met my wife, who was an dressage rider. Same situation, just a single, but terribly expensive, horse and hobby. Even boarding a horse requires a fair amount of time and money. Once the kids came along, and she blew out a knee, we were left with a horse that was too expensive to give away and too old to sell. Luckily we found a good home for it. Basically, if you own a horse you stuff wads of dollar bills in the front end and out the back end comes a ton of manure. In the meantime, if you own your own barn, you are also chained to them and that property until death, divorce or disaster. It's a whole lifestyle and it revolves around the horse, not you. Make of that what you will and good luck with what you decide!
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