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  1. It's not quite going to the NBA's level of pointless playoff games, but it is inching closer.
  2. I think his worth is best off field. Far off field. Away from the stadium. Never really liked the guy.
  3. The guy is still better than 90% of the starters in the league at this point in his career and age in life. He's still capable and isn't crippled with injuries. Yeah, even though I hate to see us have to face him twice a year (at least), it would be a shame for him to bail out now. And as to greed... how many of you would give anything if your boss said you'd get an additional $50k for working for them next season? Greed or not, most of you are just showing some ignorance.
  4. How about we have one for a whole season?!?! It has been a while!
  5. It's like going back over how a fantastic girl broke up with you years ago. Nothing good can be gained from doing it. Just move on and wish 'em well.
  6. Honestly, I'm not so sure Hurney screwed us on this one as much as KK did. KK was setting the league on fire when he got that contract and he looked like he'd be the most dominant DT in the league for years to come. It wasn't just that season but how he had developed over time. And KK was going to get paid, the hype machine was going to make sure of it. And all of us were pretty much on it, too. We weren't going to let him get away and be a monster for someone else. Had he gone, the uproar would have been terrible. Instead, we gave him a big contract and let Star walk. And then KK just got fat and lazy on the contract, or so it seemed. His numbers started tapering off. He wasn't terrorizing QBs so much as flopping onto the pile for a half sack. He basically gave up on stopping the run game. Or maybe, and most likely, he missed Star. Star was the unsung hero there, taking on blockers, tying up the middle of the field and basically clearing a path for KK. Star went north to Buffalo and did his job well there, too and with just about as much fanfare. Now we have KK with a big cap hit and coming off an injury season. Maybe he will get out there and try to impress the coaches, but I don't think he has any real trade value. The best we can hope for is that he sees this as a prove it year and balls out, otherwise a team in rebuild mode might just jettison him and take the cap hit to free up the space and clear out the unmotivated.
  7. Yeah, there were problems in the past, without a doubt. But it doesn't help to throw money at what is basically a used car lot trading ground when it comes to free agency. Everyone wants to buy that Beamer with low miles, or that flashy Maserati with new paint, never thinking of how many lemons they are buying along the way. Good teams develop in house -- great teams develop in house and are very, very selective in the free agent market to the point of being nearly unmoving. Chasing star free agents just doesn't pan out. Not here or in almost any other team in the league.
  8. Honestly, I'm tired of marquee free agents. Really. When do they ever pan out? The success rate across the league is like maybe 30%? Locally, we've ended up paying big bucks to guys who basically cash the paychecks and play at 85% speed for the first few games and then they either clock it down to half effort or get "injured." How about we just take the money, spend it on some talent already in house and just roll with it? I'm tired of getting excited over guys like Gerald McCoy and Bruce Irvin coming here riding the Huddle Hype Chain and then producing a snooze-worthy season. Want to keep Bradberry? Ditch Poe, McCoy and Irvin, along with that RB we picked up late in the season who was so unknown that I can't remember his name off the top of my head. Quit buying other people's problems and underperformers. And Cam. If he could live up to his promises and hype, it'd be great. That's not a "what have you done for me lately" kind of thing, because let's face it, the answer there would be "not too much" but a "Hey, you were great, can you find that in yourself again?" kind of thing.
  9. Good luck to him. Hope he gets eight touchdowns and a ring out of this. We won't be competitive next season, but I think Greg still will be. He's a guy that deserves a good sunset to ride off into.
  10. Yeah, it was a great season. And Josh kept getting high off his own supply. He literally lost his freaking mind that season.
  11. I wish him the best, those are mighty big shoes to fill. Hopefully he learned a lot from Greg over the last couple of seasons. Do remember, though, that Greg hasn't always been very healthy and there have been opportunities for Thomas to step up. We've seen a few flashes, but just a few, in some very imperfect seasons. Yet, when things get tough and your star players are out, a team needs to be able to lean on their tight end frequently, from blocking to getting the tough yards. Stepping up is tough, hope he can do it.
  12. Sorry, made too quick of a Google search. Completely my fault. Apologies all around
  13. Make millions, add to his incredible career stats, help a team win games, perhaps get a Superb Owl ring to top off a great career? Yeah, all of us would kill for the chance to do that. Good luck Greg, in whatever you choose to do.
  14. Sorry, made too quick of a Google search. Completely my fault. Apologies all around
  15. Sorry, made too quick of a Google search. Completely my fault. Apologies all around.
  16. Captive audience. Doesn't have to be better. Probably won't be cheaper.
  17. 20 TDs, 17 INT. Just not sure this is really the guy. He could just be the white, Mormon Jameis Winston, minus the crab legs. Edit to add: Terrible post by me. Googled badly, got the wrong guy. My bad. Apologies to all.
  18. Was talking about the Raiders. While Brown was a rare faceplant for the Patriots, he was a comical flop in Raider Nation -- a place that has been an ass clown circus for a decade and a half.
  19. And that will be as wonderful as when they signed Brown last summer. Okay, maybe not quite as majestic as that faceplant.
  20. As someone said earlier this week, there are only like 10 organizations in the NFL that proceed like they know what they are doing. Then there are about 15 that try but they just do not have the formula. And then there are the bottom seven who have leadership/owners who have absolutely no reason to be in the NFL and could not under any circumstances build a winning team and organization if you gave them the blueprints.
  21. I think OP must be a junior intern working for Cam's agent or PR firm. Honestly, his threads have gotten me to the point where I just really don't care whether Cam plays for us or not. OP is like a bored four-year old in the backseat of a car on a 12 hour road trip. "Dude, we're not there yet; we aren't even close; and no I am not playing the Frozen soundtrack one more damned time."
  22. Moton is set to be criminally underpaid for the upcoming season. Lock him in now, throw decent bucks his way and give him a bonus for work done well. If paid decently and treated well, he's the kind of guy that could have a long, steady and sturdy career here. He's one of those foundation blocks that are so vitally important in a rebuild.
  23. I've spent a lot of time sitting in on town, city, county and even state budget sessions. The chicanery that goes on varies, but it is never gone from the process. Some of that is grist for the mill that feeds us all, some is grift that fattens up the few. Realistically, you want politicians with a bit of shame to them, a press that watches them closely, and enough grease to keep the wheels rolling. It has been the same since the biggest Cro-Magnon looked around at his family group and said, "I'm the boss, got a problem with that?" Or grunted something to that effect.
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