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  1. Also, adding to the problem is that DJ and Samuel just don't know how to get back on their routes after being jammed at the lines. Then again, our defense always plays with a cushion, so they get no practice doing it. Cam's got maybe three throws a game with that shoulder (now, less later probably) and that's not making it any better. Olsen can get out of a jam, and so he makes it, aided by the rushing of linebackers who aren't there to help cover him or are spying on CMC.
  2. Replaced with a vegan clone at Coachella. It explains a lot.
  3. Okay, here's my Hurney 2.0 take: He came back and has been good at getting both new blood and some established vets here. He has been better at contract negotiations than before. He has also managed to bring both Pep and Smitty back into the family, something that I think we all needed. Cam was originally Hurney's pick and even now on Hurney's second career loop as the Panthers GM, the show goes through Cam and Ron. Considering the turnover in recent years between the overnight exit of Gettleman AND the Faustian fall of Richardson, there was no way there was going to be a change to either Ron or Cam, even as the records got worse and the injuries became an issue. The two are so intertwined... has Ron been responsible for a lot of Cam's success, has he been responsible for the lacking years? Has it been a "As Cam goes, so goes the Panthers" as many expect to be the case? The guy is stuck with the pair of them and he's going to hang with them or be hanged with them in the end.
  4. Bench Cam for the next couple of games and promote Allen to QB1 for the time being. It will give Cam the time to heal up, practice up or man up (whatever it is that has robbed him of the mojo), and give us a chance to evaluate how others players and coaches are doing. If Cam is on the field, Cam is the story good or bad and it doesn't necessarily tell the tale of the tape for the supporting cast. Bench him and see if it gets him back into this. Between the injuries, the changes and the age, Cam is hitting a wall that he will either get over or be stuck behind. He'll either fight for it and adapt or he will just shrug and go on, but let it happen off the field. I'm not saying Allen is the better QB, not by a long shot, but if he can win, it's going to tell us a lot about the quality of the coaching, the line and the receivers. If he loses, it's going to put the weak spots under a glaring spotlight. Either way, we get a better evaluation of where we stand.
  5. And that was the tale of the game and possibly the tale in the change of two careers. Jameis has mostly looked like a three-legged waterbuffalo on quaaludes when it comes to being in a collapsing pocket while Cam has traditionally been elusive, aggressive and in command during those situations. Last night, the roles were reversed so glaringly. Winston navigated, Cam became Betty White in a rugby match. It just doesn't sit right.
  6. I'm generally a dyed in the wool optimist, even in the worst seasons, but they are going to have to show me something amazing to believe. What did I see that was amazing last night? A geriatric Greg Olsen posting over 100 yards receiving. Curtis Samuels looking like the guy we hoped he would be. Brian Burns authoring the first of many sacks in his career. A defense getting that rarest of scores, a safety when we desperately needed it. A QB throwing for over 300 yards. And I saw an inexplicable loss. Forget showing me something amazing, let me ask for something really, really difficult. Show me a win.
  7. I'll be watching the Panthers no longer how this turns out. I'm in for the long march.
  8. He's a good, good man. I wish him the best and he made a classy exit.
  9. He was the one with the whole Superman celebration, just saying he was a pretty active participant in the who gestalt.
  10. Can't argue much with that. What's the line from the old poem? "And so it ends, not so much with a bang, but a whimper."
  11. It's like blaming the pillow when someone sh!ts the bed.
  12. If you're Tepper, you sit Rivera and Turner down in the office and say, "Bench Cam and tell Allen here's your chance to Delhomme the fug out of this." Before you chuck Rivera and the Turners, you need to be able to assess them without Cam in the equation. Otherwise, if you keep Cam in, the wins or losses could be attributed to or blamed on Cam. The only way to really assess their coaching capabilities is to give them that chance. It's an incredibly difficult situation for them to be in, to lose the star QB and have to try and compete with a career back-up while their backs are against the wall. Fox did it with Delhomme and like that fabled game back in 2003 (also versus Tampa Bay) and went all the way to the Super Bowl. If they are great coaches, they can do it. If not, its time to fire up the resumes.
  13. Cam's biggest asset in the long passing game wasn't his arm, but his legs. The constant threat of his mobility kept safeties from playing deep, allowing better opportunities downfield. He's no threat whatsoever to move now and the coverages reflect that. Couple that with ability to push the ball downfield, but not rifle it and toss in shaky accuracy and it's just not going to play out well. He's also not reading the field well, further exacerbating the situation. Did we mention statue in the pocket and being collision averse? It's a sad day. The dude was Superman.
  14. We went to 3-4 to be more competitive in a pass happy league, and in particular a heavy passing division. This was to be the transition year with something of a hybrid between the two. All I've really seen is a bit better pass coverage, a pretty anemic pass rush, and a near disappearance of Luke when in the 3-4 defense. We might get better and find our stride, but Luke can (and has been) the most dominant linebacker in the game, why do anything to bury him? And on another note, I've never seen a softer Panthers defense, heck entire team. We've sure got a lot of high paycheck, low effort guys.
  15. Blah, blah, blah, it's the Red, blah, blah, blah.
  16. I think Cam was kidnapped and replaced by a hipster clone at Coachella.
  17. Honestly, after last night, I think it's obvious that Cam doesn't want to play the game anymore. His body language in and out of the huddles, on the sidelines, even in the pressers is a guy just there to get the pay checks and to not get hurt. The game isn't his big love anymore, there are so many things higher on his list of priorities now and all of them are weighing heavily against getting hurt again or even just making the superhuman efforts that made him SuperCam before. That fourth and one and that last touchdown attempts told the whole story. Cam would have never missed that fourth down conversion before -- he wasn't going to be dragged down in the flat like that. And on that last touchdown, there would have never been a question of who would carry it over the goal line. But Cam has no threat to be a runner anymore and isn't even a threat to move around in the pocket. He isn't controlling the tempo of the game, he's just trying to get through it. And his threat to run at any moment did more to open up those long strikes than anything one of his receivers did. And then, he just has no fire, no fire at all, on top of this. I'm sorry, but maybe it is time for him to hang up the cleats and make the most of his brand. The fashion world awaits.
  18. The guy had a game that allows him to make that statement.
  19. The preliminary list each year always features a number of folks who qualify for the Hall of the Pretty Darned Good. Let's not take it too seriously, but it is nice that someone outside of this board remembers some of our guys enough to at least throw their names out there.
  20. The determination and drive he showed on those last two plays of his on that last touchdown effort in the game was amazing. It was like the old days of seeing Steve Smith fighting through everything for a win, or Cam back in the day willing himself through and past a defender. I just want to know where that fire is in the rest of the team.
  21. I hate to admit it, but the coach needs to go after unenthusiastic players with the same gusto he rips into referees. Maybe he's taken the "cool Dad" approach to the team for too long and all but a few have become lazy and complacent. I guess tonight's game will tell us a lot about that.
  22. This, this right here is a big part of our problem. The players just ooze calm, confident, cool but don't seem to have fire at times.
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