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  1. Sounds great. How much does he have to squeeze out of public coffers to build the EgoDrome again?
  2. I am assuming that Perry Fewell will get that interview if all we are doing is trying to appease the Rooney Rule. The "early start" in the search meant to me that Tepper was going to be looking heavily at the college ranks and those of experienced NFL HCs that aren't currently coaching this season. There may be a desire to move outside the coaching trees that currently fill the NFL HC ranks, many producing very little good fruit. Even the Belichick tree seems to produce inferior products.
  4. The new HC will only be as good as his OC and DC choices. Therein lies the rub.
  5. I always want our guys to look good and I hope he has success out there. More likely, though, is that he will struggle, take some sacks and have some turnovers. And it won't reflect on his ability in the future, no matter how many hot takes get posted here saying he's trash. He and Allen are basically rookie QBs that were thrown into the fire behind a bad o-line with young receivers and a ton of injuries. They were also playing alongside a defense that took moral victories anytime the opponent didn't run up 30+ points on them. And the coach was fired mid-season while having one of the harder schedules in the NFL. It's not a recipe for success for a young QB. It is, however, a great way to get experience, if you can survive it. We might learn something about Grier in the next two games, but hopefully he'll learn even more. Let's take it easy on him, though, in our evaluations. He's basically being thrown to the lions like Kyle was before. But that's the NFL.
  6. There is an off chance that he did want to stay in Jacksonville, but that it would require an entire regime change to keep him, along with that Brinks truck. Well, had he held on a bit longer...
  7. Until Cam gets a chance to take a hike from center, peel out to his right, plant his foot, cut back against traffic and throw the ball downfield -- no one can say what will happen with Cam, his contract, the Panthers or the NFL. OTAs might give us that look. It might be training camp this summer. It might be week 1 of next year. That foot, that shoulder... none of us know (unless one of y'all is Cam) how they are doing. If they are good or great, then there's no trade in the world worth giving him up. If one or both are still problematic, then wise people will try to seek a trade beneficial to Cam and the Panthers (more to the Panthers, though, honestly). No one knows right now, though. No "insider" can be trusted at this point because they are either making it up or are being fed untrustworthy information based on no actual testing of capabilities. Let it go and hope he heals.
  8. Teams that aren't very good at rushing have been running us over like headlight-bedazzled possums this season.
  9. You have to build an excellent O-line first. Strong, skilled offensive lines let you dictate the game to the opponents rather than play a take what they give, beat the rush game. A mediocre QB behind a great line can win a Superb Owl. A legendary QB behind a poor offensive line ends up on IR. You build your O-line and pick up a veteran QB that can not just hold down the games, but educate the linemen in what their duties are and how to protect him. You draft tackles and a center, you develop guards. And you seriously look at running double tight end sets.
  10. Center, yes, but GVR is capable as our LG for right now, the guy is a monster in run blocking. But yeah, I thought we should have taken that center from NC State with our first round pick this past year. I think it would be wise to look at center for first pick this year.
  11. That'd be cool. My only problem with it is that Grier isn't a run stopping NT. He could pass for 300 yards and three touchdowns while still losing the game with the defense we're fielding.
  12. Good luck to Grier, it's going to be rough out there. Right now, to be honest, I don't think even a healthy Cam would be winning out there with this team. The back-up QB is always a popular guy in tough seasons, now we're on to the back-up to the back-up. Here's hoping we see something there.
  13. The big boys never get penalized. That's the lesson of the past couple of decades in football and life in general. There will be a slap on the wrist of a few hundred thousand bucks (and that's chump change to the organization), perhaps the loss of a middle draft pick (and how many picks do they have stockpiled?), and then it won't be mentioned again. So what if they've been caught cheating three times now (and we mean organized, pre-planned, off field cheating)? You and I could easily agree they've probably done much more without ever being caught.
  14. This won't be pretty. Good luck Grier, you're playing behind Charlotte's Maginot Line: out of place, turned the wrong way, under strength and generally a waste of money. Someone call up the Cajun Navy for a modern day Dunkirk.
  15. Sad story, especially with how many times he's had a shot at redemption. Maybe stepping away from football, the money it brings in and the "friends" some players attract will help him get his life straightened out. When a guy screws up and ruins his career again and again and again over drugs, he's beyond the point where he can do it himself, or for folks who have a vested financial interest in him. Here's hoping he has a family member or a loved one who will take care of him only because they care. As someone once said, "It's time to go back to grandma's house." Good luck and God bless you Flash.
  16. But sadly, he's the best one we have right now. And he sure isn't getting help from Darryl "Just Finding Some Quiet Place to Watch the Game From" Williams beside him.
  17. Won't get better until next season, at the earliest. Maybe instead of firing the coach, we should have fired a defensive starter or two. Probably wouldn't have helped, but it just seems there's no accountability on the defense.
  18. I don't think it is injury as Burns was playing gunner on special teams at least twice yesterday. That makes it even more of a head scratcher.
  19. It's all about taking a beating and still being able to answer the bell and come out swinging. We're soft. Atlanta found something in the middle of getting the dogwater kicked out of them. Pittsburgh did the same this season. And yeah, that does come down to coaching and team leadership. Hate to say it, but that's where the difference lies.
  20. I can't argue that, but we also have to temper our opinions a bit based on experience. Can he get better? I think so, but he's playing the most difficult position in possibly the most complex and violent sport in the world. We have to remember that he's basically a rookie, with limited college experience, playing for a beat up team who fired their coach. The defense isn't giving him much help (with either turnovers, field position or just limiting the scoring of the other team), also. This is a win now or else league, though. Just hate that the kid might get thrown under the bus and let go rather than retained and developed. A bit more seasoning on the bench behind a starting quality QB and a good QB coach and he could be a decent starter. New regimes and undrafted players don't mix well, though, so we may see him spun out and into the league. That move might come back to haunt us. In a perfect world, Cam would come roaring back for next season, healed, recharged and rejuvenated with Kyle Allen retained as a capable back up. I just can't put any money on those things happening.
  21. Killed three drives, but got us to a score on four. He's perplexing. He has these terrible unwise moments (and there are tipped balls that cause issue, too) but the guy can also march the team 86 yards down the field for a touchdown in less than two minutes. (And he's done that last minute march multiple times this year.) I'd really like to see him play with good protection, but that's not going to happen again this season.
  22. Lot of big hogs at the trough when it comes to our defense. You'd think they'd be harder to push around.
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