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  1. Both teams may very well be paper tigers. Neither has really faced much competition. San Fran has faced the Bucs, Bengals, Steelers, Browns, Rams and Redskins. The Rams were the only team of ability on the list and they barely beat us with Cam completely unable to play. New England has faced: Pittsburgh, Miami, the Jets (twice), Buffalo, Washington and the Giants. Buffalo (Carolina North) gave them fits and the rest of those teams are jockeying for high draft picks. When assessing how spectacular their defenses are, keep in mind those opponents and the massive rotation of QBs that has gone on. And none of those teams have a decent O-line except for Buffalo and the Rams. Offensively, I question San Francisco heavily but for New England, you can't ever take Brady for granted. Both coaches are desperate for depth and weaponry before they hit solid competitors. Right now, if the playoffs were to start, both would fall quickly to serious competition.
  2. Except win their last four games in a row.
  4. The Falcons are having the pre-firing fire sale already. I think this means they are out of the running for this, the next and probably the following seasons. They'll be imploding their team at the same time Miami, Denver and the Chargers will be and that's going to make it slow and desperate. Add in that the Cardinals, Bucs and Bengals got a full season's head start and it makes things even crazier. Looks like it will be just us and the Saints for a while here in the South.
  5. I'm betting McCoy sticks, and for a reasonable price tag. Love will be brought back on a one year deal -- he is like the best senior temp/contract worker in the office ... can't let him go, but can't afford to give him long term benefits. Shaq, Cockrell and Bradberry are definites and I'd let Butler test the market then offer a team friendly figure... if his work level stays up through the season (anyone can have a burst or two). Mario stays if Mario wants to. That means a team friendly deal that is also Mario friendly. Maybe a rotating one year deal like Love's to account for age. Irvin, he's good but he's not standing out among the young OLBs that surround him. Once again, if he comes cheap, keep him. Boston... honestly, he has done a much better job back there than any of us thought. If he'll take journeyman's wages...
  6. Let's see them against some real competition. They've benefited for two decades by being in the NFL's weakest division by far and they managed to feast on six cupcake teams and a very young Bills team. It's way, way, way too early to crown them. Imagine our guys if they'd had that same schedule...
  7. There's going to be a lot of open money at the end of this season to work with, alongside Salary Cap growth and creative accounting. 75 percent or better of that group will be retained.
  8. I do have to say, I like the green of the Jets helmets. And that's about where my like in this game stopped...
  9. Hugh is one of NW NC's great success stories and one of the first people to really, really make it big as an Amazon writer. Wool was an excellent read.
  10. Hope he heals up completely. You never know when it might have been something lingering since college that got exacerbated by in game contact. The kid is dynamite. He's going to be great.
  11. You forgot an important one the Panthers are absolutely killing: penalty yards. Possessions, games literally hang on penalties. We are playing soooo incredibly clean this year and our opponents are literally killing themselves with penalties in attempting to slow down our offense and defense.
  12. Field position is the most important stat in the game except for score.
  13. We're the team that each of those is fearing when they look at their schedule. We're a tough fight and they know it. We'll catch more than our share of the wins.
  14. I think it's a prove it game for the 49ers. It's a need it game for us. I still like our chances to punch them in the mouth and take their lunch money.
  15. Eventually the Voodoo Mamba will emerge from the bayou and extract Marie Leveaux's price on Sean Payton and the Saints will return to being the 'Aints again.
  16. Limited starter experience in college, still ramping up to Pro speed. Game has simply not slowed down for him yet. It might never.
  17. It looks like a strong group and a lot of credit should go to our scouting department and Hurney. On the Godwin note: we aren't privy to things like how well he was learning the playbook and if he was listening to his position coaches well. There's a lot of the evaluation process that outsiders will never understand.
  18. Yep, as addressed in the lede. This is the Belichick era of football. And in Pittsburgh, with the Knoll era, they followed up with Cowher and Tomlin, both of who have carried the torch well (and trophies of their own) and both who have had down seasons and extended stays. Good organizations stick with good coaches. Great organizations do, too, and sometimes they luck into one of those generational greats. We're in the good organization, good coach club... and there aren't too many members of that club.
  19. Patience guys, patience. Pro football has had coaching eras since the beginning. Right now we are in the Belichick era, before it came ones like the Knolls era, the Lombardi era, the Brown era, etc... In each of those, there was one standout coach who changed the game and dominated the league for a decade or more, winning far more than their fair share of championships. They didn't win them all, though, and coaches like Landry, Madden, Halas, Ditka and others are remembered because they were able to catch lightning in a bottle a time or two and win the big game. Those guys are legends now but they didn't win big every season, but had to suffer the rise and fall of teams and rosters, suffer through injury bugs, rules changes and all sorts of stuff. Ron might well be one of those guys, time will tell, but he is certainly a coach that gives his team a shot and that's not something that is easily replaced in the NFL. Owners in the NFL want winners and trophies, but more than anything they want a team that can contend, that puts butts into seats and sells tons of merchandise. What they don't want, though, is anything that hurts that bottom line. Look at organizations like the Bengals, Chargers, Jaguars, Bills, Buccaneers, Dolphins and Raiders. These moribund teams have been bottom feeders forever and really struggle to field any team that draws fans from outside of their geographical areas. The Dolphins and Raiders have been drawing sustenance from their past teams for so long that one has had to move to generate new revenue streams and the other one has had a revolving door of ownership partners that has heavily courted celebrities and entertainers just to entice ticket sales. All of these teams have had astoundingly fast moving coaching carousels over the years or have ownerships that are really scaled down to living off of the minimum income of the revenue share (which, granted is pretty hefty). Let's not be those teams and let's not be so fast to show Ron and Co. the door. He's a good coach, he gives us a chance and he's working lights out this year in what could be a very special, if unorthodox, season.
  20. This same old crap again? Ron is coaching lights out and has the whole team playing together and playing to win. He's strung together four good wins while we have tons of starters (and some backups) going onto the injury report or IR. And, because someone will take a swing at him too, Marty Hurney has got us some great personnel that have brought this together. Go peddle your tired narrative somewhere else. We're winning.
  21. No. Keep Elway. Expand his powers. Make him HC, too. The guy sucks at running a team. It's the greatest gift he's given since his retirement.
  22. Here's the problem: they are a solid team with no glaring problems. Decent to good QB, fairly good run game, some weapons in the passing game, sturdy defense with a very good D-line. Those kinds of teams never go undefeated, but those are the ones that make the post season and have a shot at winning it all. That makes them a very tough opponent. But you can same almost the exact thing about the Panthers when assessing our qualities. And that makes us a tough opponent. This one's a toss up for me right now, not sure if we can win it, not sure that we lose it either. It is going to come down to game plans and intangibles.
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