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  1. All remodeling projects look like hell when you're in the demolition stage. They look even worse, and are hard to put up with, during the construction stage. In the end, you hope it all comes together to look as good, or better, in the end. Basically, we're right on schedule and it will be headaches and worries for the next season, maybe two. Have patience and faith or just go ahead and find another team.
  2. Not sure if it has been mentioned yet, but Thomas Davis is headed to the Redskins.
  3. Good luck to him. Not heartbroken over this, I have to admit, but I don't wish him any ill will, either.
  4. This much blood running in the streets and you still want more?
  5. Yep, that's what we did. And I agree. Teddy has some definite upsides and he's a guy that has not had a chance to reach his full potential, but has a history of putting in the work, whether it be rehabbing from a horrific injury to taking to coaching. He and we could be meeting at the right intersection on the charts.
  6. We're going with the backup QB from the New Orleans Saints. Like that has ever done us any good in the past. Oh yeah. That was a fun year. Good luck to Teddy I guess.
  7. Nope. But I'm also a realist who knows change is hard and it often comes with some painful breaks. It also comes with no guarantees of future success, even if it is the only road to potentially succeeding.
  8. Something tells me that there may be some medical information that came to light recently that made some minds change about keeping Cam. The news isn't out because, well, you never point out the problems with your car when you take it for a trade in. Hate to see the Cam Newton era end here, it had some of the most thrilling football moments I've ever seen, but the injuries were piling up and at some point there had to be a light that came through the fog and smoke of hype and marketing. Good luck to him, I'll always cheer for him if he can play again, but I was a day one Panther fan and I'll be a Panther fan until my last day on earth. The cast always changes, but the show goes on.
  9. Glue sniffin', bed wettin', cry babies. You don't trade away the best guy on the entire team. And before someone points to the Cam trade... they aren't trading away the best player on the team.
  10. Regime change... this is what happens... y'all wanted it so bad... yadda ... yadda...
  11. Gonna play that same old song again: "Everyone wanted regime change. This is what you get."
  12. I like Teddy, but I'd rather we took a pass on this.
  13. If you were right more often about things, I'd argue with you. You're simply wrong on this.
  14. Well, that was always a chance. Guess that ends that era.
  15. We've got a lot of building to do and we're sitting well right now. Even with a lot of holes in the team, we have certain strong advantages: 1) We pick relatively high. 2) The hype is on QBs and WRs. Early rounds will see so many of these come off the boards (and look at how many quality WRs there are), leaving us a better selection of the positional needs we have (DT, OL, TE, CB, LB, S). 3) We are in a draft position that can lead to trade offers, solid ones, netting more young, cheap players. 4) We have a ... screw this they just announced Cam is free to seek a trade. All bets are off.
  16. He did a pretty good job last season and was very good at pulling and sealing off blocks to break McCaffrey free. Keeping him is a very, very good idea.
  17. The new coach is supposed to be great at finding and developing underappreciated players. We are going to be asking "Who????" a lot this summer. Hopefully, those will turn into "oh, him!" responses before it is all said and done.
  18. Good luck Super Mario, you'll be missed!
  19. Honestly, he's been a good role player for us for a long number of years. That being said, you can really only remain on a team as a special teams specialist for so long. There's going to be younger guys who need a roster spot to develop, who can do it for cheaper vet minimums. In our rebuild/reboot, those are the kind of guys Rhule is going to be recruiting and looking to build around. Jones was looking at going into training camp and having to compete with other safeties and linebackers for his spot... young, hungry players. Jones can also probably find a landing spot in either Washington or Buffalo and run out a couple more years. He has skills and a lot of knowledge that's valuable, either to a contending team like Buffalo or one where a coach is looking to surround himself with many familiar faces (Washington). Good luck to him, thanks for all the games.
  20. And I'm perfectly fine with it. Just call in the draft picks, have a dude in NY announce them, have the regular talking heads do their thing. Get rid of the crowd noise, the awful draft pick suits and the hoopla. Just make the picks and get the info out. I'm about tired of every dinky NFL moment having to have a kick-off concert, 10 hours of pre-programming, 42 sponsors and a FanZone Experience Carnival. How about some frikkin' football instead?
  21. And on Friday night, we put it up on the big screen and the whole family watched the races, picked their teams and had just a rollicking good time. Go figure. Frikkin' marbles.
  22. Same thing as in 1987 and 2008... sit and hold. It's not a loss if you don't sell. Look for bellweathers that drop and snag a few bargains. People are panic selling and then buying on Fridays to recoup some growth and cash back in on Monday mornings. And your 401k will be fine, just don't look at it for six months.
  23. Nuh uhn, you've got to sit through this just like the rest of us.
  24. Well, by all means, what would be the @stbugs way? Enlighten us oh swami of the swamp!
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