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  1. If it is terribly bad, then there are a ton of reasons and good excuses, with the caveat that we will get better. If it is good, then, well, considering everything, you'd have to give a round of applause to the new coaching staff and maybe rethink our opinions on some of the managerial decisions Marty Hurney has made. A hungry, disciplined team will win a lot of games in the really odd environment of the 2020 season.
  2. Sheeesh with this season? If you really want to know how much a team is buying into a coach and the need to put the team first? Count how many players get pulled for Covid during the season. If your coach is willy nilly about taking precautions then you've got an unwise, couldn't care less about this season, letting the players run the joint kind of guy. If you can make it through the season and manage to field a full squad throughout, then you've got a team that has bought into winning now, even if it means making sacrifices in their private lives. And the team that loses the fewest starters to Covid throughout the season will probably be the one that takes the Lombardi, if things get that far. This season as the biggest injury bug looking at it that we've ever seen in history. Bench depth and discipline may be the biggest factors in the game.
  3. Teddy was drafted by Minnesota to be a quarterback who could lead them to a championship. He developed well and while he did look bad in his first playoff game vs Seattle, his team lost 10-9 in what was the coldest NFL game ever played. No one looked good in that game. A horrific (players around him throwing up horrific) injury took him out of play for 19 months and he really didn't make it back into the Minnesota line-up as they had pretty much decided to move on rather than risk his return. Perhaps the memory of watching the injury take place scared off the coaching staff, even after Teddy had healed by all accounts. He moved on to the Jets and was then traded to the Saints as a back-up to Drew Brees. That shows some level of confidence in him by a competitive team. In his first season he was called upon to take a knee a couple of times and then basically ride out the last game of the season versus the Panthers while the starters rested. Not too much to go on there, but he became used to the system the Saints employed and had the opportunity to learn behind a sure lock first ballot Hall of Famer in Drew Brees. He also got to watch and dissect every team defense in the NFC South through that time, with coaching on how to beat them from Brees, Sean Payton and our very own, newly hired Panthers offensive coordinator Joe Brady. His undefeated streak coming in to spell the injured Brees last season (against stiff competition) pretty much shows evidence to his growth and capabilities. If anyone is going to be able to come in and work the QB position in Carolina this year, Teddy Bridgewater is the guy. He's got the pedigree, he's got the experience, he has familiarity with the system AND the divisional opponents (including an inside look at the division leading Saints). The guy seems loved by both teammates and coaches alike and barring that injury years ago, there doesn't seem to be a solid knock against him. Except that he isn't Cam Newton. And for some Panthers fans, that's just insurmountable.
  4. You don't pay big bucks for, or high draft picks on, guards. Develop them in house and retain them if they stay very affordable.
  5. I wish him and his family the best. Chances are good he'll have a job before the season rolls around.
  6. Hate to hear this. He's a good guy and he's been a darned solid punter and holder for the kicking game. Hope he heals well. Good luck to the replacement, though, because he's getting a heck of an opportunity.
  7. If your SO breaks up with you by text, you can be damned certain they've pretty much had all they can take of you. They are no longer ready to move on, they've moved. Cam's a heck of a guy, but really, you have to look at how this is shaking out. All of the bad talking has been from Cam's side, in effect he has been bemoaning the break up in the public square, actually before it officially happened. The Panthers organization hasn't said anything bad about him, and have made it a point not to mention him since he was released. They haven't engaged in the debate. As an adult, you kind of have to step back, look at it and say, yeah, let's all move on. Good luck in your new endeavors, hope you find happiness. Thanks for the good times. Because all of this sh!t is getting old.
  8. Sure is a lot leveraged on a guy that, while excellent, was being called out for basic disloyalty by LeVeon Bell, right? Avoiding divas and trading them away is probably a good policy. Jets can't stay away from them, it's like that friend that is always hitting on the hot/crazy gal at the bar. Seattle in the same situation has a "type" (ego-inflated safeties who want a big payday) and will grab the same kind of person from the bar expecting a different outcome. Just saying that both teams played the game the same way they always do. Seattle has had some success at it. The Jets... well, how long has it been since the heyday of Broadway Joe?
  9. The scoring is completely arbitrary and the points don't matter. It's like Who's Line is it Anyway, without all the laughs.
  10. It's probably going to be a sloppy season, but it should, in theory, be equally sloppy across the league. There's a certain parity brought about by all of this.
  11. Can't keep crying over old girlfriends, no matter how hot they once were. Time to move along.
  12. It's going to be a long, long, long offseason if we just keep revisiting old wounds and picking at the scars. Really long if there is no season this year and we keep doing this.
  13. That's great. Hopefully it will make a lasting difference in the lives of the recipients and their families.
  14. They may well stop everything that comes their way this season.
  15. Can't completely agree with you, but at least you're throwing some ideas out there!
  16. I'm sure there's a purchase price if you'd like to make a change in ownership. Otherwise, well, this will be going nowhere for you.
  17. It's been 10 years since Brees won the Super Bowl, too. Locking up the best quarterback you've ever had can sometimes look like guaranteed championships, but it isn't actually a guarantee at all.
  18. The only good thing to come of this is at least @thebigcat doesn't have to choose which jersey he needs to wear in his Bentley anymore. On another note, it doesn't do any good to keep crying over old girlfriends. Cam's gone and he's either going to make it big elsewhere or disappoint due to injuries. Neither of which really moves our lives along a bit. Let's just move all these threads into one, then move that thread into the "Other NFL News" part of the forum, or the Tinderbox if we must.
  19. The thing is COVID is definitely one of those "it just takes one jerk to ruin it for everybody" kind of things. Dang, I really wanted, needed to see some football this year, but it just isn't going to happen. Too many moving pieces to keep everyone safe.
  20. On the fence about this one, and usually I'm a "don't trade for someone else's problems" kind of guy. He is intriguing and I'm not sold on Thomas yet, considering the small sample size he has generated over the last couple of seasons.
  21. Just so I can make sure I'm right with everything: So we're all now hating the Panthers, who they were, who they are, who they will be and everything the organization has stood for? Just checking. But y'all are going to keep tuning in to watch the games, right?
  22. Dude, you jumped to an entirely different rail there. And actually, in the case of COVID-19 it may create a host of problems, from putting yourself into a less protective situation (no mask, no distancing) to what appears to be a decreased resistance to and more severe response from the virus itself. https://www.yalemedicine.org/stories/alcohol-covid/ Viruses don't care, they can't being the incredibly simple organisms they are. They just go where they are taken and latch hold of whatever environment they end up in... sometimes that kills human beings, mainly the unwise or stupid, but potentially everyone.
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