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  1. He had a great career with us and gave it all he had. He retired and was lured back out by the Jets and a huge stack of newly minted bills. Can't blame him for going and putting back more money for it than either you or I will probably ever see for what seven games? Here's to a solid recovery that doesn't nag him for the rest of his life and happiness from here on out. He's deserved the rest and recuperation. And yeah, Hall of Honor for sure.
  2. Something tells me he'll be fine for the game tomorrow. All smoke, no fire.
  3. Cockrell being out bothers me. I know he's a second stringer, but man he has been giving it his all. I was one of those who never thought he'd make it back and make it big. He has been proving me wrong for sure.
  4. I understand the whole 3-4 edge rushers aren't big enough in run defense, but I do have to say our DBs and safeties get in there. Out Edge guys, they sometimes seem to just take a break when its a run play. They need to show aggressive tendencies on both rushing and pass plays. And give Love the start over Dontari.
  5. Whoops, got the locations reversed. My bad. Okay, looking up and watching the clouds go by.
  6. Yep, seen it many times.
  7. In all truth, Bruce could help a bit by tackling a MF'er once in a while.
  8. Let's see how it plays out over the last half of the season. It's not like they aren't trying to fix it. If they can get it under control, then we're sitting pretty.
  9. 30-13 Panthers. Matt Ryan spends a fair amount of time looking up at the ceiling of the stadium. CMC breaks 100 yards rushing and 50 through the air. The Kid has his best game of the season with three touchdowns and no interceptions or fumbles. Greg Olsen gets a TD.
  10. Good timing on that. If he can play as well as Daley has, we'll be alright.
  11. Sure, but you have to admire a guy that steps up when you shout out, "The pilot's out and this plane is crashing, can anyone help us?" The Kid could have panicked. Grace under pressure is a powerful tool.
  12. It's still a little to early to say he's a franchise QB or a career backup. Right now, he's playing well above expectations and winning more than he's losing, throwing more TDs than interceptions, and having some problems with fumbles. He does, however, seem to have a certain poise that says the game isn't too big or fast for him and he seems to be learning how to pilot an NFL team on the fly. Not too shabby. He's our guy right now, and that's really all that matters. Start worrying about 2020 around March.
  13. After a big letdown in Charlotte, Cox may be more impressive in Cleveland.
  14. Great, the new Panthers facility will be South Of The Border for yuppies. Stay classy, SC!
  15. Scheme is everything, but personnel helps, too. I really think I'd rather see Kyle Love as a starting DT right now than Dontari Poe. And is it just me, or has Poe gotten fatter and fatter as the season has progressed? In Green Bay he just looked out of shape, out of breath and out of position, not to mention falling over his pants and out of his jersey. I'd point a finger at McCoy, too, but honestly, he's been playing better here than he did in Tampa and he's been showing high effort and motor. Love always seems to work hard when he's in the game, and Big Vern is playing like it's a contract year and he's looking for a new home and big paycheck. Those guys are the ones most responsible for freeing up the ILBs and I wonder if the big rushes happen most often against Poe. That's what my eyes are telling me, but I've got no real stats to base it on.
  16. I thought I knew all that I needed to about the Falcons this year. Then they went and killed the Saints. All I know now is there's no way we're looking past them at this point. Dang, that was a wake-up call of a game.
  17. You really can't effectively judge Rivera without putting Cam into the equation. Until this season, that is. Right now, without Cam, we're 5-2 with losses to powerhouse teams in San Fran and Green Bay. San Fran was an old-fashioned ass kicking that teams take from time to time, but terribly embarassing. Green Bay was a much closer game, in bad conditions, than the score would say. Let's ride out the season and see how things shake out. Judge the man on what he can do with a second-string 23-year old undrafted QB, massive injury issues on the O-line and quite a few injuries on the defense. That should be enough of a set of handicaps to give the coach, right? I mean, surely he can't produce a winning effort out of 14 games without Cam, right? Right.
  18. Yeah, wishing that defense was performing better, too. It is what is keeping us from moving up. Is it fixable, I don't know. There have been some injuries there that we really are hurting from... I really do think we are missing KK quite a bit (and I really thought he was not living up to the pay before).
  19. We live in a world where there is macaroni and cheese and that's a pretty big deal.
  20. In this day and age, everyone looks for plausible deniability. It's a sad part of the times, I agree with you there.
  21. Butterfingers. Your list wasn't better, it was cherry-picked and proven to have some short-lived successes there. The most important list is "who would be available" and quite a few of those losers will be. The winners won't. Right now the odds are better than a replacement coach will be much worse than RR. Right now, he's coaching his butt off and getting wins from a team half-made up of second stringers and even a third stringer or two as starters. That kind of coach doesn't just appear out of nowhere like Bagger Vance rolling in from the mists of Augusta. Here's that mic you dropped, you might want to use both hands, it's a bit bigger than you're used to.
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