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  1. The kid just wins his battles. Enough guys like that and your team is nearly unstoppable.
  2. The decision between whether a player is able to play with an injury is between the player and the medical staff. The coach can't make him play. Rivera was almost handed his head for sitting Cam for one series due to a wardrobe infraction... there's no way in hell that he was going to make Cam play when Cam didn't want to or when medical staff wouldn't clear him. From what I can tell, a Liz Franc injury isn't always easy to diagnose right off the bat. Of course, many of you are quite accomplished podiatrists and surgeons.
  3. They already dug it up then found out that it only slightly, barely, in a half light with your eyes squinted just right, said anything even remotely resembling what they thought it had said. Over the years, they had just internalized it and massaged it to fit their own narratives. Self-gaslighting. It's kinda the new trend I guess.
  4. That's what the article says but that isn't what Fiz errr Electro said at all is it. There's an important distinction between the two. Electro wants you to think Rivera plays guys until they're satisfied with their careers and want to call it a day. The article, and specifically Ron's words, say that he wishes that could be true but that the realities of the game are different, as he himself saw as a player.
  5. He specifically does not say what you said. He talks about the realities of the game and how he advises players to be aware of it and to not waste chances. Nowhere does he say he coaches to make sure they get to leave the game on their own terms and timetable. It's putting words into a guy's mouth to make him say what you want and that's not right, whether you are drinking yourself into a stupor or not.
  6. I think we need an actual quote to substantiate it, otherwise it's just someone making sh!t up to make their point.
  7. Folks, if you think it was Ron sending Cam in during all those games without Cam's say so, you've been sniffing glue and have a tenuous grasp on reality. In this day and age, a coach cannot send in a player that says they are unhealthy, unable or unwilling. It's just not going to happen. The CBA speaks to it and the league just isn't going to allow that. Heck, in our own case, we can't forget the uproar and cries for blood when Ron sat Cam for the first series of a game for not showing up with a tie on before an away game. The fanbase, Cam and ownership (JR at that time... go figure) all quickly explained who was the boss in this relationship. It took two games this season for Cam to make the case for Ron to get the evidence, glaring evidence, that Cam being on the field was doing no good for anyone, particularly Cam. Kyle Allen's performance made the decision going into the Houston game a no brainer. No one knows if Allen will be the long term answer, but it is pretty obvious that the immediate problem was the Cam was too hurt to play or even be the Cam we all love. What it did show is that this is a team that can work and get a good win, a strong win, if they don't ruin the game themselves. Maybe Cam gets right again (physically and maybe a bit mentally) and comes back to make the whole thing sing. Maybe he doesn't but Allen can grow and develop to be a darned good QB in his own right. This is a well put together team and honestly, we needed Cam to step away to both see it and prove it to ourselves.
  8. Turn him loose after the leaves have fallen. We can hold until then quite nicely.
  9. Do you have an actual quote we can check on that? No football player or coach would say that having existed in the reality of the game. They might have said they wished it wasn't the case, but I'm going to have to see an actual quote to tie that one on the coach.
  10. You guys struggle to spin the stories to fit your narrative. There's a career in politics for you.
  11. Probably deals with the 2020 GOP National Convention. Might move to BoA Stadium or something.
  12. Some folks are natural pass rushers, just perfect combinations of size, speed, agility and predator instincts. No one is a natual left tackle. It's a learned skill set the requires a near impossible combination of size, mass, strength and smarts, coupled with a learned ability to move in kick steps and redirection rather than grappling. Even Jordan Gross took time to get good and then great at it. And we have to remember that a tackle will eventually lose on every play, it is a delaying game they have to play, holding off the inevitable, with no stats given for just doing their job. Little looked good yesterday in limited service. If we keep bringing him along then some of the doubters may very well be eating their hats next season or even late into this one. Many of the same folks were telling us that CMC was a busted pick, just a third down scat back who couldn't run between the tackles. Expert opinions.
  13. The game was well played and well called by the coaches. Everyone handled their job in all three phases of the game. Plus, Kyle came in and did his best Jake Delhomme 2003 impersonation -- off the bench and into the highlights reel. You can win a lot of games doing that. Let's see it happen again before we get too excited.
  14. Another game like that and I think we'll all be happy with having Poe on the team. We need a bit more evidence, but that was nice.
  15. Great performance and handled the presser well. I hope we get another shot at seeing him play next week, I think he earned that chance.
  16. A starting QB shouldn't lose his spot because of injury. Once he comes back recovered, he should get his starting job back and a couple of games to prove he should still have it. Some could make a good case that Cam had that shot in weeks 1 and 2. Sometimes it isn't about race, it's just about wins and losses. We'll know a lot more after Houston, one way or another. Either way, Allen looked good and the team upped its game for him. Coaching looked crisp, protection was better and plays were run better and with more success. Empirically, this is a decent to good team and there's a lot of potential there.
  17. The whole defense looked great. Let's give it another game before we crown anyone... It sure makes a difference for the defense to have a working offense.
  18. Like I said on a previous topic, "Looks like we were just the One guy away from a good team." No one got what I was saying then...
  19. He gave Little a bit of a test today. It worked out. Next week's line may look a bit different. As a group, they all played pretty well, not much to complain about, so what's with the whining?
  20. A few weeks ago I said AB would be sitting on that bench outside of the HoF right beside Terrell Owens trying to explain to each other what went wrong. People thought I was a moron. At this point, it's going to take a higher power to get through to and save AB. I'm not sure AB thinks there's a higher power than AB. Lot of folks struggling with mental illness in this world who don't have his gifts, his resources and his followers, who are more deserving of our pity and assistance.
  21. He has, however, played for a variety of QBs with Superb Owl resumes and strong arms, which allowed him to thrive as a deep threat. Here, he never showcased that. He may be incredibly able to make that judgement call.
  22. I don't know if we can say that was a good secondary we faced from TB. Our receivers and TE were making plays and getting open. Accuracy in the passing attack seemed to be the limiting factor for us more than the coverage. Still, the first couple of games just don't tell the whole story.
  23. Hit 50 this summer and yep, and with kids of 14 and 11, sometimes that accomplishment is just picking up the towels they leave in the bathroom. Whew, call it a day.
  24. I'm looking forward to a good game and I'm feeling pretty optimistically about this. I think Allen plays well, but it will be a team victory.
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