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  1. This same old crap again? Ron is coaching lights out and has the whole team playing together and playing to win. He's strung together four good wins while we have tons of starters (and some backups) going onto the injury report or IR. And, because someone will take a swing at him too, Marty Hurney has got us some great personnel that have brought this together. Go peddle your tired narrative somewhere else. We're winning.
  2. No. Keep Elway. Expand his powers. Make him HC, too. The guy sucks at running a team. It's the greatest gift he's given since his retirement.
  3. Here's the problem: they are a solid team with no glaring problems. Decent to good QB, fairly good run game, some weapons in the passing game, sturdy defense with a very good D-line. Those kinds of teams never go undefeated, but those are the ones that make the post season and have a shot at winning it all. That makes them a very tough opponent. But you can same almost the exact thing about the Panthers when assessing our qualities. And that makes us a tough opponent. This one's a toss up for me right now, not sure if we can win it, not sure that we lose it either. It is going to come down to game plans and intangibles.
  4. The law of averages kind of depends on some outliers, and this season could be one of those.
  5. Could you imagine a defense with Julius Peppers, Reggie White and Kevin Greene, all in their prime backed up and led by today's Luke? Then just give me Smitty 2003 lining up in the slot.
  6. Oh geez, is this going to be the theme of this season? Man, it's getting tedious. Go team, cheer for whoever is taking the snaps, enjoy the wins, quit with all the angsty handwringing.
  7. That kind of drive can set the tone for an entire season if spun correctly.
  8. We came into this season and went 0-2. That was not, by any means, something that created a false sense of hope for this team. In the process we lost our starting QB and one of our starting guards. We came back and won four straight with an undrafted, unsung, hell unknown, backup QB and started shuffling our line as we lost a tackle, too along the way. We lost our star CB and our star DT. If anything, this season has shown us what an incredible deep and stable foundation this team has. I mean rock effin' solid. There's depth and skill and a crap ton of grit in our lineup. We've won on the road (including an across the pond one) and we've won at home. We've beat two of the league's up and coming darlings in Houston and Jacksonville. We've even avenged our earlier loss to Tampa Bay. And it looks like Cam is coming back. Action Jackson should be back soon, too. Little may be back to take over at LT again. Our offense is playing steady, scoring football. Our defense is a league leader in sacks and turnovers. Our special teams group is playing better than it has since the John Fox days. Our team has among the fewest penalties called against it in the league. We haven't thrown an INT in four games. I think optimism from here might be warranted and rewarded. We've got tough games ahead with the 49ers, Packers, Saints, Seahawks and Colts. At least two of those teams is worse than their season says right now and the rest, well, I think we can give them a run for their money. And we have the Redskins, two Falcons games and the Titans left to play: and that could very well be four victories right there with no sweat.
  9. If you can make a 99 1/2 yard drive for a touchdown in the NFL, while the game is still on the line, then you can be a starting QB in this league. It speaks volumes to Kyle Allen's potential.
  10. Speed is nice, but in all honesty we're good if we just get a returner who fair catches everything or lets it go into the endzone as long as he doesn't drop the ball. Guy can be 7'4" with hands like outfielders' mitts and I'm cool with that, or 5'2" with Spider-man hands. Just catch and hold onto the ball! And if for some reason he wants to run with the ball... forward only. Forward only.
  11. You have to think of the future. Could you get draft picks in the trade? Sure, maybe multiple ones. Is there any guarantee those work out? No. Do we have a need for a quality back up and potential future starting QB? Yes. Is Kyle the best option there and for a good price? Yes. Should we trade Kyle? Are you effin' kidding???? No!
  12. It's a toss up between Moton, van Roten and Super Mario Addison. The first two you never really hear about, and that is exactly what you want from OLinemen. And Mario is somehow putting together a great season and racking up the sacks while getting no star power attention. That's just criminal, the guy is great, Super even.
  14. What it means is we have two really good fits for Norv's system. One who fell short because of injury and one who may, or may not, fall short because of inexperience. The injured one is healing and inexperienced one is getting experience. 22 head coaches in the league would give their left testicle to have that set up in the QB grouping right now. We can win with these guys. We have been winning. We will continue to win, no matter which is starting.
  15. I liked Ray Ray, or at least shouting his name when he went onto the field, but it just takes a couple of fumbles/muffed punts to be out of a job as a returner. Good luck to him and good luck to the next guy. It takes a special guy to even volunteer to return punts, much less to succeed at it. Catch a ball falling out of the stratosphere, oftentimes out of the sun, while 10 frothing-at-the-mouth berserkers tear down the field at you, wanting blood and that danged ball. <shudder>
  16. I don't think he's done, and I sure hope he can get back out there and compete. I was just saying that with football players, they've generally been at the game for a decade and a half before getting to the pros... a lot of potential for concussions over those years, many unreported, could mean that even a "first" one could be very serious. It's a rough sport and even with tough guys playing it, they are still only human.
  17. At least Panthers football is fun to watch again. The whole team is playing way better than anyone was ever going to give them credit for. If Cam comes back, or if Cam doesn't, it's still going to be a wild ride and I think we could be a dangerous opponent for anyone in the league. Yay Kyle! Yay Cam! Dang, look at those Panthers!
  18. The answer is definitely on the roster, if you know where to look.
  19. And honestly, we don't know how many he racked up over the years of football before the draft.
  20. I've got to disagree a bit here. I think van Roten has been doing quite well, within the constructs of the games. He is doing the job well and his ability to move, pull and lay hits at the second level elevates the whole line's ability. He's going to be a fixture on the line this year and probably beyond. How will he (and the rest) do against SF? I really have no idea... The 49ers defense looks as legit as it ever has and it will be a heck of a test for us. Let's just hope we get well rested and ready over the bye and the 49ers get worn down a bit.
  21. It was a drive that told the story of the 2019 Panthers: overcoming challenges.
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