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  1. I banged on this drum for the first half of this season, and the last half of 2018: be careful wishing for the firing of Rivera -- what follows has a very good chance of being a monumental failure (purely based on how hard it is to get a winning record as an NFL head coach historically).
  2. You definitely have to sign a young and improving Thompson now and let there be no question of his position on the team if: The defense is moving back to a 4-3 alignment next season. or You need to have someone who can lead the defense should Luke suffer another concussion. or You want to protect the team from massive losses of core players to bolster the rebuild. or You understand that the CB market will be in heavy flux next year and you may not be able to afford Bradberry. Shaq is a very, very good player, bordering on excellent. He is dependable and covers a lot of ground, just like Luke does. He's durable and young with tons of on field experience learned from some of the best in the league. It's not money poorly spent. We also don't know that Bradberry's agent wasn't also saying "Let's wait until after the season" to negotiate contracts. If that's the case, you move on to the next important resigning.
  3. No one could have held onto the ball with that hit he took from behind this weekend. Moton didn't even shout "Watch Out!" That kid has been knocked around worse than David Carr in Houston and is playing better than David Carr in Carolina. If you look at any of the first time starting QBs that have been fielded this season in the NFL and think any of them have potential, then you have to put Allen on the same list. One more yard of push from our offensive line in two games this season, and the kid would have two more wins. That same line couldn't get one more yard for Cam and Christian for a win against Tampa. And let's not even talk about could the defense maybe frikkin' tackle someone? Could he be a good QB under the right conditions, maybe. It's hard to say right now because he hasn't played in anything close to optimal or even decent conditions. Let's be honest, it's pretty amazing he isn't already on IR.
  4. Excellent piece and well-researched and reasoned. I've said before and I'll keep pushing it, first option (and best) is work with Cam as our starter going into next season. He has not only earned it, but it would be foolish for us to do anything but that... Keep writing these, man, they're great reads!
  5. And for DBs, it really takes about three years to really judge them. There's a huge jump in requirements when they move up from college, the learning curve is tough and physical ability levels are much closer than they were versus college opponents.
  6. I thought you've been crowing about Tua and his crutches being our first rounder. Man, you've got to keep your trolling straight.
  7. Curtis Samuel is the WR2 on a team that lost its starting QB, has no offensive line and has been playing basically a rookie backup QB. It's easy for some basement dwelling hot-taker to call him trash... they don't have to look at or even understand the situation. I give @Forty-Eight as an example.
  8. It will be like watching someone kick your dog for four hours. But then it will be over, thankfully.
  9. Accountability is a big deal when it comes to improving a team and getting past the rough spots. When there is none, teams go soft. And here we are. Had we just decided to keep TD for one more season, I wonder if things would have been much different?
  11. Life ain't fair, but the playoffs are fine the way they are. Now realigning the divisions... that would be a good thing. Add in eight more teams and have five per division. Things get much more interesting. And screw the NBA playoffs... basically everyone gets to play and they take six months.
  12. Well, he is already under contract for next season at what is a remarkably reasonable price if he is capable of playing. If he makes it through the season and can continue playing, then a contract can be negotiated after that. There has been no indication, to my knowledge, that he wants to be somewhere else.
  13. Let Cam play the contract out and then proceed wisely from there. If he is back to health, a new contract can be negotiated along the way. If not, then Cam can either move on or retire as needed and we all feel like we gave it our best shot.
  14. Send an all out nine man blitz against our starting QB in a preseason game and injuring his foot. That, of course, ended the QB's season soon and got our coach fired. I think that's about the worst he could do and did.
  15. Isn't there an underpopulated bridge you should be lurking under?
  16. Just for fun, add in another line to the equation with scores from one to 15 for drafted position of the QB. One point for being the highest draft pick and 15 for being the lowliest of the picks. There were at least 10 first rounders in that list. (And it does figure that top draft picks often go to teams with bad O-lines). Kyle might well be a journeyman level QB out there, but without decent protection it's hard to judge him. I really thought Tannehill was a complete wash up until he started lighting things up in Tennessee. Go figure.
  17. Buzz Lightyear is his nickname on the team. He, however, wasn't even born when Toy Story first came out. Dang, I feel old now.
  18. This happens to a lot of teams that make it to the Superb Owl and it has been doing so since they started giving out the Lombardi Trophy. 1. Making it to the championship game is a long, long haul. Three more games than most teams play and there are no weak sisters in the bunch. Your team gets beat up and some folks are playing through injuries that should keep them out under normal circumstances (i.e. Jack Youngblood playing with a broken leg...). 2. The poaching of coaching starts immediately after a Superb Owl as top coordinators are often picked to take over recently vacated HC positions. Sean McDermott to the Bills is our local example. Those coaches sometimes take other coaches or staff members with them. 3. Superb Owl inflation hits just about every impending free agent on the team, as well as any who consider this a good time renegotiate contracts. Please note that winning the championship does not come with an extra $20 million in salary cap levels. There is also one "playoffs superstar" that suddenly becomes the missing piece and a very expensive one -- whether they really deserve it or not. KK Short and Josh Norman come to mind. 4. Retirements of the old guard often come after championship games. They've been to the big dance after the long career and whether they have the ring or not, that long season and the short time before OTAs gets them to feeling their age. 5. Draft order. You're no longer getting high picks but are stuck at the very bottom of the list making it that much harder to shore up holes in newly vacated positions. 6. Strength of schedule changes. Outside of the division opponents and those that the entire division faces, your remaining games are generally slated against other playoff contenders. 7. The "we have arrived" mentality can set in. How do you motivate a team that either just won a championship or just lost it. It's tougher than you think. 8. And lastly, football is a tough game with tons of moving pieces, injuries, new strategies, plenty of game tape (especially after a long playoff run), and better league parity than in the past. It makes our fall, and those of other SB contenders, pretty easy to see considering the competitive nature of the NFL and entropy in general. Teams that were dynasties somehow found the magic, but even they fell apart eventually.
  19. "People on the Huddle trying to read my mind... try this out for size ... Rutabaga... bet you didn't guess that. Bunch of drips."
  20. With Olsen in the line up as your pass catching TE (and he is one of the best to play the position ever) and the need for blocking from either Manhertz or Armah, it's pretty easy to see how Ian had been left on the bench. You just can't afford to keep a healthy(ish) Olsen off the field and I can't understand why either Manhertz or Armah isn't on the field for every offensive snap considering our blocking issues. Olsen being unable to answer the bell was the only way Ian was going to get any real game experience. And he played like a guy who still needs some seasoning. Then again, even Olsen wasn't great when he first entered the league.. he had to take a couple of years and then get a chance (luckily that chance came with us).
  21. The list is long and growing by the day. You have a solid base for a team, an opportunity to build it as you want, be in a competitive division and have only mid-market press attention at best. Plus, there's a salary that will generate you millions of dollars each year plus more from a myriad of local endorsements with little to no competition for them. Tepper probably can't see over the stack of resumes that is already sitting on his desk. But yeah, it's going to be a dark and stormy couple of years here before we swing back into contention.
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