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  1. There's so much to rebuild here that QB might not even be addressed next year and we'd still be on schedule. That offensive line needs a lot of help, and it's beginning to look like we don't have decent DEs for a 4-3 alignment. I like Burns, but he's looking more and more like he needed to be a 3-4 OLB/Edge player. Right now, if we don't get a decent O-line built it will be pointless to grab a top spot QB.
  2. If Little does end up playing, you know he's going to get slapped right upside the head on the first play from scrimmage. Probably the second, too. It's a vicious career and another man's health might not matter when stacked against your millions.
  3. That was definitely one of those "you dare to rush Brady" penalties.
  4. Actually hoping to see the return of Reggie. Davis really made an impact catching passes out of the backfield, but Reggie offers something more akin to CMC as a runner. Neither guy, or both together, make up for the loss, but you've got to give Davis credit for hitting the ground running on this opportunity.
  5. And I guess we'd be remiss to leave out Archie Manning from the discussion. He had a couple of kids that got some jewelry. Can't seem to remember their names.
  6. Sometimes, though, they fall off the cliff. Like the drop off between Kellen Winslow and Kellen Winslow, Jr. Whew, dang.
  7. Who was our best young O-lineman who was still young and healthy? Just checking, because I didn't see one. Moton was fair to middling at best last year and he was the best of the bunch, which is no real praise.
  8. Dude sprains an ankle and everyone is now thinking his contract will kill us and that he's worthless. Bunch of "sky is falling" pansies on the board. Jeez, panic much folks?
  9. Shaq yeah. He'd be playing better now if Whitehead was only half as good as advertised. Tre... going into the season I thought we needed that continuity in secondary. He might be wise to the game and a willing tackler, but he is just way, way, way slower than he was last year. It's like something was riding on his back, perhaps its Father Time.
  10. Yeah, I was really hoping we'd pick up Matt Hennessy in the second, but we just went all in on defense. We needed defensive help, for sure, but center is what you have to have to get an O-line to gel and an entire offense to work around. Doesn't have to be the fastest or strongest guy on the line, just needs to be the smartest and wisest one. Kalil, Saturday, those guys were great because of what was in their helmets, yanno?
  11. No, Larsen wasn't much better. He was pretty bad, too. That's why I have been pounding the drum for two years to pick a Center early in the draft, but everyone says I'm stupid for suggesting it. Oh well.
  12. A la Kelvin Benjamin going out in training camp before the Super Bowl run in 2015. All of a sudden, our main weapon was gone and we developed an incredibly balanced attack and made use of everyone's skill set. I'm not saying Superb Owl run here by any means, but for a team learning the ropes, this can be a Godsend. Still sucks that CMC is hurt. That guy is just the most exciting player to watch in the NFL.
  13. Heart breaking. He's young and he'll be back. And he'll still be fighting to get 1k yards on the season. I bet he'll make it, too. And after he went out, it was amazing how the team rose up. Might be good for everyone over the next four weeks or so. Good coaching, good teamwork, good future even if today is a bit rocky.
  14. I was saying that before the draft, but the response here was just crickets. Everyone said Ian Thomas was going to make it. I said, no one had seen any real evidence of that in a game so far. They said I wasn't paying attention. I'm still seeing nothing from Ian Thomas except for a continuing stint on riding the bench. I wish we were seeing more, but when you are actually calling plays that include a pass to Manhertz, a blocking specialist(???really???) TE, then you can't be thinking your pass catching tight end can do the job.
  15. We lost what, like 30 of last year's starters. We picked up young players by the boatload, plus seven defensive draft picks. We have basically an entire coaching staff on their rookie season in the league (just a season or two in the NFL for the HC and OC). There were really no organized team activities before training camp. The playbook we had been using went up to Washington. We lost Cam Newton AND Luke Kuechly at the same time. We had a training camp mandated by pandemic to be nothing like anyone had had before. We had no pre-season games and little full contact practice to make up for it. And somehow we were not just competitive, but adjusted to our opponents and fought to the bitter end each time, narrowly missing victories. Heck, even against Tom Brady and a vicious Bucs defense, we still had a shot in the fourth quarter. That's a tough, motivated team that will be learning and improving each week. They may be the Bad News Bears or Little Giants of the NFL, but I think this coach of ours might well be on to something.
  16. Early on I was really thinking he was nothing special back there. In the second half, and especially after CMC went out, the guy answered the call and played with a lot of heart. Yeah, he's a pretty good pick up. Rasul Douglas is certainly making the most of his opportunity. Chin looks like the real deal. Brian Burns had some flashes of talent there. Was beginning to worry. Chinn was good, but let's not fake a punt like that again. Charlton looks a lot better in the game than he did in that one pre-season video. That's not necessarily good, but that's at least a relief.
  17. Yeah, I've been impressed. He looks like he should be a starter.
  18. Grilled pork chops with Bohemian Forest seasoning. (https://www.savoryspiceshop.com/spices/bohemian-forest-seasoning) Best seasoning blend for pork chops, roasted veggies, ever. Breakfast is chicken biscuits and/or Krispy Kreme donuts.
  19. Give Luke two more years. He'll be the DC.
  20. Sadly, I couldn't hear that because of the effing fake crowd noise levels being so high. Couldn't hear the frikkin' announcers some of the time. Just give us the sounds of the game, don't play a modern laff track like an old episode of M*A*S*H or the extra fake noise generated at a Falcons home game.
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