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  1. Can't completely agree with you, but at least you're throwing some ideas out there!
  2. I'm sure there's a purchase price if you'd like to make a change in ownership. Otherwise, well, this will be going nowhere for you.
  3. It's been 10 years since Brees won the Super Bowl, too. Locking up the best quarterback you've ever had can sometimes look like guaranteed championships, but it isn't actually a guarantee at all.
  4. The only good thing to come of this is at least @thebigcat doesn't have to choose which jersey he needs to wear in his Bentley anymore. On another note, it doesn't do any good to keep crying over old girlfriends. Cam's gone and he's either going to make it big elsewhere or disappoint due to injuries. Neither of which really moves our lives along a bit. Let's just move all these threads into one, then move that thread into the "Other NFL News" part of the forum, or the Tinderbox if we must.
  5. The thing is COVID is definitely one of those "it just takes one jerk to ruin it for everybody" kind of things. Dang, I really wanted, needed to see some football this year, but it just isn't going to happen. Too many moving pieces to keep everyone safe.
  6. On the fence about this one, and usually I'm a "don't trade for someone else's problems" kind of guy. He is intriguing and I'm not sold on Thomas yet, considering the small sample size he has generated over the last couple of seasons.
  7. Just so I can make sure I'm right with everything: So we're all now hating the Panthers, who they were, who they are, who they will be and everything the organization has stood for? Just checking. But y'all are going to keep tuning in to watch the games, right?
  8. Dude, you jumped to an entirely different rail there. And actually, in the case of COVID-19 it may create a host of problems, from putting yourself into a less protective situation (no mask, no distancing) to what appears to be a decreased resistance to and more severe response from the virus itself. https://www.yalemedicine.org/stories/alcohol-covid/ Viruses don't care, they can't being the incredibly simple organisms they are. They just go where they are taken and latch hold of whatever environment they end up in... sometimes that kills human beings, mainly the unwise or stupid, but potentially everyone.
  9. If they want to have a season, then they need to go ahead and nail down playing out the season in a bubble. And that means getting the NFLPA on board as well. This might well mean renting out 32 hotels in a city that has multiple football fields able to take a pro game and the television coverage that goes along with it. It might mean that each hotel becomes a no one in, no one out that isn't part of the organization. Team buses to practice facilities and games. No fans, no hangers on, families left back home until the season ends. Television crews sequestered as well, with all under those same bubble rules. Basically, each team and all of the people associated with the games (down to the officiating crews, medical staff and logistical personnel) would be on the equivalent of a six month overseas deployment like our military does. Yeah... it won't happen and it won't work. I think if you take a look at how to do it "safely" then you know that players, coaches and all the other folks aren't going to buy in. No matter how much money is involved. If the season happens at all, it's going to have to be like a Texas bar... just go at it and we'll count the sick and the dead after the fact.
  10. I think if we have a season, Curtis Samuel will have his best season. I think we'll see him working the short, middle of the field. I'd say that'd be the slot receiver but what do you call it when there could be five receivers out there? There's a whole new coaching staff (and I think he really needs that) and the game plans are going to be radically different. He'll also have a dependable, reliable QB out there who either isn't basically a rookie or a vet covering for shoulder and mobility issues. If they can get him right about his hands, the rest will follow through.
  11. That was a classy video, especially in the beginning where he went back to the announcement of release and how he had dedicated that day to work and was not carrying a grudge. Whether you think he could play anymore or not, you can't argue that the guy wasn't a good man, through and through. Maybe that good man will change Belichick. Perhaps the new student can change the master and let a little light in.
  12. Good luck to him, hope he finds success. That being said, no longer a Panther, now a Patriot... you have gone to the dark side man. Seeya.
  13. I sure hope they are providing you with health insurance, then.
  14. We're not wearing masks and socially distancing to beat the virus, we're doing it to spread the impact over a wider period of time so that we don't end up nationally like New York City was just a month and a half ago. The virus isn't going to go away, just like influenza didn't disappear after 1920. Right now, if we go back to taking no precautions to slow the infection (because sooner or later we will all be exposed) then it will quickly boom throughout our very mobile (and pretty unhealthy) population and there won't be an ICU bed available in the 50 states. Folks, we got hit hard in NYC, New Orleans, Seattle and Detroit with lesser rates of infection elsewhere across the nation. Those handful of hot spots and smaller outbreaks killed almost one half of as many American people directly in 4.5 months than World War II did in 1941-1945. Almost two and half times as many Americans as the Vietnam War claimed. And let's not even talk about the long-term effects on those hospitalized who survived. Many are having to await lung transplants because of the massive damage the virus does, others will have long-term heart and breathing issues that will make them even more vulnerable to the next strain of Coronavirus that emerges. We aren't playing to win this, we're playing for time. Time to not just get a vaccine but to develop really effective treatments for those who catch it, to restock our supplies, rest and retrain our medical personnel and to maybe pray that another strain isn't ready to emerge as early as this winter. Sh!t man, in the end, it's just football, no matter how much we love it. Let's try and keep some perspective.
  15. The ironic thing is that those same people were the ones clamoring the loudest for re-opening. Somehow they couldn't wrap their little pea brains around the idea that wearing masks was the fastest and surest way to re-open the economy. We are short-sighted and selfish people.
  16. In my experience, baseball and soccer are a lot more fun to play than to watch. Football would be the opposite as it is the best spectator sport around.
  17. It is more exciting than soccer, but just barely. Puts it's watchability right around that of pro golf, pro cornhole leagues, pro poker and paint drying.
  18. Let's see the cash and the contract. It'll probably kill me, but if I can get the money deposited into the family account, it'll go to a good cause.
  19. "But every time Keith was supposed to be somewhere for us, he always was.” That's the kind of guy you want on your side when you've got a monumental task ahead of you; no wonder Rhule jumped at the chance to bring him on board. I certainly wish the young man every success in the world, on the field and off as well. Great guy!
  20. Never pay big for someone else's star safety. It's the least valuable non ST player on the field. Draft your own or pick up journeymen who can simply play deep center field or assist in run defense. If you develop a great one, keep them, but never have them as one of the top five paid players on the team.
  21. If you can be a stand-up father and dad to seven kids, that's just a great thing and deserves applause and admiration. But lose that font, man, it kills your message. It's like putting hearts over i's and a smiley face beside your name.
  22. Just look at the crowds. At the BLM protests, almost everyone was wearing a mask. At the Trump rallies... well, let's see how it shakes out, but advance word is that if you are a true believer in Trump you won't wear a mask and don't need to. COVID doesn't differentiate, but the practices of the participants will probably differentiate them for it.
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