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  1. It is on Manhertz, it's also on Cam. Cam couldn't handle the jailbreak blitzes they were throwing at the team. They simply sent more rushers than there were blockers. When that happens there is always one or more uncovered receivers, the QB has to find them, fast, and fire. If you win it, you probably score big. If you lose, it's a sack. Most QBs coming off of their break aren't up to game speed yet and Cam didn't pass the test. The point is, those kind of blitzes are rarely done in the preseason, kind of a gentleman's agreement between coaches to keep from getting QBs injured. Guess what Belichick does? He goes after your weaknesses no matter when it is. He doesn't play by unwritten rules (or written ones when it suits him). And now we have an injured QB. If you really look at the original play in question, the jailbreak blitz is obvious with seven men rushing the line and an eighth joining in quickly after the snap. Before the snap, Cam sees the situation, calls an audible and begins to drop back. His drop back is deep and he realizes the pressure has broken with Manhertz getting beat to the outside. Others were getting beat and gaps were being shot. He starts to scan but doesn't get enough time to find his hot read. Sack. I'm chalking it up partially to Manhertz who I don't think is really that great of a blocking TE, and to Cam who in later season form would have dropped back two steps and shot the tight gap to Manhertz's left and made a few yards. He may have also been able to catch his hot read with a fast pass. It's preseason, though, and the team isn't playing up to game speed yet. The Patsies came in gunning for him. They sacked him there and eventually hurt Cam in the preseason yet again. I'm sure Belichick puts that as a positive in his ledger for how the season plays out.
  2. No, really, he does. It's the weak spot in his game right now. He's not in rhythm yet. He'll get there but right now he wasn't up to handling heavy blitzes. It's a tough skill to work on in pre-season and training camp because no one is really coming after you.
  3. Rushing seven in preseason game? Just saying someone was going to miss a block no matter what there. Still, Cam was playing like Katharine Hepburn in On Golden Pond there... need to read and move faster. We were playing slow like it was a mid-week practice after a big buffet lunch. Belichick had the Boston Buttheads playing like it was week four and they wanted to take out a rival. And Cam's pregame attire, speaking of Katherine Hepburn, looks a bit familiar. (ducks his head and readies himself for the hate bombs)...
  4. You were wearing your Tom Brady jersey last night, weren't you?
  5. It was a hit launched before the guy hit the ground and nothing outside of the bounds of strong safety play in a regular game. His timing was off just a beat and that drew the flag, and rightfully so. Half a second the other way and it is a legal and expected hit. Adding in all these other factors is the same as believing the Hulk Hogan/Macho Man feud promos. Quit marking out and let's watch football, not political plate spinning.
  6. Let's just move along here. Nothing but a chance to have the topic moved to the Tinderbox.
  7. We played vanilla and we played soft. The Patriots never do, even in the preseason. They'll be fine. We'll be fine. This team will go with how Cam goes and this preseason game just reinforced that. It's a QB-driven league and game, with the margin between starters and backups a wide and almost uncrossable gulf. There are positives to take from this game: 1. Brian Burns appears to be the real deal. 2. We have our RB2 in Scarlett. 3. Our secondary looks better than expected. Kinda struggling to find a #4...
  8. Some folks want to pull the ripcord on the parachute while they are still taxiing down the runway. SMH
  9. And you nailed it with the first line of this post. Belichick was rushing seven or eight players on each of those blitzes. Cam's never been the fastest guy going through progressions and sending more guys than there are blockers puts it all on Cam to find the open man (there was one on each of the plays) before the extra guys make it to him. Cam almost hit CMC for that one screen that was dropped... had it been caught it would have been a touchdown. On the others, there just wasn't enough time for Cam to identify a target and throw while being on the run. This is preseason and something like this shows us what we need to fix. The line was okay. You aren't going to see great run blocking from starters in the preseason -- the big money guys are too worried about injury to really lay the hits. The same can be said on the defensive side of the ball for the run defense. Still, really didn't get to see much of Cam's arm. I guess we will have to wait for Week 1.
  10. He's going to be fine, just a bit of a tweak. There was absolutely no reason to send him back out there to get killed by Belichick. Belichick is an expert at finding a team or player's weakness and Cam's has always been that he is slow to read progressions, especially on heavy blitzes. The Pats were sending seven, sometimes eight guys to test him and he couldn't handle it. There was no way any O-line could handle that and it was a gamble that they could get to him before he could find the open receiver (there was always at least one uncovered during these). He almost beat it with the screen to CMC but it was dropped. As soon as Cam left the game, the jailbreak blitzes were dropped and regular four and five man pressures were instituted, so this was specifically aimed at testing Cam. Letting Cam stay in the locker room was the right call and probably saved him for the season. Hopefully Cam and the Coaching staff can take some lessons from this and put in some hot read fixes for these situations. Belichick handed us a good homework assignment, but he also handed out a blueprint on what to do to us.
  11. Like I told you before that draft, CMC was going to be our man and he was going to be amazing.
  12. This 1000%. Plus, let's see Cam wing it downfield a time or two, just to settle our nerves.
  13. This speaks a lot of sense. I love to watch Cam play and he's our guy, but I'd hate to see a holdout for more money situation that puts the franchise and its future at risk, whether we retain him or not. Should Cam be among the better paid QBs in the NFL? Most certainly and without a doubt. Should he set the new record for highest paid QB in the NFL? Ummmm, let's talk about it after this season, k?
  14. The guy wins games, has the championship jewelry, is hooked up to a hot gal, has a giant contract and money in the bank, plus seems to be a decent guy in public and private. Honestly, hating on the guy just sounds like petty jealousy. Now to say I like our QB better, that's just fine and I hope you're in agreement. Wilson, however, hasn't really done much to generate hate, though.
  15. In addition to some of the acknowledged greats (Bladerunner, LadyHawke, etc...) he also had the ability to elevate a B-movie well beyond what it should have been. The guy was made for the big screen and acting in your second language is so very, very tough.
  16. You nailed it. I used to volunteer to coach little league soccer. Between the parents who were convinced their kids were stars, the parents who were living vicariously and helicopterly through them and those who just dropped the kids off for two hours (sometimes three or four) of free babysitting, I just gave up.
  17. Also, make sure you aren't making your kid play a sport because you want him/her to. The over-emphasis on sports for our kids probably isn't very healthy over the long term.
  18. He'll be here next season as well. Quit worrying over it and enjoy the season.
  19. We play a couple more preseason games and let everyone have a chance to do their best. Then, we pick two of them as backups and we move on into the regular season. You know, like everyone else does pretty much. These are spare tires, they are only meant to get you to the next service station or perhaps limp on back home. Let's not treat it like we're one of those folks that just decides to drive around on a donut until the rent's paid at the end of month.
  20. Of course, the coaches could have been doing that on purpose to really evaluate those LBs in pass coverage. And kept doing it to see if the MLBs could adjust. They couldn't. Really makes you understand how good Luke and Shaq are. I think a good part of our defensive struggles could be chalked up to this against Buffalo. There were a lot of guys exposed as not ready for prime time. Sometimes that makes them work harder in training camp. Sometimes it doesn't. It does make it easier to put the old pink slip in the locker, though.
  21. And no defense in the NFL should know how that is more than us. Smitty wrote the book on being THAT receiver and DJ carries it into practice every day. You'd think we could scheme against that, just by trying stuff in practice or something...
  22. Cole Beasley is a vastly underrated receiver.
  23. The Raiders took a chance on dating someone's hot, but crazy, ex-girlfriend. Regrets are beginning to pile up, a few fears, too.
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