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  1. Actually, at Lowe's they call you before the order is finished and if something is sold out they will tell you the options they have available and you choose. They'll also let you add anything you might have forgotten. During the worst of the time early in the lockdown, they did suspend the calls, but their substitutions were pretty astute choices. Maybe we've just got some good folks working at ours, but it is pretty handy.
  2. Did anyone stick with it and watch?
  3. Many Lowes Foods offer online shopping and same day pick up. We use it frequently and the service is free right now. Their website is pretty well set up for it. shop.lowesfoods.com Just skip the whole experience of fighting the Wal-mart redneckathon.
  4. TRS-80 and Osborne 64 here for me.
  5. That may be the most self-centered, solipsistic thing a person could say... talk about the world only exists for the one person. Was it DesCartes that said some feel the world is simply painted on the inside of their own eyes?
  6. I think we also need to look at that as the first wave in our major urban areas (particularly NYC). The rest of the US, smaller cities and rural areas, have not actually hit their first waves, but are still in the fringe introduction moments of the disease here (except for maybe the outbreaks in meat packing plants which could be the canary in the coal mine moments for rural regions). We need to look at how influenza spreads from big city hot spots to get a timing/travel rate for the virus into the heartland. There's always a lag, and this one may be longer for COVID-19 than the flu simply because of the lockdowns. I don't want to see it hit hard again (too many lives have been lost already), but I won't be surprised if you see outbreaks in secondary cities like Omaha, San Antonio, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Charlotte and Memphis, along with a major hit to Las Vegas and Miami as soon as leisure travel kicks back in.
  7. Some mentally challenged 12-year old in Cleveland points a toy gun (orange barrel-end and all) at a cop and gets shot for it. These turds carry a fake .50 cal machine gun and an inert AT-4, and they dare anyone to bat an eye or a cop to arrest them. Now that's a white privilege if there ever was one.
  8. Those were attention-seeking, lawsuit baiting dweebs who would have been shot on sight/site had they been black, walked into a place of business armed and wearing masks. And in the one photo, Muscle-dude, what the hell are you compensating for with two wheelguns and a used AT-4 tube slung over your shoulder? Let's not even get into the guy who was carrying an M2HB rigged for anti-aircraft roles slung onto his shoulder. What quasi-militia poo stone did these threats to the Second Amendment crawl out from under? They weren't exercising their rights near so much as threatening the rights of responsible gun owners. Turd heads.
  9. Luke and Bradberry... the others we lost just weren't very good when it came to on the field.
  10. Ohh, I agree heartily with what we've been doing. More than anything, our self quarantining has kept every hospital in America outside of New York City capable of handling the cases on hand. Had we all just kept partying on the death toll would have been astronomical. The move saved us, even if it did hurt economically -- and we have to realize that not everything in the world is less important than economics. And honestly, I think we should continue social distancing and self quarantining for a while longer just to allow us to rest and refit our healthcare sector. It will also give us more time to develop treatments and best practices for combating the illness. In the end, though, this pandemic wasn't just COVID-19's big debut, it was the coming out party for coronaviruses the world over. It (all the other COVIDs and SARS) are here to stay, mutating a bit each year and rolling through the populace, just like Influenza and Rhinoviruses (the sicknesses we refer to as the common cold).
  11. I think that rather than as planned, a lot of this draft was just how it fell. It does probably speak to a higher priority on defensive prospects, but who can blame him? Last season saw us field one of the most disappointing defenses in team history, especially if you look at the number of supposedly blue chip players we had.
  12. Sadly, it is going to require folks going out, mingling and potentially infecting each other to get us to the next step in living in a post Coronavirus world. We'll know soon whether we get slammed again or if it will just be a moderate rate of infection. Sooner or later, we'll have to all go back out, but as Magneto said, "Let the pawns go first." We've been living in a post Influenza world since the 1918 epidemic, learning to live with it's reappearances, learning how to treat it and alleviate symptoms, developing vaccines and sadly, burying tens of thousands of terminal cases each year because it can't be eradicated now or ever. We'll do the same with the Coronaviruses that will come along over the years.
  13. On the good side, if we have a good coaching staff that can look at what happens critically and analytically, then they can learn, tune and build something on the fly and for the future in the toughest testing environment in the NFL. If they are smart, then there can be a lot of gain from pain.
  14. Until we prove otherwise... I can't argue with this. Based purely on last year, this is the result you get when tallying it up. When figuring in this offseason, you still end up with more question marks than exclamation marks. We'll be better than advertised, but how much better is an unanswerable question. On paper... well, we're just back to a bunch of question marks.
  15. We'll be primed for the playoffs after a week 13 rest. Look, might as well be optimistic about it. Stranger things have happened in the NFCSouth. Stranger things this year, even... I mean, Tom Brady suiting up for the Buccaneers???
  16. A lot of teams aren't going to risk bringing Cam in, simply because of Cam's star power status. He ran the show here (this was Cam's locker room more than Rivera's) and if you have a healthy, dependable QB, that can work, but if you have a superstar whose injuries are keeping his play at a lower level, you can end up with a losing record and a coach taking the fall, deservedly or not. In short, the upside could make a coach's career, but if it doesn't pan out, you could be having to warm up the old resume. Also, the GM that takes him is looking at that same rope dangling -- is it a lifeline or a noose? Love Cam, but man, being an Icon can be an Albatross around the neck.
  17. He's going to have Brady, Brees and Ryan to pick the defense apart. If there are weaknesses, then they will find and exploit them -- no other conference in the league has that kind of QB group. It may hurt for the first season (unless it works crazy good), but a good coach will help it fine tune the concept. I really can't wait to see it work.
  18. And that knee injury. A knee injury changes a person many times and they will change their entire life just to work around trying to protect that knee from further injury. I realized after mine that I had done that, I can only imagine an athlete whose career depends on it might do the same, to the actual detriment of his ability to play, rehab and condition.
  19. Ask the Bengals, Bucs, Browns, Cardinals, Lions, Raiders, Dolphins, Titans, Jaguars, Bills (until recently), Redskins, Giants, Bears... that list goes on and on. All get regular high picks in the draft, all have really terrible records of success for picks. Really, when it comes to the draft, Hurney is well above average, and is pretty much an ace in the first round. For all his faults, he (and his scouting crew --- which also worked during the Gettleman regime) are pretty solid. And yeah, those top picks are slow-pitch softballs thrown right across the plate. A good GM should be able to knock home runs regularly on those, and he has. Some others, well, not so much. Many consistently whiffed and lost their jobs.
  20. Burned down bridges are notoriously hard to re-cross. Let's just move on. All the other parties have.
  21. Until we prove otherwise, I can't argue with them.
  22. There are literally billions and billions of dollars to be made by playing NFL games. Between the league and their broadcast and online partners (not to mention retail/merch revenue folks) who will make it happen. Probably on empty fields, but that will be just fine. It might have the feel of those last XFL games, but the quality of play will be much higher and just as fun for the at home folks.
  23. It's always a bad call that trips up Payton. Most times it's pass interference, this time it was a phone call. Dickery, thy name is Payton.
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