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  1. Those guys, they just have the "it" factor. They can do the job, but there's just that something extra, an intangible, that just makes them stand out. Kyle Allen may very well have "it". Still early to be sure, though, because time either exposes it or erases it.
  2. Oh my, that poor guy. No matter how lights out he has been playing, no matter how great he has been on the field, this is one of those moments when he's just like one of us: hurting and grieving. May God be with his family during their time of loss and through the tough days ahead.
  3. I'm still cracking up over Rich Eisen's call of the game on that play, "Christian McCaffrey just undressed three Buccaneers on the way to the endzone."
  4. Never judge a kicker until they've had three rough games in a row... then start judging. Kicking is mostly skill, a fair amount of leg strength and a ton of mental resiliency. How they come back from that rough patch will tell you a lot. Give him time. With Gano on the couch for the season, it's better to stick with Slye and let him play through the problems then to pick over the detritus of the remaining unclaimed kickers out there.
  5. Tough to give Gettleman anything, sorry to say. Someone, however, got to Butler and he has shined out since KK went down.
  6. It's been a rough decade for the Bucs... why, what moment did you want to cherrypick to make your point?
  7. Man, you could shed light without throwing shade if you really wanted to. Why make yourself sound bad when giving praise?
  8. Dude, our defense played lights out with massive INTs AND sacks. Your narrative is weak and biased.
  9. Ron Rivera and Marty Hurney. This is a damned good team and an incredibly deep team. Saying otherwise is just being a douche.
  10. We won after traveling across the Atlantic Ocean. We lead off with our back up QB, third string LT, backup RG, backup CB and a backup DT that everyone had written off (dang Big Vern, where was this guy over the last three years???). Our defense is in its first season as a 3-4 and still in transition. We have the fewest penalties in the league. This is a good team, this is a team with major depth. It is a well motivated, well coached team that plays very well for and alongside each other. And say what you will, but Bruce Arians has made that the most dangerous Bucs team in a decade or more. That wasn't a pushover opponent.
  11. Hope there's more than four weeks of games before it folds...
  12. Just asking this question: Why does it matter and is it kind of creepy to be basically stalking the guy while he recovers? We're all reading things into everything he does or doesn't do. He's just an athlete recovering from an injury, one that might not prevent him from everyday life stuff, but could be problematic on long-distance travel or the playing field. Sheeesh, give it a rest and give him a rest. This attack and defend bullsh!t is getting tiresome.
  13. It's good to see they are having fun like this. There's a good air of optimism, professionalism and competitiveness that really makes me feel good about how this season will go.
  14. 23-17 Panthers. CMC 153 total yards, 2 TD (rush and receive) Allen 19-28, 295 yds. 2 TD, 1 INT 0 Fum. Sacks: Mario, Obada, Burns, Burns
  15. Here's where we go off the rails and really set fire to the engine: Hurney has been killing it in version 2.0. And big props to our scouting department.
  16. You could make a case that he did just that in the Arizona game as a deflated Panthers team came into that game 0-2 after losing their star QB, traveling cross country with the fans and sports writers lamenting the imminent firing of Ron Rivera. And then this lil dude walks out onto a field as some local boy getting his one last chance to make it in his hometown. Four touchdowns, no interceptions. And we all went wow.
  17. Don't compare him to Cam, no one can compare to Cam -- the guy has skills and abilities that no other QB has ever had. Compare Allen's performance to other first and second year QBs in the league playing right now.
  18. Imagine he was our first round draft pick this year and compare him against the other 1st round QBs playing right now. We'd still be happy just looking at the win totals since he came in. (And like I said before, this isn't meant to be a slam on Cam at all. It's also not meant to be a slam on Grier, who could potentially also play lights out if he got the chance -- we just don't know.)
  19. That's cool. Not sure if I can get my regular gaming group on board, but just the look in their eyes when I suggest it might be pretty epic!
  20. Of course the team won those games, the team always wins or loses. We seem to forget that sometimes around here.
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