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  1. I've never seen a team look so soft. Send pink slips to Hurney, Rivera, the assistant coaches, scouts and Sir Purr. And put Paradis, Williams and Turner on the curb for trash pick up tomorrow... those guys won't even put up a struggle to keep from being thrown into the garbage truck. Get rid of every d-lineman over 25 years of age. Screw it, even I can't make excuses for them anymore. That was the frikkin' bottom of the barrel Redskins we lost to.
  2. We'll win, we'll win well and move on to win next week as well. Buckle up whiners, the ride ain't over yet.
  3. Rather than give reasons, which, honestly, I've done about a thousand times it seems on this board, let me just instead say, let's watch and see what happens. I don't think he or Hurney are going anywhere. I mean, it could be Jason Garret and Dallas instead. Whew, that's a bad, bad set up.
  4. If we let him go, we could also be looking at a new take on George Seifert.
  5. The ones who survive and thrive, don't. Real hedge funds are set up for big time investors to offset their market risks. For example, those who lost a lot of money in the market during the crash of 2008 were hopefully covered by hedge funds that were concentrating money outside of the banking and ancillary markets. Those hedge funded individuals were then able to either pull cash back from the hedge funds or stay within them to take advantage of the massive crash in real estate. But hey, your mileage may vary.
  6. If Cam can play football again, it will and should be in a Carolina Panthers uniform. I believe that for as long as he can play the game, he'll be here. Will he be able to play? I hope so, but it has yet to be seen. The foot is the question right now, but the long term question will be, without a doubt, the shoulder. That shoulder is the key to playing as a QB in the NFL for Cam more than anything. And if he can't throw... well, he's still an amazing player on the field and he has incredibly good hands for catching. We don't talk of players in the NFL having a second act and it still be on the field anymore, but back in the day, George Blanda transitioned from QB to place kicker (he even took turns running the ball and even played a season as a linebacker. Still, I can't imagine seeing anything better than Cam back under center, flinging passes downfield and every now and then carrying the ball downfield, wreaking havoc and smiling and having a great time. Hope that can happen, but it may not be in the cards.
  7. You could field a decent team just from our IR list...
  8. I think you have to look at what the guy has done with what he has been given. There's good coaching, but where Ron excels is in getting the most out of the guys on his roster. This team is 5-6 right now, but if you had been shown the starting line up for this week's game back at the end of training camp, you'd put us in the class of the Bengals at 0-11. This team has lost the games it should have, won (all but one) of the games it was supposed to, and took a couple that we probably shouldn't have. And in two of three losses since Cam went, we were competitive with the best teams in the league right down to the wire. As someone pointed out, three yards of difference spread out between three games and we'd be 8-3 (TB to start, GB and NO). In each of those cases, a stronger, better O-line would have made up those yards. Our defense has been bad this year, but it has been a transitional year on top of the injuries. The move to 3-4 base from 4-3 isn't an overnight one. It's not just about training up the players, but in getting the right personnel. Hurney snagged us some excellent edge rushers, both vets and rookies, and even the DBs are looking better than before. Shaq and Luke are adjusting and changing as needed. What we couldn't find however was a real dedicated NT. And it shows. I think he deserves another season and I think it would be unwise to let him go on to another team and win there while we were left with: a QB controversy, a slew of injuries (particularly to the lines), and a rebuild of the entire defense in progress. In short, he would go and get to work something new out there, while we would have to rebuild amongst what was already a remodeling project.
  9. Buddy, I just don't like the idea of buying a car from the lot when the CarFax said there was major undercarriage and frame damage, no matter what the salesman and his mechanic say. Let someone else drop the big bucks on that gamble.
  10. Tua, really? Have they found out of the kid can walk or run again yet? I mean, that injury is much worse than what Cam is recovering from. Hate to say it, but I don't think the young man will have a professional career and that's a sad thing.
  11. The New Thinking Man's Guide to Professional Football by Paul Zimmerman may be the best, in depth look at the sport by one of the great scholars of the game. Hardback and paperback versions can be really expensive (and hard to find) but Kindle does offer it for free to Unlimited readers or for a reasonable $9.99. Dr. Z was the original Power Rankings guy for Sports Illustrated and one helluva writer and sports historian. Sadly, his career ended far too abruptly due to a stroke.
  13. Peppers and Reggie White on the d-line list. You know both of them will make the cut.
  14. I tend to prefer Reuters for news, too. Janes is an essential.
  15. Does that count for the Mile High Club?
  16. When it's time to fall on the sword, the guy who just has the title is a dangerous person to be.
  17. How about you list them out, along with stats and wins. I'll wait. It'll prove me correct. I picked the first ones I thought of, but please, be my guest.
  18. There's at least 21 more Mondays where Rivera will continue to be the coach after a Panthers game. Get used to it.
  19. I'm probably wrong. I'm just saying the most likely scenario sees both Rivera and Hurney returning, with a new hire of a DC. We'll see.
  20. Hedge funds don't succeed by jumping hastily off of one investment into another. They also don't ditch a steady, if unspectacular, investment and then throw money at an unknown or a derivative. If applied to the coaching/GM side... well, RR/MH may not be tearing up the competition this season, but they are running about middle of the pack. If Tepper was to move, based on business style, it would be for a known/robust candidate with a track record and an achievable vision. There aren't many of those out there right now and the coaching trees that are active have begun to bear poor fruit -- even Belichick's stable has proven lackluster to poor so far. Bruce Arians went already. Bill Cowher isn't ever giving up that cushy job. Now Mike Holmgren... that would be the most tempting candidate, but who knows if he wants to go back into it? Otherwise it's a jump to the college level coaching ranks and that jump is a risky one that even Mr. Brass-balls-on-the-desk would be unlikely to make. And general managers? That might be even harder to find than a head coach, for a good one with good scouting teams and cap watchers.
  21. And, without a doubt, you are right about this.
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