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  1. Both can be and will be retained. New CBA will expand the possibilities greatly with more money flowing to the players overall.
  2. Not only are we winning games, we're also finding new jobs for old Panthers. That's giving back to your community!
  3. Something equally important I've noticed is how rarely we've been penalized so far this season. We're tied with Indianapolis for least in the league with only 20 penalties called against us so far (they have been penalized 11 less yards, though). This team is very disciplined and playing the game right.
  4. You know, I've got to disagree here. In the Houston game, and in Arizona, I saw Allen moving around pretty wisely in the pocket: just a step here, a quick skootch over there, and he had a very good tendency to move forward rather than back pedal and get in the way of the tackles' redirect lanes. Most of his sacks, working from memory here, were quick hit ones, often with just a missed assignment or a half-assed block thrown. I think the kid has excellent pocket awareness, particularly considering his inexperience. Not to slam Cam but his approach to movement in the pocket is totally different and is more predicated on his size, strength and ability to go upfield -- things that can lead to really bad sacks when they happen (with major, major yards lost at times). Allen's smaller size and musculature makes him more of a duck and weave kind of rush avoidance, which is fine, but when caught... whabbo.
  5. No. I am gonna keep trying to lay them out there, suffering the slings and arrows.
  6. Let's win a couple more games before we start making January plans...
  7. Little is still developing. He had a really good game, against a darned good defensive line, but let's pump the brakes just a bit before we park him permanently at LT. It's a long season and there's some good competition coming up. Still, you've got to like what we've seen so far. A lot of our young guys and draft picks are making folks on this board eat crow.
  8. Couldn't have happened to a worse guy. Not sure why he was ever allowed to continue playing. I expect only a token defense from the NFLPA during the appeals process. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
  9. Now if research assistant students can begin to receive partial royalties on discoveries they worked for...
  10. If Watson gets a decent line and a good run game, he'll make some serious waves in the league. He's a good guy stuck in a bad system there.
  11. Tomlin will remain in Pittsburgh. That team is in a generational change and it would be stupid to let a guy go who has such an incredible track record. He lost his best RB, WR and then QB in the last 18 months, plus the loss of Shazier on defense. Tomlin's a winner. If they let him go, they'd forever be chasing after him.
  12. That's something no one is speaking to enough... the massive amount of depth this entire team displays. It's really paying off early on.
  13. ILB play by Luke and Shaq has been outstanding, allowing this to thrive, but as much as any group, our secondary deserves the most credit. So many of these sacks are coverage ones and that's something we haven't seen around here in a loooong time. Good job Ron, you've got that defense on point.
  14. If you get up by 17 points or more, then you pull CMC off the field. We needed him on every offensive down yesterday.
  15. I was like Ross Cockerell who? The guy had a helluva a game there. I also used to be unimpressed by Jarius Wright... he's a heck of a WR3. Good hands and finds the holes in zones.
  16. We won't know a thing about either man until mid-November. Allen has come in and performed remarkably well for a guy with his experience and complete lack of draft position. In many ways he reminds me of Jake Delhomme, if you replace Jake's plucky gunslinger ways with accurate passing. But the other guy, that Cam Newton guy, has been a historical game changing player. There are and have been some weak spots in his game, but they are almost always covered up by the things he can do that no other single NFL player could. Cam has been a phenom throughout his career. How he comes back from this injury and handles things will determine an awful lot, but there isn't a single one of us that can predict exactly how he will perform when he comes back into the spotlight. No one. No matter how well Allen is doing, Cam gets his shot and deservedly so. And if Cam can take the reins back and perform, then we should be so incredibly grateful to have Allen backing him up that we look at immediately giving Allen a Derek Anderson-like paycheck. A couple of years on the bench behind Cam, spelling the great one now and then, could turn Allen into our next starting QB down the road, an experienced one that has the confidence of his team and teammates.
  17. The kid has poise, he can throw and gets in and out of the huddle quickly. The game certainly doesn't seem to big for him. It was a defensive battle, but a win is still a win, and we did see some pretty incredible late game heroics from Allen. Those fumbles, though... RR needs to make Allen carry a football around with him wherever he goes for the next week: around practices, at meals, home, sleep with it, shower with it, never ever drop that thing. We can't have a fumble with every sack.
  18. Didn't say it was a good thing, but maybe this current situation is. Maybe, especially in light of the video, the relationship will be ordered as it should be --- superstar becomes something better, coach solidifies his leadership. One can always hope.
  19. I think it's going to be a close game, unless our defense just tears up the Texan's line. If that happens, it's Katie-bar-the-door. Of course, if they tear up ours, it's the same. The offensive lines will be the decision makers today. I like our running game, but their passing game might, just might, be a bit better than ours. I think Allen will have a solid game and keep us in it. I'd love to see him take home another win.
  20. In the world of it could be worse, it could really be worse. And it once was. And it was once even worse than that, we just didn't realize it. I really think it is getting better, but we now have sooo many angles, so many nuances in the game that it's nearly impossible for any human to correctly call a game.
  21. Said it before, the only person who has the stroke to pull Cam from a game is Cam. That's kind of the situation when you have a megastar face of the franchise player. I'm sure this is a humbling experience and it may be good for Cam on a number of levels. Sh!t, though, Cam has said it was his deal. Can we quit throwing blame around and just keep hoping things will work out right for the team and the player? So far, so good and we've got a heck of a game ahead of us in Houston. And we're proving we're a much better team than we thought we were.
  22. I'm not betting against Allen, and I'm not betting against the Panthers on this one. Something seems so much better, so more alive right now. I'm not sure if Allen has been a spark or if the team just found its footing, but we are seeing better performances across the board. When asking how Allen will do, I think it also is asking how his supporting cast will do. And both did great last week. Let's downgrade them just a bit (two weekends on the road in a row) and say that they do good but not great. That'd put Allen at 225 yards, 2 TDs and a gritty, close win. Yeah, I can hang my hat on that.
  23. Could we maybe try to NOT beat the alcoholism levels of the Saints fans? I mean, there are some records that aren't safe to go after!
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