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  1. I said that is the hallmark of decent management. Not great. I went on to say that winning consistently is much tougher, and therefore a much more important measuring stick. I also pointed out how incredibly difficult that is in the NFL, a system that has a dizzying array of moving parts to keep track of and plan for. Hurney has not proven himself to be any better at doing that than the average GM in the league. That doesn't make him terrible, but it doesn't make him good, either -- just decent, middle of the pack, but with a few high spots. I think you might have quit reading my post after you found your talking point.
  2. Let's see how it plays out on the field. I think he's an above average GM, but I catch a lot of flack for that. And if I need to defend the position I've taken, please feel free to research what I've said in countless other threads. Mind you, I say he's an above average one, not a great one. Below average GMs rarely stick around too long and average ones tend to stay for long careers simply because it is a very hard position to fill. One sign of a terrible GM, though, is having multiple instances of pre-season holdouts or extended, cantankerous contract deliberations. We, here at Carolina, have generally been blessed with that -- the only exceptions having been the Julius Peppers tagging situation and the embarassing but necessary Josh Norman theatrics that led to a lucrative tag being rescinded (and that was on Gettleman). If peace and togetherness in the workplace is a hallmark of at least decent management, Hurney gets a good mark in that. Winning consistently is much, much tougher. Let's face it, winning at all in the NFL is hard to do and few of us armchair coaches and GMs could do the job at all.
  3. Yanno, sadly, at this point I'm like "Meh, I don't really care anymore." They've just played the Cam goes where story to death.
  4. In the end, this draft was, at least on paper, exactly what the team needed. Defense was our biggest need, especially along the line and the secondary. Did we get the right guys? I think so, but there are a few I'd never heard of before to be honest. Are we the most improved in the league? Well, I believe Steve Smith and also I remember how bad we were. I think that mathematically it would have been hard not to improve and still be able to field a team.
  5. By avoiding the OT, WR and QB feeding troughs in this year's draft, we will set ourselves up for better picks in next year's draft. Those positions might be sated before we get to 2021 and there might be just a couple fewer courters for the best in those spots. (All of those are always well sought after, but this was a bumper crop year for quality candidates.)
  6. And would we really ever consider trading down to a division rival knowing that we'd have whoever they picked inflicted upon us at least twice a year? No chance in hell that Tampa was trading with us, or NO, or ATL. Really, dumbest idea of the draft.
  7. From historically accurate QB to historically inaccurate QB... that's a helluva step down from starter to back up. Now, he could be offering intelligence on Arian's offense, but I've never been impressed with Jameis' intelligence.
  8. Can't argue with that, but... hey, at least it looks like they are trying to build the defense.
  9. And yet, last season with all of the big names we had, we set a team record for giving up the most points per game. It was also the worst defense vs the run that the league had seen in years. Somehow, I think that we will probably improve a little bit. I mean, those big namers really didn't set the bar very high, did they?
  10. Honestly, I had no idea who this kid is. Doesn't take watching too much tape to see he is going to be something great out there. 'IMO, this has been a solid, maybe even great draft so far, on paper.
  11. Everything seems to point to him having much better character and smarts than Hardy, too. Honestly, I'm hoping for Mike Rucker-type production from him and I think that is definitely within his capabilities.
  12. How we do depends greatly on our health and how healthy our opponents are when we play them. I think we lost a lot of dead weight on the defense (except for Luke retiring, but he wasn't even himself last season). On the d-line, I think we're more solid than before and KK can look to either side and see young, hungry, top-end players -- he may be inspired to really work hard. We got the best DT in the draft and a DE that many had projected to go late in the first round. We also picked up a safety/nickel player that some of the folks called the hidden gem in this draft. We should have an experienced, competent and healthy QB under center this year, the hands down best running back in the game, some excellent receivers (with experience) and the hottest OC to come out of the college ranks in recent years. I think those projections of us having a terrible season, or even a middling one, are terribly pessimistic. This won't be a Superb Owl team, but we will compete and maybe even surprise some folks.
  13. I think we'll grab Hennessy, but a round later. DE or QB in the second (QB if Hurts is still somehow still sitting out there).
  14. All teams are just throwing up massive walls of bullshit to protect what they are doing or to make their pick more attractive for trades. In the end, they generally go with pretty predictable picks. Right now, any receiver by us would be an unrealistic expectation before way late in the draft, and then only for someone who can return punts and kicks. I doubt we pick up a tackle, also and no chance of an RB unless it is as a late pick for punt and kick returns.
  15. YGM if he is still there would be a great pick for our defense. I still think there's a good shot that if Hurts is still in play when our pick comes around, we grab our heir apparent at QB. Third round will be Hennessy, C Temple. The guy hasn't given up a sack in 1,000 snaps, is smart and can transition from G to C as needed.
  16. The team just got tougher by a country mile. Great pick and welcome aboard!
  17. I think if we go Qb it'll be Jalen Hurt if he is available at our pick in round 2, or Jacob Eason in round 4 or 5 if he is still there.
  18. We take Brown and count ourselves lucky.
  19. If we go QB it will be because Jalen Hurts is available when we pick in the second round. If not, I'd expect Jacob Eason in the 4th, maybe even fifth. This is a draft that we don't have to take a QB and the rich pickings of QB prospects may leave us more opportunities to grab quality defensive players (as other teams stock their shelves with the abundant QBs and WRs.) Heck, because of the possibility of so many WR and QB picks in the first round, we might even have a top tier OT fall to us at the beginning of the second round. There's just really no way to predict at the moment.
  20. A lot of folks were touted as being great at the end of training camp last season: Cam, Paradis, Olsen, KK, Gerald McCoy, Bruce Irvin, etc... Yeah, I think we should probably just bury everything from 2019 except for CMC's performance.
  21. Samuel's "so-so" career so far can be attributed pretty much to injured Cam, injured Cam, rookie gunslinger, rookie bench warmer, rookie gunslinger... weak O-line, weaker O-line, devastated O-line. I wouldn't be ready to sign off on him going elsewhere. There's a lot of potential that has yet to be unveiled.
  22. Wish they'd have had "average first round draft position" as a stat to contrast everything with. Think of how high Cleveland traditionally picks in the draft (getting what should be among the best choices) and how much lower their retention/development rate is.
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