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  1. 41 minutes ago, jb2288 said:

    Just overheard on the radio. Talking of trading Cam for Phillip as Phillip doesn't want to move to LA, Cam would be a superstar in LA, Phillip is from Carolina area, etc. I still hate the thought of moving off Cam but interesting to see what the national media is thinking. Could give us 2 years to figure out if Grier is the guy or not. Don't shoot the messenger (I still want Cam here next year) 

    We trade a guy who might never be again for a guy who never really was, plus is eight years older?

    Just not wanting to be part of any of that.

  2. Whoever played QB behind that line yesterday would have been dead meat. 

    They were approaching the game with a "Do what you want to the girl, just leave me alone" mentality. 

    Kyle didn't do them many favors, but  sheesh, the only o-lineman that seemed even unembarrassing that day was GVR, the guy that has traditionally been labelled as the weak link on the line. Even Turner sucked. Paradis was completely washed out. Moton was giving up pressures and sacks like he had lead shoes on. And Concussion King looked like he was still blinking away the cobwebs. 


  3. It's not TD, specifically. It's the accountability and grit that he brought to the table. If Luke is the defensive field general, then TD was the weather-beaten, scarred up, tough as nails master sergeant that kept discipline and put the fighting spirit into the team. Shaq is an outstanding linebacker but he doesn't have that persona that TD brought to the field. 

    Somebody needs to step up and be that guy, but I'm not seeing it. It doesn't have to be a linebacker, as Mike Minter long served in that role in the days of yore. 

    I don't see it on the D-line as even those guys seem to be a big bunch of teddy bears, skilled ones, but no intimidation factor whatsoever. 

    In the DB group, Bradberry is just quiet, Jackson is well loud and getting beat like a borrowed mule, Reid hits but can't wrap up and Boston seems to be more of a talker than a leader (but he has performed better than anyone expected). 

    Luke can point out the gaps and predict the offensive plays but he can't keep them to their assignments without TD back there breathing down their necks.

  4. 49 minutes ago, Burnout189 said:

    I think most reasonable fans on this board aren't trying to damn Allen, but it's just clear from watching his decision making that he isn't starting material. Granted our O-line is garbage but some of those passes on the interceptions were just so blatantly awful. He had several opportunities where instead of forcing the pass he could have just ran for a few yards and slid but decided to make a horrible throw instead. I hope he bounces back and gets better, but it's just obvious at this point that Allen is probably back-up QB material at best.

    There's a lot of truth in this. I still think he has the "it" factor that can make a starting QB, he definitely has enough to be a back-up, but it is really obvious that there's a lot of wisdom and game skills to learn at the pro level for him. I think he can do it, but there will be tough times. I do like how he has that get back up and fight for it gene in him. The Kid will keep swinging, even when he's getting the tar beaten out of him ... and that can't be taught (see Pickles, errr Jimmy Clausen, for an example of not having that gene).


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  5. 59 minutes ago, kungfoodude said:

    Also tied for the 7th most fumbles in the NFL. 

    30th of 33 in Passer Rating.

    30th of 32 in QBR.


    My point being, to the people pushing this idea that it was "one bad game." No, he's been average to below average all season. 

    For perspective, of those ranking below him, how many of those are first and second year QBs?

  6. Just now, rayzor said:

    Yep. Easiest thing to work out would be for Cam to be healthy. Known commodity if he is healthy. Anything else is going to be a gamble. Risky either way. Step away from Cam and there's no guarantee that we can find someone that is talented and dynamic enough of a presence to fill that void.

    Yep, it's a rough road ahead. However, I don't think the team should throw away Kyle at this point. As I stated in another thread, young QBs, even the greats, have games like this.

    I do, however, believe the window has just about shut on this generation of the Panthers as a team. I don't have a realistic hope that the Cam we all know and marveled over is ever coming back. I don't think we'll see Greg Olsen back next year. I think we are seeing a decline in Luke's game. I think KK is done here (and probably should have been traded some time ago). 

    And, even I have to admit, that Ron has hit the end of his ability. That team played with little fire yesterday outside of a handful of players. I think Marty 2.0 is doing well on getting people, but the locker room culture has become to much "arrived" and not enough "hungry." To much drip, not enough grit.

  7. 1 hour ago, TheRed said:

    Well uh yeah, those 4 turnovers are directly why 325 yards equated to a total of 3 points on the scoreboard.

    But yay team we threw for 300 yards at least.

    Moral victories are fun!


    Sheesh, what else can someone say? Hang Kyle in effigy? Burn down his house? Pack it in and forfeit the rest of the games this season?

    Cam isn't coming back this season and couldn't under any circumstances because of IR rules except for maybe game 16.

    Grier come in? Even in the midst of that, they still had Grier sitting on the bench in a coat and toboggan. That guy isn't just not ready to go in, he's not even being encouraged to act like he's ready to go in.

    Young QB has a lousy, rotten, embarrassing game. They have them, it's just one of those things. 

    There was no moral victory in that ass-whooping we just took. You're making one for yourself in the loss, though, aren't you?

  8. 13 hours ago, rayzor said:

    He brought energy and hype and talent never before seen in the league. 

    He saved the team from the wine and cheese crowd fine with mediocrity and helped build a passionate fan base.

    Tepper better hope that Cam can get healthy again and have a fairly reasonable price tag or he's going to have find some way to pump life back into this dying corpse he bought.

    Time to get creative, Dave.

    What we need and what may be available to us may be two different things.

    Hope it's not, but reality and all...

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  9. Young QBs, both the ones that don't pan out and the ones that become legends, have games like this. It's just going to happen. 

    He still threw for over 300 yards, but the interceptions were definite killers. 

    Hopefully he learned a lot from the game and can move on.

    Hopefully, our tackles will play better. Atlanta just whiffed by both Moton and Little were beaten at will yesterday. 

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  10. He had a great career with us and gave it all he had. He retired and was lured back out by the Jets and a huge stack of newly minted bills. Can't blame him for going and putting back more money for it than either you or I will probably ever see for what seven games?

    Here's to a solid recovery that doesn't nag him for the rest of his life and happiness from here on out. He's deserved the rest and recuperation.

    And yeah, Hall of Honor for sure.

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  11. 1 hour ago, Davidson Deac II said:

    Bradberry was listed as full practice thursday and friday, he will likely play.  Jackson was limited, 50/50 at best he plays.  Cockrell is out.  

    Cockrell being out bothers me. I know he's a second stringer, but man he has been giving it his all. I was one of those who never thought he'd make it back and make it big. He has been proving me wrong for sure.

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  12. 2 hours ago, LinvilleGorge said:

    This for sure.

    My sister in law's husband is living vicariously through their son. Everything comes secondary to his baseball. He's a part of all kinds of travelling teams and the dad coaches all of them. They have no life outside of this kid's baseball. And I'm not talking about a 14 or 15 year old who looks to be an elite college prospect with the ability to get a full ride and maybe even have a shot at the pros. I'm talking about a five year old kid who's the product of two people without an athletic bone in their bodies. This kid has a better chance of being struck by lightning while holding a winning jackpot lottery ticket in his hand than playing college baseball.

    Yep, seen it many times. 

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