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  1. Imagine rushing at all cost your starting RT to win a football with all season long yet to play and losing said player for the year and the game.
  2. mario

    Left Tackle Daryl Williams?

    It Williams at LT fails it won't be because of his weight. To quote G-Man: "But when you look at players, one of the things you have to say to yourself is, if a guy doesn’t have all the physical qualities, what is he missing? Let’s say he doesn’t have the pretty left tackle feet. What’s going to allow him to overcome? Is he especially powerful? Is he meaner than a rattlesnake? Is he really instinctive? There are plenty of guys who are playing in our league at a pretty high level who aren’t classic left tackles and don’t have all the classic physical qualities. But they have something that allows them to overcome…Can a left tackle come in and play? Sure they can. Just like quarterbacks or receivers. But it takes a mentally tough kid to come in and play now. And obviously having the skills.”
  3. poo JUST GOT REAL!! Joe Person ‏@josephperson 2 min Panthers getting serious in free agency, met with Greg Jennings yesterday in Charlotte, per league source.
  4. OK. If you think KB has drop issues....
  5. This year's cap is 143 million. Before signing Ingram (and i bet that contract is heavily backloaded since they have enough trouble right now) they already had 140 million allocated for only 33 players next year. With Ingram they'll have 34 players under contract but will surpass already the cap limit if it were to stay the same.
  6. mario

    Trent Cole makes a lot of sense.

    BECAUSE THE TEAM SWITCHED FROM A 43 to a 34!!! lol
  7. mario

    Trent Cole makes a lot of sense.

    He played the traditional 43 role for 6 years: was an awesome DE. He played 2 years of wide-9 DE, a strong scheme to produce pass rush but not very good as a run D scheme: was an awesome DE. He played 2 years of 34 OLB: was a mediocre-at-best OLB. Ask any Philly fan. He will not be remembered as an OLB by anyone who has some sense of football knowledge. Period.
  8. mario

    Trent Cole makes a lot of sense.

    He was an early down DE in all those years. He was clearly the #1 in that DL and no, he wasn't a subpackage player that only played on 3rd downs. A friend of mine who is an Eagles fan is laughing on the floor reading this thread. In fact he's telling me that Jim Johnson D was a 2-gap scheme meaning the DL players are reading the play & reacting instead of shooting gaps. His PFF run stats doesn't matter one bit. I believe C.Johnson had a negative run grade this year and nobody will say that he's a pass rush specialist that doesn't "play the run at all" or that he doesn't play in 1st down.
  9. mario

    Trent Cole makes a lot of sense.

    The wide 9 arrived at Philly in 2011 with DL coach Jim Washburn (former DL Titans coach, that's why they got Babin that same year). The wide 9 lasted only 2 years before they switched to a 34 defense with Chip Kelly. Cole got drafted in 2005: from that point until 2011 (6 years) he got 57 sacks in a traditional 43 defense. For god's sake he was coached in some of those years by McDermott!
  10. mario

    Trent Cole makes a lot of sense.

    LOL why people are saying he's a 34 OLB? He's been one of the best DE in the NFL his whole career playing in a 43. Eagles have only been playing 34 under Chip, hence why he's regressed lately (+age).