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  1. nickzz

    Cam Newton lost this game

    cam’s arm is obviously fuged up but Curtis Samuel dropped the potential game winner
  2. KB actually downed him. the refs missed the call.
  3. nickzz

    For the Cam doubters

    OK we've now established you have no idea what you're talking about. this convo is over m8
  4. nickzz

    For the Cam doubters

    yea you're right. Luck, Watson, Stafford, Goff, Ryan, etc. should all be cut because they're not playing at a top 5 level this year. do you see how ridiculous you sound? lol. if you're not playing a top 5 level at a time where there are 4-5 HoF QBs in the league then you're not good enough?
  5. nickzz

    For the Cam doubters

    your expectations are ridiculous. you want him to be a top 5 QB of all time? so does everyone else lmao. he has played at a high enough level for us to contend, but i'm still concerned about the complete lack of downfield passing.
  6. nickzz

    For the Cam doubters

    seems like no one realizes there is a middle ground between wanting to cut cam and thinking he's infallible. cam is great - anyone wanting to move on from him is a total clown in my book. that said, how can you not be concerned about our lack of downfield passing? it went from cam's bread and butter to being non-existent. obviously something isn't right.
  7. nickzz

    Coaching Bio Links

    for sure, but i think Reich and Pederson had a lot more to do with that. vikings fans are also talking about him like he's some sort of mike shula.
  8. nickzz

    Coaching Bio Links

    i see defilippo getting a lot of love but i don't get it. he seems like a mediocre at best OC.
  9. 34-28 tampa mounts a late game comeback but can't overcome jameis' 3-5 interceptions
  10. i tried to get excited about funchess before this season but man he's been awful.
  11. nickzz

    Cowboys vs Saints

    lolrefs the ball never even touched the ground
  12. sorry dude but you'll only find panther fans that hold this opinion. it's silly.
  13. i'm sorry but i think you have the homer goggles on big time. claiming CMC could be a #1 WR is absolutely ridiculous. i understand the point you were making, but that #1 WR claim is silly. his route-running really isn't much better than the other elite pass catching RBs.
  14. nickzz

    More of Ron being Ron

    1. strongly agree 2. strongly disagree
  15. i think you're overrating him a tad. he could probably be a slot guy if he was forced out of the backfield, but absolutely not a #1 receiver. that's insane.