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  1. i've done 2 fanspeaks: 1. Brian Burns/Burns 2. Garrett Bradbury/Bradbury 3. Darnell Savage/Savage 4. Tytus Howard/Joe Jackson 5. Damien Harris/Will Grier
  2. I never said he was a bad runner but apparently a few of you have never seen Mike Vick play
  3. can’t wait for this guy to somehow manage to get some real PT and give up some TDs next year remember a a few months ago when we were all excited about some potential change? good times
  4. deadlier runner than vick? straight up crazy talk
  5. lol... come on... they won the superbowl the year before last while we are spiraling downwards. you seem to forget their starting QB has been injured the past two years and it didn't stop them from making the playoffs.
  6. nickzz

    Keenum -> Redskins

    I feel bad for skins fans. Keenum is terrible . I haven’t looked at how this will affect their cap but the broncos are very fortunate to find someone to take that contract.
  7. nickzz

    Have we all seen WR D.K Metcalf?

    DK: 7.38 Nuk: 6.83 Juice: 7.56 (??????????) was the only time i could find but that's so bad it can't be right. maybe he slipped during the drill? either way Hopkins and Landry were considered much better route runners than Metcalf.
  8. nickzz

    Have we all seen WR D.K Metcalf?

    no one going to mention he ran a slower 3 cone drill than tom brady?
  9. matt kalil is the type of player you want off your roster at all costs
  10. nickzz

    True Detective - Season 3

    really? i think the entire mystery has been revealed already.
  11. nickzz

    Bill Voth on Kaepernick and FA QB's

    kaepernick was booty before any of this drama. why would ANYONE want to sign him after a few years away from football?
  12. nickzz

    Isaac Nauta another tight end?

    a nauta tight end?
  13. the fact that brees got > 0 votes is ridiculous