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  1. If it helps you feel better about your opinion here, go with that. Belittle me if you want. I don't blame you. If I were in your position, I'd feel the same way.
  2. I get what you're saying. I've understood it from post #1. The only difference from the and other instances is demeanor. No other president has gone on record to call his Intel chiefs naive. But plenty of others have had the same disregard.
  3. I get what you're saying. I'm just saying this isn't unique to him. That isn't a defense of him nor a critique. This happens all the time. Just like everything else with this president, it gets magnified because of his approach and demeanor.
  4. Lol. Save me the lecture. You're out of your depth here. Google Obama and ISIS/Syria.
  5. If this changes anyone's opinion of him, check your fandom at the door. Davis is one of the all time greats here. He deserves to go out on his own terms.
  6. Presidents disagree with their intelligence chiefs assessments all the time. I'm never an advocate of when it happens but, it's very common.
  7. And you just love to make assumptions. This is completely uncalled for.
  8. Frontier is a good show. So is the Punisher. Sucks that NETFLIX is just going to CANX it like they did all their other Marvel properties.
  9. That system would quickly lead to a military run state. Nobody wants that.
  10. This is a false dilemma. You can't take this situation and force it into an either/or scenario while being intellectually honest. Someone wearing body paint at a basketball game isn't the racist battle you're looking for. It doesn't add to some kind of school-wide culture of racism/bigotry. I reassert that all parties involved in this original situation could have acted differently to properly de-escalate the situation. Going back and cherry picking news articles/photos related to the study body to justify initial reactions to the video isn't a good look for anyone. It's just silly.
  11. A Google seatch for CovCath crazies or colonel crazies brings up several pictures of students wearing all types of body paint during athletic events.l Let me reassure you that I am not playing games with logic or muddying anything. I look at that picture and it reminds me of basketball and football games against Crest HS. That's the first thought I had. It's almost as if people went looking for racist/sexist things about this school to justify their outrage after the video. Looking at just body paint and making an assumption without giving a thought to full context is a dangerous practice. There's nothing in that picture to remotely suggest that body paint was done with racial intentions.
  12. I quoted this because, I can't wrap my mind around the mental gymnastics it takes to be so presumptuous about a kid wearing black body paint at a basketball game. Nearly every sports team does a white out/black out theme for home games at some point. Everyone in that picture is wearing black. A quick google search shows they have something similar to the Cameron Crazies at their school. The picture is of someone showing school spirit, yelling at someone trying to inbound the ball.
  13. All intelligence activities operate under Congressional oversight. It's written in EO 12333, which came out as a result of COINTELPRO. That and Operation Mockingbird happened under a different time with different rules. The FBI would never be able to get away with something to this scale. Anyone actively doing this is digging their own grave.
  14. Thanks for everything you posted. My response below is not intended to be a political debate.That's why I focused in on one aspect of this the way that I did. First, I read your quote about the DSD. The information put in the media didn't come directly from them. That's an interpretation one of pelosi's aides had of their briefing. To accurately update a threat assessment with good information that quickly is next to impossible. They probably briefed them with words like MAY or COULD RESULT IN. By the time they talk to someone in the media those words get stripped away. My second point is this was not a classified leak. The posts using phrases like top secret and secret are irresponsible. Those words protect sources/methods/equipment. This trip was sensitive but nothing classified. This whole thing would really only be egregious if the trip details were leaked while they were flight. The President cancelled a trip. Once that happened, there's nothing to protect. He doesn't need to make a habit of this and I'm sure he won't. He did this for a point, however petty of a point it may be. The talking points regarding troop safety and leadership safety ended when the trip was off. Local fighters and people targeting the bases already had a heads up something was going to happen. There's less than 5 places she can fly into when entering Afghanistan. Those places are under constant surveillance. Locals should have noticed security posture changes probably two days ago in preparation for something. Now they know what it was going to be.
  15. Wow. All that from me asking you one question? Relax dude. I'm not trying to call you out or try to start something.
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