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  1. Says the guy who defends people who sucker punch journalists and promotes gang violence. I struck a nerve with you. That's why you keep responding with nonsense and stupid insults. You've got nothing on me. Keep reaching.
  2. Such anger. When you get called out on your poo, you get really hostile GJBC. It doesn't make you any less of a hypocrite. Suddenly because others use violence, you think violence is the answer. And anyone you or your ilk deem a fascist is fair game. How convenient.
  3. Such a twisted take on violence. Just because you don't see what happens to troops who mess up during mission planning, doesn't mean they aren't punished. You support violence when it fits your narrative. You've used every argument you've criticized so many others for using to defend military and police in three posts. Hypocrite.
  4. What's your intent in quoting the foreign minister of Iran?
  5. You also have Houthi's targeting oil tankers in the BAM as a part of all this too.
  6. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/06/22/trump-reportedly-approved-a-cyber-hit-to-take-out-iranian-computers.html Nice move here. Brinkmanship continues.
  7. Afghanistan was a CT mission turned into something else by NATO. ISAF's mission was government related. We always wanted Al-Qaida and those who harbored them. Everyone needs to chill. This whole thing will not end in war.
  8. It doesn't substantiate it at all. The high altitude of this aircraft has nothing to do with where it was. Key in mind that Iran is a country that goes into Oman's territorial water to harass other military warships and merchant traffic looking to transit the SOH.
  9. Tethered mines and bottom mines, yes. You're absolutely right. I'm very familiar with how a mine works. I'm very open to that not being a mine, which is why I didn't call it one. That slide was more than likely put together by an independent duty Intel guy who has never worked with MCM or EOD.
  10. Also need to account that a lot of militaries are not like ours and sometimes it's easier for commands to act autonomously. If this is an act of mining then there is a crisis and nobody has to make it up.
  11. Depending on what actually caused the damage, they may have had no control over what ship was hit. This is especially true on certain types of nautical mines.
  12. https://mobile.navaltoday.com/2019/06/14/video-limpet-mines-and-not-torpedoes-likely-behind-tanker-attacks-in-gulf-of-oman/ The picture in that article shows you the same ship and the damage caused by this event. It also shows something else attached to the hull of the vessel.
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