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  1. Says the guy who defends people who sucker punch journalists and promotes gang violence. I struck a nerve with you. That's why you keep responding with nonsense and stupid insults. You've got nothing on me. Keep reaching.
  2. Such anger. When you get called out on your poo, you get really hostile GJBC. It doesn't make you any less of a hypocrite. Suddenly because others use violence, you think violence is the answer. And anyone you or your ilk deem a fascist is fair game. How convenient.
  3. Such a twisted take on violence. Just because you don't see what happens to troops who mess up during mission planning, doesn't mean they aren't punished. You support violence when it fits your narrative. You've used every argument you've criticized so many others for using to defend military and police in three posts. Hypocrite.
  4. Share this story with Danny kannel and ryen russilo on twitter. Get this perspective some airplay nationally.
  5. I'm glad he signed. Luke is someone whose tenacity and attention to detail can be an example to all. The guy is simply awesome and I am proud to have multiple jerseys with his name on them. This Sunday me, my wife, my four year old, and my one year old will gladly wear out 59 jerseys while watching the game. @ntgalloway10
  6. I wouldn't talk about someone over rating their opinion if I were you.
  7. i understand what you're saying but, you're going a bit far with the argument. You shouldn't judge another veterans' service. Everyone who wears our nations cloth has done their part whether it be big or small.
  8. Mark was a good dude. My thoughts are still with his wife and other family members.
  9. That's a very simplified view. The reality of this while thing is far more complex than us simply being in these countries. The whole crusader thing is tired and a really easy fall back for possible looking to point fingers. There's a lot of really messed up things going on in that part of the world. There has been for thousands of years. They are violent because of the political circumstances which exist in their counties. They are violent because it provides them with money. They are violent because it keeps their family safe. They are violent because their imam, mullah, etc preaches wahabbism or some other form of violent political Islam. Poverty breeds bad things. The gap between haves/have nots is ridiculous. And that all isn't pinned on our shoulders.
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