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  1. Tethered mines and bottom mines, yes. You're absolutely right. I'm very familiar with how a mine works. I'm very open to that not being a mine, which is why I didn't call it one. That slide was more than likely put together by an independent duty Intel guy who has never worked with MCM or EOD.
  2. Also need to account that a lot of militaries are not like ours and sometimes it's easier for commands to act autonomously. If this is an act of mining then there is a crisis and nobody has to make it up.
  3. Depending on what actually caused the damage, they may have had no control over what ship was hit. This is especially true on certain types of nautical mines.
  4. https://mobile.navaltoday.com/2019/06/14/video-limpet-mines-and-not-torpedoes-likely-behind-tanker-attacks-in-gulf-of-oman/ The picture in that article shows you the same ship and the damage caused by this event. It also shows something else attached to the hull of the vessel.
  5. Frontier is a good show. So is the Punisher. Sucks that NETFLIX is just going to CANX it like they did all their other Marvel properties.
  6. Share this story with Danny kannel and ryen russilo on twitter. Get this perspective some airplay nationally.
  7. I'm glad he signed. Luke is someone whose tenacity and attention to detail can be an example to all. The guy is simply awesome and I am proud to have multiple jerseys with his name on them. This Sunday me, my wife, my four year old, and my one year old will gladly wear out 59 jerseys while watching the game. @ntgalloway10
  8. I wouldn't talk about someone over rating their opinion if I were you.
  9. i understand what you're saying but, you're going a bit far with the argument. You shouldn't judge another veterans' service. Everyone who wears our nations cloth has done their part whether it be big or small.
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