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  1. party_animal

    Corey Coleman...

    So in this thread we have people criticising Byrd's and Samuel's durability while saying we should sign Corey Coleman? The same Corey Coleman who broke the same hand two years running, came into the NFL of fresh off sports hernia surgery, and had hammy issues in college. That's who you want?
  2. One game into someone's career you should never say its a wasted pick.
  3. Smitty weighed in on NFLN. He called Kelvin or for showing up overweight and blaming others for his failure. Said he doesn't care to watch someone like him on a football field.
  4. party_animal

    People that suck dick for cocaine

    I love it when liberals prove to be hypocrites. Nice homophobic thread.
  5. party_animal

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    Talking about money in terms of comparison =/= "making excuses." But, I'm not surprised. Tinderbox is not a beacon of reading comprehension. Thegovernment projections for spending on health care programs were just over 1 trillion for 2018. The figure I quoted came from Bernie himself. I didn't touch the fact that over 10 years the cost 32 trillion over 10 years.
  6. party_animal

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    Space Force, if it gets going, will just take commands like NRO from the Air Force. $12.5 billion requested in 2019 for space programs. Medicare for all $1.4 trillion estimated. The question of how to pay for healthcare isn't invalid because the president wants to realign the DOD.
  7. What did he accomplish with less? Because without another MVP on his team he has 0 rings. Dirk has 1 under these circumstances.
  8. My issue with LeBron is regarding this narrative of he needs help. Hell, he is the reason he doesn't have more around him. He helped JR and Tristan get paid. He had a lot of input on who that team signed this past year.
  9. Really with a literal sack on the play.
  10. party_animal

    A Giant Debacle - Straw Grasping in NYC

    Share this story with Danny kannel and ryen russilo on twitter. Get this perspective some airplay nationally.
  11. Lol @ Cam doing the Hulk Hogan.
  12. Lol @ the cut ffunchess comments. Good play by sherman
  13. I'm glad he signed. Luke is someone whose tenacity and attention to detail can be an example to all. The guy is simply awesome and I am proud to have multiple jerseys with his name on them. This Sunday me, my wife, my four year old, and my one year old will gladly wear out 59 jerseys while watching the game. @ntgalloway10