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  1. And Bridgewater reached into his bag and took out a stone and slung it, and it struck the Patriot on the head and he fell to the ground.
  2. How did we ever get to this personal pandemic divide between I /Me vs We/Us. On this day.... Let Freedom Ring....and may natural selection take its course.
  3. It will be interesting to see how far the controlling and emotionless Belichick will allow Cam to be himself. From Superman and dabbing gestures to sideline towelhead mopping, Cam’s expressiveness has been the antithesis of the Patriot way. Was this discussed prior to signing or will it play out on the field.
  4. NE is buying a 3rd round comp pick for 2021
  5. So, if this roster is such hot garbage then it should reveal just how good the coaching staff can be. Within the confines that the virus has created ,limited contact, and reduced preseason, if the Panthers even win 6 games, Rhule should be Coach of the year. IMO he is off to a terrific start in team building. We’re now close to seeing if scheme, player development and game management can be implemented at the same high level. Pretty soon we won’t have to argue about articles, we’ll have actual performance.
  6. Should ship it down to Wofford and store it until it can be set on his mausoleum. RIP.
  7. Glad to see people continue to press the send button and reveal their inner thoughts. Only surprised that he didn’t say that he supports all crime because it’s good for the bottom line. Hopefully CMC and Kuechly will donate their appearance fees back to the nonprofit.
  8. Thomas will make his money on third downs and in the red zone.
  9. In the spirit of putting the cart way in front of the horse....maybe we should wait until Brady turns Bridgewater into Brees, Walker into Wilson and Grier into Burrows before anointing him. In this alternate world, Snow turns a group of first and second year players into a top ten defense and gets immediate HC offers. Not to be outdone, Tepper puts a task force together which develops a vaccine for the virus. Finally, Rhule wakes up in a cold sweat and doesn’t know which scenario to believe but he hopes that any could be true. Unfortunately, his eyes move to the calendar and he realizes that it’s still May. Fantasies are yet to be determined.
  10. Seats may be available, but who in the ...... can afford them. An article in the Athletic show secondary prices quoted by TicketIQ: TEAM AVG. PRICE AVAILABILITY SINGLE GAME SOLD? Raiders $1,098 Medium No Broncos $774 Low Yes Cowboys $646 High Yes Seahawks $538 Medium No Giants $486 Low Yes Buccaneers $485 Low No Eagles $484 High Yes Saints $479 Medium No Jets $468 Low No Bears $466 Medium Yes Packers $442 Low No Patriots $433 Low No 49ers $364 High Yes Ravens $360 High No Steelers $358 Medium Yes Rams $337 Medium Yes Chargers $335 Low Yes Browns $332 Medium Yes Dolphins $328 Medium Yes Panthers $327 Medium Yes Redskins $320 High Yes Vikings $309 High Yes Texans $293 High Yes Falcons $278 High No Titans $277 Low Yes Chiefs $271 High Yes Bengals $245 Medium No Cardinals $231 High Yes Colts $217 Medium Yes Jaguars $215 Medium Yes Bills $179 High Yes Lions $142 High No
  11. As I remember it was someone in Pepper’s family that got into his ear and convinced him that he needed to go to a big market team if he wanted to get national attention and into the HOF. Any internal team conflict was secondary.
  12. 4 of the 5 team Captains (2 cut 1 retired 1 traded) from last year are gone as Rhule is building his locker room culture. Reid’s “loud voice “ was caught up in this transition. Rhule doesn’t want to hear any...this is the way we used to do it or I’ve always done it this way.
  13. My guess opening week game .......Carolina vs. Washington @ Fedex
  14. The most critical piece in building Snow’s defense are players who can play multiple positions. This allows him to morph the D into different looks with the same personnel. The ideal personnel could be in the 3-4 , then 4-3, then 3-3-5 without running players on/off the field. Players like Chinn and Brown will be the start of this core. The offense looks for mismatches and Snow’s D will do the same thing. Teams have recently gone to no huddle no substitution offenses to keep the D in base or nickel, Snow will be able to respond without changing personnel. Here’s another D he used at Baylor: http://sportstreatise.com/2018/04/baylors-multiple-4-3-d/
  15. Snow developed a walk on into the #13 pick in the draft. Would expect he has a fair idea of how he can use him.
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