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  1. Cam’s preseason games against NE have been dangerous, from last years 1st down airborne dive to the broken rib in 2014. Advise: GET DOWN AND DONT TAKE ANY CHANCES.
  2. Maybe McCoy should go into coaching after his playing career because our coaches apparently aren’t doing the best job
  3. This may be the game that determines RR and MH future. Tepper’s All or Nothing view of the NFL is that it’s set up for teams to be 8-8. The difference in a winning/losing record is coaching, GM, and facilities. He’s done his part by spending money on the bubble and SC HQ. Now it’s up to Ron and Marty. If tonight’s LT is more matador than protector, there may be an answer in DC. Washington has squashed the idea of trading Williams before but it’s getting closer to the regular season and we may have a tempting package. Either Moton or Williams plus maybe a third round pick. Gettleman always said that one person doesn’t determine a season, but this just may. Given time to throw, I think Cam could return to an MVP level, but one blindside tackle could end his season. These are the kind of decisions that determines whether they keep their jobs or are fired. Tepper and the Huddle are watching.
  4. More and more players are using pot as a pain management tool. Much better alternative than opioids. The daily banging takes a toll and it starts during TC and will continue all season. For most, now is the best their body will feel for the next six months.
  5. There’s always the player for player trade to one of the other teams that crapped out in the 2016 1st round. The Bills Shaq Lawson DE, Pittsburgh Artie Shaw CB and Oakland Karl Joseph S come to mind. Unfortunately, the Giants have already given up on Eli Apple to the Saints. Sometimes a fresh start with a different staff turn a career around.
  6. He’s JAG summer talking head media replacement trying to create a buzz. He won’t be around anymore once the first team gets back from vacation.
  7. The twisted road has finally come full circle for Ryan. With one of the most debatable trades in Panthers history, MH gave the 2007 14th pick to the Jets for 25,59 and 164. They took future HOFer Revis and we got Beason,Kalil, and Shaw. A 2 for 1 starter plus a good STer vs a first ballot HOFer. Of course, we may not have taken Revis @14. As I recall, we were looking @Safety and there were 3 between 15 and 25. When Meriweather went to NE @24, we went with Beason. So, Kalil now goes to the team that held his original draft position and the circle is complete.
  8. Don’t think he’ll be buying any full page ads touting a SB run anytime soon.
  9. Boston had 8 interceptions in the last two years and RR is placing a major emphasis on turnovers this season. We had high thirties our SB year and that has fallen substantially since. Coverage may keep a DB on the team, but INTs and FFs will keep him on the field.
  10. RR is getting close to his “use by this time” date of 10 years. Players start closing their ears and minds to the “I’ve heard it all before “ and teams get comfortable with keys and how he coaches games. Tepper’s association with the Steelers history of coaching continuity only goes so far. His first job has been to build from the ground up with the practice field and new HQs. Now he’s building the team infrastructure with analytics and coaching management. He’s putting everything in place to attract the very best players and coaches going forward. My sense is that he has his ear to the ground and is looking for the next young “genius” coach. When he identifies him he’ll make a change. Marty could be retained, but the GM choice will be like the Jets, someone who shares the coaches vision.
  11. One of the issues not getting as much notice is that Tampa squatted on his contract past the open of free agency and the draft. Once he refused to take a pay cut they should have released him. Most teams do. Keeping him until they did probably cost him at least a couple of million a year plus a longer term contract. I’m glad Tampa took this route or the Panthers wouldn’t have gotten him, but it was a small minded move and future players will take notice.
  12. The reason that RR was so miffed at the over the fence photo of Cam was that he is now ambidextrous and will be throwing both right handed AND left handed
  13. This may be one of those medical situations where you would rather have an ACL that is repairable vs a brain injury that may not have a specific solution.
  14. Doesn’t require cap room or a roster spot. It has a Tepper Steeler connection and only requires RR to acknowledge that he is willing to listen. Make a call to a HOF CB/Coach who is considered the father of the zone blitz.... Dick LeBeau. He was let go by Tennessee last year and is a football junkie with an enormous wealth of 3-4 knowledge. Bring him on as a consultant and open your ears and minds. He not only has front seven expertise but early on as a secondary coach almost always oversaw double digit interceptions. We could use a “Godfather” with Super Bowl experiences.
  15. Does the deal include Love giving up 93?
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