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  1. ...than it seems to be. By 2020 I expected that hologram technology would have made it into the public marketplace. I thought bars would have “arenas” where 1/2 size holograms would play the games in everyone’s hometown. In this new era of social distancing, what do we have...zoom. The time has come to travel by electricity and appear wherever we want to go without the worry of contagions. I’m getting old, somebody out there make this happen. Come on geeks , the world is wanting, needing and ready to pay for it.
  2. The rest of the story on Rosen seems to be that while he is very “book smart “ that it doesn’t translate to the football field. Some people who get A’s in the classroom, fail miserably in the real world. Rosen is apparently is one of those who isn’t football smart and can’t apply his coaching to the field. Pretty much the kiss of death for a QB
  3. Rhule/Snow have been tight lipped on the traits that they are looking for. What they have said is that they want versatility and play making abilities. For the DL that would seem to mean being able to play a 3-5 or even 7 plus getting into the backfield. When it comes down to these two, I don’t think they will look at who is the finished product now, but who has the highest ceiling with their coaching/scheme. It might very well be Kinlaw rated higher. If he is our pick at 7, get the hampsters ready ‘cause this site’s goin’ down.
  4. The good thing about having a new coach without any prior association is that competition will prevail and the best player will start.
  5. When Brady was hired as the OC , Bridgewater was the obvious choice to be given the first chance to take over the offense. He’s had two years in the NO offense and this is particularly important with the current industry shutdown. Walker will probably have a package of 3rd/4th down and red zone plays. Their offense is a variation of the West Coast, 3 step drop , catch and run. I see some describing him as a check down QB, which is completely wrong. Remember, Arians and his no risk it no biscuit offense wanted him if they didn’t get Brady. He’s the same size as Montana/Young who ran this offense for years so he’s not small. Walker is small. It wouldn’t surprise me if he did well enough in this offense with these players to get a second contract.
  6. Cam held the shovel that ended up digging his grave. He tried to play on his injury last year and probably extended his recovery. HE decided to let it heal rather have surgery early and then HE decided to have surgery latter. Unfortunately the recovery time extended into the industry shutdown. The Panthers were NOT responsible for HIS decisions on heal vs surgery. If HE decided earlier to have the surgery, it well could have been medically cleared prior the combine. At that time much of this could have been worked out better for each party. But as of today...no truer words have ever been spoken.
  7. IMO there’s only one scenario that this makes any sense. Philly is starving for a WR and will draft one at 21. Rookie WRs have checkered histories being able to come in and produce immediately. Philly is ready to win and is willing to trade 21 for a proven WR. Rhule has direct experience with a WR valued as a late first/early second who he feels fits the offense better. So he essentially trades Moore for Mims and gets two more years on a rookie contract. You probably wouldn’t want to do this until draft night with the proviso that we’ll trade if our guy is there.
  8. I think everyone can agree that Cam is a special QB. It’s great to be special but not TOO SPECIAL. You can’t just drop Cam into any offense. Add that to the injury history, salary demands and current industry shutdown and you have a very difficult problem. Even if you passed him on medical, you won’t have the time to install a suitable offensive scheme for an assumed one year prove it contract. That’s why I see Buffalo as a logical match. They’re ready to win the East but still have a huge question mark at QB. They have as much of a similar offense as anyone other than Carolina and a coaching staff that is familiar with him. It’s definitely worth the chance.
  9. DCs either going to love what they can do with him or say he doesn’t have a real position. Is he a hybrid or tweener? Snow had a similar player at Temple, Haason Reddick who shot up the draft boards after the combine(which was comparable to Simmons) and almost made it into the top ten. He’s been a total bust.
  10. This is what Rhule was speaking of when he said he couldn’t wait to see when he was competing on an equal playing field. At Temple and Baylor he had a distinct disadvantage the first few years, so it would take longer to achieve a turnaround. Now he has the same opportunity, subject to the cap, as any other team. It’s actually been fairly easy to follow the bread crums from his interviews 1. He wants to institute his culture......4 of the 5 Captains and other loud voices are gone. He brought in former players to act as a conduit for that process. 2. he wants young, tough, versatile players...check 3. He’s analytically minded while keeping old school principals so he chose a young OC to bring a version of the Saints offense along with its #2 QB. This should allow them to throw the ball which will open up the running game rather than visa versa under Rivera.
  11. Scheduling preseason games against NE. Broke his ribs a few years ago and his foot this year. They’re dirty MFers.
  12. The NFL is a cold business....Brady wins 6 SBs and NE won’t give him a 2 yr contact..gone to TB. Manning hurts his neck and Indy cuts him...he goes to Denver and wins a SB....Cam gets hurt and runs into a industry shutdown...he has a huge chip on his shoulder, buts does he ever win aSB. Wishing him good luck
  13. The OP knows all about mediocrity..... he looks at it every morning in the mirror.
  14. Teddy will be much better in this offense....3 step drop and throw The ball accurately , allowing the receiver to catch on the run rather than stop and catch with Cam.
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