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  1. RIP Travon....Racisim is still alive.smh.

  2. you are back on the clock

  3. you are on the clock, 3rd round.

  4. Back on the clock.

  5. Yeah I'll change it.

  6. your 2nd round pick is now on the clock

  7. you are now back on the clock

  8. 2nd round just pick up were we are.

  9. now you are on the clock again

  10. 49ers are on deck.

  11. you are on deck in the mock draft.

  12. here is the link to the thread. choose any team that is open. the rules will be up within the next week. http://www.carolinahuddle.com/forum/the-nfl-draft/75029-2012-mock-offseason-and-draft.html

  13. interested in being a gm in the mock offseason.

  14. welcome to the huddle bruh, ima warn you now it is a lot of ignorant people on here but enjoy.

  15. exit 4 in this bitch!

  16. nice i know she likes slapping nicki ass. but who wouldnt.

  17. is that rihanna in your ava?

  18. yes, fug a blonde.you should want that beside you lmao.

  19. yes she is. i googled image searched Cam and she popped up.

  20. congrats and good luck..threw some pie bc i dont know how to rep.lmao

  21. real life, i have a friend who i been trying to get join the website for a while and your name sounds like something he would choose.o and welcome.

  22. love your sig,these punk muthafugas wouldnt know what to do with that lmao.

  23. yeah i know preciate it chief......waiting till 8 to see if this trade is going to go through.

  24. its your turn to pick chief

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