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  1. Preseason games are not a compelling reason to risk additional exposure, IMO. Sorry NFL and your lost revenue. That said, the players do need to understand that could impact their bottom line, as well.
  2. Given the amount of NBA and MLB players that are testing positive, I don't see this working.
  3. Big shocker there. Kids are super spreaders of just about any illness that is easily spread by contact or hampered by simple hygiene.
  4. It needs to be something that is associated with the area. Washington Crooks? Washington Lobbyists? In all seriousness, I would suggest Senators(like Ottawa) but there would be a bipartisan riot if that happened. Universally hated by all.
  5. Now time to see how he fares WITHOUT a generational talent. I suspect it will not be pretty.
  6. I didn't even understand what he said. I don't speak Spanish.
  7. So, outside the food trucks, just a bunch of insufferable twats, for the most part?
  8. The bulk of the people upset about the "damn kneelers" were not NFL fans to begin with. I believe 538 did an article about that.
  9. Now the bad news.... https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-unemployment-rate-is-falling-but-more-people-are-losing-their-jobs-permanently/
  10. That was literally a direct result of having a Republican super majority in the state. I remember that and saw that whole thing go down. That is really just the tip of the iceberg of what those robbers did to the citizens of the state. I am a moderate but I couldn't be further from the modern Republican party. As corrupt as the Democratic party is, they pale in comparison to the naked disdain the Republican party has for working people and small businesses.
  11. You couldn't pick a more nightmare scenario. If ya'll thought he got dogged by racists here, you ain’t seen nothing yet.
  12. Teddy made the same move and it netted him a fat contract. If you are gonna take a short deal, make it the best platform/situation to make your next deal a monster. Cam knows what he is doing.
  13. fug. You want some NEIPA's? I literally have too many. Dead serious.
  14. Eh, prior to Wicked Greed selling to The Evil Empire, they were better, IMO. Lots of contenders for that top spot now, though. Especially in CLT. That place is the best beer area in NC by a wide margin.
  15. That's cause everyone is huddled together inside to escape the 320 K temps.
  16. That's a shame. The last post was arguably the only good one he ever made. God I love the tin foil hat folks. Always good for a laugh.
  17. Lol. Oh really? A "few teams." You mean the Saints, who offered a one year deal with a second year option? The other team with serious interest, the Dolphins ended up passing because they thought he would never recover from the injury. Even the deal the Chargers offered BEFORE the injury was a heavily incentive laden contract. It has been reported in multiple outlets how serious that shoulder injury was for Brees. But no......what a terrible comparison because their one year deals were for less percentage of the cap. Riiiight.
  18. You know they got bought by Sam Adam's, right? Guess what that created this year(have a bottle in my fridge now)? Utopias barrel aged World Wide Stout. Also, been to that location in Delaware. Beautiful spot.
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