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  1. But how tall is he? People won’t respect him if he’s short
  2. At least a third of the board will want them fired by halftime of the first preseason game.
  3. We need Brown. There are three top-15 OTs and one of them will be a star, one will be serviceable and one will be an absolute bust. Brown is a game-changing defensive lineman, someone who can make our shoddy secondary have to cover for less than 10 seconds.
  4. Yeah OK but are king cakes good or not
  5. So D.J. Moore would be the best player on our 0-16 team? No thanks.
  6. This explains, to an extent, the long convo with Tepper.
  7. Respect to Luke for hanging it up before it’s too late. Best defensive player in the history of the franchise, no question. Gonna miss 59.
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