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  1. I still play 10-Yard Fight on NES and haven't upgraded since then
  2. If it's like in past years, you buy a seat no different than any other order
  3. that happens every few years, the Cavs and Pelicans always alternate No. 1. We will get whatever is mathematically the worst pick possible. Always.
  4. I believe it was around Christmastime in 2006 against the Giants. 67 pass attempts, 421 yards IIRC. I was there. We lost 27-13.
  5. More random trivia: the player ranked second in franchise history for single-game passing yardage isn't Jake or Beuerlein, it's my main man Chris Weinke
  6. I know, what I'm saying is the only reason the team had talent after 1996 was because of the haul it received for Zo and LJ in trades. Zo became Glen Rice, who became Eddie Jones. LJ became Anthony Mason, who became PJ Brown and Jamal Mashburn.
  7. The only reasons it wasn't a crap product were the 1991 and 1992 lotteries gifting the franchise with Larry Johnson and Alonzo Mourning. LJ and Zo, after a few trades that were either even or slight downgrades, became Jamal Mashburn and PJ Brown.
  8. The heat death of the universe will come long before the Hornets make even the conference finals.
  9. That CAR/GB game is on YouTube in its entirety. Might be worth a search and download.
  10. Damn. Hate it for the Cane. Glad he made it out though.
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