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  1. Ian Thomas is a tight end but yeah I hear you on the traditionalism
  2. My goal is just to not surpass the 1976–77 Bucs for longest losing streak of all time. If we go 0-16, we’re gonna be pushing it. So a couple wins and the top pick would be great. I like what Rhule has to say in this interview. Idk if it’ll be successful or not, but his approach is a good one.
  3. If you’re looking for hope, consider that in 2011 we had a new HC who’d never been a HC as well as a new OC, new DC and rookie QB and we came out guns blazing on offense. We were also a competent kicker from a winning record.
  4. I’d agree if I expected Okung to miss fewer than six games before this.
  5. But what was Okung going to do? Help us win 2 games instead of 1?
  6. With the first pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the Carolina Panthers select
  7. 2022: Carolina Panthers head coach Joe Brady celebrates with quarterback Trevor Lawrence and running back Christian McCaffrey after Carolina advances to the Super Bowl
  8. I think Pep's rookie season was his most impressive, tbh. He was an absolute beast at a time when the defense was becoming great, but not all the pieces were there yet. He was the main reason our defense in 2002 was as disruptive as it was. Hell, take away a Shayne Graham missed chip-shot and a Quincy Carter BS touchdown and we go from 1-15 to 9-7.
  9. Dude had 1175 yards after 2 games of Cam Newton and 12 games of Kyle Allen but he’s not a No. 1. This place
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