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  1. Carl Spackler

    For the Fire Rivera Group

    Mike Leach
  2. Well there’s a former Pro Bowl defensive end just sitting around available who could really rush the passer... that’s right folks, I’m talking about Mike Rucker
  3. Carl Spackler

    Game 1: Hornets (0-0) vs. Bucks (0-0)

    Man it sucks to lose by one point, but we made an excellent comeback thanks to Kemba. Monk had a big game too, but Kemba was on fire. He had 41, which is more than any Hornet has ever had in a season opener. Good fight. Now let's build on it.
  4. Carl Spackler

    NFL drops cross-ownership rule

    The MLS is insanely popular in select markets. Which is great, but it doesn't immediately portend that expansion to 25-30 franchises equals major national renown.
  5. Carl Spackler

    NFL drops cross-ownership rule

    Soccer is on the rise, yes. More popular than most sports, absolutely not in any way, shape or form.
  6. Carl Spackler

    Opposing teams' fans visiting this forum

    Half the reason I stick around is to own dumbasses who say stupid poo about Cam, Luke or someone else I like Haven't figured out the other half yet. Probably because I'm a bot
  7. To be fair, in even-numbered years we've only had a winning record in two seasons in franchise history And none since 2008
  8. Carl Spackler

    NFL drops cross-ownership rule

    I don't expect an objective opinion from someone who admits to not liking baseball. I didn't get one, either.
  9. Carl Spackler

    NFL drops cross-ownership rule

    when wE cAn BaReLy FiLl ThE kNiGhTs GaMes 2014 IL average attendance: 1st 2015 IL average attendance: 1st 2016 IL average attendance: 1st 2017 IL average attendance: 2nd 2018 IL average attendance: 1st
  10. Carl Spackler

    Official Luke Kuechly sucks thread

    Luke is our best defensive coordinator. That shouldn't be his job.
  11. It’s sports. Unless you’re a bandwagon fan you’ll always have more bad days than good because the bad often outweighs the good. I used to let these games fester and piss me off for days. I’m not in a good mood right now but hell, I didn’t miss an open receiver for a winning touchdown. I didn’t fumble twice. I didn’t let receivers get open on third down and I didn’t get pancaked on every passing down. I look at it now as, if the Panthers want to turn their season around, they’ll do something about it and make it happen. And if they’re not competent enough to do it, there’s plenty of players and coaches available to replace the ones who can’t get it done.
  12. Eric Washington has been an abject failure to this point
  13. Carl Spackler

    Dudes and Dudettes

    It hurts to say we look like a 7-9 or 8-8 team. I don’t want that to be true. But mediocre teams are the ones who can’t string it together from all three phases at the same time. And I can’t think of anything that better describes this team than that.
  14. Can? Absolutely. It’s not who we play, it’s how we play. Will? Nope. I look for Cam to rebound with a great game and someone else (likely Gano, a defensive player or a coaching decision) to make us 3-3 and make sure we don’t break what must be a law that we can’t have consecutive winning seasons.
  15. Carl Spackler

    Cam had a 93.2 passer rating yesterday

    Brady’s choked away games too. Some against us. It’s ok to call a spade a spade sometimes. Cam missed throws that would’ve won us the game. I believe it’s only the second or third time in his eight-plus-year career that it’s happened.