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  1. Carl Spackler


    lol they want lawsuits and one guy wants the address to every team to send them "a strongly worded letter"
  2. Carl Spackler

    Those delicious salty tears...

    2015? Duke won the title in 2015...
  3. Carl Spackler

    Ring of Honor expanding

    Other than Tepper, who would you put in our ring of honor?
  4. Panther Legend Greg Hardy Makes Ass of Himself Again, Reminds Nearly All of Us Why He’s a Complete Idiot
  5. Carl Spackler

    Panthers hire Hostler as WR coach

    about time this comes back
  6. Carl Spackler

    Draft Kyler Murray

    Great arm
  7. Carl Spackler

    Panthers Social Media vs Rest of NFL

    Blue Horseshoe loves Anacott Steel
  8. Carl Spackler

    Should Ace Aladdin be banned?

    The purpose of a message board is for people to share opinions and express thoughts in a productive manner, thus promoting constructive discourse. Ace_Aladdin does not contribute to that. Hammerin'Cam1 does not contribute to that. Chuck does not contribute to that. HornetsSting does not contribute to that. To not ban them is to promote and condone their ridiculousness.
  9. Carl Spackler

    Draft Kyler Murray

    you really need to consider choking on a bag of dicks