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  1. He’s done a tremendous job in New York, turning the Giants into a super bowl contender this year
  2. Rest him another week. I feel like we have more of a legit shot of winning next Thursday than Sunday. But that’s not to say we can’t win on Sunday.
  3. If you consider my quoting what you say as "attacking the poster," then you're struggling with reading comprehension here.
  4. That's big talk coming from someone whose playbook is to disregard anything that doesn't suit your biased agenda. You've been called out for it on multiple occasions. Reread your pissy remarks every time he does well. "Teddy is playing a great game but y'all spiking the football over him being great are ignoring how awful this Falcons' D is playing."
  5. I know, and my point is that if we improve that and CMC and Davis score touchdowns but Teddy finishes with a bunch of yards and only 13 or so scores and we go 9-7, that doesn't mean he sucks ass.
  6. You certainly would be playing that game if his numbers were higher. Nothing you've said in the last seven weeks displays any shred of impartiality towards Teddy. Good games are met with faint praise if any, and subpar games are a sea of negativity. Coming from someone who likes Teddy and will withhold an opinion on his qualifications until after Week 17, maybe you should cool it on finding different ways to give the same opinion every week.
  7. I wasn't using it as a defense or as an attack against Teddy. I was making a point that what matters to me is the result, not the journey there.
  8. I mean, Cam Newton is tied for 33rd in the NFL in passing TDs and no one says that's not good for him. I'm not that obsessed over if a quarterback throws for 35 TDs, especially if the running backs are scoring a lot of TDs. Points are points. If Teddy's passing gets us down there and we punch it in on the ground, that's fine.
  9. "Chatter" could mean among fans. Not necessarily reporters or team personnel
  10. If we go 75 yards and Teddy throws for 45 and CMC or Davis runs it in, it’s worth the same number of points.
  11. I don’t really give a poo about passing touchdowns if we have a line that can put three running backs in the end zone
  12. Right now he’s behind DJ Moore, Rocket Ismail, Patrick Jeffers and Kelvin Benjamin in 1000-yard seasons. Let’s see what’s up after Week 17.
  13. If Robby did that, it’d be crickets and everyone would blame Teddy, Brady or the offensive line.
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