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  1. I’d like to know who would marry iamhubby1 because they must really hate themselves. “You’re such a petulant child honey but no I’m not making fun of you or acting superior, I just think it’s funny is all”
  2. Lose to the cardinals and Texans and beat the jags 23-20. 2-14 to 4-12, somewhere around there
  3. kaseklosed is at best a bottom-3 poster on the Huddle, which speaks volumes to his lack of intelligence and inability to make coherent thoughts
  4. I hope this is just like the beginning of Major League 2 and he comes back in the end to beat the Chicago White Sox
  5. We can hang with everybody. It's important to note that we can't beat anybody. I look for, realistically, a better offensive performance and a worse defensive performance. It'll be another loss by less than 10 points. The defense has given the offense chances to be 2-0, but the defense won't have 16 good games. That's not something anyone can expect. Right now we're stating at 0-6 or so before we pull off an upset win. I don't think we'll get blown out much. There just isn't enough here to finish a game. It's a 2-4 win season and a press of the reset button in January. Remember 1998? it's 1998 again, only our QB isn't an alcoholic quitter and our best defensive player won't choke a coach.
  6. I'd just like to win a game again
  7. No, they don’t. Same reason the stadium fills with boos when we take a delay of game penalty before a punt near midfield
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