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  1. I mean after a couple days of OTAs and a rookie camp, it's pretty obvious you can tell how every rookie will perform
  2. lol "I have nothing against Grier, I want him to do well"
  3. You were using his lack of playing time as justification that he's going to be a worse player than Harrison and Reid. I'm not saying he won't, but there's a precedent of rookies here not getting an adequate chance to perform. My point about third-round picks was that they often don't come in and immediately contribute. On draft night, look at the threads and posts of people whining that we wouldn't get an instant superstar with our third-round compensatory pick because we used it on a backup quarterback.
  4. You're acting like we had no choice with regard to how many starts and results he had. That's something that can be controlled.
  5. I was told that third-round picks should be instant starters
  6. Steve Smith cost us the home Bucs game in 2002 with costly fumbles, but we stuck with him too.
  7. Steve Smith had the same issue his first couple seasons tho
  8. He got his last name from a failed McDonald’s promotion
  9. Keary Colbert Armanti Edwards Donald Hayes iheanyi Uwaezuoke DJ Hackett
  10. Guess you were having a bad moment when you resumed your shitposting?
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