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  1. I’m excited for it. I think this is a great deal.
  2. Yeah Baker Mayfield hasn't done anything more impressive than Teddy unless you're using him on Ultimate Team in Madden, which *checks notes* should not factor into the rankings. No QB is more overrated than him. Nothing against the guy, but damn.
  3. He was ninth in receiving yards on a 4-8 Mountain West team last year. Also has seen time at fullback, which could be why he was signed. Still, it seems like Hurney threw a dart at a list of prospects, landed on this guy and was like “fug it, those haters think I don’t care? Think I gotta go for only all-conference or all-American stars after this draft? Check this poo out”
  4. Hope he can be a contributor, but some of our UDFA signings this year appeared to be about one step above high school intramural backups.
  5. Well, I figured a Wise Ass wouldn’t mind one of his kind messing with him.
  6. I have no qualms with 89’s list, it’s entirely up to him. At first I was like “Luke?” But then I realized they were only teammates for two seasons.
  7. So what's the difference exactly? They both lead to the same result.
  8. He looked like he was doing a great job for the last few years and seemed to be past those issues. It’ll definitely cost him his job even if it’s BS, but it may be legit. We don’t know.
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