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  1. DD coffee is by far and away the best coffee. Iced Cookie dough latte
  2. Panthers stay put in 2nd and take BPA. More than likely Boyd, Shepard, Fuller, or La'Raven if he falls
  3. Cravens is crazy good. He reminds me a lot of another good USC saftey.
  4. One of the Henry's would be fantastic. Great size for both players and both have played in the SEC. The best conference in the country. Both players also had great years this year.
  5. Let someone sign Norman. I would take 2 1st rounders for him in a heartbeat.
  6. Draft BPA at DE late first: Trade our 2nd 4th and 6th for a top 3 2nd rounder. Take Derrick Henry or a playmaking WR 3rd round take a corner.
  7. If Dodd isn't avalable. We could trade down to the early 2nd round and get an extra 4th or 5th rounder. We could get Calhoun in the 2nd and than have extra trading assets/extra picks to use.
  8. Norman will stay even after he gets tagged. He wants to stay it seems like. We just can't piss him off after we tag him this year. Next year it will be time to extend KB, Kony, and sign Short, Norman to long term deals after TD, Tillman, Allen, maybe even Stewart all retire. We will have the cap room. What we need to do this year is sign some veteren FA's after we restructure Johnson and sign Tolbert. Weddle and maybe Jeffery come to mind. Than we can see what we do after next season. Draft some project players in the draft. We won't need them to produce right away. We are in a great position to make another great run next season. Gettleman knows what he is doing. I just hope he gets this offseason correct like he has in the past seasons.
  9. I understand your logic. But at the saime time Wade phillips is one of the best DC's if not the best in the NFL. He will have a plan. But so will we. Thats why I say we play a defensive game. Not any doubts in the Panthers. But more respect for the Broncos defense and Wade Phillips.
  10. This game feels sort of like the Giants game. Us (fans) underestimating possibly the greatest QB of all time? Their defense is #1 for a reason boys. We will have a very bad game on offense. But thankfully. I believe that we will shut down Manning and we win 13-10
  11. I have been a panthers fan all my life. Every moment I have stuck with them. I love my team win or lose. I want them to succeed not for me. But for themselves. I will cheer all my life for these Cardiac Cats. And I will be watching them whether from the stadium, or my living room KEEP POUNDING
  12. Sounds like the Hawks and their fans need a nice butt whooping to teach them a lesson.
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