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  1. Luke has regressed. I think largely as a result of him trying to be more cautious with himself + general trend of offenses all being complex and largely unbeatable.
  2. Saca312

    There's dumb, then there's Le'veon Bell....

    He gets QB money next year if Steelers try to tag or goes to an ideal team as a UDFA. And he remains healthy without worry.
  3. Well, when it comes to the Falcons, they certainly are ones to break molds and find the best ways to suck when they should be good. And of course, one particular Failcon doesn't like being bad at football. Take a look at him freaking out on the sideline after realizing he lost to the fugging Browns. What makes it funnier is how his lips read "fudge" when he says it. It's fun to see them flop.
  4. Sean Peyton could replace Hill with a random janitor and he'd be just as effective as Hill. Really the most annoying and overrated scrub I've ever seen.
  5. One guy lead with his shoulder on the hit. One headhunted right at the QB. Refs need to get it together.
  6. Just noticed an interesting statistic that heavily destroys narratives that Kawann Short sucks. Again, most teams are negating our pass rush by throwing short and dicing up quickly. However, that doesn't mean our guys aren't making an impact whether they're consistent or not.
  7. If this is true, we're having a field day against their defense. Like I said when I learned the Ravens linebackers were weak, Norv Turner will exploit that and go ham like he did against the Bengals. His best work comes from going against teams with weaker linebackers overall. He's very very good at misdirection and forcing linebackers out of position.
  8. Noticed that @Jeremy Igo didn't put one of these up this week. Because of such, I decided to temporarily force myself into this position and make one of these myself. Anyhow, found they have a specific thread on specifically talking about the Panthers. Lots of varied opinions from respecting our team is good to other clearly-never-seen-the-Panthers takes. Have a look: http://thesteelersfans.com/forums/threads/lets-talk-panthers.20812/ On Confidence Levels Going Into The Game Seems it's a mixed bag. Some have very high confidence in the Steelers team lately. Lots are very complimentary of how well their offensive line is playing. And, well, it obviously shows. The Steelers allow the least pressure in the NFL Adding on, another poster mentioned that the Steelers plan on using the No-Huddle to negate whatever pass rush we may attempt. Given Big Ben has been said on there to be a master at that, I wouldn't be surprised to see that as something they start off with against us. And I would not be surprised to see us carved up by their TEs on that. However, there are others who are really nervous about the match-up. They believe that Carolina's defense may indeed hamper their offense a bit more than they'd like. They also think that we have the better team overall. As seen by one poster's comments, they're pretty much nervous as hell at what some believe will become an eventual shootout. Overall, mixed bag of feelings. On The Panthers Team We haven't had a strong schedule thus far? Well, I'll be damned if playing the Falcons, Bengals, Redskins, Eagles, Ravens, and Buccaneers were anything but non-gimmes. The Falcons - aside their defense - still have a top tier offense. The Bengals also had a fast start with a good offense. The Redskins a top defense. The Eagles were former Superbowl champions. The Ravens had the #1 defense coming in before we found the key to dismantling them. The Buccaneers had the NFL's #1 offense. Adding on, really? Greg Olsen our only weapon? 2014-2016 I would agree with you. 2018 he's definitely not. Curtis Samuel, DJ Moore, CMC, Devin Funchess, and 3rd-down clutch guy Jairus Wright have all proven to be massive upgrades over anything Cam has ever had in his career. If you really think it's lackluster, you haven't seen Panther football lately. Plus, we have young-and-hip Norv Turner coming in maximizing everyone's talents like he's Sean McVay or something and truly dicing up teams based on match-ups he likes. Just got lit up by the Bucs? Who had the NFL's #1 offense? Well, I'll be damned. Even then, lit up? Reminder this team was 35-7 at one point before halftime. Can hardly say the Bucs 'lit us up' as much as they perceive. We shut them down efficiently for the most part. Also, if anything's an indication, we should be able to score quite a bit. I expect 30+ points minimum from us based on the momentum we have and the way we have been playing. On How To Beat Carolina One thing this defense is susceptible against is quick strikes and rub routes. Get Vance McDonald the ball and you'll likely have success. With Tomlin's comments I wouldn't be surprised to see the game turn out to be something of a shootout This honestly wouldn't be bad either. Redskins used the Rivera Time Of Possession strategy to a tea and manhandled us by the 4th quarter. We started to comeback and nearly made it had the DB on Jairus Wright been called for holding. Otherwise, it's still a very effective way to negate any impact our offense may make. Ah yes contain Cam double Olsen I assume? Man, this year's feeling more and more like 2015 all over again. lmao @ anyone taking preseason seriously. And One Last Thing... Well, that is if Cam's finally old enough for those kind of calls.
  9. Tre'Quan Smith absolutely would be a better player than Dez at this point and should get more snaps. Dez Bryant is a Kelvin Benjamin elsewhere on the field. Hardly gets separation. Maybe you'll get better red-zone production (realistically only way I see Sean Peyton maximizing that limited skillset) but I really would be happy to see Dez get a large share of snaps if we're playing.
  10. He's a Kelvin Benjamin at this point in his career. Someone on twitter did bring up to me on Dez Bryant's impact in the red-zone, which I admit is very large. Not sure how Saints have been in the redzone this year thus far, but have to imagine he's an upgrade there. If Sean Peyton tries to give him significant snaps elsewhere, he's literally a downgrade for their offense just by his presence on the field. Same guy on twitter agrees. I'd be ecstatic if that's the case.
  11. Really sad news for a guy so young. Looked promising as a possible UDFA before we moved on to Armah. Thoughts and prayers are with his family. RIP.
  12. Drew Brees is the incarnation of what happens when a scrub stays in the most QB friendly system for the majority of his career and has a pathetic defense to help boost his garbage time stats and then suddenly becomes very good because he’s been in the league for so long. So basically Tom Brady except without the good defenses.
  13. Saints largely exploited Wilks weird fetish of playing base personnel all the time and lining Thomas against Shaq Thompson without a second thought. Plus adding we blitzed predictably and too often, it was easy pickings for Brees.