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  1. If Ed Oliver drops you take him and you take him immediately without a second thought. Otherwise, either a DE or a safety imo.
  2. Saca312

    How did Ron fool people?

    How many leads have we nearly blown. Our offense was at its peak with Cam and helped negate what could’ve been a ton of blown leads.
  3. Would be a good area to help sell your ticket. Big lady-based fangroup there and a bunch of Panthers fans period. I can help spread the message and @ ur twitter handle if you want.
  4. Well, Eric Reid tweeted out about his 4th fine he accumulated. Michael Thomas decides to barge in with his own comment: Then, Eric Reid comes in with the facts: Nice job.
  5. I don’t think he’s done. He’s still young and has plenty of time to go out, get surgery, and truely understand how to fix what’s going on. That being said, he needs to be shut down right now.
  6. the abuse we've put our franchise QB through the past month is downright criminal. incompetence all around. this series of tweets is honestly depressing. and the press conference too tbh.
  7. Guess if Green Bay fans have turned on Rodgers, I shouldn't be surprised that this fanbase has turned on Cam either. It's saddening no one knows football and cherry picks every little thing despite guys usually being consistently elite. It's whatever though.
  8. To be fair Cam is capable of making that throw. Had a far tighter window throwing to Samuel the play before that hit perfectly in his hands. Again, largely through it all Cam's always getting flack for something perceived as "easy' when it's really not. And this fanbase takes him far too much for granted.
  9. is this real? do people not watch Cam play at all? I mean...Cam's been looking off safeties and throwing with anticipation since 2011. Good resource for you to read on how Cam Newton goes through reads, progressions, and anticipates his receivers. Cam Newton going through progressions
  10. Ah yes now show me how to throw that slightly in front of him since he was so wide open. Again, defender trailing and catching up. Wright wasn't gaining much ground in the first place. Put it lower and it could be batted. And "slightly in front" really doesn't exist considering the risk of hitting the defender in the first place. Angle doesn't allow for a "right in front easy TD" pass in that scenario. And yes, that tweet has my name because it is my account. This post was also made by me.
  11. Miscommunication. Cam pre-snap the Seams but Funchess went rogue when he realized safety overplaying the area, hence him turning towards the MoF. Believe it or not it's on Cam for not recognizing that. Even then, still not an indictment on his ability as a passer.