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  1. At the same time, these stats are a case where film backs it up. It's no question DJ Moore is still a rookie and has work to do with his press release. Which is a fixable trait and no wonder why he struggled on the outside at times. Whereas Curtis Samuel already showed he's very good at nuances in route running and against press on the outside. But yeah, discussing stats in general, many factors can skew such in one way or another.
  2. Gerald McCoy was interviewed on Undisputed today. One thing that stuck out was the absolute feeling of disrespect he felt from the Bucs organization, and how even the three teams he visited (Ravens, Browns, Panthers) showed far more interest than they ever had. Another thing that surprised me was how he wanted to be surrounded by veterans and people who know their stuff. He doesn't want to be around those who are still in their infancy at getting the hang of stuff at key positions. He loved the veteran presence at Carolina and that ultimately swayed him.
  3. In order to stay #onbrand with my twitter sources, here's one guy who specializes in DL film watching who argues Miller is the 6th best in the whole draft class:
  4. guess we come off different angles then. i thought he did really well from what I watched. But to each his own. I still think McCoy will open up more opportunities for Short so I'm not too worried.
  5. I'll post occasionally. Gotta pump in some crazy hot takes in here every once in a while haha.
  6. Agree on Poe, but disagree on Short. He's been largely effective, but because Poe sucked so much, teams literally doubled or focused all their attention on Short without consequence. They no longer have that luxury with McCoy on the line.
  7. Charles is a solid evaluator. Love his content and he's all right about how much McCoy elevates this defense. PFF article also out there talking about how Short and McCoy's chemistry work out really well based on their strengths: https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-with-the-signing-of-gerald-mccoy-the-panthers-new-look-defensive-front-should-be-in-conversation-for-nfls-best "Straight off the bat, the pairing of Short and McCoy is a great one. Kawann Short — who has played 74.7% of his defensive snaps lined up on the right side of his defense’s 4-3 front over the past three years — has earned a three-year overall grade of 91.8 on his snaps from the right side of the defense, second to only Aaron Donald among the 193 interior defensive linemen with at least 100 snaps from the right side in that span. Excelling against the run, Short leads that very same group of players in run-defense grade (92.3) and tackles for loss or no gain (27, eight more than the next closest player), while his 55 run stops and 0.67 average depth of tackle rank second and fifth, respectively. Among the 159 interior defensive linemen with at least 100 snaps from the right side over the past three seasons, Short’s 80.9 pass-rush grade ranks ninth, his 105 total pressures rank fourth, his 12.7% pass-rush win rate ranks 17th and his 10.6% pressure rate ranks 19th. McCoy, who, since 2016, has spent 71.1% of his defensive snaps lined up on his defense’s left-hand side — thrived. Among the 202 interior defensive linemen with at least 100 snaps from the left over the last three years, McCoy’s 85.4 overall grade ranks 15th, while his 79.2 pass-rush grade ranks seventh. From this side, McCoy has racked up 15 sacks, 24 hits and 64 hurries for a total of 103 quarterback pressures that rank sixth among players over that three-year period. His 12.7% pass-rush win rate and his 10.2% pressure rate respectively rank tied for 13th and tied for 19th among the 155 interior defensive linemen with at least 100 snaps.
  8. Well, from all accounts, Suh underwhelmed despite being beside Aaron Donald. Check his stats, and you'd be surprised. Aaron Donald is a one man wrecking crew in general. But still something to think on.
  9. You didn't read the part where I said this question came from another person, did you, nor the part where I said it's probably more realistic to assume that not to happen. FWIW, it's one of you Falcon people who brought it up, not me.
  10. Well, in case you missed it, the Panthers signed Gerald McCoy yesterday. With three all pros and multiple pro bowls on his resume, he brings elite talent to the Panthers defensive front that already features another elite DT in Kawann Short. Sure, I get it; Short wasn't as "productive" as most here would like. He didn't stack up the stat-line as he has in years past. Part of that was due to the odd down year of Dontari Poe, causing teams to largely focus their efforts on KK. Even then, I'd still argue there were plenty of instances where Kawann Short's elite level of play showed, even if it didn't translate to sacks. He still racked up plenty run stops, pressures and disrupted opposing offensive lines well. With that being said, adding Gerald McCoy to this equation makes things interesting. Reminder that Tampa Bay's defensive line was largely ineffective at doing much, as teams focused their efforts on McCoy. Even then, he's still racked up six sacks last year, keeping up his streak of six plus sacks since 2013, and 21 quarterback hits. That's with most offenses keeping their focus on that big man. Now with both of these stud DTs playing together, imagine the possibilities. Teams no longer can just focus on one of these players like they have in the past. These two are defensive tackles offenses have to respect. That right there makes this defense looking scary. Things will be opening up for guys like Addison, Irvin, Burns, Miller, Haynes, Cox, Obada and co. to wreck havoc. And you know Luke Kuechly and even Shaq Thompson will feast and fly around with those guys going around. And hey, with the switch to a more 3-4 base, you have to remember Dontari Poe. Sure, no one's going to deny he had his worst season by far last year. Even I have no clue how that happened, as his past filmed indicated he was going to be productive for us. Reverting back to his niche in a 3-4 that saw him productive in Kansas City should do him wonders, alongside the fact that he will have two top tier defensive tackles beside him. Anyhow, back to the title. I was scrolling through twitter, and noticed a particular falcons film guy make this comment. As he's from a division rival saying this, I found it as an interesting thought: I mean, sure. People said the same thing about Aaron Donald and N. Suh last year. But, for context, there's a stat out there that stated Suh was the 5th best out of 7 Rams defensive linemen at getting pressure. For playing next to Aaron Donald, you'd think he'd have been more productive. Heck, his sack rate was also disappointing. So, lowkey it could be possible the Panthers may have one of the best DT duos ever in place of that. Now, realistically they probably wouldn't be the best ever. That definitely is a stretch. But I don't think it's as far fetched to say they could be the best duo this year. And if Dontari Poe returns to his normal form, they could be the best front three in the league. What say you? TL;DR - KK Short and Gerald McCoy = elite. Some falcons film guy on twitter argued they could be the best DT duo ever. I bring it up it's probably not going to be that extreme, but don't think it's unreasonable they may be the best duo this year.
  11. Found this video on YouTube. Was recorded prior to the Gerald McCoy signing. Nevertheless, still a very solid video: With the Panthers signing Gerald McCoy, this defense is looking nasty. We've already seen a glimpse of what Rivera can do with the playbook in his hands, and all these toys he now has will surely elevate the team as a whole.
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