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  1. Curl out routes are low percentage in general and that's what Norv rolled with in general on the verticals. Also, just because a receiver is open doesn't mean he's part of the read. Reminder, football is not like madden where a QB can see the whole field. OC's dictate what a QB primary read is on certain play, which may be just one receiver or bust a lot of the time. Half-field reads and less are most reasonable in the NFL, with full-field reads being a once in a blue moon type of deal. For last sunday, Cam's progression always started short and would move out as necessary. Plenty of receivers looked open, but they were not the primary read or even part of it at times. Not on Cam Newton, as the playcalls dictated a certain line of progression and ensuring the ball is out quickly.
  2. Well, in another thread I was complaining about how conservative Norv's gameplan was against the Rams. Often times, deep passes were towards the end of Cam's defined progression on most plays. Very few times was Cam's read supposed to be deep. But now, looking at this stat, it's fair to see why. https://twitter.com/bobbyrosinski/status/1171945668979679232?s=21 "Interesting NFL Next Gen Stat from the loss vs the Rams. #Panthers OL sustained blocks for 2.5 seconds just 17% of the time. That is the 2nd worst by any team in a game since start of last season. Cam average pass came 2.2 seconds after the snap, his fastest in the last 4 years!" Sounds like a lot of what could've been a nightmare was masked with Cam's change in throw pace, largely dictated by Norv's design. This can help explain why his gameplan was so conservative, perhaps stemming from little trust in the Panthers O-line against the Rams D. Which is fair. Hopefully this is an anomaly and not the norm.
  3. People don't talk about it, but it's a growing concern that stemmed in the latter half of last year. Don't know why, but Norv is suddenly going conservative mode and his creative ideas seemed to have stagnated. Sure, you had that little gimmick with a CMC and Cam Newton twist at the goalline for that TD, but really nothing else impressed me at all. I want to see Norv keep his foot on the gas all game and go for the big plays as much as possible. To hell with this conservative BS.
  4. I think another factor I want to see change this Thursday is Norv Turner's playcalling. Was not a big fan of what transpired last Sunday. Progression did not call for nearly any vertical route as the initial read. Curl routes were the most frequent vertical route style, which doesn't have the highest success rate. Rams bottled that up well with soft coverage. Curtis Samuel had far more slot snaps than I liked, with DJ Moore having more outside snaps than I would've liked. Their roles need to be switched immediately. Only using Greg Olsen to attack the MoF was also concerning, alongside pretty much staying conservative all game. I understand Cam Newton's foot was recently injured, but with that kind of offensive playcalling reliant on success or bust, it's no wonder Cam's mistakes were glaringly bad. And I admit to Cam having an off game. Even then, the offensive coordinator should not have exacerbated the issue. Can't tell if that's Norv not trusting Cam Newton's shoulder yet or whatever. Needs to re-orient his play-calling to tailor to ensuring the deep pass exists so defenses don't tighten up assuming we can't throw deep. Curtis Samuel needs more opportunities on the outside and Norv needs to be more aggressive with these weapons. Just my two cents. If Norv unleashes this offense, then well I can see us completely dominating this game offensively with panthers fans sighing in relief that the off-season hype wasn't just talk.
  5. fair. but u have to realize that literally cam was pressured nearly every down. line couldn't hold for squat and cam had to quickly release. if there was no rush, that was cause they focused all their attention on coverage and cam couldn't throw to an open receiver. this was arguably the toughest defense we'd face this year. we're past it and still put up a fight. we'll be fine.
  6. we were 30-27 against the reigning NFC champs with Wade Phillips and Sean McVay despite the refs poor calls, dj moore's fumble, cam's tipped fumble pass, slye's missed field goal, ron rivera burning timeouts, communication issues, ron rivera being conservative, and daryl williams doing his best impersonation of byron bell. and we still looked like the better team on the field. we'll be fine.
  7. cam newton fired darts and missed a few throws primarily due to timing. literally is an issue that is fixable as the season continues on and cam gets more reps in. most other qbs today can say the same. they missed easy throws too they should make. yall even paying attention to this SNF game and how poor some of Big Ben and Brady's throws have been? it's week one. that's why. yall need to calm down fr.
  8. i don't post around here as much as i used to, but i just gotta say something to yall doomsday "Sir Cameron Newton: Leader of Men, Lover of Puppies...Esquire suxs" folk. for any of u paying attention, this is week 1. cam newton is coming off shoulder surgery and has less reps than he normally has. he also was going against wade phillips and the defending NFC champions Rams. rusty mistakes happen week 1, as most other qbs have shown. tom brady, big ben, russell wilson, baker mayfield, matt ryan, have had their fair shares of pathetic throws. big ben had one overthrow eerily similar to the one cam overthrew curtis samuel. it happens. its fuggin week one. for christ sake the saints lost to the buccaneers with ryan fitzpatrick looking like a god-tier QB last year. just today matt ryan poo'd the bed and turned in a performance that'd make jimmy clausen proud. and when's the last time the panthers ever looked complete week 1? or most NFL teams for that matter? we're talking about a once in a blue moon type of deal. and week 1 usually won't matter when all is said and done. it's one game. we were 30-27 after shooting ourselves in the foot and firing ourselves away in a cannon against the 2nd best team in the NFL last year and honestly we were the better looking team overall. once we fix up the stupid miscues and easy fixable mistakes, we'll be a well oiled machine. keep ur head up. cam doesnt suck. panthers are still in it. its fuggin week 1.
  9. Seems like we're not the only ones who have a kicking debacle in the NFC South. The Falcons have signed Blair Walsh after their Matt Bryant replacement went 4/8 in the preseason, shanking a 30 yarder to boot. And, well, that's also not going good for them. Well, there you have it. More kicker controversies in the NFC South.
  10. For his first preseason game in the NFL ever, not bad at all. Could use some work but that's expected from a rookie. Has some good flashes. But yeah. What are your thoughts?
  11. Agreed. Michael Thomas has had top tier play for a good bit of time. He deserves to be in that conversation.
  12. Cam Newton's drip is always a very interesting sight to behold. His unique and eccentric sense of fashion headlines press conferences and amazes the masses. As far as which one of those outfits rank tops in most outlandish? Such debate would last eons. However, today, it may appear Cam has truly come up with something that may actually threaten that title. Feast your eyes on this: Could this perhaps be Cam's most unique outfit yet? What say you?
  13. At the same time, these stats are a case where film backs it up. It's no question DJ Moore is still a rookie and has work to do with his press release. Which is a fixable trait and no wonder why he struggled on the outside at times. Whereas Curtis Samuel already showed he's very good at nuances in route running and against press on the outside. But yeah, discussing stats in general, many factors can skew such in one way or another.
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