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  1. We had a decent bite of 3-4 looks last year in a whole diverse sets of formations. Who knows what this staff is up to lol.
  2. If Jonah drops he's BPA period and we better be taking him.
  3. I personally really like this signing. While some argue he's washed, I do think he has plenty left in the gas tank. After all, he's only 32. He's not that old when you think about it. And for 4 million? A really good steal imo. Anyhow, here's a reel of his 2018 sacks. He was still plenty productive last year. Good stuff. Some more interesting tidbits: Irvin produced a sack or QB hit on 8.3% of his pass-rush opportunities, which would be the ninth-best mark among the 174 players who had at least 200 pass-rush snaps during the 2018 season. Now, if he does reclaim 2017 levels, that's a solid steal of a contract without a doubt. He was outstanding that year and in years previous. I think at worst he'll likely have a Julius Peppers-esque impact and at best, probably a true answer to our pass rush.
  4. Josh Norris is one of my favorites. Matt Waldman for concise information on skill positions. John Owning for DL prospects. Marcus Mosher for general info is good as well.
  5. im mostly trolling those guys since they trolled right at me. my opinion hasn't changed no matter if he's released or not, fwiw. love vincent's work and he's still 100% right on daryl williams, matt kalil, and optimizing our oline situation.
  6. Saca312

    Daryl to Left Guard?

    Not sure, but I think Jourdan must've asked that question. If you notice the OP, I was the one who originally brought up Daryl to LG idea in that to Jourdan, to which Vincent agreed. Hopefully it gets them thinking a bit of where our guys really fit. My ideal situation is Jonah at LT, Daryl at LG, and Moton at RT tbh.
  7. Saca312

    Daryl to Left Guard?

    BPA would be Jonah unless Ferrell drops, then easily Ferrell and don't look back.
  8. Saca312

    Panthers released Matt kalil

    Post June 1 designation too. Smart.
  9. Saca312

    Panthers released Matt kalil

    Good stuff. Now get a good rookie and we're cooking.
  10. Saca312

    Daryl to Left Guard?

    Jonah's my crush for LT. Even then, yes to this. Daryl by far would be a far better guard, and honestly I'd argue Moton's our best tackle since Gross with his strong suit being RT.
  11. Saca312

    Daryl to Left Guard?

    The irony is that Moton's best position has been RT and one he's more acquainted with lol.
  12. That's not as serious tbh. Bones heal far better than tendons.