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  1. agree with @Jeremy Igo. this guy was one I really wanted to see Panthers get. he understands how to build a contender from scratch and build a successful program. cannot begin to describe just how incredible a job he did at Baylor. im excited.
  2. This is a point I definitely agree with.
  3. @SCP knows the dude running the thing. Can verify it's as legit as it can get.
  4. to be fair it could simply be the panthers know grier is better and would ruin their chances at a full tank job lol.
  5. How many third downs and touchdowns have we failed to capitalize on with Curtis Samuel because Kyle Allen can't throw a ball past the ten yard line nor hit people accurately on a consistent basis? Wager a lot more times than all the times Curtis Samuel may have caused some missed ops.
  6. Fair enough. It's also fair to bring up his body catching tendencies. While he has definitely improved since college in that department, it's still evident he's getting rid of those demons at times. And that's just something that takes time in general.
  7. I mean I have believe it or not and often times me evaluating a person's whole film is in fact how I reach my conclusions, which some of you deem biased and ill-founded apparently, but it's whatever. Matt Harmon, Josh Norris, and even Kinsley are objective in their analysis and don't have a particular reason or motive to have to be biased or preconceived. They all agree Curtis is being held back more than he is hurting the team. Very few actual "analysts" exist. If you're talking about any major network analysts or pretending certain NFL players have the pedigree of being an "analyst," well I'll be the first to surprise you and show you how quickly a few "kyle allen goat" clips from one or two months ago changed to "allen is not the answer" takes. They're hot take machines and the "biased" guys who kept steady in reminding everyone of Kyle Allen's concerning faults have turned out to be right. I was probably even too optimistic in my evaluation hoping he'd continually improve on his mistakes and short-comings. Unfortunately, he showed a few flashes, then it was gone.
  8. Would love you to show us a dozen, because I can't find that high of a number horrible effort plays. Would be cherry picking more to get to that amount than I would be Kyle Allen's missing him with bad passing.
  9. I mean no one's perfect. He's had some bad plays that he should've made. It happens. WRs like Julio Jones and others have had bad mistakes that they shouldn't have made. But I don't think that's a defining characteristic given he's overwhelmingly open and more times disappointed by the ineptitude of his QB at throwing him a good pass. The few bad plays from Curtis don't overshadow the dozens he's been missed on.
  10. One of these days Curtis Samuel will have a healthy QB that can actually get him the ball and apparently more than half of you on this board would be gawking and acting all surprised at "oMg cUrTis SaMuEl's AcTuAlLy GoOd?"
  11. There is a larger ratio of bad throws vs poor effort plays by Curtis Samuel. He'd be cherry picking more trying to find those poor effort plays in comparison to bad throws.
  12. schefter also casting doubt the panthers move on or even have a decision on that until the next head coach is in.
  13. ian rapoport is no better than a gossip columnist at this point. bill voth pretty much laughs off the notion this is anything different than it has been.
  14. Blipped my mind with Arians and Bowles. Bad mistake on my part. Either way, still doesn't discredit the fact that Bowles seemed to be very keen on underestimating Kyle Allen with his gameplan.
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