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  1. 3-3-5 is the more likely common formation. But pretty much alludes to a conceptual change of how our defense will work.
  2. If we're worried about what will happen if Cam goes down then if that scenario ever happened we should've immediately decided to tank and aim for a QB high in the next draft.
  3. Hurney did fine so far until he decided this guy's a better pick than Hooker and Johnson, both whom would've had an immediate impact at safety.
  4. Helps the Saints had their backups in as well and gave zero effort, which in turn helped Allen look good.
  5. Got quality safeties available. But sure, go with the guy who'll never see the field and who won't be leading the team to a Superbowl even if he does. Team has too many holes to let our backups turn out like a Nick Foles kind of guy. Don't like the value here. Needed a solid safety and now we're gambling it out in the 4th.
  6. Love the pick. He's got plenty of potential to be an elite LT from my review. We may have finally drafted our steady anchor at LT. Future's looking bright.
  7. Marty's been killing this draft as far as the players drafted. Burns was high on my list and same with Little. Only complaint is what we had to give up for the trade. At the same time, better we get someone rather than no one at all.
  8. Well, if you were to ask if I liked the trade up, I wasn't a big fan of what we had to give up. But, if you asked me if I were a fan of the player, I absolutely loved him and glad Marty made the pick. And his quotes so far are very encouraging.
  9. pls put daryl at guard. jonah or dillard would be ideal to ensure that.
  10. Legit worst case scenario draft for us lol. Sweat, Burns, Oliver, and Gary all gone? No thx. I'd rather have Metcalf in that case. Need someone who has transcendental talent potential. NGL I used to like Ferrell but watching him some more and his lack of athleticism might make him another Kevin Dodd in this league.
  11. I've really started coming along to him lately, especially seeing how much we're looking at a 3-4 look. Dude's got ton of talent and similar stats to Von Miller's college career at similar frame. His play's also very encouraging. Hope we get him.
  12. We had a decent bite of 3-4 looks last year in a whole diverse sets of formations. Who knows what this staff is up to lol.
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