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  1. I mean, yes Daryl Williams isn't the best. But you got to remember these guys are human. That's not at all warranted and pretty immature of Takk. For reference, Daryl locked his twitter account. Assume this played a role.
  2. kyle allen being absolutely bad this game shouldn't be a surprise to those who've paid any attention and not been blinded by falsities.
  3. ehh. ill give him credit. as a backup i still think he's performed above average for those at that position. he's shown ability to maintain a game managing role when he's not expected to be a starter or carrying an offense. as an NFL starter? yes, he's been meh at best, and nowhere close to franchise or full term. people here were overrating him and overlooking his flaws for whatever reason.
  4. again, i got crucified for pointing out allen's flaws on here. they exist and have existed. just because he 'wins' doesn't mean that these issues just magically disappear or not count. let's be more realistic next time. he's a good backup and meh starter at best. never been a franchise or game changing level yet like many have proclaimed.
  5. kyle's pocket presence is bad. oline isnt that great, but partly on kyle too for failing to step up when OTs flush out EDGEs and well lots of other things to help his OL that Cam does like clockwork.
  6. Let's not pretend some of those other QBs don't have suboptimal offensive conditions around them. Plus, QB rating is as big of a sham as completion percentage. Kyle has done great playing above average of his expected value (backup QB) and keeping the offense afloat for the most part. However, he's not close to being a franchise QB. Let's not kid ourselves into thinking he is one right now. Will need to see him better his decision-making process, far less underthrown deep balls, and essentially get the rudimentary basics of an starting NFL caliber QB right now.
  7. oh wow im back out of my hole once more. rivera's schemes are ultimately stuck in an era that has long expired and shown that they aren't effective in the modern NFL. After Sean McDermott left, this defense has dropped off significantly. granted, part of yesterday's failures were also a result of poor effort up front. like really poor, alongside luke kuechly having his worst game ive ever seen from him. however, a lot can simply be attributed to how outdated ron rivera's scheme is in today's NFL. this defense has too much talent and should be a top 3 with proper coaching, but alas.
  8. I'll come out of my hole for a second to just pipe in the fact this quote seems to be a little contradiction from Greg's in game reaction, which in turn leads me to believe he's at the point he'll go straight to the booth if the team is indeed moving on from Cam in favor of Kyle Allen or another unknown. I've been trusting Greg's emotions on the field far more than his "coachspeak" off the field. Again, my opinion is that we should stop pretending Kyle Allen is a franchise QB. He isn't yet. And he didn't exactly improve where I would've liked to see him improve consistently. Now back out of this cesspool I go.
  9. Yep. It's by defacto Norv will have to simplify some things for Allen because of having so few starts. Just really reiterating the obvious.
  10. Either way, doesn't excuse the fact he shouldn't have even been on the field week 1, let alone week 2. Someone screwed up somewhere.
  11. let's begin with week 2 ron rivera: "“Don’t even worry about the foot,” Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera said. “The foot’s got nothing to do with it.”" does that not sound like incompetence to you?
  12. a whole testament to the coaching staff and medical team on their inability to function as a coherent unit in protecting their franchise qb. what a freaking joke.
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