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  1. agree with @Jeremy Igo. this guy was one I really wanted to see Panthers get. he understands how to build a contender from scratch and build a successful program. cannot begin to describe just how incredible a job he did at Baylor. im excited.
  2. He shut down Vic Beasley twice. He held Dee Ford to only one sack while he was on a roll. He held down most pass rushers really well, and faced way harder competition than Remmers did.
  3. Moton will be viable I assume. No way he could be worse than Remmers.
  4. Currently imagining Funch as 2014 KB, and KB as 2015 preseason KB on roids. Somewhere down there something's about to pop.
  5. "We ain't got no wideouts" He's probably one of my favorite coaches from the Panthers. He's been a huge asset, and we're lucky to have him.
  6. I thought last year's training camp was intense. This year's looks is shaping to look like one for the books. Wonder if there'll be a Garrett vs. Sanchez type of thing going on. That I gotta see.
  7. All you Huddlers are stressing out when you don't need to stress out. I'm pretty sure that if the common Huddler was able to come to the conclusion that our OLine depth is virtually non-existant, then I'm sure a mastermind like Dave Gettleman himself has realized that and has multiple plans and ideas on how to resolve this issue. He gets paid to be a good GM, and he has yet to prove otherwise. Last season, our biggest depletion was our secondary. Don't act like it wasn't a problem. If Peyton Manning had some arm strength left in him, our secondary would be torched. I mean we had guys like Finnegan who literally was pulled from his couch during retirement, and McClain starting. Dave pretty much wrapped up depth in the secondary with this draft. I'm sure he has plans for the OLine too. All in all, our weaknesses would probably be strengths for many teams. We have exceptional depth at many positions, and a bunch of teams would kill to be in a situation we're at. FA's will now start to want to play for the Panthers, and we'll become something solid for years to come. Gettleman will keep looking for those rusty gems buried deep in the draft and FA, and we'll continue winning. TL;DR: Quit your whining and let Gman do his job.
  8. Eh think about it. Boykin's always wanted a shot at playing outside corner. I believe he may reach and aim for that goal. Bene is just prime for a breakout season. As far as nickel, maybe Shaq fills that role?
  9. I really want Sterling Shepard in the second. I think he'll become our Smitty 2.0. He runs routes at a pro level, something our team desperately needs, and he plays like Smitty. He's gonna be worth it in the long run if we get him. Make it happen Gman!
  10. Fixed link (sorry, don't know how to edit a post. Someone help guide me through that process?)
  11. This is why I pay little attention to "history" of draft picks at a certain position. : http://www.derp/2012/3/24/2898251/why-drafting-luke-kuechly-would-be-a-mistake I believe Derrick Henry would be a great pick, and I honestly think he'll be a success. Just think of Cam and Henry, just bullying defenses to submission. He'll need to work on agility, but when he runs, he runs.
  12. Panthers already as 3 point underdogs against the Broncos. Makes revenge ever so the more sweeter; http://espn.go.com/chalk/story/_/id/15206861/denver-broncos-open-3-point-favorites-carolina-panthers-nfl-week-1
  13. Should I mention that Hurney was targeting Mark Barron until Tampa Bay took him? Yes, Hurney has had some good draft picks, but when it comes to managing the cap and the team in general, he's a bit lacking in that area. And as far as BPA, as you can see, Kuechly was an obvious need from the get go.
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