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  1. If you get blocked it is because you have to spread it around. You can't rep the same person twice until you have repped 10 other folks and there is a daily limit of 6 or 7 reps. So you need to give it away more frequently which usually results in getting more back. People with higher rep give you more rep as well.

  2. Hey man, I didn't mean to leave you neg rep. I've done that twice lately now somehow, but I'll fix it soon as I spread enough around again. sorry bout that buddy. :cheers2:

  3. Hi electro Thanks for the nice Message "Great find! Thanks:cheers2:" regarding the "Best damn Essay on Jake Delhomme this Offseason!" Did you mean to give me a Negative Rep? Was that because it was 4:42 AM or were you "Shocking Souls 4 Fun" :eek: ? It is what it is . . . Go Panthers :D