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  1. thanks for playing along and not derailing the thread. Pie for you.
  2. Carolina can go in many directions in this years draft, one thing I was thinking is them moving back up into the 1st round. A Trade with the Dolphins #26 seems feasible. Having a 2nd player with a 5th year option while you are rebuilding the team could be quite enticing. If carolina was to trade up and take #26. What combination of picks in the first round would be your dynamic duo and give the 2020 draft trophy to Carolina on their way to the Superb Owl?
  3. https://rubyteez.com/product/carolina-panthers-baby-yoda-tumbler/
  4. Why does this sound like you hoarded a bunch of food.
  5. Since the virus lives in your mucus make sure you have Mucinex on hand stay hydrated so that if you do get this virus if you able to cough it out. Also aftershave makes great hand sanitizer.
  6. I have an essential job in communications. I am in peoples homes everyday. I think people in these types of jobs who are clearly putting themselves at risk , should receive compensation. Hazard pay if you will.
  7. shouldnt be signing any high dollar players right now. this virus is gonna cancel football this year. no sense in paying players to sit at home and play Phase 10
  8. This stupid pandemic is going to affect the season for the rest of the year we may not even see football this year. Teddy Bridgewater will be paid 20 million to sit on the couch and watch Netflix.
  9. Cam + swap of Chargers 2nd for Carolina 3rd. I think thats resonable
  10. I think cam asked for a trade. Panthers said ok and went and got insurance in bridgewater.
  11. I think Cam has hurt himself with the outisde issues he has going on lawsuits with baby mama etc.. This can and will be a huge distraction to the team not to mention Cams mind set wont be on football.
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