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  1. This is a deep draft, I wouldnt mind trading down a couple times, package some stuff together. and end up with 3-4 2nd round picks.
  2. I would be happy with just changing the cheese on the nachos.
  3. with Avengers End Game showings starting that night, viewership will probably be down.
  4. That's his "I want to be traded to Cleveland" pose
  5. Carolina just has to threaten that they may take a QB to force another team to try and jump ahead of them which will force better players down the draft board.
  6. any idea? trying to see when carolina plays green bay
  7. I don't know but I think we should call the whole defense The Regulators. And when they come on the field play part of Warren G song "Regulators Mount up. "
  8. I have eaten meat my whole life and and and and and and and and and and and and I'm just fine. Lol
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