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  1. He picked a bad day to have a bad day
  2. @Jeremy Igo or should i say Zod. With the death of Superman imminent time to bring that nickname back
  3. am I the only one that can tolerate only a few minutes of Rivera speaking now?
  4. key is to beat the saints twice and win the division
  5. Tell me if you heard this one before up at half-time Rivera goes into a prevent defense
  6. Fire Rivera. Trade Cam for picks. Give the next regime something to work with. Look what the niners have built in such a short period of time. It can be done. Carolina is stale. Like a sip of skunky beer. Time to toss it out and restock the fridge with fresh beer.
  7. That's still on Rivera he's the coach if he put Washington in charge of calling plays then hes still responsible
  8. Can we please fire Rivera now. This game is not on Kyle Allen this is on the defense. A Rivera run defense. And was beyond terrible. Rivera should be left in San Francisco.
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