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  1. its not much of a drop off when you have backups that are not far from the play level as the starters, this could be considered depth but really the level isnt that high to begin with. Rhule is getting the absolute most out of the players he has. Everyone has accountability and does their job. Rivera relied on high skill level players to perform, Rhule relies on his coaching.
  2. Yes or no? Asking for a friend. But seriously the moves hurney made this off season seem to be working out. Thoughts?
  3. This is a do-or-die game for the Falcons especially their coach they lose this game they will probably blow up the team. Falcons will win this one easy 42-23
  4. don't be coming into this thread with logical thinking and making sense. we dont do that here.
  5. he would have been more effective just standing still
  6. I was told he was a bust....personally I think he will do well.
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