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  1. Offense struggles. Defense balls out. Carolina wins 17-10
  2. Lol i just saw the video. Didnt know where it was from. This ur party?
  3. chknwing

    Game 1: Hornets (0-0) vs. Bucks (0-0)

    new coach, same lame ass starting lineup. Monk needs to be starting. Bridges needs more minutes. Charlotte will not win many games if Kemba has to score 40 pts a game.
  4. Carolina lost because Washington played better. Carolina had beaten them 5 straight times. Maybe, just maybe, they had a little extra motivation.
  5. so far, not a huge fan of Eric Washington. players are just out of position alot. Luke looks confused. Pass rush is awful. Carolina has the personnel. It's up to the DC to get them in position to make plays and to perform at a pro level. Eric Washington hasn't shown he can do that yet. Why I dunno. Is Rivera micro managing, probably.
  6. This fake? http://www.officialnflshopsales.com/ http://www.officialnflshopsales.com/elite-cam-newton-mens-autographed-jersey-carolina-panthers-1-blue-super-bowl-50-nike-nfl-p-64041.html Normally I would say fake quickly but there is so much stuff on the site it would have take alot of work and time to create it. Apparently this is $29
  7. chknwing

    Eric Reid Press Conference

    I support anything that takes the attention away from Cams wardrobe
  8. chknwing

    Panthers sign WR

    Can he play LT or TE?