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  1. chknwing

    Ron's evolution...

    I'm trying to figure out how you joined in 2011 and only have 59 posts
  2. chknwing

    Antonio brown

  3. chknwing

    Players we should draft

    No one cares about your post because your credibility is shot to hell. Have a nice day. : )
  4. chknwing

    Panthers New Year Resolutions

    Get rid of that nasty cheese sauce they put on nachos and get something better
  5. hes already at the top of Teppers to do list
  6. chknwing


    I dunno, did Tepper ask Rivera to tank after the Pitt loss? Kinda feels that way.
  7. chknwing

    Hate Week 2018 Pt. 1

    If Carolina beats the Saints Monday. There's a good chance they win the next meeting with them as the Saints will probably rest their starters going into the playoffs. Carolina has a legitimate chance of going 3-0 over the next three games.
  8. maybe we should fly a banner.........