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  1. Ron looks irritated like he just had his ass handed to him by Tepper
  2. Can did have sufficient time behind that line to complete a pass at times but just held onto the ball. You could tell that he really wanted to run with the ball but knew he was not supposed to
  3. I'll see your "missed opportunity" and raise you an "it is is what it is"
  4. So wifes never seen an nfl game in a stadium. Going to the game thursday. She is a packer fan. Yeah yeah i know. Acceptable to wear her packer jersey to the game?
  5. A restructure now makes no sense unless you're planning on bringing someone in and need to free up space.
  6. I'm torn between watching the game and binge-watching Dark Crystal age of resistance on Netflix
  7. Love a win but i dont see how carolinas ol can hold up against a very underated rams defense. This wont be pretty folks. Battle of FG's at first turns into a rams onslaught against carolinas secondary.
  8. Rey is a clone Look Back The Last Jedi where she saw hundreds of herself in the mirror
  9. Rookie or not he's garbage. Prove me wrong.
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