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  1. This has needed to happen for a very long time Kemba has been handcuffing this team. Kemba is a ball hog and inflates his stats. This team will never have been a contender with Kemba on the team. Cho really screwed the hell out of this team . Now we just have to sit back and watch the team be rebuilt.
  2. Bring back carolina huddle tshirts
  3. Hurney will give him a $15 million a year contract. Watch.
  4. murray, overated, not a #1 pick imo but oh well
  5. theres alot of juice flowing there. someones getting electrocuted.
  6. imo it has to be Bosa, the value is too good. unless the raiders go all in, I dont see arizona trading.
  7. This is a deep draft, I wouldnt mind trading down a couple times, package some stuff together. and end up with 3-4 2nd round picks.
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