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  1. I mean, no Luke, now no Olsen. I hate to bring Cam into this, but he has no buddies left. Will he be the next to go?
  2. I fixed it for you. *Field Goal
  3. Coming from the King in the North, you know it's important!
  4. Tepper can always block him from taking any job interviews until Brady's full OC potential is realized when we give him the players to work with.
  5. Well, he is under contract for the upcoming season. I imagine that it would become fully guaranteed when the new league starts in March. So, we will probably hear something by then.
  6. We'll know the status of Cam Newton when he's "healthy". (Yeah, no clue on when/if that will be)
  7. I'm pretty ok with Rhule letting his OC fill out his own staff. Rhule has been all over the different positions and is a leader of men. I like that he embolden's his staff, at least his coordinators, to fill out their staffs.
  8. I think it's gonna be ugly no matter what these next couple years. It will take time for Rhule to build the team he wants. Maybe having two green coordinators grow into their role as this team *HOPEFULLY* grows into a CONSISTENT contender will be good for us.
  9. I believe that was just the Social Media portion. The real winner won't be announced until the NFL Honors show before the Superb Owl. I hope he wins that one, too!
  10. Remind me, what kind of coach was Freddie Kitchens again...?
  11. There is a saying, "Like attracts like", meaning people with a low frequency -- people who are insecure and self-abandoning -- attract each other, while people with a high frequency -- people who love and value themselves -- also attract each other. This is the law of attraction. The Browns are losers so it's no wonder they saw themselves in Stefanski (the loser) and disregarded Robert Saleh (the winner). #science
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