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  1. Disagree. The Panthers will find a trade partner. Cam's contract is well below what the starting QBs are making, so that makes a team willing to take flyer on him have low risk (money-wise) if he doesn't pan out. If they cut him, there will be a bidding war, and teams will not want to offer top dollar to a QB coming off two consecutive injuries from the last 2 seasons. Hopefully, the draft haul will be in line with the Bills and not the Texans.
  2. And this is what happens when you let the head coach act as the GM. Can't wait to see what Ron does with the Redskins.
  3. Yeah, that happens. The person likely has a natural immunity to it. This happened back in the days of the Black Plague. While most of the world was affected, some people did not get sick and die. Their bodies were able to fight off the pathogen. People like that are special, because their blood can be used to synthesize a possible vaccine but the WHO is already closing in on one as the virus' genome has been mapped.
  4. I posted this already https://www.carolinahuddle.com/boards/topic/162726-panthers-suspend-coachesscouts-from-travel-amid-covid-19-epidemic/
  5. Breaking news from Joe Person (Things I never thought I'd say) https://twitter.com/josephperson/status/1238148861404872704?s=20
  6. This might be the best insider info we've had on this board in a LONG time.
  7. I mean, no Luke, now no Olsen. I hate to bring Cam into this, but he has no buddies left. Will he be the next to go?
  8. I fixed it for you. *Field Goal
  9. Coming from the King in the North, you know it's important!
  10. Tepper can always block him from taking any job interviews until Brady's full OC potential is realized when we give him the players to work with.
  11. Well, he is under contract for the upcoming season. I imagine that it would become fully guaranteed when the new league starts in March. So, we will probably hear something by then.
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