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  1. In b4 someone says Luke has regressed this season because of PFF stats. Good to see some new names up there, though. Still scratching my head about Manhertz making high grades but i did see him make and hold some blocks.
  2. Disagree. KB, himself, said that he could produce with ANY other QB than Cam Newton. No need to place blame on Buffalo's QBs when the man himself doesn't have an issue with them.
  3. Speed vs speed. Leave Bradberry on AB and put DJax on JuJu. This worked well against the Bucs and I don't see Ron and co. changing that formula, especially on a short week.
  4. Is anyone going to ask him why he continues to have our DBs play 9 yards off the WRs, essentially giving them a free release EVERY play?!
  5. I didn't mean to imply Reid was troubled, I just used that as a catch all word for any player that was dealing with some issue that was polarizing. I think we can all agree that Ron plays his best when he is on the hot seat, and even though it hasn't been expressed that he is, I'm sure he knows he needs to prove his worth to the Tepp. Having Norv is such a blessing because Ron has said that he lets Norv do what he wants which means he doesn't have to stretch himself thin and can focus on other areas, like defense.
  6. This whole thing really has got me thinking. How many of the "Man, I wish we would've signed (insert "troubled" player here), but we never do." was because of JR and not because of Ron and Gettleman/Hurney? Tepper being here is clearly a breath of fresh air, and you have to assume he played role in all this. But, I still wonder if Ron is doing this now because he can, or because he knows he's playing to keep his job? It's probably both. Either way, I'm stoked and hope this tree bares fruit and we end up locking him up long-term.
  7. I'm just glad we got Tepper when we did. The timing couldn't be better as Cam and Luke are hitting their primes. We finally have an owner who clearly wants to win and has shown he has what it takes to win by becoming a self-made billionaire. Sorry to all the women who were on the receiving end of Richardson's disgusting choices, but I couldn't be happier for what we have now and am so much more excited about where we can go under the man they call "The Tepp".
  8. Charles Johnson weighs in... Worth noting that he also suffered the loss of a family member while with us...
  9. Help for Cam is coming this round everyone. Just wait and see... #Whispers #Sources