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  1. It's sickening that this stuff goes on and on with almost zero accountability for LEOs
  2. That "good guy with a gun" narrative gets rolled over with stories like this, but you gun nuts just ignore that part right?
  3. Yes, god forbid we try and protect the environment. You can have sensible regulations that don't "choke" business... Trump's whole gambit is get rid of regulations so that big companies (and he) can make more money. This is why he has made a fool of himself repeatedly by saying things like "clean coal" and his multiple idiotic tirades against wind power. He's so fuging transparent with his motives.
  4. Rodeo isn't the president you dumb fug. He's just a guy on this forum that maybe 50 people might read. You're an idiot to equivocate a poster on an internet forum to the president of the United States.
  5. You fugtard... in reference to immigrants, someone in the crowd yelled "SHOOT THEM!" at a Florida rally... What did Trump do? Did he say "no, don't do that" or "no, that's illegal" or "please don't promote violence". NOPE. He said (while laughin), and I quote, "haha, that's only in the panhandle you can get away with that statement" <cheers> <smiles> <smirks>. You dumb fug @retired the man you support incites violence.
  6. I think you're a racist who's ok with a racist president.
  7. Yes you do, you openly support and defend an openly racist president. That makes you a promoter of racism AT THE LEAST. Anyone is welcome to sit at your table huh? Except those damned brown immigrants... fug them.
  8. We're all waiting for you to tell us how many black friends you have...
  9. Race has everything to do with this from multiple angles you dumbass. Racist, white Trump supporters are committing these acts of violence because he has been riling them up for 3 years. If a black man had done this, not only would he not have gotten bail, the cops would have probably shot him on sight. Your privilege is showing.
  10. idk man, I'm really beginning to wonder...
  11. I mean this is similar to the "well what about Chicago" and "more people are killed by abortion and can openers" threads I see on Facebook and Twitter. Just another distraction from the fact that regardless of who the shooter is, we need gun reform. A Facebook "friend" of mine was pointing out all the deaths in Chicago from gun violence and I responded by saying, "so what you're saying is that guns are a problem and we need reform, right?" and he magically disappeared and blocked me.
  12. "gotcha thread" is dumb. Trump supporters and defenders don't get it because they don't want to get it. @TheRumGone hit the nail right on the head.
  13. I mean my own family does that poo... my oldest Uncle at the last family event I went to last year said some racist poo and laughed and I told him if I ever heard him say something like that in my presence again he'd regret it. They're everywhere and think they're not racist.
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