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  1. Hey @retired would Jesus be arresting these doctors or protesting with them?
  2. I just did a little reading on this... we're talking about transvaginal ultrasounds here folks. So KY has mandated that any woman wanting an abortion has to go to the doctor and let them stick a wand up their vagina. @g5jamz, @retired I'm sure you'll support a law that says that when you go to the doctor, before you have any elective procedure, you have to get a wand stuck up your ass. You fuging sick assholes. I hope you burn for doing this poo to women.
  3. You're just repeating FoxNews talking points... Both of those things were proven... Trump literally admitted to bribery on camera you dumb fug.
  4. Except that, you know (oh wait, you don't) that's an actual crime. It's obstruction of justice. Congress has the same authority as the courts do. Presidents aren't kings even tho you worship Trump like one.
  5. "isn't no worse" So he is, because A) he definitely is and B) you're too stupid to understand what you just typed.
  6. Trump and it's not even fuging close. He's all those things and worse. He had family money and WASTED it on his own personal poo. He's a FAR worse person than me. Don't give me that fake christian bullshit about all being sinners, fug that and fug you. You are a worse person than me for supporting someone like Trump and EVEN MORESO for doing it while pretending you're a christian.
  7. This is true. ...and yes, G5 is a giant fuging sack of poo
  8. LOL... he'll find some lame excuse for it or ignore it. Did god tell Trump to be an adulterer? Or fug pornstars? Or kill the Kurds? Or be a traitor? WHAT DOES GOD WANT @retired?
  9. It's because they are fuging hypocrites.
  10. Fallacy. Just because I don't want to tell women how to live their lives doesn't me I (or anyone else) is FOR abortion. What a stupid argument from someone who is stupid.
  11. I got my education from UNCW. I don't need one however to know that you are a fuging hypocrite. You literally support an administration that does all of those things I listed yet "sAvE ther BubiEs" is all you can say.
  12. He said "says they" not that they actually do. You are stupid.
  13. For what? So that you and your cult members can belittle, abuse, degrade and kill them later? Don't pretend like you give a fug about kids after they're born you hypocritical fug.
  14. Trump? fug him and fug you, bunch of traitors.
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