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  1. Darth Biscuit

    25 reasons I am not a Rep

    #28 I'm not a giant fuging hypocrite
  2. Darth Biscuit

    25 Reasons I am not a Dem

    You beat me to it.
  3. Darth Biscuit

    Dotard can’t handle a little rain

    He's busy tweeting about how military votes shouldn't count in Florida. But hey... he's pro-military right?
  4. Darth Biscuit

    My million dollar idea

    Psssttt... minorities can't fix white people's racism. You want them to join you, yet the party base has proven itself to be racist. Why would they want to join that?
  5. Darth Biscuit

    Dotard can’t handle a little rain

    I guess I am surprised you even mentioned it but "missed opportunity" isn't what this is... it's gross disrespect. I suppose that's all we can expect from people that support a pathological liar who openly admitted he sexually assaults women.
  6. Darth Biscuit

    Dotard can’t handle a little rain

    Crickets... they won't acknowledge it.
  7. Darth Biscuit

    Im Leaving..

    Don't let the door hit your ass otw out... Maybe you can think on what was said here and one day your eyes will open to the bullshit in which you believe.
  8. Darth Biscuit

    Election Hack

    The GOP doesn't even try to hide their dirty tactics anymore.
  9. Darth Biscuit

    Trump’s America

    It's noy gonna get better if the Dems win Tuesday..... Trump said it and they'll follow thru...
  10. Not watching the videos but what's the point? As I and others have said ad nauseam, the protests aren't about the military, the flag or the anthem. It's not hard. (Not necessarily directed at OP) Idk if Reid has military in his family or not... it's not about that.
  11. Darth Biscuit

    Josh Norman

    Yeah I have my answer... just another dumbass Trumper.
  12. Darth Biscuit

    Josh Norman

    You gonna go for strike three or you gonna actually present some evidence of this?
  13. Darth Biscuit

    Trump’s America

    ...and then he in turn will use the actions of people like the Nigerian Army to reinforce his racist beliefs.
  14. Darth Biscuit

    Trump’s America

    CWG just gave Perry Rich a homophobic heart attack lol. Also Trump is a piece of poo.
  15. Darth Biscuit

    Have you voted yet ?

    I voted yesterday... I prefer to vote on the actual day as well but have to be out of town for business next week. There was no "straight ticket" option but I voted all dems as well and no on all the NC amendments.