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  1. Local Wilmington Cop makes national news... WPD has a habit of that... https://www.yahoo.com/news/cop-told-driver-not-record-110925967.html Looks like this happened last year so it may have been in the other thread too... Apparently the cop was demoted but that demotion was eventually overturned... man, cops have ZERO accountability.
  2. Bull and G5 are mentally retarded.
  3. What types of people? You're obviously referring to people on this forum because your original quote was "if you guys want Trump out, you better get off the Internet and go vote" I mean, I could literally take the internet into the voting booth, as I'm sure you've heard of smart phones. I could post on this forum whilst voting. idc what you're registered as? wtf difference does that make? You do understand that anyone can vote for any candidate regardless of their party affiliation, right?
  4. A) what does the internet have to do with voting? B) are we pretending that you're not voting for Trump?
  5. So I was told that there was a local story on TV about this in the Raleigh area that this group was actually protesting the removal of a Confederate monument... that just happened to be at an early voting site. Interesting that they felt the need to have a Trump 2020 flag (along with the racist surrender flag) at a monument protest.
  6. In Chatham County NC... The Confederate Flag is just heritage tho right...? Bunch of fuging racists.
  7. Look at this dumbass crowing about tax cuts... Bull got $11.42 extra per paycheck while the 1% got Billions. Yeah... tax cuts.
  8. Darth Biscuit

    The Wall

    I thought @Wes21 wasn't a Trumper... sure seems like one.
  9. This probably could use a separate thread tbh... This is the SOLE argument I've heard for keeping the college tuition system as is and also against forgiveness of student loans. My cousin, who is a "christian" like @retired and others here had a facebook thread about this and lamented the same thing... that he paid for his college loans and others should too. This guy is also a closeted gay man who thinks immigrants should "stay in their own country..." (which I only mention to point out that he's a giant fuging hypocrite like most "christians" are. I pointed out that he lived with his parents, they bought him a car and he had money for gas and food in addition to free lodging during college. He said, and I quote... "my parents only gave me $10,000, and I paid the rest myself, I'm not privileged, I just worked hard..." I mean, how do you even seriously respond to that kind of thinking?
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