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  1. Trump's idiot Chief of Staff admitted the quid-pro-quo on TV today dumbass... Barr can't change that. He can (and will) ignore it tho
  2. They won't, now that even Fox is calling out Trump they'll just add it to the list of fake news. They're hard core cult members.
  3. You are such a fuging shill... you dumb poo, Trump got played TWICE. fuging idiot
  4. This is truly Stupid Watergate
  5. I disagree with the first part of this... I'm certainly not turning a blind eye to anything. I'm still a registered republican, so... But yes, if Biden committed fraud, or treason or whatever else, lock his ass up, fine w me. However, Trump using the threat of holding aid until Ukraine complied with extending their investigation is absolutely grounds for impeachment. Mulvaney literally admitted to it today... how many more White House officials are going to publicly admit that they've committed crimes??
  6. The emoluments stuff alone is enough to impeach him.
  7. This is a good take.
  8. I've seen better letters written by 6th graders.
  9. https://news.yahoo.com/chief-officers-proud-boys-membership-200748878.html Sure... he's a member of Proud Boys, but he's not a white supremacist... nuh uh
  10. This is the thing... Hillary was an AWFUL candidate for President. Awful. My outrage however isn't over who anyone voted for in 2016 (although I do think that if you didn't see Trump's failings you're an idiot), it's the fact that these morons actively support and defend his lying, racist, criminal, traitorous behavior NOW after having seen it for 3 years. It's like the NFL refs... they miss calls in real time sure, that poo is hard, but how the fug do you miss a call under review? Unless you're not really trying.
  11. A) Bullshit B) So what you're really admitting here is that you and those like you would rather see the country burn than try and work with moderates in the democratic party. You're a traitor.
  12. This. It's not that we left. It's how and why. I would have no problem bringing 100% of overseas US troops home. Conservatives and Trump cultists would have you believe that we're righting all the wrongs of the previous administrations... completely and obviously ignoring the fact that Trump is actively involving us in other conflicts (Saudi Arabia) again, to his personal gain, while "bringing the troops home".
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