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  1. https://www.revealnews.org/article/inside-hate-groups-on-facebook-police-officers-trade-racist-memes-conspiracy-theories-and-islamophobia/ ~400 that were find-able on open social media... How many more don't use social media, or just have old-fashion in person groups that support these beliefs and hate groups, or just believe these things and just go about their daily business while hating people? Remember these are the members of our society who are tasked with stamping OUT this kind of thing...
  2. Good, then perhaps he'll explain his meaning. I mean I doubt it... and even if he did, I doubt he'd be honest...
  3. I'm curious as to exactly what an "over educated black <person>" is? Anyone care to explain? G5klanz has me blocked because he's a racist pig and I call him on it.
  4. There's nothing to argue. You're (do you know the difference between your and you're?) crying about a non issue. There's no double standard, I'm white and I support BLM efforts. Mainly bc I'm not a racist dickbag.
  5. Did... did you read CRA's post? Can you read?
  6. I mean fug I don't blame them, right @lightsout... that guy could be REALLY SCARY! LET'S SHOOT 55 ROUNDS AT HIM AND MAKE SURE HE CAN'T PUNCH US.
  7. Maybe start with your local elementary school... seems about the right level.
  8. Seriously, are you high? Drunk? Or are you perhaps having a stroke?
  9. I didn't dyne it bc idk wtf dyne it means... Those little keys are letters... if you watch, they put letters on the screen when you hit them. Is it your brain that's fuged up or your fingers? I'm gonna go with both...
  10. Oh man, those poor white MEGA hat (lol) wearing people... so sad. Your tears are hilarious and delicious @retarded I mean @retired
  11. Man that's really surprising... When I say surprising I mean it's surprising that more videos of others haven't surfaced. That poo goes on all over...
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