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  1. The more I think about it, the more I agree. The only ones everyone would have above are Reggie White and Bruce Smith... LT was an OLB. There's also Deacon Jones and Charles Haley but they were b4 my time and I'm not sure they even were DE's
  2. Im actually NOT going by "this" fanbase, I'm going by others fanbases... even Saints and Falcon fans would have Luke 10 ten ALL TIME and they hate us. He was the undisputed best MLB in the game for a good 4 or 5 years. At the beginning of his career it was between him and Willis, and the end him and Wagner, but in the middle he stood alone at the top. Cam only had one such year. And Luke actually IS overrated by our fan base but thats because some make the argument that he's the GOAT MLB, but he doesnt have an argument for that imo...therefore overrated, however he has a strong argument for top 5. Very strong.
  3. Love Cam, but Nah. Luke has a DPOY trophy, which is defensive MVP. Luke is top 10 at his position ALL TIME and has an argument for top 5. Cam unfortunately doesnt come close. Most people career wise have Cam (grab a bucket to throw up in) on Matt Ryans level. 1 MVP each. 1 superbowl appearance each. And other successes here and there. Luke is placed with Willis, Urlacher, and Singletary as the three backers right under the GOAT Ray Lewis.
  4. I voted Smitty, but I think Ive changed to Luke... He's the only one who has an agrument for Top 5 at his position ALL TIME... not sure he'd make it, but it would be close...
  5. This seems very much like what Gettlemen did in 2013, his first off season. Except for one BIG difference. Those players Gettlemen grabbed were being surrounded by a young talented core. Cam, Luke, Olsen, TD, CJ... while these guys will be surrounded by a core of Christian McCaffrey and...and... and... Shaq Thompson?
  6. Not true, but if your only exposure to evangelicals are megachurches, those with political ambitions, and social media, I understand how you could feel that way. We have to do better.
  7. I should clarify. I'm certainly no bible teacher, but I personally don't take that away from the parable, I was attempting to come with an example of how people see what they want to see in Jesus. I understand that was no economic lesson. Regarding your last paragraph...Bernie seems to have a beautiful heart, and i do believe his policies most closely line up with the teachings of Christ, although there's a sizable gap if you were to bring up something like abortion which I believe hurts the heart of God, but nevertheless, he's the closest. That said, when my mother goes to vote for Biden before Tuesday Night bible study, I dont believe she's being a hypocrite. As a christian she doesn't just vote for the person whose policies most closely aligns with that of Christ, but more important than that, for her, the Christian, is someone who is themselves a follower of Christ, who loves him like she loves him. Because if there is a genuine relationship, in areas where someone isnt aligned as they should, through that relationship, correction could be made. Bernie isn't a Christian. Biden is catholic. How deep is his relationship with Christ, who knows, but to someone like my mom, that would matter a lot more than free college tuition, and that doesn't make her a hypocrite, imo. Which goes to your last part in that maybe they are, she is, too GD dumb to know the difference. I would say thats a particularly harsh way of putting it, but perhaps that's the case, she's not on twitter everyday, and she doesnt watch CNN. She reads her bible, listens to Bill Johnson preach, and Tasha Cobbs worship..that sounds like an ignorance that truly is bliss. But I feel you fam.
  8. Old thread I know, but things get more interesting when you bring up the black church/christians, which is where I'm from. They share most if not all of evangelicals social beliefs: particularly abortion...(I don't have the numbers, just going off of what I've observed growing up), but still vote overwhelmingly for the democrats. Interesting. Obviously it's because the democrats have been an ally, or perceived ally in the past, but the GOP hasnt gotten our vote despite us being aligned on a lot of issues... And people see whatever they wanna see when it comes to Jesus. There are scriptures in which he aligns with Bernie and there are scriptures where he does the opposite. The parable of the talents for example, in which Jesus takes from the man who has the "least" and gives it to the man who has the "most" because the man who had the least was a bad steward.
  9. I'm not personally effected emotionally but I can understand if someone is. There are some who react emotionally when their favorite character on a TV show or film are killed so I get it.
  10. Meh. More about the regime than anything. Richardson, for all his failings of character, loved his players to a fault. Tepper seems more of a "What can ya do for me type."
  11. Oh no, I have no issue with them not wanting to extend him because of his inability to stay healthy. Mr. Scot was saying that they weren't even interested in having him at QB this year without the new contract which I found surprising.
  12. But why did they want to move on? Did they simply believe he'd never be the QB he was? They had to know that healthy Cam>>>> Bridgewater.
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