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  1. As dominant as the 49ers were, it just reminded me that we were up 31-0 on the Seahawks during the 2015 division round. Ugh. That team was sooo good.
  2. For me if Cam is willing to play on the last year of his deal then, lets roll. If not, thats where things get complicated
  3. Yes this doesnt bother me too much. We could have done a Baltimore and changed up everything, but then people would scream, why would you stop doing what made you successful... Theres something to be said for saying "this is what we do best, and you cant stop us". I mean thats exactly what Tennessee is doing right now. I suppose there's a happy medium. Perhaps we failed to add a few wrinkles. And yes, blocking Von Miller. But that was an in-game issue.
  4. ATL'leinCamNewton is such a unique bad poster. Most horrible posters in the recent past have been irrational Cam haters/bashers... ATL takes things so far to the other end of the spectrum that even @TheRed and @tiger7_88, two of our biggest Cam supporters have to the be thinking like, "dude, chill."
  5. Dear God... I wanted Rivera gone as much as the next guy, but this constant and growing narrative that he ruined or wasted Cam and now Luke is a bit ridiculous.. First of all it's extremely vague... what do you mean Ruined? Luke literally had a hall of fame career with RR, how did ruin or use him up? This is football. People get hurt. Cam, Luke, everyone. It's the game... Is this all because he didnt win a ring...? So if a hall of fame player doesnt win a ring that means his coach ruined him? Underacheived? Absolutely. But some of yall make it seem like RR put voodoo dolls inside their lockers to destroy them. They only give 1 of those suberbowls out per year...not getting one doesnt mean your talent was wasted or ruined. It's hard to win one. RR couldnt get the job done.. goodbye, on to the next, but it doesnt mean the guy destroyed their careers. It's just a very weird perspective... " He had two hall of fame level talents." So has a lot of coaches that havent won it all.
  6. I guess the ol' "Run the ball, stop the run still works."
  7. I don't get this though. You don't HAVE to teardown to rebuild in the NFL, this isn't the NBA... You just have to keep your picks and draft really well.. The saint's had some lean years, but they never tore down, all they did was have one of the best draft classes of the last decade and then bam...they've been competing for the last 3 years... Baltimore certainly never tore down, they missed the playoffs maybe once or twice, but nothing drastic, but drafting with a little offensive innovation has turned things around... The closest example I can come to for a team that tore down and is now having success is the 49ers..., but even their rebuilding process only took 3 years... I'm not sure where this 5 year stuff comes from.
  8. Only if there's money left over after signing Oline, Dline... I'm okay with doing BPA and going WR in the draft - those contracts arent cap killers, but signing a 13million dollar a year WR, with how are trenches look... Nah, son.
  9. The most desired candidates seem to be also the biggest unknowns, that's no coincidence. I don't necessarily have an issue with that though.
  10. I agree that Rivera was a big problem and should be fired, but the idea that we have bunch of talent is erroneous imo... and for one sinple reason... No QB... that changes it all...can't win with a back up in this league... people pointed to Pittsburgh and Indianapolis as a way of condemning Rivera, but those quarterbackless teams ended up doing what all quarterbackless teams do in the end... collapse. You cant say this is a QB driven offensive league and then turn around and say that a coach should be able to win with a backup quarterback...
  11. You could certainly give McDermott and Wilks credit... I think that had a big influence, but I think the biggest hit to the defense wasn't the playcallers leaving but the loss of talent... Norman left, who was a shutdown corner for us... KK declined after getting paid. TD declined... CJ who was our best pash rusher after Hardy left, declined and then retired. On and on. You still need talent... we saw some remnants of what Rivera could do towards the end of last year on D, the Saints game in particular... but of course the fact that he had Washington as D-coordinator for so long is why so many of us was happy to see him go. Not gonna waste my breath defending a guy I wanted gone as well, I simply meant to say that I think he did do some good things here, that wasnt directly attributed to Cam and Luke, but obviously not enough good things, which is why he's gone.
  12. Ron definitely should have been fired... but this idea that the slim success he had was only because of Cam comes off as sour grapes imo. No doubt the success was mostly attributed to Cam, but that's often the case with QBs... but a large portion of the success of the 2013 and 2015 teams was because of Ron's defense. Particular 2013. That was a heck of a defense that year... the best outside of 2003. But of course that was only 2 years, which is why he was, and should have been fired.
  13. So people are Salty about Olsen now... ? Yes we mostly wanted Rivera gone, and therefore were happy when he was let go... but he was a player under the man for 8 years, and I'm assuming they drew close, so cut him some slack in terms of allegiance to the old guard, whatever that means...give him an offseason at least. We fired our coach mid season, therefore the players have to process it in real time while also preparing to play, so Olsen's frustration with the organization is understandable to me. I think he still has allegiance to this organization.
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