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  1. Of course, my point was I dont think he's getting them focused on social justice, we've seen no evidence of that from anyone but Torrey Smith, whom had that focus before Reid was here. But if he was talking about something more divisive then it would be a lot easier to deviate from focus. Negativity or disagreements always catch people's eye more than something they agree with. It's the whole "post something on Social media, hundreds of people like what you said, but that one troll decides to be negative, and that's the comment you focus on" thing.
  2. I don't think Reid is a distraction simply because most if not all the players agree with his perspective, at least to a certain extent. But I do think people here may be understating how easily a team can get distracted. Not to the point where they don't practice well or watch film, but it doesn't take that to have a losing effect, the difference between winning and losing in this league is so small, that even the smallest of distraction could change things. Will a distraction cause someone to miss a block? No, but what if they are in the film room debating bigoted trolls on Twitter rather than studying their opponent, what if they missed something they otherwise wouldn't have. And again, I DO NOT think Reid is a distraction, but that's because, in my view anyway, he holds a position that most of the players, them being black, most likely agree with. But let's say Reid was just as vocal about something like Abortion, let's say he's a pro life guy. Well that's something the locker room could be more split on. Would that not be a distraction? I think it would be. I'm glad that Tepper has created an environment where Reid feels comfortable stating his points of view, particularly since his point of view was already widely known. That said I dont think it would be healthy for a team environment going forward if every player felt emboldened to present their pro life or pro choice, pro Palestine or pro Isreal, pro Bernie or Pro Trump arguments to the media. Particularly since there's no guarantee that those players position are as thought out as Reid's. I suspect the fans will have a problem with it or not have a problem with it depending on where they stand on said issue. Tldr: Just because Reid isn't a distraction doesn't mean teams aren't easily distracted.
  3. Not gonna lie, Galden flying around... he's not always doing what he should but he flashes.
  4. Any questions about Short's and McCoy's ability to play 3-4 DE? Not whether or not they can do it, I'm sure they can, but whether they can do it as successfully as they play the 3 tech. Most 3-4 DE tend to be a little smaller. About 285-300ish, so I'm wondering how they'll adapt. We'll still play plenty of 4-3 so it's not a huge concern, but still wondering...
  5. The writings on the wall, the building the roof, the door post. Everywhere.
  6. Probably just going to grab some snacks for training camp. I doubt it's regular thing when home in charlotte.
  7. Not reading the entire thread, but the debate in the first few pages was Gettlemen vs Hurney. One of the things I've never seen brought up in comparing their impact picks is the years they were GM. Gettlemen was the GM for 5 drafts. Hurney was GM for double that... a decade from 2002-2012... of course he picked more high impact players, he had double the amount of years to do it. Not to mention often higher picks as well. Doesnt mean I think Gettlemen did a great job when he was here though.
  8. Didnt love the pic... But, if Cam goes down of course Grier won't lead us to the playoffs, but thats not a backups job. What if Cam just misses a couple games, that's when it's important to have a legitimate backup, that way he can come in and keep us afloat.
  9. If Seattle were to go on to win the Superbowl, we would see that Broken play completion one over over til forever. We can't let that happen. We won't let that happen!
  10. We need to drive down and score. Force them to be one dimensional is key because it seems like they've been able to run on us.
  11. That's true. But I honestly blame Zimmer. That should have kicked it on 3rd down.
  12. I said b4 the sack that they were going to get sacked or complete a pass in the field of play. That was astonishingly stupid.
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