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  1. When we were hoping that Rivera would be fired a number of posters wanted us to go after a young offensive mind. From a fan perspective this is fine. You want who you want. I wanted one too. But I don't want our front office (and hopefully they're not) having a pre-determined "type" of head coach before they even start interviewing. When a GM or owner has this pre-determined type from the outset it can make candidates who fit that type look appealing to those decisions makers, even if they're not otherwise qualified. "We need a Sean McVay type, who the closest to that type available?" Enter the Packers new coach Matt Lafluer and the yet to be announced new coach of the Cardinals, Kliff Kingsbury. Now I have no idea if either of them will be any good, and Lafleur in my view is a lot better hire than Kingsbury, but there's little doubt that without the success of McVay, Lafleur and Kingsbury would still be looking to establish themselves in the league. When it's time to find our new offensive mind, I hope we take an approach like The Bears. They noticed the success of McVay, but they didn't attribute it to his age, or to his hipness, what I fear the Cardinals may be doing. They attributed McVay's success to his innovation. We don't need to hire the hot new thing. A smart, hardworking, innovative old man would be just fine imo.
  2. Any theories on why it's seemingly always WR that's divas... I mean it's strange right, that it seems to always be this position group... Is it simply not getting the ball enough?
  3. I'll take your word on it, but I do remember Shaq playing pretty good earlier in the year when he was playing TD's position... I think anyway. I definitely remember him playing great against Dallas. My memory is hazy on the rest.
  4. I guess I'm in the minority that believe Shaq is better that TD at this moment problem is the price that Shaq comes at.
  5. emhoward

    Isn’t it ironic...

    No one can answer what we should do because there is no logical answer to that that wouldn't make a mockery of the players. I didnt want to win either, but we did.
  6. Momentum is a fragile thing.
  7. emhoward

    I cant believe how bad Ron fuged us today

    I want to lose, I really do, but what exactly do you want the coach to do? You take out the starters. Check. What now? You can't tell your players to give half effort because that leads to injuries. Call bad play calls on purpose? And how will the players react to this? What exactly are you proposing Ron do? Give me an exact example because other than removing starters I'm not sure.
  8. Penalty for the abuse Richardson perpetrated while owner. 100% logic here. No debate. Tepper gets a clean slate next year.
  9. Football Gods hate tanking guys. Have to go for it. If not we'll draft a bust with the higher pick. It's the way of the world.
  10. emhoward

    Argue Rivera's case

    My only defense of Rivera came before his defense collapsed this year, now I have nothing. Time to move on.
  11. If we don't fire him after this year, the next opportunity to fire him will be after 2020 because we all know the Panthers go to the playoffs in odd years after a losing season...
  12. Teams stack the box heavily because they know Cam is too hurt to throw over top... do you run into 8,9,and 10 man boxes or do you pass with a hurt Newton? I do think he should have ran it more though.
  13. emhoward

    Ron just stated he will not sit Cam

    I think he's more hurt than injured. If he was injured no way Ron, team doctors, or Tepper would allow him to play... He mentioned in the press conference that "it's not getting better, not getting worse, he's just sore...."
  14. They were stacking the box, daring us to throw because they know Cam is hurt. Same thing the Browns did. NFL teams are stupid. I think they shoulf have ran it more anyway, but this was probably Norv's reason for throwing.