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  1. You're reading into my answer to your question.
  2. I've posted on this forum for 15 years, there was a time where conversations were much more productive between disagreeing sides. Now all you have left is a few racist trump trolls, angry liberals who mainly insult and a handful of people who are laser focused on the Russia investigation.
  3. I cant say why some left but several left just for that reason.
  4. I agree but unfortunately that is not the tone or words typically used when talking about white privilege. Its typically brought across as an assault. This forum is full of examples. That's not going to produce the wanted change.
  5. I agree, my comments weren't as specific to Saha as the idea in general of understanding people being put off by what he stated.
  6. There are few words that disgust me. That word does. Grow up you troll.
  7. What excellent input you've added to this thread, it certainly adds more proof to my point. I suggest being more rational and less tribal.
  8. I have no idea what your definition of Islamaphobe is. You guys define things on your own terms to suite your narrative and group anyone you disagree with together. I'm no more an islamaphobe than a Christianaphobe. I dont care for religion. I think some sects of Christianity are dangerous. I think some sects of Islam are dangerous. I have no idea what Saha thinks of Islam.
  9. That’s tactics on how I think the issue is best fixed. I’m quite liberal despite you trying to mislabel me because you can’t handle an actual conversation that challenges you. You, PSC, szJames and a handful of others turn to insults and stifle real conversation. It’s made this forum pure poo. The racist Trumpers were bad enough.
  10. Interesting all I get from you is insults. Please state what you disagree with me on. Do you not want equality? Do you not think there is white previlage? Those are the only two beliefs i state, the rest was tactics.
  11. Lol It's amazing how you can tell what I said when I've been blocked the whole time. The reaction of the liberals on here is such a disappointment. Few actually engage. It's mostly insults and insinuations that I'm a racist/bigot because we disagree on tactics not actual beliefs. Grow up.
  12. People who cant make an argument demonize. Block me for real please.