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  1. Nuance dude, look it up. I didn't defend them I said it was wrong and offensive. I also said it doesn't mean they are automatically racist, they could just be ignorant that it is offensive to so many people. It is an argument worth making because it's frequently the reality. Watch out how you talk to me you might hurt my "precious girl feelings".
  2. Cat

    Shits gettin real now

    And that is the key, everyone on here is very comfortable calling out anyone they think might be on as a Trump supporter or right wing but liberals are not calling out liberals for telling people to kill themselves and all the other extreme language that has been used. Tribalism on full display.
  3. Cat

    Shits gettin real now

    Me too. So first step is being able to talk to them.
  4. Cat

    Shits gettin real now

    I know you aren't So you don't want racist to kill themselves? Is that true?
  5. Cat

    Shits gettin real now

    Yep, but he was giving me poo about agree with a facist because I thought a joke was funny (and the joke had nothing to do with facism). It was in another thread.
  6. First off, please stop changing my position on blackface to suit your narrative of me. I said it was wrong and offensive. Never once did I condone blackface. The rest of your post is exactly the type of us vs them attitude that leaves no room for critical thought. If I employeed your tactics, I'd start calling you a sexist and attacking you because of your line about, "precious feelings of white women"
  7. Cat

    Shits gettin real now

    PhillyB wants all the racist to kill themselves. Do you agree with that? If you do would you like the ignorant people to kill themselves too since it's as bad as racism?
  8. Cat

    Shits gettin real now

    I don't know that I agree with that. But it doesn't make them racist, which was my whole point.
  9. Cat

    Shits gettin real now

    It was literally all things I've heard The Red, PSC and several others say. I've seen no one respond call out @ImaginaryKev for claiming I agree with a facist because I laughed at a joke about Bernie Sanders after showing support for Bernie Sanders. No one on the left is calling out the equivocations by other liberal posters. No one calls out the attacks on the person instead of the argument. You guys just pile on. That is why most people have left.
  10. Cat

    Shits gettin real now

    Eh, I googled it. There isn't much about libs meaning what you guys are saying. The only thing close that comes up is the term "owning the libs". Google libtard in comparison.
  11. Cat

    Shits gettin real now

    Um yeah.
  12. Cat

    Shits gettin real now

    I've called them out in the past, specifically in the summer and in the last month and all it turned into them trying to label me a racist Trump supporter. I sounded just like PSC in my original post. It's fuging pathetic that you guys are silent to their illogical rants and raves because they are on your side.
  13. Kill themselves... Jesus, yeah I dont line up with this poo. Out of curiosity, is this just American racist? Or all racist? Cause from my experience in travels, there are racist everywhere, lots. 2nd part, is what I'm arguing. For example when a liberal screams at a white dude that the reason he is where he is in life is due to white privilege, that guy is likely going to ignore them, feel hurt and pissed off. Instead acknowledge their efforts and explain white privilege in a nuanced manner and maybe make it less personal so it's not seen as an attack. They will be much more open to the information. Sadly this is far from what happens on here. And my argument gets dismissed as being the tone police. Tone matters, words matter.
  14. Cat

    Shits gettin real now

    I don't know wheb is. Just cause your kid knows, doesnt mean a good chuck of society isn't ignorant about it.
  15. Cat

    Shits gettin real now

    It's hard to believe that not so long ago most liberals had this mindset. We are far far from there. Now it would be all, dont fuging tone police me!!