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  1. Incitement to genocide? Am I missing something they said or did? I had to read multiple articles about Omar's tweets to verify people were actually pissed off about the reference to a Pdiddy song.
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  3. "The truth is, truth has never been high on the agenda of Homo sapiens. If you stick to unalloyed reality, few people will follow you." @harari_yuval

  4. I thought some of Eminem's lines were clever but his rapping eventually got on my nerves. :)
  5. Listening to mile high radio, in general they don't have much respect respect for any aspect of our team but Cam. Most seem to think J Stew isn't much of a worry, nor our receivers. And they think their offense can handle our D and put up lots of points.
  6. Wow, at the game didn't realize all the injuries. Twitter reporters suck in on updates
  7. Conveniently leaving out 10 rushing touchdowns. who cares what they think? not me
  8. As if I didn't already have enough reasons to want this to happen. No take backsies
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