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  1. Nuance dude, look it up. I didn't defend them I said it was wrong and offensive. I also said it doesn't mean they are automatically racist, they could just be ignorant that it is offensive to so many people. It is an argument worth making because it's frequently the reality. Watch out how you talk to me you might hurt my "precious girl feelings".
  2. First off, please stop changing my position on blackface to suit your narrative of me. I said it was wrong and offensive. Never once did I condone blackface. The rest of your post is exactly the type of us vs them attitude that leaves no room for critical thought. If I employeed your tactics, I'd start calling you a sexist and attacking you because of your line about, "precious feelings of white women"
  3. Kill themselves... Jesus, yeah I dont line up with this poo. Out of curiosity, is this just American racist? Or all racist? Cause from my experience in travels, there are racist everywhere, lots. 2nd part, is what I'm arguing. For example when a liberal screams at a white dude that the reason he is where he is in life is due to white privilege, that guy is likely going to ignore them, feel hurt and pissed off. Instead acknowledge their efforts and explain white privilege in a nuanced manner and maybe make it less personal so it's not seen as an attack. They will be much more open to the information. Sadly this is far from what happens on here. And my argument gets dismissed as being the tone police. Tone matters, words matter.
  4. Im with Nanu. Disagreement is immediately met with vitriol. Rarely attacks on the argument, mostly on the person. And its extra points and high fives if you can label them a racist. I noticed it last winter and it's just gotten worse.
  5. He didnt even watch the video. He just attacked the messenger. Hes not interested in conversation, just fighting. And yeah that's what I've been saying the whole time.
  6. You constantly lean on the idea that if someone was wrong once they can never be right. Such foolishness.
  7. It's almost like Trevor Noah read mine and @GOOGLE JIM BOB COOTERconversation. Of course he didnt think people having to learn and be educated about black face was stupid.
  8. Ideally, but she did the smart thing for the moment.
  9. Incitement to genocide? Am I missing something they said or did? I had to read multiple articles about Omar's tweets to verify people were actually pissed off about the reference to a Pdiddy song.
  10. Did you really think I was referring to both sides in regards to Omar? lol OK that's all the time I'm giving you. It was far too much already. Time for you to pounce on someone else.
  11. You want to peg me as a right wing racist so bad it clouds your ability to read. Page 5 I called out G5 for being a hypocrite because he doesn't say poo about republicans saying actual racist things but he has a problem with her statements. I then went on to post how ridiculous this is and apparently one can never suggest Jewish people and the state of Israel are driven by money without it being considered anti-Semitic. I then went on to say if Trump with his history of anti-semitic dialogue said this I wouldn't call it anti-semitic. Then I went on to point out people on both sides getting their panties in a wad with out being charitable and thinking about intent. You want things simply. Black and white, good vs evil. Easy labels. Life's not that way.
  12. I actually had her back you fool. Nor did I bring up black face. You suck at reading. I guess that's why you make fun of learning.
  13. From the moment you engaged me you have never once actually made a point about the premise of my arguments. First you told me to shut my mouth because I had to look into the historical context of black face. Then you randomly brought up Sam Harris and tried to label me a racist because I've expressed he's thought provoking in a completely different arena of discussion. Then you called me a clown, and started making fun of my previous discussions about my religious journey. Still no actual discussion or arguments just attacks. Then you said I likely have pics in black face. This is @GOOGLE JIM BOB COOTER MO. You rarely add anything to a conversation. Even over the slightest disagreement with someone you don't actually engage in the why and try to justify your position, you simply attack the person in anyway you possibly can. Even in this post, you simply called me a racist and labeled me the same as a right winger. This is why I typically ignore you. Until you add more to the conversation than insults and attempts to shove someone under a label you feel justified in simply dismissing, I say STFU.
  14. Do you not read? I literally said I never came across it when I was younger. You're such a nasty fighter, that's why I say STFU
  15. I guess my friends and family weren't ass racist as yours. I never heard it or saw it until my early 20s.
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