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  1. Cat

    25 reasons I am not a Rep

    There you proved it. my goodness
  2. Cat

    25 reasons I am not a Rep

    Capitalism absolutely drives invention and it was the force behind the scientific revolution. I'm surprised by this limited view. Yes capitalism has it's negative impacts but a look back at history should prove to most that capitalism is far from "bad".
  3. Cat

    25 reasons I am not a Rep

    So are a LOT of our successes.
  4. Cat

    25 reasons I am not a Rep

    Capitalism is bad? There are pros and cons to capitalism but I can't understand why anyone would say it's bad. It's responsible for some of the best things in our society and many of the advancements we've made.
  5. U.S. analysts said Monday they have located more than half of an estimated 20 secret North Korean missile development sites, highlighting the challenge the Trump administration faces in ensuring that North Korea complies with any eventual agreement to end its nuclear and missile programs. But Trump said he denuclearized them. FAKE NEWS
  6. Cat

    Far Right is on the rise world wide

    Instead of being enemies the US just might be allies.
  7. Cat

    Far Right is on the rise world wide

    Yeah this was happening before you voted for Trump. Its fuging horrifying, glad you are now enlightened.
  8. Cat

    New acting AG

    But hes not black...so
  9. NY times sent me a notification on my phone this morning like this is headline news. Sorry NYT it's just another day in America
  10. She's not nearly as bad as republicans make her out to be. I remember being taught to hate her, when I actually looked into what she had done, I was confused as to why she was so hated by my fellow republicans. She has experience and I agree with her views and sometimes her strategies but I'd like to see how another seasoned vet would do.
  11. See how there are actual post with points and reasons given. Trumpers would just measure how pissed off it would make the "libtards" and let that determine if it's a solid move. Republicans governing has come down to being a major troll job.
  12. Well that's good but it seems to contradict your original statement.
  13. But if you never expose them to stuff they will never ask questions about it. I do think you have to look at the age in regards to how detailed of an explanation to give.
  14. Well Mueller has some protection. And all the corruption going on by Trump and his cabinet can now be investigated. It will be interesting to see what happens the next few months when their in.
  15. My parenting philosophy is totally different. I want my kid to know the real world while I have an opportunity to prepare him for it.