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  1. It's a fancy way of saying "I hate brown people and I want my god to hate them too, so if Trump hates brown people he must have been chosen by god."
  2. That's all great until Greasy Tony has to close up shop anyway because he can't afford to live/work in his own neighborhood anymore. Look what all those tech companies did to Silicon Valley and the cost of living there. If a poo load of jobs come in paying way more than the previous median, rent and housing and all other living expenses rise accordingly. Because rich brogrammer assholes can pay more.
  3. you're retarded lmfao they hire the best from universities all over the country for those software jobs. They're not just gonna pay Greasy Tony 150k even though he doesn't even have a GED because he's local hahahahahahahaha fuging moron.
  4. Same. But now I have a BS in Computer Science beside it thank fug
  5. Me: Writes incredibly complex software with logic that would explode the average boomer mind at his job Boomer: Haha but can u put some seeds in the ground and then water them haha didn't think so Me: lmfao shut up boomer.
  6. Imagine posting this unironically as a response to the subject matter of this thread like it's a good argument.
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