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  1. I don't give a poo about poor white people. Imagine being dealt a straight flush in life and still fuging up your hand. fuging losers lmfao
  2. You're right, I'm sure when Laars the neurosurgeon is found to be an illegal immigrant or on an expired work permit, g5 is just as up in arms.
  3. I'd be fine with that you racist retard. Now can we force you and your hick army to take care of all unwanted pregnancies to give mothers an alternative to abortion? I'll take your reply off air.
  4. Can we sign Colin next? I feel like one more woke signing will shake loose the remaining chuds clinging to our bandwagon. And let's be honest, we're fuged if Cam goes down. Colin gives us the best chance to win if Cam is hurt.
  5. Missed you brother
  6. Yeah see I did the opposite of you. I started in Fall 2005 too. BA in History. Was told if I just got that paper, the world was my oyster. Didn't matter the degree, do what you're passionate about I was told. Turns out it did matter! Went back in 2016 for a BS in Computer Science and now I make 4 times what I made in a year at my old retail job. I just graduated this past May. The system really likes to to punish kids who don't get it right the first time. No grants or scholarships for second degree students. I had zero debt from my first degree because I worked my way through school and got scholarships and grants to pay the rest. Fact is, despite whatever boomer anecdotes you might hear, it's impossible to graduate from school debt free if you can't get financial aid. I have about 30k in Stafford loans (thankfully) from this last degree even though I worked full time while I took classes.
  7. Anyone who ever had student loans should be able to get a reimbursement for any payments they've made. Even if it's completely paid off. Any outstanding balance is wiped out. I'll take your comments off air.
  8. *gulps* I'm. . .uh. . .gonna beat you up. . . and stuff Mr. Rodeo. . .
  9. As the great prophet Jim Jefferies once said. "There is only one argument in favor of guns: 'fug YOU, DON'T TAKE MY GUNS!'"
  10. lmao what is this poo
  11. "Take out a lot of people who voted for Hillary and my guy wins'
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