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  1. SmootsDaddy89

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    I'm not as upset with the Carolina one as I thought I'd be
  2. SmootsDaddy89

    APA says "traditional masculinity" is harmful for society

    And sometimes a flower
  3. SmootsDaddy89

    House Seeks To Abolish The Electoral College

    But guys, South Dakota, a state with a population of 12 people with the combined IQ of Ecat's cum-stained sock, needs as much representation as California and New York!
  4. SmootsDaddy89

    Identity politics run amok

    Is autism gonna be the racist version of the "I'm gay" defense a la Kevin Spacey?
  5. SmootsDaddy89

    Unborn Victims of Violence Act

    Make this your rap name
  6. SmootsDaddy89

    Trump Won 2018....Libs Lose. ...

    lol....no he didn't....buh-bye!!!
  7. I make so much money that I pay poor, dumb white trash to punch their fellow nazis in my stead because I'm too busy making more money to do it myself.
  8. SmootsDaddy89

    USSC Upholds Block on Trump's Asylum Ban

    is this what it feels like to be sick of winning?
  9. SmootsDaddy89

    Merry Christmas Poor Folks

    lol "I abused the system while I was in it, but now that I'm out, it should be changed to fug over everyone else." -ecat
  10. SmootsDaddy89

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    *furiously googles NC State racism*
  11. SmootsDaddy89

    Troops blackmailed for being sick pervs

    I mean the subject matter is right up his alley anyway.
  12. https://www.carolinahuddle.com/boards/profile/39376-professor-chaos/?do=content&type=forums_topic_post&change_section=1 Hold this L for me, kid.
  13. SmootsDaddy89

    I admit it, I hate crackers.

    I'm 90% sure that's fiz in the forefront.