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  1. No no no, you misunderstood. I want you to donate to him so that he drops out. Thanks in advance.
  2. Are you telling me that O'Neal isn't an African last name? I have to say, as someone who likes to play devil's advocate and who desperately wants to cum all over my stepmom, I'm gonna need you to show your work on that. Just asking questions!
  3. God I really hope they step out of line. Nothing gets me rock hard like seeing a fat nazi crying and bleeding on the sidewalk.
  4. Some stupid honky on my Facebook posted a tweet of someone asking how so many I can't breathe t-shirts were manufactured all over the country in such a short time, as if it was some massive liberal conspiracy. I dropped a Wikipedia link to Eric Garner and that comment chain died off real quick. I'm sure the CMPD is setting up an interview with him as we speak since they recruit quite heavily from the retarded rural white demographic.
  5. Me and the boys headed to the nearest protest. (I'm on guitar feel free to tag yourselves)
  6. I'm coming straight to your trailer park and setting your meth lab on fire
  7. This fuging owns, I wanna see how many pig pens we can burn to the ground tonight.
  8. Everyone knows it's only okay to riot and loot when your hockey team loses to the bruins or your pumpkin festival gets cancelled. The black community riots over injustice and murder. White people riot when they're inconvenienced.
  9. SmootsDaddy89

    Joe Biden

    At least it's not NC State, what a shithole. ;D
  10. I learned to cook for myself during all this. I've lost 30 pounds, don't wait 3 hours for shitty food, and don't have to associate with fat white people. The rare triple win.
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