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  1. Yes, because Jesus would enact all of Bernie's policies and the Republicans and "Liberals" would hate him lmfao
  2. Maybe they should get a real job they can do from home like fat fingering numbers into excel like MadHatter
  3. You literally typed "strait white male" no wonder you're a libertarian, fuging children is the only way to be with someone on the same intellectual level as you lmao
  4. I can't wait for harbingers to write something vague on his ballot and the primary comes down to one vote but it never gets decided because they keep asking harbingers what he means but he just makes vague gestures and suggests they're to simple to grasp the intent of his ballet.
  5. Does having to read your shitty Boomer takes count?
  6. I love that this is taking off
  7. NASCAR would be way funnier if the winner got to fug their sister in the middle of the track at the end of the race and that's what everyone was racing for and not some dumb trophy.
  8. Go cum on your Bob Corker cardboard cutout dork, no one is here for this.
  9. rodeo I will suck your dick right here and now if you ban harbingers
  10. "Guys it's not cool to gloat about Hitler killing himself okay one of my buddies killed himself show some class" - a retarded person
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