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  1. Kurb

    What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    Is it more lame than dredging up what fans are saying on their own forums, ridiculing them for it here, sometimes very harshly, then not even having the guts to come back and apologize when everything they said turned out to be true? Are you new to the internet?
  2. Fresh prince pass rushes with such violence. I see folks do that and think "Why dont they all play in this manner"
  3. Pretty excited i knew what most of the posts would be before I clicked the thread.
  4. Kurb

    Shaq Thompson Making Plays

    From what I have seen Shaq played more of a hybrid/joker/weapon role in college. My thoughts stem more from their similar skill sets.
  5. Bryant McKinny aint walking through that door. He's played "average" before, not great, but average. (No I have no looked up game film, going off memory)
  6. Kurb

    Shaq Thompson Making Plays

    TD didn't change the world his first camp either (yes yes position change...) I expect Shaq to follow a similar path.
  7. We can't expect this guy to be a ProBowl level LT, it's not his MO. He just has to be serviceable. Remember he was signed at the urging of our OL coach. Hope that things like today will be addressed in film study and improved upon. Ravens won a SB with this dude playing OT
  8. KB13 gonna get lit the fug up. mr. Davis will educate that young buck
  9. I am taken back at this level of trolling. You are a trailblazer my friend. You set the bar that others are measured by. I salute you.
  10. Kurb

    Lee Ward - Bodyguard

    Yes. Tolbert brings a skill set very few in thr nfl can. He's more a Hback than fullback. Always has been.
  11. Kurb

    Cargo shorts

    Costco has a nice pair of cargo's for sale right now. Very comfy.
  12. Kurb

    New Bungie game: Destiny

    Yeah I think they realized the House of Wolves was going to be a make or break release. Everything I have seen looks legit. (minor Trials of Osiris). I'm stoked for the live stream today. If the Prison of Elders is the Horde Mode I think it to be....All my times....