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  1. je1005

    Panthers released Matt kalil

    Good. I don’t have to worry about this anymore:
  2. And I respect your opinion on that. I measure football in degrees and nuance, and there’s argument to be made for Reid. I just have a different view on it.
  3. I hope it works out for Griffen, either way. He’s a helluva player.
  4. I’m never in favor of signing a player for any reason other than performance. The business is way too competitive to center your personnel strategy around political or personal agendas.
  5. Trust me, I don’t view any transaction as a charity case. I respect how he’s handling his struggle. I also don’t believe it’s a true fit at this point, from a financial/football perspective. It’s the same pushback I got from some fans when I said I’d rather not retain Eric Reid. I didn’t view Reid as an optimal long-term component for this secondary. I had to navigate through some fairly ignorant political landmines to explain this, particularly considering I don’t care about his personal affairs. Mental health awareness is a very important issue to me and many people I know. But not for a second will I blame a football team for passing on a player if it’s not a good fit, even if that player suffers from mental illness.
  6. Little info about Tish Guerin... https://www.npr.org/2018/12/26/680129774/nfl-mental-health-therapist-on-depression-in-football
  7. I applaud him for his dedication to improving his mental health. I really do. It take some courage to open up about that dimension of oneself, particularly in that arena. That doesn’t mean I want to sign him. But I do understand (to a degree) his pain and what he’s fighting.
  8. Welp. This is where Tepper’s mental health counselor will earn her coin.
  9. All I know is I would be a little bit worried if he was forced into action for any reason, particularly at left tackle. If I’m taking the cap hit no matter what, that makes my decision clearer.
  10. Fair enough. It would be nice to have the left tackle position held down with active contracts that yield value. That hasn’t happened in a long time here.
  11. I’m just as concerned with his physical and mental toughness. He strikes me as vulnerable in both areas. He’s carrying a ton of rust, and even when he didn’t, he was frequently getting abused on the edge. He also blew some fundamental assignments early on in his tenure in the run game alone. He doesn’t play fast. Never has. I understand the cap concerns, and that’s something the economics guys will have to sort out. I understand the idea of wanting to get something out of that ridiculous contract. From a football standpoint, I’m hard-pressed to find any value.
  12. Also, we’ve only been clear of Oher’s dead money for a few months. I’m not gonna take a dump on Dave all day here, because things happen. But this has miserable few years of deceased cash for one position.
  13. This was never, ever a good idea.