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  1. Good to see we’re still having the “JR/Cam tattoo and piercings” discussion in 2019. January 16th. Buckle up, settle in.
  2. It’s truly been a continuous conga line of meaningless, unimpactful reporting since week 17. Who values this???
  3. Each NFL franchise has a social media team designed in large measure to appeal to those who care very little about football. This is not a social engineering experiment. It’s a marketing strategy. And it’s why I typically just don’t follow these accounts. I don’t get value from it, as I am not concerned about the peripheral nonsense that much of the emerging consumer base seems to take great interest in.
  4. There’s nothing in the NFL I care less about than what players are wearing on the way to the airport. It doesn’t interest me in the slightest. Never will. However.....Life hack: If you don’t care about fashion, don’t click on the link. You, amazingly enough, carry no obligation as a fan of the Carolina Panthers to conduct a goddamn autopsy on every last piece of in-house media content. You’re only a prisoner to the content you force down your own throat. I have no desire to see rich dudes posing on a tarmac. You just advanced their interests by shining a light on it. And round and round we go.
  5. TJ Watt gave Cam a tattoo he’ll always cherish.
  6. While Jerry was on Charlie Rose dropping the hammer on tattoos and piercings, all he’s thinking about in the back of his mind is thicc manicured moms in tight jeans back at the office.
  7. Jesus. I’m off my damn game today. No badge for me.
  8. Theory: Newton likely considered the absence of live tweeting and cameras as his cue to push the boundaries by serving up a l’il context-free goodness. He was probably fairly jolted when Bill publicly admonished him, never once factoring that possibility into the equation.
  9. je1005

    Colts fire O-Line coach

    Matsko is one of the best, and he now holds the honor of “only Panthers position coach to receive public praise from his owner.”
  10. When reporters become the news, it’s often a bad look.
  11. Newton sure as fire knew he ran the risk of this ridiculous mini-shitstorm the very moment he filed the story. Voth did the right thing shedding light on it, even if it was potentially at the behest of Major Toht.