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  1. What do you mean "you people?" Just kidding. I concur.
  2. I just died in your arms tonight. It must've been something you said. BLOW
  3. Was this a good hire? The positives and the negatives. Which one would you prefer first, the he good Aladeen or the bad Aladeen. #RhuletheDay
  4. Carolina Reapers Charlotte Monarchs Royal Charlotte Carolina Defenders FC My favorite is Carolina Reapers. It can tie in farming in both states and the pepper. The name Defenders can tie in the military of both states. The name Defenders could be confusing due to the role of defenders in soccer.
  5. The debate between concealed carry and open carry. Concealed carry. Versus Open carry.
  6. Bad news comes in threes. Cam,Philly,and now Star. The team is just going to have to keep pounding away with whose left.
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