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  1. Carl(Coral) number one,two,four,five and seven cracked me up. Carl number two and number five really had me with tears in my eyes and my sides in pain. Funny clip. Nice find.
  2. "I'm just glad we have some new eyes for talent now." -Wolfcop
  3. The debate between concealed carry and open carry. Concealed carry. Versus Open carry.
  4. Bad news comes in threes. Cam,Philly,and now Star. The team is just going to have to keep pounding away with whose left.
  5. I been listening to world music lately, but don't ask me what they are saying. I don'tknow. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psOZLZmHWVA All I can tell you is that the leading lady(Priyanka Chopra) is one beautiful woman.
  6. Time for some action.

  7. This football season can't get here fast enough.

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